trav-reps-ny Yo for the life of me I can't ever seem to understand why some of the females or rather most females don't give some niggaz no chance at all not to even speak or become social friends etc.. Like i could understand some niggaz is just straight shot and ratchet or whatever but the brothers that is even just halfway descent don't get no luv... My point is atleast see what some niggaz is about... SMH... For all you know could be the nigga of your dreams.. Nigga could be caked up or just a good dude.. Or just a potential good friend... But ya'll would never know because for some reason just to speak to a dude or socialize and see what niggaz is about is too much.. Speak see what it is on a platonic friendship basis if anything and if and when you get to that point if he not the one or is un friend able... Kick his %#&@$! to the curb.. But DAMN !!!! JUST HAD VENT !!! GOOD DAY YA'LL !! - November 29, 2016 add/view comments (1)

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Whaas good,  Ladies what it iz...   6'2" , Mocha brown skin, football player build, cool asss niggga... Stay on some chill shhitt... About having a good time, having fun, and living life... To all the women, I would hope yall would want to see what some niggaz is about at some point on this joint. Yall might get so many cats hollarin at you at a time, mostly because we're always willing to reach out to women and see what the ladies are about and so forth atleast, then take %#&@$!t from there... Ladies on this joint dont even try to see what brothers is about at no point, yall done probly let 7 out of 10 good brothers pass yall right by, "AINT EVEN KNOW IT"!!! rockin that way.. SMH ;) ;o For the freaks, yall probably let a nigga who PIPE GAME is in empecable slide right on by you, not even trying to see what a niggga might be about... Brothers may have had everything in life to provide you, but you "AINT EVEN KNOW IT".. SMH - Damm Shame !!

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