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famed economist Paul Zane Pilzer: "In the same way that the invention of the motor car and the personal computer radically changed our economy, the next trillion dollar industry is being spawned RIGHT NOW through massive scientific breakthroughs in biology and cellular biochemistry. As an ageing population increasingly seeks to stay healthy and look good, the benefits will flow to businesses that can effectively supply products and services that deliver those answers.? For EVERY PERSON willing to COMPARE actual results against any of the proliferating Juices D'jour, we boldly declare the contest will be "No Contest." Based upon many reports arriving from new Monavie users, MonaVie is standing head and shoulders above other tonics in terms of the swiftness and the magnitude of benefits delivered. Now, on with the story that can change your future ...

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Created in His image, we are co-creators of our destiny. What is blocking you, stopping you from utmost success in life today? Once in every generation like in evey sport a great athele emerges that dominates his or her game. In Technology we have experienced the same phenomena. Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, You tube etc. In business we've had starbucks, wallmart, to name a few. Fortunately for us, we now have MONAVIE. This company is changing the way we feel and look about health and wealth. With 90 million Americans baby boomers reaching the age of 50 and above, the most important comcern in our society today is the wellness industry. This trend will continue for the next 30 to 50 yrs. Monavie is positioned to be and remain the number one source of nutritional balance. Monavie is a synergetic blend of 19 fruits featuring the Acai berry from the amazon rain forest. For fellow BP members in Jacksonville, contact me 303.7014 in order to obtain a free bottle of Monavie. For all others, email me for details.



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Join our team in the race for financial freedom while truly helping others. How many people do you know whose bodies are in dietary balance? Exactly, very few. We all know we are not eating the recommended 5-7 fruits and vegetables a day. To make matters worst the fruits and vegetables that we do each have lost their nutritional content because the dirt they are being planted in has been depleted of its vitamins. We live in a fast food world, where obesity and stress are our number one enemies. Dont believe me do your research.. Find out what fruit has the highest O>R>A>C> score to date. Read Dr. Perricone's book The Perricone Promise. Look up the University of Florida's lastest research on cancer cells. Hippocrates once said "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." yet we continue to make the pharmacetical companies billions and billions of dollars.

This is not a get rich quick scheme because we all know there is no such animal. This is just 19 fruits in a bottle that gives the body what it is lacking as far as nutrition. Before you go quick to judgement take a look at this site Dont miss out on the next microsoft or yahoo because you are looking yet not