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Psychodynamic Marketing is a term I use to describe a strategy that enables you to look at your marketing efforts as a 'whole', rather than several different unrelated marketing strategies. One must become an integrated part of his/her marketing approach,and brand oneself. When you brand your self , you become a real person, true to your self, and others. You are not trying to hide behind any marketing techniques, but you are genuinely being yourself. In turn, you will become a real person,especially if you are marketing online. As a school counselor working more than 20yrs with students, I realize the importance of developing a relationship with my student. I had to learn their needs and basic desires before I could develop a positive relationship with my students. Desires and needs are acquired by a person throughout his/her life such as: 1. the need for power, approval, recognition, ego gratification, liberty and freedom, and of course physical needs. There are five key factors as a counselor I must use to guarantee that I am interested in my student problems: 1. I needed to be genuinely interest in what my student had to say about their problem. 2. Be a good listener. I must listen to what students does not say as well as what they say. Patient is very important. 3. I must Encourage students to talk about themselves. 4. Find an interest so you can find out what they want. I never tell my students what I want, they could care less. 5. Lastly, I make my students feel important, I will stroke and feed their egos, and do it sincerely. I believe that I need to use this same approach with my business dealings with others, fostering and developing a relationship of sharing and giving value to others. I called this a psychodynamic approach to developing a great partnership with others, rather than forcing others to join my business or purchase my products.

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