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    April 28, 2004

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    Some College Coursework Completed

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    Consumer Products

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    Portland, OR

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    Black/African American

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*********PIC AT WWW.MYSPACE.COM/kitkat_n_skitt les*************************** ** *********PIC, PIC, PIC, PIC, PIC, PIC, PIC, PIC, PIC, PIC, PIC, **************************** 20
Single? maybe, maybe not
Member since whenever
Strickly di*kly(maybe lil licky lick)
B-day Oct 20
Reppin the Gump 334
What up BP this ya gurl phatkat_peach straight from Inglewood Cali-forn-i-a but now i`m in the gump for good. For all yall who wanna know yeah it is phat! When i got down here all yall fine ni99as was like "d@mn u gotta phatkat", and it taste as sweet and is as juicy as a peach so there it is.
Now if u need 2no and I think u do i am :
2.170 thickness
4.brown eyes and skin
5.MY HAIR is long enough for me to do what i need to do with it(yes i can put it in a pony tail)
6.yes yall i am a freak and i love to have sex but dont get it twisted i aint no s**t
7.i like it from the back


Now while i`ve been down here i`ve been lookin for love in all the wrong places. I give Thug lovin and i love me a Thug! I know i can handle any type of guy if he`s the sweet type or kick u in yo head type,BUT not everyguy can handle me, and if u think u can u probably cant cause it`s either u can or u cant, no thinkin with me boo u gotta know. Back to what i was sayin while in the gump i have had my share of men and relationships and i didn`t know that every ni99a cheats. It really doesnt bother me cause I can be 200%faithful but if u cross me then u better hope i dont find out cause yourbestfriend will be gettin this A1 HEAD(this is the DERTY south aint it). Now for those of u who have cheated on me or if u cheat on ur gurl and u know she got a lil sense, here`s some sh*t u need to read, sit back, let it marinate!
Remember when u didnt want to come get me but thought u were gonna get ur chick on the side (that i dont know about)and u couldnt get her? Thats because her man was tellin her "I found a new chick that can love me better, fu*k me better suck me better, keep me warmer in the coldest weather"(ME). She told u it was over, u wanted to do good again so u called me and came 2 scoop ur shorty up. Baby i asked u for some money to get a new fit and u gave it to me cause i only mess with ballers, and when u droped me off at home he was there 15min later and i gave him the money.Damn baby u had no idea or should i say u have no idea, well i guess u know now. My bad i know it`s hard to take care of 1 person, but u should be proud of ur self uve been taken care of 3 Here`s a poem for the real player!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I`m in love
But not with you
When we broke up
You said i cried
All u were
Was just another guy
You told all your friends
I was a trick
I told all of mine
You had a little di*k
When i said i loved you
You thought it was true
But guess what boo
I played u too!

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