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    March 27, 2008

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    Birmingham, AL

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This ya girl Jennifer back on this thang trying to start off new. Well now I really am trying to get my grown woman own, so I don't have time for anyone who is in my way. I have been throught so much in my life, I am just trying to live it to the fulllest. I am in college at Lawson, I used to go to Alabama State. I am majoring in Computer Information Systems, so yes I am trying to make them dollars when I graduate. I have my own car and I do have a job. Soon I will be moving out on my own so yea I am I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T. I know yall know what that means. I am a real lady. I enjoy getting my nails, toes, and hair down, and I stay fresh. I really love shopping, but I buy my own things, so no I am not looking for a nigga to take care of me. I also enjoy going out and having a good time. I am a beautiful woman. I have no complaints. I am looking for a MAN and not a child. I am looking for somebody that is real to theirself as well as others. Now it is not a must but it does help when you have your own car and that you are in school or work. I don't really have a type of nigga I like just as long as you look good and know how to treat a good woman like myself that's all that matters. So, if there are any fly niggas want to get to know me then leave me a message. HAVE YOU EVER...DO YOU LIKE. . . HAVE YOU EVER: hugged a stranger?: yea kissed a stranger?: no had sex with a stranger?: no ran away from home?: No been arrested?: no been to Juvy/Jail?: no had to live in a foster home?: No been out of the country?: No smoked a cigarette?: yea smoked pot?: no smoked out of a bong?: no taken a prescription drug, to get high that is?: no done any other drugs? (i.e. acid, shrooms, etc.): no had really bad cotton mouth?: No drank beer?: Yes gotten drunk of of just beer?: Yes drank harder alcohol?: Yes gotten drunk off of hard alcohol?: Yes thrown up while drunk?: yea had a hangover?: yea hooked up with someone you knew while drunk?: No hooked up with someone you didnt really know while drunk?: no given/recieved a handjob?: yea given/recieved a blowjob?: no been fingered/ fingered someone?: yea been eaten out/ ate someone out?: yea had sex?: yea without a condom?: Yes shoplifted?: No stole from a friend?: No lost a best friend?: yea cut yourself?: No slapped someone?: Yes been slapped?: no got something below your waist pierced?: No spent the night with a member of the opposite sex in the room?: Yes spent the night in a bed with a member of the opposite sex?: Yes made out with a member of the same sex?: Hell no made out with more than 3 people in one night?: No kissed two(or maybe more) people at the same time?: no had a threesome(sex)?: no DO YOU LIKE. . . kissing?: Yes making out?: Yes having a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Yes being single?: Yes falling in love?: yes smoking cigarettes?: yea smoking pot?: yea doing drugs?: No drinking?: Yes getting drunk(there is a difference)?: yea going to parties?: Yes having fun, without caring what the consequences will be?: Yes lying?: No having sex?: Yes spitting or swallowing?: No having orgasms?: Yes cutting yourself?: No sleeping naked?: Yes hot tubs?: Yes dating older or younger people, or people your age?: Older stealing?: no having cotton mouth?: No bongs?: np riding the bus?: No riding other things?: yea

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