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    October 19, 2000

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    July 22

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    Opelika, AL

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Police Shootings


What's going on with all these police shootings lately...and shootings overall where no guns from the victims are present?.....the 21 year old black male that was killed by the police in Alexander City,Al. on March 8th of this year is a prime example of what I am talking about....the victim was leaving a local restaurant and was shot three times by the police before even trying to find out what was going on....his reasoning was that he was fearing for his life...what was there to fear after he... (continue reading)

The Health Care Reform Act (Obama Care)

Posted this is the way that I see it..every since the President took office there has been attempts to wreck all the things that he has done..the web site included to sign up for the health care...WAKE UP all of you haters...he has been in office for five years...what you need to do now is find someone to oppose Mrs.Clinton. The bail out of all the major companies in this country was done by him...why Bush have not been made to answer for the shape this nation was in?All that I'm saying to... (continue reading)

Father's Day


Father's Day...I believe a lot of people get the meaning of Father's Day twisted....I know that is celebrated the third Sunday in June but to me it's every day....Come on Black Men stand up and take charge of your family....I have a daughter that her mother decided she would do better without me and she has gone far astray....she is twenty eight and have decided that she is going to try the lesbian thing.....F.Y.I. two women or two men can not procreate thought I'd throw that in...nevertheless I... (continue reading)


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Welcome To TaurusInc

The difference between a Man and a Boy...

1-A Boy will allow a female to do as she will and will chase them

2-A Man will not go for this behavior and will replace them...all thinking will be done from the head on his shoulders instead of the head between his legs

Everyone is so caught up with outer appearances that once we get to know a person we are already caught up in a web that sometimes is very hard to escape from...


Be very careful of who you allow inside your circle...if you are not sure of how to play then don't....


Don't go chasing waterfalls...stick to the rivers and lakes that you are use to...OKAY!!!!!!!



So that now you are here just stay for a need to rush off and if I'm not here just leave a note and I will get back with you very soon...just you being here is enough for me....listen to the my blog...take the the guess game....make yourself at home....PEACE


Question-Why do people lie and cheat

Answer-They know it's easier to get forgiveness than to get permission to do so 


I guess relationships sometimes are like a long as you keep it tuned-up and keep it serviced it will perform fine...but start neglecting it and stop paying it attention when the warning lights come on and see what happens...relationships don't go bad without depends on if  we choose to see the warnings or just ignore them like we do in our car sometimes....


Never involve yourself with someone who treat you bad....they will only bring you down to their level and start making you treat others bad....resulting in you being placed in the "aint worth a damn"section 

Much Love To The African Ladies But Only American Ladies For Me!!!


Some people enter our lives as blessings while other people enter our lives as lessons

The only people you need in your life are the people who need you in their life....


Whatever happened to old-fashioned romance where a couple was just into each other rather than everyone else?

Never make someone a priority in your life when you are only an option in their life!!!!!!


If you sit around all day doing nothing...when do you know when you are done!!!!!


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