scorpio2608 My living habits are a lil extreme I admit it, I grow up in the projects in Miami fl liberty city area in a 3 bedroom apartment me my grandma grandpa and two other brother and a uncle or aunt I bathroom the lil apartment wasn't the best up kept house it had roaches hanging over the faucet you went to get water rats as well, and I told my self if I ever get my own place Its going to be to clean the logic to the reason why I'm so difficult about keeping a clean place I have flash backs. - March 01 add/view comments (1)

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I need a queen to hold me down 4 life and that is a ride or die woman

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oh baby..... right there baby grind it on my tongue.....hold on, let me put my arms around your lags when im eating your %#&@$! and holding hends with you grinding it......just like that ummmmm so sweet ok baby open up let me put my %#&@$! head on your %#&@$! moving it up and down side to side. better yet get it baby this your %#&@$! so put it in slow ohhhh %#&@$! it feels so good baby. I wont you to put both of your hands on my %#&@$! and feel this hard %#&@$! going inn and out your %#&@$! with pleasure... (continue reading)



never leave the person you love for the person you like because the person you like will leave you for the person they love... its wrong but its life the old saying says two wrongs dont make a right. and when you realize it its to late when i think about it i will love to have bad timez with the person i love the have fun with the person i like. i wish i never left but thats what i get for being a fool. i did learn that what you put in is what you get in the end.

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