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    Fort Myers, FL

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"Don't try to convince me that your hood is harder than mine or that my hood is harder than yours. The same shit happens in every hood." These are the words of Plies, the new Big Gates/Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic Records recording artist that the streets are calling "one of the realest niggaz you'll ever know". Hailing from Ft. Myers, FL., no one over the past two years has been hotter throughout the Sunshine State. Commanding over $10,000 a show off the strength of his 36 Ounces and 100% Real Nigga mixtapes, what Plies gives the people is quite simply gutter music with an honest, consistent opinion. In other words, he is as real as it comes.

Spend five minutes with Plies and you will begin to realize why people unite behind his words. It's his truthful approach to life and natural charisma that draws the streets to him. "Being in a small city like that, if you had problems with someone you were gonna run into them" says Plies, referring to his Ft. Myers stomping grounds. "We call it '239 aka Pakistan'. You have to be a stand-up nigga were I'm from." In mid-2004, Plies caught the ear of Slip-N-Slide Records with the song "Tell Dem Krackers Dat", landing him his record deal. But what makes Plies' story unique is that "Tell Dem Krackers Dat" was his first song ever recorded. "In most cases, success stories happen by accident. And this happened totally by mistake" says Plies. "I was writing for this artist my brother [Big Gates] had signed and he couldn't get it right. So I dummied it in the booth and my brother decided to keep it."

Following his widely successful mixtape, 36 Ounces, with the release of his current mixtape, 100% Real Nigga, Plies has taken his street buzz to new heights. Featuring songs like the street classics "Choppa Zone" and "Don't Work, Don't Eat", the emotional "Bid Long", and the chilling and introspective "God", 100% Real Nigga has connected Plies with his listener much in the same way the greats of the past have. "I'm a 100% real nigga," he says. "I make real nigga music. You know real ain't an image, it's a lifestyle. It's 365 days out of the year." His brutal and sometimes controversial opinion of life has made Plies the hottest sought act throughout Florida and Southern Georgia. "Look I'm gonna either be rich or I'm gonna be in prison. There ain't a third option. Which ever comes first, I don't know?" With no radio and no video, Plies has managed to consistently do shows 3-5 times a week, and headline venues with major artists such as Keisha Cole, T-Pain, Webbie and Gucci Mane.

Hot off his appearance on "So Fresh" off Trina's 3rd album, Glamorest Life, and currently hitting radio with his single "Take Off", featured on the Slip-N-Slide Records Greatest Hits album, what can the world expect from Plies? With a highly anticipated 2006 debut on Big Gates/Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic, the public will soon understand the movement behind him. "As they say 'it gets greater later'. I just learned how to count bars. Wait 'til I can give this my full attention." And it's thoughts like this that separates Plies from an artist and puts him in a category of people that the ghetto rallies behind. "Look I'm just like everybody else" Plies says. "I'm trying to get rich in a day. And it's close to impossible but I'm gonna keep trying."

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