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Coming Violence and Riots - Internet Shutdown - Hidden Nuclear Agenda

(VIDEO)FSS World News Update - Coming Violence and Riots - Internet Shutdown - Hidden Nuclear Agenda


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Female, 22, Philadelphia, PA

Posted September 04, 2016

How to be a NlGGER


1) Lie about how big your %#&@$! is all the time, and about how many white women you %#&@$!ed while their husbands were away at work. This way, you feel wanted by someone other than law enforcement.

2) Bounce as much as you can, bobble your head up & down and back & forth, and hold your crotch when you walk. Don't forget to lick your lips as much as possible.

3) Wear the largest clothes you can find. Wear you cap backwards or sideways. Wear a bandana underneath the cap if possible.

4) Screw as many fat negro sows as you can, this way Your illegitimate children help the mothers bleed the government dry, and you can lie to yourself about what a "playa you is".

5) Only drink malt liquor, Colt 45, or Thunderbird.

6)When you get pulled over and arrested for the trunkful of weed in your Sedan deVille, yell racism and racial profiling (even if the cop is black, he's an oreo). Make sure the Nation of Islam and the NAACP hear about your case. Don't forget the ACLU.

7) All negresses will allow their heathen children to run wild in stores and break things. When they want you to pay for the items, tell them, "you just want me to pay for that %#&@$! cuz I'm black. You'd let me go if I was white, mutha%#&@$!a."

8) All negresses will converse with the black check-out clerks at the grocery store and hold up the line, especially when there's a lot of white folks behind you. Act like you can't find your money and hold up the line even further.

9) Talk about how much you hate white people with your buddies when soliciting downtown street corners, then lose all focus and hose your shorts when watching all the fine, white businesswomen walking past.

10) It doesn't matter how %#&@$!ty your car is, put the biggest diameter rims on you can find, and the most expensive stereo system. Ride around in white neighborhoods at night and play rap music as loud as you can. We love the rattling trunk, we really, really do.

11) When you are at a street intersection when trying to find parking at you favorite black club, make sure you and your fellow negroes gridlock the intersection. We aren't really in a hurry to get anywhere, really we're not.

12) When going on a drive-by shooting always miss the target and hit an innocent bystander. Children are a plus.

13) Make the most annoying sounds when you laugh. Example: "KSSS SSSS SSSS SSSS!!" Scream out loud when beginning your laugh, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH, KSSSS SSSS SSSSS SSSS!!"

14) Talk as loud as you can whenever you can. Especially in libraries or theaters. Black women, this is a perfect time for you to chimp out on your "boo". Remember, white folks invented home video just because of you.

15) Black women, when going to the theater, wear the highest weave you can, and sit in front of some white people. Oh, this is the perfect time to call your homegirl if you can get reception to your cellphone.

16) When at fast-food resturaunts, hog up the front counter and take your time looking at the menu if you see white people behind you. Then, when giving your order, keep changing it around. If you work at a fast food place, take an excessively long time to get the order ready, especially for white people.

17) When at a check-out counter of any kind, try to bargain with the clerk on the price. If you can't lower the price, grab it and run.

18) Walk slow and purposely push and shove, then look at those people with disdain and smack your lips a lot.

19) When begging for money, act offended at white folks who only give you a dime or a "solid quattah" instead of a five dollar bill. This is a reasonable means to attack or mug them. When you get caught, state your reason as "dey wuz white." The media and the ACLU will come to your rescue, so don't sweat it.

20) Always whine about how the white man is keeping you down, and how you are owed slave reparations. Even though you've never been a slave and could never survive it because you're lazy.

21) Wear a lot of fake gold around your neck and fingers. Go to the dentist and get those rotten teeth replaced with gold implants. Go ahead, you know you're going to stiff the dentist. If he keeps harrassing you about the bill, call the NAACP.

22) Always talk on your cellphone when driving. Ignore red lights, ambulances, and fire trucks. If you hit someone, drive off.

23) Say stupid things like "YEEAAAAAAHHHHHH, BOOOOOOYYYYYYYYY!!!!" or "BEEEEYYYYOOOOOOTTCHHH!!! !!" Use ebonics so you don't have to sound intelligent like white folks.

24) Call the founding fathers racist slave owners so that public schools with names like 'George Washington High' or 'Thomas Jefferson High' are changed. Don't stop whining until every public school in America is named the following: 'Malcolm X High', 'Rosa Parks Middle School', 'Rodney King Elementary' and so on.

25) Burn down your own churches and cry racism. This way you can demand that the government build you a church at taxpayers' expense, and they'll do it.


Female, 22, Philadelphia, PA

Posted September 04, 2016

25) Burn down your own churches and cry racism. This way you can demand that the government build you a church at taxpayers' expense, and they'll do it.

26) Spread sexually transmitted diseases (to white girls if possible) and obsessively use drugs.

27) Put your hand over your mouth and do your "human beat box" in public places so you can annoy the %#&@$! out of everyone.


28) Use "mutha%#&@$!a" a lot when speaking, end everything with "knowwhumsain?". In certain instances, you may end sentences with "...n' %#&@$!". Knowwhumsain?

