tired_of_lames I understand they want to bring Bp back, but been there and done that..The only way to contact me is through FB: Shea MzButtah Perry or follow me on Twitter: MzGottaHavIt or Instagram: Buttah_Pecan_Choc_Deluxe..Yall Be ez! - August 19, 2014 add/view comments (0)

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2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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**DISCLAIMER..lol..This page is not to say that men are lames or the ones that I've dated are lames, this is to call out these cats who do the most lamest ish and I find it quite amusing..So before you just decide that my name says it all..READ THE PAGE IN ITS ENTIRETY..lol..I get these wack a** notes from lame ppl who don't read my page..thank you and stay blessed..Ciao mami and papi!!

Mz.Gottahaveit/member of In-Motion MC Club, you know where you can find us...IN MOTION!

Keep ya grass cut low, so you will see all the snakes coming your way! But remember to keep a couple of snakes b/c they eat the rats! YA DIG!

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Its 2008 and yet some of ya'll still don't understand my thoughts, this page is not intended for the ones that are the lames this is for the real a** folk that can sit and laugh at you lames..Its so funny to see that this page has been viewed by the likes of so many different personalities and every now and then I get those goof troop notes and the person has not read my page in its ENTIRETY!! I want to see the success of us as a race and if we don't tell ya'll lames that you are ruining everyone's future, well who in the hell will! We get mad when the truth hurts, but you kno what I have mad love for each and every young african-american that is out here regardless of what bs you might be on.."If you aren't apart of the solution then you are apart of the problem!" So let's wake up black america, get out here and vote and let's see some changes so that when we are older and can't do like we can now, these future generations will care enough also..For the ones who will never get it or will never care, honestly, you have to answer to one person so do you boo, just don't be mad when a sistah comes and puts you on blast for the dumb ish! Oh and just in case you may have forgotten, "Real recognizes real and real cats are going to speak!" So thanks for the love, this is our year for a better change..let's make this happen! Ya'll be ez out there..Stay focused, keep it one hun, and be a blessing to someone! (2's) Whas good e`rybody! I know you probably wondering about the page..But its dedicated to all the lames worldwide..I don`t mean to bash anyone, but you are a lame if you get mad!...My reasons for this page...

1) Ladies, are you tired of the cats who send you notes and can`t spell worth a damn?!

2) Ladies, what about these cats who make up these pages with their big bro or uncle sometimes cousin sh** in the pics?! Some of ya`ll niccas forget that being in the same city we do see who is driving or has what...lmao

3) Ladies, what it is up with ya`ll pages acting like ya`ll a bad b**** and really don`t have anything intellectual to say..I see we get our dance on when the song come on, but are we really listening to the words...I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. .Don`t be mad boo!

4) Now this is to the ones who really think you can fall in love over a damn computer...What the f***! I get tired of seeing these pages where "I`m looking for that special one" Don`t you know a person will type whateva it is that you want to hear? Come on ya`ll lets get it together..lol!

5) Why is it that e`rybody thinks they are a rapper? What happened to us being lawyers, doctors, anything that will help us in the future to be a successful race? I don`t know if any of ya`ll in the entertainment biz realized it, but there is only a very small percentage of us that will make it big in that music media..All I`m saying is have something to fall back on..Don`t just have one goal!

6) Why is that some of ya`ll have all these pics on here showing your "goodies", come on ladies we have to be more grounded then this..I know alot of niccas may enjoy the free-view, but honestly do you think that they are writing you notes because they see "wifey" potential? lol..just calling it how I see it..

7) Now what is up with all the niccas being on the DL on Bp? To the ones who love beautiful black women, I just want to say thanks for being str8..lol..I got mad love for my gay niccas but to all the confused ones, you cannot have your cake and eat it too boo! I don`t know any women who wants a sh***y d***!...lmao..I`m a mess I know!!

8) "What up with all these female pages talkin` about they`re bi-sexual and then say they don`t deal with dudes." They just as confused as the niccas on the DL. Then they wonder WHY niccas send emails about threesomes and other s***. Get `cha s*** together!(That was a thought from my dawg Pimpin_Supreme)** I thought ya`ll lames were bad from a woman`s perspective! GUESS NOT!!

9) This is a new entry, I don`t want anyone to get the idea that I am just talking about folk or just being a b****, this happens to be some of the things that I keep seeing on Bp, in which case I find amusing..I had a couple of folk hit me and say some off the wall type of sh** because they didn`t read the ENTIRE page, I want to stress the issue that we as young black america have a voice that can be reckoned with and we are too damn busy, either trying to get some or just frontin`..Didn`t MC Breed say it best "Ain`t no future in yo frontin!"..To the ones who can`t handle the truth in a sarcastic way..GET A LIFE SUCKAS!!! Lmao...

10) Okay this is for my NON black people..lol..its cool that you want to mingle and all of that, but if you have not been around us all of your lives or decided last year Hip-Hop was cool..You are a straight up lame! I get so tired of seeing white people trying to fit in and for what, so that your can rebel against ya fam? All I'm saying is stay true to who you are, we will be more accepting to you for the man/woman you present yourself as..Please don't get it twisted either, I don't care about inter-racial dating/mixing, I just can't stand people who want to be down for a season..To my dudes that have that pimpin game on lock, do you boo, can't knock the hustle! Just don't forget to respect the women you come from and where raised by..Dig that!

11) New Entry for 2007..Okay a new year a new attitude..This is for these cats who are in their fag bodies about what I posted on MY PAGE...Look do you see that X button, you know you can always use it! It amuses me tho that you feel the need to send me a note about what I say then when I check your pages out, you have some of the most disrespectful ish on there..lol..Come on now ya'll can't be serious..If you get upset or offended then some of the things I said might be hitting close to home..If so you can always do something about it, like honestly looking within yourselves and seeing what the problem is..I have the right and the voice to FREELY express my thoughts and if you want to send me a note TRYING to "question" me, you are in for rude awakening, because just like my thoughts are slick, so is my mouth..I don't have a problem with making you feel like the lame you are..lol..Sorry so harsh, but I don't bite my tongue for anyone..thanks for all the love tho! Some of ya'll have that realness to grow to know, to live to learn to understand..That probably flew over some of the lames tho..lol..Ciao!

12) Today is June 29 and oh my goodness, I never knew there were so many DL cats on Bp, now my only question is what makes you think you can be a thug and get banged in the a**?..lol..All the cats I kno on the block would take you out the game and you kno exactly what I'm getting at..You are who you are, but please don't get the game twisted and so far you cats who want your cake and the icing in a bowl and served to you need to check that ish at the door!..Just my opinion, don't get mad boo! I know some of ya`ll mad and I know some of ya`ll may want to hate on me and write me all those crazy notes, calling me names that if I was in your face more then likely you wouldn`t have the audacity to say...But guess what, you are a lame if you are now thinking that way...lmao! I want to see all my people be successful and do what is required of them on this earth, just stoptrying to be something that ya`ll not! If you can handle real talk without getting geeked and upset, then I will converse with anyone who seems fit, make sure you check me out on my other page, datsouthernbell...Ya`ll be easy, stay focused and be blessed!

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