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I swear on everything that is rich and creamy!



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Hey folks! My name is Professor OX the most humble and thanks for swinging by my page.

All praise do to the most high! Even though I may stumble he always corrects my steps.

I'm a self-taught fine artist and illustrator,

I LOVE to paint and create things of great beauty.

I've been drawing and painting since I could hold a crayon and professionally for over 15 years.

I've created numerous CD covers, logos and fliers for various artist in the Music Industry.

I have also completed quite a few murals through out my career as an artist.

My second passion is producing music which I find relaxing and therapeutic.

Below you will find links to music I've produced

and mixtapes I have floating about cyberspace.

The mixtapes are free so download them

and enjoy at your leisure!



Mixtape Downloads


Friday At the Professor's

The Best Kept



Got Beats?


Reverb Nation

Myspace for beats




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***My Bio***


Professor Ox has been working in graphics for 20 years. He is a self-taught fine artist. After participating as a graffiti muralist during his youth he transitioned to a more productive and prosperous field as a illustrator and concentrated on developing his skill. He also began to develop a passion for multi-media, with special interest in music production.

Professor Ox's love for art and music, with it's simplistic and mysterious complexities, has lead his passion for these subjects. When examining his work close up it exhibits the fine detail, quality and distinctive beauty. His technique differs with each composition created be it graphic design, illustrations, sketches, and or music production he highlighting it's shape and textures vividly. He uses non traditional and traditional methods to complete his visions, the primary focus of his fine art studies.

Professor Ox's work has been in many galleries, solo and group shows. He has created numerous projects for artist in and out of the music industry. Wildelux, Nest Crew, Dj Don Juan, Temple of Hip Hop and more recently The Legendary Rock Steady Crew based in New York. His work has been published over the internet and has private collectors nationally and internationally.


While your here you might as well hit up my guest book and view my blog section "Riddim and Hues" for sketches,prints,portraits and poetry! Got graphics? Need custom graphics for your page hit me up we can work something out!



Ever Forward,



Professor Ox


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Sorry I am not authorizing use of my work without expressed written permission.



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Please excuse the stain! LOL! Sketch ready to go to color!



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"Even Sweeter"



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"Taraji P. Henson"




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"Black Woman"


Naked Woman, black woman

Clothed with your color which is life,

with your form which is beauty!

In your shadows I have grown up;

the gentleness of your hands was laid over my eyes.

And now,

high up on the sun-baked pass,

at the heart of summer,

at the heart of noon,

I come upon you,

my Promised Land.

And your beauty strikes me to the heart like the flash of an eagle.




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" The greatest way to destroy a people is to tell them they have no history."



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"What is the Sweetness of Love"


I ask you a question you

those who love one another

give me a true answer a meaningful solution

Love is a heavy thing, I feel there is no joy in it.


What is the sweetness of love?

I have been thinking deeply

not by night alone, not by day alone:

I am at a loss to understand or to see its sweetness.


I have loved for a long time,

it is not yesterday that I began,

but I do not see the sweetness of it:

nothing except a great deal of vexation,

and torment of the heart, I am no longer capable of it


Tell me, gentle folk,

who love one another in pairs,

indeed I am without peace,

love upsets me a great deal.

And if there is not sweetness in it,

I will never love again.




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"Uhhha, I got your a$$ now!"



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"The choice is yours!"






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