petite_redhead its F'n cold i need a cuddle buddy that smokes!!!! - January 13, 2013 add/view comments (0)

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I'm 28, 5'2, Irish and russian. Heres somethings to know about me... I hate meatloaf, spaghetti, mac n cheese, theives and liers Fav colors are blue and purple.I dont go in water over my head. I tend to use foul language to often, I'm a single mom I spent the last 11 new years with my daughter. I'm hard of hearing.dont mistake that for a weakness I've been this size since 5th grade my daughter is 12 and damn near my size I do smoke weed , I'm not a big drinker but i will have a drink with ya. I luv chocolate I'll walk away before I'll argue with you I hate sleeping by myself so, i crawl in bed with my daughter. My fav. cereal is honey nut cheerios, I love comedies I dont keep intouch with people like i should, its nothing personal I'm more street smart then book smart. long, long, long story if you tell me not to I more then likely will. I love to cook. my mom is one of my closet friends. she my smokin buddy I am overly protective of my shortie. I once went to jail for assault. they say dont %#&@$! with texas I'm not perfect. I know I'm sexy but that dont make me easy I'm afaid of the dark, especialy basement and outside I plan on moving back to Dallas someday. I'm to small for this weather I think the word love is used to loosely I'm a strong believer in karma. what u put out in this world does come back around do onto others as youd have them do onto you I love life. life is what you make it. i dont always pick the easy road. but I know I'll get where I wanna be someday I like the disney channel. I watch other stuff to but the shorty got me hooked on some of them shows! I left home when I was 15. yep sure did moved to Alabama for 2yrs I do think women are beautiful. yes i go both ways money does make the world go round. I've been down and I've been up and without some kind of hustle ur %#&@$!ed I've been a dancer and enjoyed it. i believe people lie about 85% of the time when talking about themselves. life is to short to worry all the damn time Id rather see you smile :) I hate when people don't use there turn signal. They say I'm to honest. I enjoy reading. I've only been to a dance club twice in my life. I believe in god, i just don't go to church like I should. one of my biggest turn offs is when a guy ask "you wanna kick it", lets go chill HELL NAH why not ask me out on date???.well if youve gottin this far and havent left yet inbox me Photobucket



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