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Folk History GANGSTER DISCIPLES NATION Colors:Black Signs:6 Point Star,Heart with Wings,Tail,Hitchforks Alias:GD's,GDN,Hoover-Folks,BO S,SOS Renegade OffShoots:Insanes,Outlaws,Boss Pimps,Black Cobras,Lawless,Caviliers Founder:King David Barksdale Current Leader:Larry "King" Hoover Short History of the Gangster Disciples In Chicago,in the early 60's the Devil Disciples were formed by David Barksdale, his right hand men were Shorty and Don Durkey.They were arch rivals against the Black Peace Stone Rangers, led by Jeff "Chief Malik" Fort. For many years they had bloody wars for control over the south side of Chicago(Englewood area).At the same time the Supreme Gangsters, led by Larry Hoover, was a up coming gang.They had a bloody war against the King Cobras. Larry Hoovers Supreme Gangsters won the battle,flippin hundreds of King Cobras to the Supreme Gangsters side.With an estimate of 5,000 soldiers. The Devil Disciples were about 10,000 strong.The Supreme Gangstes and the Devil Disciples then decided to become one to take on the Black Peace Stones.This formed the Black Gangster Disciple Nation, led by David Barksdale and Larry Hoover. In 1969 David Barksdale was shot. In 1972 3 years later he died to the result of the gun wombs.The Satan Disciples were a faction of the Devil Disciples.The BGD's and the SD's then adopted the 6 Point Star to honor there falling king.Larry Hoover then took over the organization,crowning his self "King".Jerome "Shorty" Freeman never wanted wanted to be one with Hoover or his SG's.So after David died he dropped BGDN and formed his own Disciple Nation with the BGD's that didnt want to follow Larry Hoover. Jerome "Shorty" Freeman then formed the Black Disciples.Dropping the "Gangster" from the title, to show his hate for Hoover and his SG's.A former BGD member of the BGDN names Boonie Black also dropped the BGDN and went his own way to form the Black Gangster Nation. They were Folks until the mid-90's and followed the same structure and manifesto as the BGD's.Then the BGâ₠¬â„¢s developed a ââ‚&n ot;Å“New BreedââR 18;¬ doctrine, meaning they no longer wanted to associate with the BGD, they developed their own symbols, handsigns, and later dropped the 6 point star and followed the credence of Love, Life, and Loyalty (3 points of the 6 point star).At the same time the Black Gangster Disciples would make $1,000,000 a week, and $100,000,000 a year due to the sells of mirujuana,cocain, and heroin.In 1973 Larry Hoover was picked up on murder charges, for the murder of a man (William Young) who stole drugs from one of his dope houses. This is where he recieved his 150-200 year prison sentence.But while in prison, made the BGD organization grow rapidly.The BGD's recruited youths in prison, then when they were released they initiate more members in there neighborhoods.Larry Hoover then organizaed the FOLKS alliance. He held private meetings with the white,black, and latin street gangs in the prison system.Amongst the gangs were the Black Disciples, Simon City Royals, Latin Eagles, Spanish Cobras, Imperial Gangster, Satan Disciples, and Maniac Latin Disciples. The term Folks was said to be chosen as a moniker because of the word being short for- "Follow the Orders the King Sets". The "King", being Larry Hoover- who apparently had a vision to unite, then control all of the gangs of Chicago. Most of the Folks gangs initially adopted the 6 point star, and/or pitchforks in addition to "identifying" to the right. Gangs that were allied on the streets, easliy united in the prisons. For example, the Black Disciples, and Black Gangster Disciples were once the same organization. It was also a common occurence for gangs who had a good relationship with other gangs, to bring them into their repective Alliance. For example, the Simon City Royals have always had a good relationship (were "tight with " or "related to" in gang terminology) to the northside Insane Popes, therefore, when the Royals joined the Folks, the Popes followed suit. As more gangs emerged, they would have to officially sign a "charter" to become members of the Folks Alliances.In the early 90's the Black Gangsters Disciples dropped the "Black" from their title,So they can recruit more then just blacks. The Gangster Disciples are the largest Organization in the ILL state and possibly the U.S.A., with over 40,000 alone in Chicago and is in over 38 states.The GD's secure control of about 3/4 of the Englewood neighborhood, a control or presence in nearly every housing project, the far north side, the far south side, the surrounding suburbs and seemingly everywhere in between. Their principle income involves and selling and of narcotics, primarily, crack cocaine, marajuana, and heroin. The GDN also "rent" out drug territory to independent dealers, and are known for engaging in assault and murder to protect their drug turf. Let me clear this up. FOLKS AND CRIPS are not alligned as one. 8 Ball is broke and it was fake to begin with. How is FOLKS and CRIPS going to alligned when, there is hardly any crips in Chicago and no Folks in California, and our leaders have never meet eachother face to face in thier lives. NOT EVEN ONCE.During the fake %#&@$! 