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    May 01, 2000

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    Some College Coursework Completed

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    Education, Training, and Library

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    Marietta, GA

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My name is A.G. & I`m representin from 2 GA & all points in between. Nuff respect to all my WEST INDIANS!!! I got to keep my heritage on da front line. Mad props to all brothers and sister that have their head on straight. To all my sisters out there that think that all guys are dogs think about this.... You call us dogs because of past experiences. Why do you think that we are dogs. SAME REASON!!! Don`t judge a book by its cover. If you think you are a Queen, then treat your man like a King. Brothers, if you want your lady to treat you like the King that you are. Hold here up and treat her like the Queen that she is. Advice to anyone reading this be proud of who you are and be true to yourself! If you want to talk then holla @ me. But if your @$$ can`t hold a convo then get the hell on. I`m blunt as hell so watch what you say , because I`ll let you know what da deal is.

Another thing!!! Ladies if you want to holla its all love but make sure you coming correct. I`m looking for friends, so let a brother know whats on your mind. Another thing, how you gonna talk bout somebodies looks and you don`t have a pic of yourself for brothers to peep. Don`t ask me to bless your f*ckin page if you can`t bless mine. That sh*t is dead.

Here`s something for you to read and think bout.....

This feeling inside is very new, for this hasn`t happened before.

A situation that i dont`t have the solution.

Do you have an answer?

I wish I did.

For once I`m lost without a clue.

A clue of how to forget or resolve my dilemma.

The more and more I tell what happened, the more I realize that I`m alone in this fight.

It`s me against them.

My word against there`s.

I can`t win because this isn`t my world.

After this I know things will change.

The question is... "How?"

Will people be intimidated?


Will they always suspect me?

That`s possible.

I know what will definitely change.

I know who`s scared.


If one person sees me in a certain way, then what will others think?

Will they view me as an evil person because of one incident?

I hope not.

I have no remorse for my actions, because my reactions make me, me.


I read this and like it. If you feel it then we on the same page. If not, then kiss my A$$! Least they being creative.

Holla @ cha boy.


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