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I'm pretty much chill about everything. I'm not crazy or physco or a stalker type chick, I'm just me. As far as dating goes I'm looking for someone who's hardworking, honest, goal oriented, family oriented, trustworthy, takes accountability for his actions, values education, and goes to church because I enjoy going and I'd like to go with whoever I'm dating. I prefer not to date anyone with kids. I'm majoring in Biology with the intent to go to medical school and become an anesthesiologist. That would make me fairly smart, but I'm not one of those know-it-all type people. I welcome any new learning opportunity. I can respect anyone's opinion and I'm very non-confrontational person. Anything else you wanna know dont be afraid to ask, I promise I'm nicer then I look : ).


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Sorry black men that... Even though you are intelligent enough to advance yourself, you don't put in the effort to do so. That you'd rather find quick ways of making cash by selling drugs than work your way up slowly to the top. That I don't want to regress by accepting a man who was very well capable of doing better for himself but didn't.Obviously not all of you fit into this category, but I'm sure you know black guys who do. I've come to realize that as a black woman it's not my job... (continue reading)