29) When the police officer hands you a ticket, tell him it's because you're black. It had absolutely nothing to do with you running the red light moments before.

30) Park you car on a college campus and vandalize it. Be sure to spray swastikas and vulgarities on the car, then tell the police you are the victim of a hate crime. Even if you are not an instructor or a student, you'll still be able to sue the school. They'll cave in because you're black.

31) Stop in the middle of the street and get out of your car when you see a homeboy of yours sitting on a curb, leave the door open and walk over and talk to your "homie". Ignore the other drivers honking their horns, they're probably just white folks anyway.

32) ALWAYS walk down the middle of the street. Never move for any oncoming vehicles. When they honk, just give them a scowl and smack your lips a lot.

33) When in a grocery store or any other store, always block the isles, especially for white people. Never move your shopping cart, and never tell your heathen children to move out of the way. Whenever possible, act like you don't see the person trying to get past.

34) Negroes are very sexual (not in a good way). %#&@$! anyone or anything.... men, women, children, dogs..... if it has at least one hole, anything goes. Anything to get your freak on.

35) When your girlfriend turns you in for roasting her 2 year old son in the oven, tell the police the truth.... he broke your Playstation 2. Don't worry, it should work.... you're black, after all.

36) Black women MUST have at least five kids by at least three different negroes by the age of 21, or you aren't "keepin it real".

37) Black women do not need babysitters. Tuck your eight children into bed, go out to the clubs and get drunk and "freaked" by five or six negroes. When you return home at 8:45AM, you'll find that someone ratted you out to Child Protective Services. Blame it on your skin and say, "dey tryin' to take my kids cuz I black, dawg!!"

38) Hang around gas stations and beg white people for money. Intimidation is PLAN B if they refuse. Or, cry RACISM when they kick your %#&@$!.

39)Black check-out clerks must NEVER be polite or courteous to white customers, for ANY reason. Overcharge them and keep the change, and NEVER thank them as they're leaving, only give them a dirty look.

40) Blacks should strive for at least one prison term, so you can get your proper respect from your peers. They will think you are ignorant if you try to go to college, and will think less of you. They'll call you an "oreo".

41) To the negro, raping a white woman is the same as if she asked him to %#&@$! her. Go tell your friends what a "playa you is".

42) When watching a black movie at the theater, it's okay to pull your pistol out and "bust caps" if you like the movie. If you aren't a suspect being led away, remind the media that they wouldn't be airing this incident if it were white people watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Make sure the cameras are rolling when you say it.

43) Always beg your family and friends for money, and always eat their food. Never pay them back or be there for them in their time of need.

44) If you somehow become rich, do NOT buy that Hummer or Mercedes Benz. No, no! Rule #1, get a white girl!! Find yourself a white girl with enough low self-esteem to be seen with a negro. Always have a white woman, no matter what she looks like.

45) To the rappers, always steal white musicians' music and integrate it into your mindless rap songs. They are too busy praising you to sue you.

46) Rappers should always remind people of how many times they've been shot and lived to tell about it (like we didn't notice them on our TV screens). This way, everyone will respect you even more. Remind everyone that rap music is "the only way out" of the 'hood and crime, as if you weren't still stealing cars, money, or drugs.

47) When cellmates ask you why you're locked up in prison, always say, "the white man put me up in here, he keepin' me down."

48) Always give white people that "hard" stare... squint your eyes and flex your lips. Breathe fast and hard, clench your fists when staring.

49) When you're being taped on COPS, always say, "whatchoo restin me fo, I ain't did nuffin!!" A liberal attourney will see you and come to your aid. Don't worry, the ACLU will pay for it.


Female, 22, Philadelphia, PA

Posted September 04, 2016

50) Always sit as low as you can when driving. If your friends are following, make sure you all drive alongside each other so you can take up all the lanes. Drive under the minimum speed limit.

51) Lick your lips and rub your chin a lot in public places, so we know what a "playa" you really are. Make sure a lot of white girls see you doing this.

52) For no reason at all, blurt out "KEEPIN IT REEEEAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!&qu ot; and "HHHHEEEEEYYYYYYLLLLLLLLL YYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" You sound ignorant, but hey, they accept negroes these days.

53)Make up retarded names like ICE-T, ICE CUBE, Notorious B.I.G., and Tupac (Tupunk) to call yourselves. As if Tyrell, LeShawn, and Shenanae weren't retarded enough.

54) Take ebonics one step further and make up completely words. Example: "Fo' shizzle" or "dat's da shizznit!!"

55) Most negroes should die violently by age 30 if they wish to have a legacy. Black women will grow old and teach their niglets lies about white people so they can carry on their practice of whining and recieving handouts, and so they can justify black-on-white crime.


56) Black pedestrians should cross intersections when the crossing sign clearly says WAIT. Walk slowly so you can hold up traffic.

