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We are here in my driveway in the middle of the night, Your tears run down my breasts as you clench my body tightYou come to me with an anguished tormented mental state, You say your pain is too much to bear you don't know your fateThe constant stream of tears have a story to tell, The past you told me of has put you through hellTears of my own sting my eyes, It pains me to see you this way, Although I'm still angry with you my heart can't help but acheIf only there was a magic spell that could... (continue reading)

The seed


Your seed was planted without cultivation, Denying the seed of tending and sunOn words alone, the tree did not flourish But against the odds that tree stood strongPainful attacks could not bend or break it Your flailing axe could not chop it downIn spite of neglect and disappointment The tree grew firm and blossoms sprungAroma so inviting and heavenly sweet Dancing and swaying gently in the sunBearing your beautiful, untouched, tender fruit No sweeter blessing on one could be placedOne day too... (continue reading)

Is all really fair in love and war?


At what point is it your right to know when someone who says they are in love with you is also talking to someone else?

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How many times can a heart be broken before it never mends? How many tears can a broken one cry before they finally end? How many times should one forgive before forgiveness is just a word? How many times can one say I'm sorry before sorry is left unheard?

Does anyone know? Hey I am a recovering hopeless romantic; single mom, widowed in 2005 after 17 years and 4 babies together. I am also blessed with baby from a not too recent failed relationship. I'm a reala** person and you can respect that or not. I will tell you what is on my mind; I pray I don't offend. While I do have thoughts of right and wrong, I am not innocent nor perfect. Gods grace has saved me. ;But for the Grace of God, there goes I"; I have lived through struggles and developed character from it,learned lessons, grown, and changed but not necessarily for the better in some instances. Life is one giant never ending classroom. Jesus is my teacher. Love to learn. I'm hoping for a passing grade. I really would like to give props to all the custodial single moms and dads who are working, going to school, sacrificing to make a better life for their babies, giving all their heart and doing it all by your d*** self. The world is actually a better place because of you. You are making a difference in a child's life. I'm not looking for a lot of casual dates, FTF's, or a Buddy. Hoping to gain some wisdom, mental stimulation and growth. Maybe make a connection. Share some common interests and laughs. If my soulmate is led to me, that's all the better

I love various kinds of movies, music, dance, and food. I am a goofball. May even act like a kid sometime. Guess you could say I'm a playbaby.

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