8 ball shyt, Folks started using blue as there color and the crips started using GD knowledge, symbols such as the: 6 point star and the pitchforks. They even say they are from the FOLKS NATION, which they are NOT.That is why the 8 ball was dropped by many FOLKS. Larry Hoover made it official that it was broken.FOLKS and CRIPS is too different things.Crips is an independant street gang and FOLKS are an organization.So if you are a crip under the 6 or a folk flagging blue .And if you are FOLKS alligned with the crips you are in violation for false flagging. REAL FOLKS STAY TRUE TO THE FOLKS NATION, and dont bang with something totally different that doesnt not have the same purposes or goals. Folk Star the folk nation is not surposed 2 used blu as there color, they only use blue bcuz they feel dat since crips stole the 6 from them den they can steal the blue. da 8 ball is cracced so crip niccaz should stop usin da 6 and folks should stop flaggin blue.Folks have nuthin 2 do wit the Color blue and Crip niccaz not supposed 2 hav nuthin 2 do wit the 6. so all yall folk niccaz wearin blue flags are fake and all yall Crip niccaz Claimin yall from Cali and reppin da 6 are fake. The difference between folks and Crips Crip waz started in Cali , folk waz started in ChiCago Crips main Color iz blue (but they hav other Colors for different sets,) Folks only Color is blacc (and sumtimes red). Folks are under the 6 point star, Crip is not supposed 2 be unda the 6 . Crips wear to the left, folks wear to the right. folks rivals are the people nation.(vice lords, latin kings and otha gangs unda da 5) Crips rivals are bloods (and any gang dat repp da b and wear red) Crips use flags (bandanas) to identify themselves. Folks only use sides (da right side). Crips neva use the Color red, some folks use red 2 identify themselves. Folk branches alliance: Folks colors: Red and Black ethnicity: African American symbols: 6 point star, Gates (III) alias: BDN. Shorty Folks, Tray Folks previously known as: Devils Disciples ,Black Gangster Disciples factions/renegade off shoots: Blue 5 BDs, Corleons founder: "King" David Barksdale current leader: "King Shorty" Jerome Freeman History: The Black Disciples originated in the Englewood neighborhood around 1960 as the Devils Disciples. The gang was founded by David Barksdale. They quickly established a strong reputation for drug distribution and extortion tactics, and gained influence in the Englewood, Washington Park, and Woodlawn communities. In the late 60's, the Devils Disciples merged with the Supreme Gangsters to become the Black Gangster Disciples. The Supreme Gangsters, who were led by Larry Hoover, also operated in the Englewood area; the merger was done as a way to combat recent formation of Black P. Stone Ranger Nation. The Disciples and Rangers would fight one of the city's bloodiest and most well documented gang wars for control of the South Side. In the 1974, Barksdale died as the result of a gunshot wound that was inflicted years earlier. Tensions for leadership immediately srose after Barksdale death. Jerome "Shorty" Freeman, who had long been considered to be Barksdale sucessor (as well as running the Black King Cobras street gang which had merged with Barksdale's DDs prior to the formation BGD) broke away from the BGD to form the Black Disciples. By this time, Larry Hoover, who was incarcerated in Joliet Correctional , had established himself as leader of the BGD. Shorty would retain off and on again relations with Hoover, but more or less distanced his gang from that of the BGD. The Black Disciples did however join the Folks Alliance and retain the pitchforks and 6 point star (in recognition to "King" David Barksdale) as symbols- like the BGD. In 1991, a war erupted between the BGDs (now known, simply as Gangster Disciples) and BDs for control of Englewood. The Black Disciples and Gangster Disciples have remained enemies in most areas of the city ever since. In the mid 90's, the BDN experienced tremendous growth. Many former GD strongholds "flipped" to become part of the BDN. This was done by coercion and the reduction of drug taxation by released high ranking leaders of the BDs. Around this time, the BDN also had a change in literature, disregarding the pitchforks symbols (mainly to differentiate themselves with the GDs) and adopting the Gates, (III), as to symbolize a "3rd World" manifesto. They are a fast growing gang and now control much of the Englewood, Roseland, Morgan Park, Park Manor, Washington Park, and South Shore communities, as well as Altgeld Gardens. Their criminal enterprise consists of narcotics trafficking, murder, assault, and extortion. Recently, some Black Disciples have began to form an alliance with the Black P. Stones. These particular BDs have adopted the "blue 5 point star", adopting an Islamic Doctrine, while still retaning close ties to other members of the Black Disciples. They frequently "share" sets with Black P. Stones.

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