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Please leave all messages on my yahoo mail, or facebook page . look for Ronnell or Ron Waters thanks. Hello and welcome to my page and if you know me you know what I need and I hope that it's you so let the journey begin, I am 6ft3 245lbs with Dreads I have 4 children I maintain my self by living right and eating healthy I do not smoke I try to attend church and spend time with my family I love to shop and dress in the latest styles so when were hanging out we will look good together I have a great family and some close friends yet I have Christ in my Life I need you to complete the other part of me which means being able to go Thur life together not alone but to share everything even pain, This is what life is all about. I need you to be my Air ,Rain ,and my Sun I need you to be my seasons so we can change together, my love if you feel that you are that Queen Then drop me a line I wish you all the best in your search for your soul mate gods speed this is what I'm looking for in a partner I am looking for a help mate not a hurt mate 1 I can grow old with and share life's everyday adventure's some one not stuck on them self's 1 that has inner peace, That helps others, and not wanting any kind of reward But your reward comes from the father himself. I still have faults with in myself but I try every day to do better, just stay focused on the task at hand , picture me and you serving the Lord together I'm just a humble vessel wanting the same thing you want Love, Respect, Communication, and peace of mind knowing that we have each others back so to all you mean and dissatisfied women I really hope you find what your looking for because I am not the one to play your game theirs always someone for you to play with and I happens not to be me. Because I am going to take my time and do it the right way we need each other so lets try and understand that Rome was not built in a day pray for me and you because we are or brothers keeper if you made it this far then keep reading it might be what your looking for for the most part I am looking for my Queen to walk by my side so that if one of us stumbles the we can just pick each other up and keep in stride I do not want instant love because love is the greatest gift of all. Try and love someone today it sounds crazy but by doing something for someone or a just showing love it can be at the worst time of someones life. I do not judge people, people are who they are so lets make it happen I know you want happiness. Also lets make a connection. I like to cook and keep a clean house I am in the process of looking for a bigger place I spend a lot of time with my kids also, which they are my world and I hope to leave a legacy behind just For them I also like music,dinning out taking long walks and reading a good book maybe even a nice cup of what ever I also love shopping we all need nice things in life, I'm looking for the one that is willing to go the distance I also love commitment, movies football games and video games I also like to watch the sun rise and set so lets pray it is me and you. Together when 2r1 let no man come between them I hope to I will see you online stay blessed p.s in order to see life for what it is you have to know who you are take time out to see where you've been and look at where your going and just enjoy the trip. p.s. I live hard and I love hard and do everything to the to the fullest.



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