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Million DJ March Commercial 3


Million DJ March (continue reading)

KRS-ONE Joins The Million DJ March


Washington, D.C. Rap legend and Hip Hop activist KRS One is issuing a call to action from DJ's nationwide to join and participate in the upcoming Million DJ March, by becoming directly involved himself. KRS One's legendary contributions to the evolution of Hip Hop and welldocumented work with his Stop the Violence Movement, coupled with the fact that he began his own career as a DJ make him the perfect spokesperson for this groundbreaking event. I am a DJ. I started my career as a DJ and a... (continue reading)

Washington D.C Readies for March


Washington, D.C. In a major show of support, DC's Special Parks Services and Parks Rangers have extended the permits to The Million DJ March to include evening and night time activities, including live performances and speeches, meaning that the March and it's various forums can go for an estimated 48 straight hours. This has enabled everything planned to fit into two days instead of the original three August 29th and 30th. The experience that Parks Services and Homeland Security has with these... (continue reading)



DJ's have been regarded as underground since their beginning in the early 1970's with founders such as Kool Herc and Grand Master Flowers. They were the Band to acts until tracks were just played in the background with little to no live presence. DJ's then went on to spinning these records bringing extra life to parties after and during performances adding to fads and trends in music. Using the turntable as an instrument, DJ's found new ways to utilize their talent by blending, scratching and... (continue reading)

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On August 30, 2008 DJs will descend on Washington to celebrate decades of service to the entertainment industry. They will listen to speeches from leaders of music groups, founding DJs, and Civil Rights activists all on the dawn of a new election year.

The March and activities will take place from August 29-30, 2008 in Washington DC, with the actual rally taking place on
the 30 at 10 am, on the National Mall, extending from the Capitol Building to the Washington Monument. Disc jockeys will gather from all over the world to discuss the current state of the DJ, and highlight the true integral importance of their role.

Hip-hop icon/activist KRS One has signed on as an official spokesperson for The Million DJ March taking place in Washington, DC this month (Aug. 29-30).

Though most popularly known for his lyrical prowess, he said, "I started my career as a DJ and a collector of records." For him and the creators of the event, it's not planned to be just some parody of the Million Man March, rather, it is a necessary conference for the survival of the DJ. "If deejaying is going to survive into the future, we are going to have to take it a little more seriously than just a party past time. Once and for all, the American public needs to hear from the DJ's in a unified voice. One of the concerns of the American public, for DJ's in every medium, is the lack of responsibility that DJ's show to younger ears. The DJ's I know care about the public they play for; many of them are responsible parents themselves. It is not that DJ's are irresponsible, it is that DJ's do not speak in one unified voice on anything."

The organizer of the historic event, A. Shaw, felt compelled to address her concern for DJs after noticing they weren't often adequately compensated for their time, effort and dedication in working with labels, promoters and artists. "DJ's do not get recognized for the work that they do. Labels and major businesses who reap the rewards of default publicity, need to pay more attention and give more recognition to DJ's for the promotion they provide," she said. The march, which has already been approved by both civil rights activist and those who founded the Million Man March, has already caught the attention of thousands of DJs and DJ organizations.
August 29th & 30th, 2008
The Million DJ March will express the history of the culture and show appreciation to the people that are truly the backbone of the music and entertainment. Since the beginnings of DJ, technology has advanced, morphing the standard turntable in to a modern engine full of possibility. DJ's are a community that promote for many forms of corporations, the music industry being just one of them. What DJs say and do can be compared to the effects of a modern day commercial, as we notice on radio broadcasts and their choices in the music they play.

Due to the advancement and sudden metamorphosis of their influence in music, there are very few laws protecting this ar
t form as a craft and career. Self sufficient machines threaten this career choice, as so many fear to lose their jobs to in this advancing society. Depending on the audience, a DJ can custom blend the airwaves, to censor otherwise, "restricted" music and control what the masses hear. It is the responsibility of the DJ to make sound decisions based on the age and the want of the audience.

The Million DJ March supports all forms of live music and will donate all proceeds from the march to keep music alive in Publ
ic Schools. The Million DJ March event August 29- 30th. National Mall Washington, D.C

Sincerely, A. Shaw Lead Organizer Million DJ March

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