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Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the love. While your here, checkout my book 5 Senses?..

Have you been in the mall and someone walked by you and the scent of their perfume/cologne caught your nose? It might even stop you in your tracks and you said...damn! You turn around to check them out to see, if they're cute or whatever. If they are, you get their attention by trying to speak to them. You are enjoying their scent that got your interest, their appearance that is on point; chat with them to see what you hear could be a total package. Chat leads to exchange numbers, hug or even a handshake. Guess what you have physical contact? You have come across 4 senses that have spiked your interest. The last one is taste that comes with time or might even happen then. Do you love with all 5 Senses or just the physical appearance? What sense turns you on: touch, smell, hear, see and taste? What drew you to your mate?









Hello Planet...

Meet Sparkle, a woman looking for a man who will love her with all 5 Senses, but can she ever find one? Find out how she faces life experiences and everyday challenges in author Nicole Asbury's sensuous and engaging short story. Feel her emotions and thoughts as she finally meets Jamal. Would he be the one for her? Follow her journey from the moment she laid eyes on him until the time she realizes what she really wants. Discover the power of the heart through this passionately driven story, 5 Senses. Can love still exist? Find out in 5 Senses. If you are interest in checking/buying this book please go to the BUY NOW on this page or go to the following URL pages below:

and any local bookstore.

Please check out my blogspot:


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A Night Of Passion


You and I are facetoface nothing but us keeping each other apart from ecstasy. We take our time outlining each other outer layer.Piece by piece are being removed and thrown across the room.All the pieces that outlined us are gone.Just the bare necessities of us are left.Touches are warm and sensual.That starts the sexual energy between the two of us.My spot is warm and moist turning to juices and blood flowing to your masculine wand thatrsquo;s rising and getting ready to salute.Moving toward... (continue reading)



I promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.Where do I begin or shall I start at the end?Would you understand that this is something new?Could you look into my eyes to see the truth?Or do I show you, so you could picture the truth?How deep can you go with this or would you be shallow?Now let me say this...I'm not ready to tell the truth.Because the truth might be too much for you.So what are you going to do?Now when I speak I need you to listen to the words that I say.Don't need you to... (continue reading)

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