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2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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I apologize or I'm Sorry?


People are hurt everyday and how you choose to accept a person forgiveness is based on what word they use. I look at the words like this, in some cases you have to use the word I'm sorry. But if you have really hurt someone feelings, I feel you should say I Apologize for hurting you not I'm Sorry. The word Apology has a lot of feelings and meaning behind it, the person has thought about the situation. They feel bad about hurting you. The word I'm Sorry is thrown around carelessly, the word has... (continue reading)

Why men are unfaithful in relationships


In this world women out number men. If females supported each other, they wouldn't give men the power to cheat and treat them any kind of way. Females need to respect their bodies, mind, and values. With this, we as females can respect each other mates period!. Its the females that don't care if you have a man and don't care about anyone's feelings but their own. These type of women give the men the power to cheat, mistreat, and disrespect their mate. Men knowing that there is always a female... (continue reading)

personal message

I'm a 41 year old beautiful very caring,honest, down to earth, big heart and open-minded black independent women. I feel that HONESTY is very important when you first meet someone, First impression plays a big part in making a friendship and is very helpful if you want to take the friendship farther. Why start anything off with a LIE and later it's revealed that it's all been a BIG LIE, So be HONEST tell the truth from the beginning. Friendships & a Relationships will last longer if you present the TRUTH. Then the person has the right to accept you for you and not a person that you have made up.I have had my share of no good men to last me the rest of my life, but I feel the right BLACK MEN is out there for me. So if your on games & looking for that one nite stand girl, or feel that you have to LIE. PLEASE do me a favor go pass my page and play games with someone else. I'm a VERY PROUD Mother & Father of 2 Beautiful kids ages 19 daughter(my twin)and son 17(my baby boy) they have bought me challenges to in my life. But I believe GOD only gives you what you can handle and it has made me become a VERY STRONG Black Women. But we don't know what GOD has planned for us and I will say he has got me this far and I raised 2 Beautiful kids. Now it's time for ME to find a True Friend or True LOVE, so if the friendship that I make with that special men turns into a relationship that's good. Maybe I will find my soul mate, if not I will be happy with meeting New and HONESTY Friends. I also want to and this message to everyone.

                          Always make sure you put yourself first in life

Making sure that your number one fan is you is very important, in the world that we live in today if you don't love yourself who will. We owe it to ourselves to learn the good and bad things about ourselves. Before we can be complete to approach someone we have to know what we have to offer and knowing this will make things a lot easier to find your mate. I have been thru good and bad relationships. But as I set back and look at them, I would say they have made me the woman I am today. I have always had a giving heart and there for family,friends and sometime strangers. God give the Big heart and kindness so I feel I have to be there for people, but like I said that I had to learn not to be there for every hand that's in front of my face. If I help only one person out that I don't know with this message I feel that I have done the work GOD give me. Always love yourself if it 's good or bad because having faith in GOD will put you on the right path. Just take things day by day and you use the sense that GOD put in all of us and YOU can be a wonderful WOMAN or MEN one day. Everyone do this every day, look in the mirror and smile saying to yourself that I'm beautiful and a child of GOD and he Loves me if it's good or bad. Remember to LOVE yourself and ALWAYS PUT YOURSELF FIRST!

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