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Digital Document Management is the direction all business and individuals will move in the 21st Century. With the rise in carbon emissions and the loss of our trees, businesses and people need to look at ways to conserve our forest and reduce carbon emissions associated with paper processing and transportation. UDSUS is your "Go Green Paperless Solution". As a digital scanning, indexing and archiving provider we are able to provide every business and individual an affordable solution to document management. Ask yourself, "how many times have you lost a document, or damaged it so that it required a staff person or yourself to recreate it or somehow replace it again? How much time did it take? How much money in labor or time did you have to reinvest? How many of you "thought" you had safely stored your documents only to have your ISP to tell you they were hit and they lost your files. Or your flash drive became demagnetized or your CD was damaged and unusable. Now, what are your choices? You can cry, throw a hissy fit, do the blame game or you can say I have UDSUS!! UDSUS Makes Organization Happen? Of the total 8 hours wasted each week in paper document management, we spend 1 hour finding documents. That is 52 hours lost each year just looking for lost documents. Let's do the math on that! 8 hours each week for paper management equates to 416 hours per year. Do you want to pay a staff person their hourly wage times 416 hours just FILING papers!!! 1 hour each week is spent looking for lost documents. That is 52 hours per year. Now, multiply that times their hourly wage!. Again, do you want to pay someone to look for LOST DOCUMENTS! That is NOT good business and that is NOT a good use of their time NOR your money. So, what is the solution? WWW.UDSUS.COIM UDSUS Makes Organization Happen? Federal reports direct businesses and people to use a 3rd party vendor at least 100 miles from your original location. UDSUS provides that service because we back up your documents in triplicate in 3 remote locations around the world. To learn more about digital archiving and document management services, please feel free to contact us at For larger companies please contact our COO Steve Brown at 763-205-5712 Ext 104.

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UDSUS is launching our new WEB DOCS platform. It is by far the best thing since the peanut butter and banana sandwich! Go to the following link and watch our video.

When you are completed with viewing it, send me an email to and let me know how we can be of assistance to you. Whether you are an individual or a business we have 'THE SOLUTION' for you.

http://downloads.rjssoftware.c om/WebDocsVideo/WebDocsFlashVi deo.htm

UDSUS Makes Organization Happen


Ste. Brown MS, COO

612-636-1271 Cell