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    August 14, 2006

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    Ashton, IL

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    Black/African American

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Welcome to TRAE"S WORLD. Its only for the grown n sexi!!!! I am a 31year old mom of a gorgeous lil boy, and girlfriend to his amazing dad. I love my family and currently trying to add to it. I work in a longterm care facility in bufu illinois, lol if you never heard of it its cauz its not named that, but its a really small place in the middle of no where. Recently relocated back to illinois to be closer to friends and loved ones. I dont mind you looking just keep your sexual comments and rude comments to yourself. I know the world isnt perfect but i deal with enough bs daily without having to log into my page and read the ignorant things that people have to say, there is enough negativity in the world so out of respect if you see something here you dont like or thats offensive to you or your senses, do us both a favor and keep it moving. thanks leave a comment if you wish.

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Male, 41, California City, CA

Posted July 08, 2014

My Friend kelila told me about these miracle tabs CNN that make your magic stick much bigger, I want to spread the word I am living proof this stuff works, been on it for 30 so far, not only am I longer but much thicker too. Here is the link to the report about it

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