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The Planetarium (My Philosophy)

Being that everything is relative meaning simply put that, when everything is broken down we come to the understanding that all that we see, touch and feel is made up of molecules, atoms and matter. That matter just takes different forms and the reactions to different combinations to matter determines what can coexist. So with that I consider my self part of the whole. From the small electric pulses that stimulate our heart to pump to the constant but unnoticeable rotation of the earth around the sun it's all one in the same (relative). Life is defined as the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual. The acquisition and use of this knowledge is called wisdom and the knowledge and wisdom gained from the trial and error of physical and mental experience is truth. So simply what we learn from the sequence of life experiences is truth. Life = Truth. The key is to find the truth in life and simplify it to principles or rules. I view the collection and application of these rules as my philosophy, my planet (Shake9169). And anytime you begin to directly or indirectly question the meaning of ......... Or try improving on your life you begin to form your philosophy and rules for living. And the stronger your philosophy, the easier it becomes to draw matter to you. Just as a planet has gravity the degree knowledge, experience or truth that a person attains, and processes into rules the more matter will be drawn towards you.


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This is an exsurp of a book entitled "From the Browder files" by Anthony T. Browder which gives insight the importance of a personal philosophy.

Your philosophy determines your thought pattern;

Your thought pattern determines your attitude;

Your attitude determines your behavior pattern; and

Your behavior pattern determines your actions.

This is my example of an :

:Intelligent Conversation

Sex has been removed from the process of life. Learning to read and write, mastering a trade, establishing a social life, bearing children, evolving a family routine, and developing a sex life once were all one process. Now each sexual encounter is analyzed, compared, and judged.

People with no real connection sometimes have great sex and people with a deep spiritual bond sometimes have poor sex. Sex simply is not the weather vane of the health of a relationship.

Sex has become a set of competing rights, with the emphasis on "What am I not getting?" The right to have our "needs met` competes with our partner`s right not to be coerced. The right to foreplay completes with the right to reach orgasm. The right to experiment competes with the right not to feel vulnerable. The right to quality time afterwards completes with the right to get cleaned up or to sleep. Approached this way, we have no need for Hell; S-E-X provides it every time the subject comes up.

- Hugh Prather

These are a couple of poems that I wrote they describe the to types of women I encounter.

Women that want but don't give

You don't know me you know of me

And you only know what I tell you

and if I choose to tell you lies

you might not see me you might see the future in my eyes

I see through your lies I am nearsighted

I do what it takes to get you excited but I cant see past that

for me to see past that I have to see were your mind at

cuz that is what keeps me attracted

I have know need to fake you looking for the perfect man

I can tell you might die holding your breath

waiting to exhale

see we living in times where honesty is a commodity

true love is a novelty, ill give you that therapy to massage you mentally with what I say verbally

give you money youll surely be only

I give you reason to think I am our one and only

I ll you reasons to hate me

and for the same reasons you might love me
Women that give but don't want

You know me, you touch me

when no one else could feel me

true love is not a novelity but with you a reality

you hold me with your thoughts

and caress me with your intentions

you kiss me with want I can be

and carry me for you I am

you hold my hand in confusion
so we can walk to understanding
your smile is a reflection of light

that controls my mood

you talk with your eyes and speak to my soul

you accept my past your future is a gift

so want we have now is the present

and the time we spend couldn't be worthless

that's why your presence is priceless

you give me reasons to love

and for the same reasons I could never hate you

I ll will always love you

Trill Gatez...Cream Click...OMY artist development PIMP LOGIC

I can baffle you wit bull%#&@$! or intrigue wit my intelligence,

Make your thoughts leave there residents and come wit me,

Convince you my face is on currency so the more you make

the closer you feel to me,

Now you might hear what I'am saying but it aint meant to be heard

But if you here you aint listening

With that you'll like my dialet, be inflauted by my diction

Love the way I manipulate words to my advantage

I can, calm you with a word,relax you wit a sentence and pimp the %#&@$! out this paragraph

I call this PIMP LOGIC but you can rename it what you thinking (pause )

$pend time wit and I'll have you dizzy wit my dialog

when you finally talk to me you wont even know how to start

but in that conversation you'll give me the combination of words to unlock your mind

and I'll find the key to your heart

wit colorful speech I'll bend words and sell you what is at the end of a rainbow

and by the time you put all the colors together and see the light

you done made a pot of gold

and the game has been sold


LEAVE A VOICE COMMENT.......What U Think of my Philosophy?... OMY


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