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    July 09, 2008

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    Kimmy B

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    Oakland, CA

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    Black/African American

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Don't Live in Complacency. Live in BOLD! As an Empowerment Blogger it's my job to make sure you are satisfied and enjoying life. Take action today and start living in BOLD. As long as it's positive, I don't care what it is you do. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • What is something that has brought you joy in the past but you haven't done in a long time?
  • Watch your favorite movie, read a book or listen to some music for inspiration
  • Do you know someone who is living their life to the fullest? Ask them what they are doing and if you can do it with them.
  • Take a creative class like dance, music, language or art.
  • Meet new people!

If your finances seem to be holding you back from a life of fulfillment, then I suggest my blog: The Prosperity Blog. I discuss career and money management topics in addition to money and sprituality. My blog also supports the LiteracyRich Project, a project that empowers women through financial literacy. You can't be prosperous while living in complacency so begin living in bold today!

Be sure to watch an informational video about my service project, LiteracyRich below.

The Prosperity Blog Partners Include:

The Blooming Beauty A holistic beauty blog that features wellness and fashion realted topics.

All of the Blogs are a part of the Empowerment Blog Network "Blogs That Enrich."


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What do you love so much that you're willing to stay up until 100 A.M. in the morning for? Can you identify that thing that makes you excited and elated in the morning? What do you hold on to when times get tough? I love helping and uplifting other people. It's way past my bed time but I don't care because I know that someone will be motivated by what I'm saying.Take the time to consider what is you love. You'll know you're dedicated when you move against all odds to see that one thing manifest... (continue reading)

Getting Settled


Hello everyone! In the previous post I told you to expect some improvements. Guess what! I am finally in the flow. I'll begin updating this blog this weekend. I am so excited about what's happening. Taking a break when you need it is very important and I suggest this to everyone including aspiring business people. Sometimes you have to stop what you're doing to gain focus and clarity.See you soon, Kimmy B.THIS BLOG IS A PART OF THE EMPOWERMENT BLOG NETWORKBLOGS THAT ENRICH. (continue reading)

A Decision Has Been Made


You may not know this, but I haven't been actively blogging for the past two weeks. I've been taking some time do some reflection and planning as I continue the growth of my blogging career and all that encompasses it. I have drawn several conclusionsConclusion 1 I am scaling back the blogging network to maintain balance and continue to produce high quality content. The Empowerment Blog Network will consist of 3 blogs for the time being. I will relaunch the postponed blogs at a later date. The... (continue reading)

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