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10 things women want from you


Before Sex She Wants You To...1. Kiss HerIt seems that kissing has become a bit of a lost art in this day and age and this is especially the case when a couple has been together for a long time. Spend a few minutes just kissing a.k.a. making out the way you did when you were a teenager. You'd be surprised at how hot kissing can really be!2. Indulge in Some ForeplayWomen need a little more than guys do in order to get really turned in and primed for action. By treating them to more foreplay, not... (continue reading)

Another Wal_Mart Durnedest Things


I saw another darnedest thing in walmart while paying bills, I saw two Old AfAm men comparing Gold rings. which docked each finger big and gaudy. They stopped and one admired the others rings and then the other complimented the others rings. and they sat there for a good 15 minutes pointing and sharing stories about their rings. I thought only the old ladies did that. It was a cute exchange. IT WAS different.

what is it about groupies


My daughters have taken to calling me a groupie... Y you ask. Well i am a cnversation to the press conference. I don't stalk none of the guys that i been with they dont remember me and i know this... some i have seen a few more times.

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2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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Hello My name is Joy (to most ppl).I am quite content to share with others or I have learned I can be alone. I am not here for a quick fix. I would have stayed with online booty call for that. I have learned some things since moving to Oklahoma, But I won't share it here ask if you want to know and I will tell you if I remember. I say often I am not into games, some don't understand that and they seem to get a kick at my flare ups. Just be glad they are mild. I can be a nasty little vixen if prompted. I like having a good time just like the next person, but I won't laugh at your jokes if they aren't funny. I don't like dating, Because the heart gets in the way. I have been told I am cold. I don't hand my heart to every guy that vies for it. I have been married 3 times, yes three.. count them. I could say none were my fault but its a two way street. First said I was too much, but had to keep up with more than just me so He decided I was the least important, but I took him for more than the others did in court, cuz I was the wife. Second, had too much baby mama drama and went back to her. I didn't stop him, his life. Third was just a kid, liar and bully. He and my son argued about the new ninetendo. My son said let him have it if he wants it. NO! This was to be my husband, not my child. Yes I have been on BP since 2005, I have visited with some ppl I have met here. Some have been kind some have been otherwise. I cannot stress enough how small the pixels in my phone are please PLEASE - no more pen'ses they look alike on 24k.One of my male friends laughed and said oh did you just throw mine in the corner with all the others you have collected? I said yes. It looks just like the last one. Not everyone can joke like that. I like a good time. I like going out. I have already played/lived out my fantasies so I don't have that desire. I have done everything I already wanted to do. There is nothing new to do. Don't ask what do you like best, A paycheck. So if you have a fantasy and it involves me; what are you bringing to the table. I am not a teenager nor am I some young chick, Let's keep it real, if you are old enough to talk to me, (My kids are close to thirty) be upfront no games. And I promise not to shoot you down like a turkey 'fore thanksgiving. I won't look over my shoulder for you nor will I chase after you. Just keepin' it real.

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