tallbrotha38 I will never boast about materialistic items like what I drive, how much money I make, how nice my place is and how I'm living large. I will boast about my mind. My mind allowed me to focus forward and not look back after my serious car accident. My mind allowed me to go back to school and graduate top 5 of my class. My mind allowed me to land a good career with a great company. My mind allowed me to lay a great foundation for my kids. My mind gave me the ability to help others tap into government funding for the disabled. My mind allowed me to do all this while being disabled. Can I get some Props and Amen up in this B**ch :O) - September 26, 2015 add/view comments (2)

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    June 26, 2013

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    Vocational - Degree

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    North York, ON

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    Black/African American, Other

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Welcome to my page!! i am from Toronto, Canada but Buffalo and Rochester, NY is like my 2nd homes as I am there quite often..

My name is Paul. I Use to work as Unit Support Tech for a rehab hospital and as a CNA(Back in the day). Just graduated college 2 months ago for Accounting/ Office Administration. I've been through a lot in the past 3 years since my car accident..I'm a different person with a brighter future.. I don't judge based on what u have. I look for whats in the heart, as well as what level of intelligence u posses. As for my personality, I am a kind, passionate, funny, out going, bold at times, romantic and soft hearted. I live within my means to establish a bright future..I bring to the table what you bring...

BIO: How old are you? 38(but look 32)


Your Birthday? Sept 19th 19nunya lol


Place of Birth? Toronto, Canada


Where do you live now: Toronto


Eye Color: Brown


Height: 6'3


Weight: Stocky


Education: Diploma: Drafting & Design. Certified Nurses Aide, Accounting/ Office Admin


Favorite Animal: White Tiger


Favorite Music: R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Old Skool, Funk


Favorite Drink: Anything that taste good


Favorite Food: Thai,Chinese,Jamaican,Greek,So uthern


Favorite Restaurant: Applebee's


Favorite Place You've Traveled to: Cayman Islands.


Place you would most like to Travel: Europe


Your Car:2004 Chrysler Sebring, first Car: 1984 Plymouth Reliant


Cologne: Burberry Brit, CK Eternity and many many more.


What do you sleep in: Shhhhh can't tell you!!


Favorite thing to wear on a date: Casual attire


Goals and ambitions: Self Employed


Want to be in 10 years: Married to a good woman and live comfortable.


Favorite thing Sexually: anything passionate or adventurous that causes my heart to race.



THINK ABOUT THIS: If you're going through a hard time or you feel lost, understand God will take away everyone so He can speak to you without distractions & God will take everything away from you just so you can see what really matters! A setback is usually God preparing you for 100 steps forward!!!!! Don't let your situation define you, instead let it empower you!


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