57) Black mothers, you will undoubtedly lose a son or two (or all eight), as a result of being gunned down by a police officer during a struggle over the officer's gun. Chimp out in front of the cameras, lie about how your "baby" was a hardworking, loving, caring son.... even though his rap sheet was long enough to wallpaper the complete interior of your project dwelling, and no matter how many times he beat even your %#&@$! on certain occasions.

58) It is perfectly acceptable to gun down your best friend in a dispute over a crack %#&@$!, a piece of chicken, or even a quarter or dime. The more insignificant the item, the more justified it was to shoot him.

59) Watch only BET, MTV, or UPN. WB is not completely overrun by negroes yet, so it is not yet appropriate for viewing.

60) When two negroes are ready to fight each other, they should circle each other for approximately half an hour and tell each other how they are going to hurt each other. "We gonna strap, dawg!" or "do sumfin', muhfugga!"

61) Speaking of fights, never attack a white person in packs of less than five. Even women, since you'll need at least one %#&@$! to hold each limb while one is raping her.

62) When black women chimp out, they should talk extremely loud and fast using excessive vulgarities, point a lot, and move their heads side to side and in a circular motion. Spitting while screaming is a plus.

63) Overexaggerate body language when speaking. The more you exaggerate, the more important you will feel.

64) Black women should greet all people like this: "HHHHEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY YYYYYY!!!" This excludes white people. When greeting them, give them a dirty look and smack your lips.

65) When being interrogated by the police for your crime, blame it on your lack of a father for a role model.... even though you supposedly know this is the reason why, and you commited crime anyway. Chances are, your father would've led you down the same road anyway.

66) Always struggle with the police during your arrest. This way you'll get your 15 minutes of fame on COPS or AMERICA's MOST WANTED.

67) The more a woman weighs, the sexier she is, black or white. 300lbs+ is what you should be looking for.

68)Black women should chew gum like a cow grazing on grass, smack a lot when you chew.

69) Smoke only menthol cigarettes.

70) Drink yourself into a drunken stupor and then beat your woman into a bloody pulp. Tell her "I'm sorry" and she will drop charges.

71) Have a separate "downlow" relationship with a black male, then go home to your baby's momma and transmit your ly aquired HIV virus to her.

72) Black singers (especially rappers) should promote crime and other thuggish activities in their music.

73) Black musicians should also promote the murder of white men and the raping of their women in their music. Whites will be charged with hate crimes if they do this, but for you, it's freedom of expression.

74) At work, sit around all day or hide in the restroom during your shift, then collect your check at the end of the week and complain that you should get more because you are the hardest working employee.

75) Upon release from prison, you should have read the Koran and be a devout Muslim. This further justifies your hate for the "white devil" and now leaves the door open for you to become an activist. This will allow you to publicly criticize the white man for your shortcomings and exempts you from hate crime legislation. Take a page out of Jesse Jackson's book and shakedown large corporations for money, threatening a discrimination lawsuit if they don't pay up..


Male, 52, Beverly Hills, CA

Posted September 04, 2016

"White fatigue."
Like "White flight," white fatigue describes a reaction of White people to black crime and violence. It's also a response to institutional racial policies that intentionally punish White people.
White people are tired of being labeled 'racist.' They are weary of hateful black-on-White violence going unchecked. White people are tired of watching entire cities, such as Detroit, collapse when the White infrastructure is removed only to have blight blamed on external causes.
They are weary of Somali immigrants gravitating towards violent crime. They are fed up with historical revisionism that ignores overt black complicity to slavery. They are tired of being lied to and tired of pretending the lies are true.
White people are tired of the TSA monitoring harmless little old white ladies at airport terminals while the real terror is plaguing our neighborhoods. It's actually safer to get on an airliner than to enter a convenience store in many cities. Yet law enforcement is concentrated at the airport.
White people are tired of EBT cards and black farmers claiming huge settlements from White taxpayers. They are tired of historical symbols, such as the Confederate flag, being demonized. They are weary of a racist Attorney General who is looking out for 'my people' rather than upholding the Constitution. They are increasingly tired of Barack Obama.
White people are fatigued by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the Black Panther Party. They are tired of the media giving them a pass. They are tired of obnoxious black patrons who refuse to tip, then hurl claims of racism when service is substandard. They are weary of being told that diversity is a strength.
There is a weariness among White people of being passed over for jobs, promotions and education to satisfy Affirmative Action. They are tired of entrance exams being dumbed down to accommodate those who could not compete. They are frustrated by the self-censoring media that often refuses to provide racial profiling of even the most violent of criminals. They are tired of their kids being subjected to physical and sexual abuse on school buses and in schools while society turns a politically-correct blind eye.
White people are suffocated by historical revisionism being served in cinema via Red Tails, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Help and a host of other Hollywood productions. They are tired of being saddled with White guilt, White privilege and White racism. They are tired of their monumental contributions to civilization being overlooked and their culture being overrun.
They grow fatigued when White people, like George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson, are subjected to a flurry of black fists only to be called 'racist' for having the audacity to defend themselves.
The list can (and does) go on.
Call it what you will, negro fatigue or White fatigue. Either way it describes an awakening of White Americans to the menace of black crime and to the silliness of pretending it doesn't exist

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