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Dominion Royal Ekonomisk Förening (Economic Association) offers expertise across wealth management disciplines to help clients advance towards their goals. Dominion Royal helps individuals and their families grow, manage and sustain their wealth, to ultimately leave a lasting legacy. Dominion Royal wealth management solutions are provided through Dominion Royal and Private Client Services. Dominion Royal primarily makes commitments to private equity funds located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Latin America and Asia with strategies that include leveraged buyouts, growth financings, natural resources, venture capital and distressed securities. Join now invitation# 885496

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Dominion Royal Equity Share Account Projects

Dominion Royal has partnered up with a company called Quantum Solutions which is incorporated in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Quantum consists of a well-rounded team of seasoned professionals focused on providing new technologies and innovations to the global marketplace. Current products and services include solutions for modular housing construction, waste management, communications and bio-health sectors. The key management group operates out of Toronto, Canada. Its core team of sales and marketing associates facilitate the company?s international sales by utilizing both traditional and emerging media marketing platforms. For videos of the Building & Waste Management Systems you may click on this link
The Dominion Royal Equity Share Account?s initiative is to assist Quantum Solutions in raising funds for various projects. These projects include:

Vidabode Building Systems for pre-fabricated housing construction. Quantum has secured a 30 country license to sell and build its patented automated manufacturing plants to produce Vidacrete ? . This innovative product is a new building material that is composed of specialized lightweight fiber reinforced concrete. VidacreteTH is produced in a highly automated pre-cast plant to create custom housing, commercial and residential multi-story buildings, warehouses, and curtain walls for high rise apartment buildings and office towers. Worldwide provisional patents are currently in process for this proprietary Vidacrete mixture. Quantum currently retains the rights to build plants and license production of Vidacrete in 30 countries around the world.

Kearns Waste Disintegration Systems. Utilizing state of the art science and technology, the system has been engineered to meet and exceed the changing needs of our planet. Designed with the unique ability to dispose of solid, semi solid and liquid waste. It uses a super efficient Auto Thermic System which allows it to operate without the need for an external fuel source. This special system uses waste material itself as the fuel for the process. Engineered to maintain a high level of burn, all gaseous solids are destroyed internally, this means the system releases no smoke into the environment No toxic residue or air pollution, a breakthrough in waste management technology, and a new benchmark in emissions standards for the entire world.

Ground Zero Networks is our professional services team for integrating our communication and encryption offerings into secure, maintainable networks. At Ground Zero we understand that networks mean more than just infrastructure. It is about providing a safe conduit for reliable communication whenever it is needed, wherever it is needed. For our customers that can mean anything from quickly putting first responders in touch with each other on the ground; to help delivering a complete, permanent mini-telco for disaster relief; to optimizing a company's existing network and securing all its data services.

Urban Detox Clinics. Newly acquired, these boutique wellness clinics will focus on a unified holistic approach to good health. The EIS System is a programmable electro medical system (PE MS). The principle behind the EIS System is the measurement of the conductivity of interstitial fluid, the fluid between the body's cells, using the technique of bioelectric impedance (BIM).

The system provides impressive, high-quality, 3-D. interactive graphic models of the human body which can be used to provide immediate and easy-to-comprehend health status and organ condition for clients The revolutionary new way to compute and track physiological measurements Scientifically proven and clinically validated, the EIS system is a safe, efficient, and non-invasive medical device that measures physiological parameters and produces detailed reports, with 87% repeatable accuracy.

Our main clinic in Toronto will be focusing on continuing to provide these wellness services as well as training and opening multiple new locations across southern Ontario commencing in 2009.