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    April 26, 2007

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    Memphis, TN

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    Black/African American

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Yeah yeah I know when I added my little anime finder from veoh it killed my old personal message but still thats was then this is now, and now I wanna add mos and cornell on bill maher cause while I love bill mahers show this one was special(janaene garafoalo should have been on this one too) Mos Def & Cornelius West on Bill Maher (Full Interview)

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Sometimes you have to be willing to say what you believe and be strong enough to be wrong or right but be willing to be wrong and admit I may be wrong but I have right to believe as I believe. Sticking your head in the sand only leaves your azz in a prime posytion to get fycked and you don't even get a chance to see if they are gonna use lubrication.

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What's poppin bp


I know it's been a minute, a long minute. Hell I was gonna pop in here after the election but then I was like meh BP ain what it used to be, hell I tried to sign on when I first got my crackberry but the interface didn't seem to wanna act right.But in truth the BP draw isn't what it first was to me when I first signed on, true I have met some new friends, but I didn't find the old coworkers I was looking forsince many of them had BP pages. And the inciteful discussions I enjoyed at first were... (continue reading)

Is this what we have come to BP


I'll admit it I have jumped ship for a while. I rarely come to BP unless I get an email that a friend has an upcoming birthday or something, somebody sends me a not and probably spam so I ignore it. A new bulletin okay um usually it's telling me a friend added a friend not interesting.But today I get a message somebody signed my guestbook really hmm, I wonder if I have to do a little house cleaning. Now why pray tell would I have to do house cleaning because I don't know if that girl who... (continue reading)

It seems I'm 26 days late


Yup one year agoplus 26 days I began blogging here on good old bp. Now I will admit probably one of the main reasons I don't blog as much here as I do other sites is simple I hate having to go back and re edit shyt I typedlike that word 3 back just so the good old language filters on BP dont it out. Gets annoying I mean aren't we all adults here, even though yahoo 360 can piss me off from time to time how about giving me a Mature filter for my content so if I don't want youngins to cruise... (continue reading)

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