twinpoet77 75 degrees here in these ATL Streets!! Hope you all is enjoying this Beautiful and warm day! - 5 hours ago add/view comments (2)

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What are your intentions? I mean are they clear without fear or unharmed? Because, I get this feeling from within that they are pure and sincere but, I'm just not sure, could you make it clear? Are your intentions sincere to cause me to come near or run far to my already closed wall, because I'm wanting to know so that I can put these feelings that I have for you to the test. Oh yeah, I'm telling my mind and heart to believe that your intentions for me are honest and clear causing me to open up completely or perhaps maybe not due to the fact that you're not completely Sure! Just tell me what your intentions are for me? are they right, and pure coming from the innermost part of your Heart? See Me, I can tell you my intentions concerning YOU......See mine are pure, honest, and just right from the start, no need to stress because it is written without any distress! My intentions are sincere, clear, and complete in all positivity. My intentions will bring no fear, nor harm to you: because they are coming out of Love and compassion from my Heart to yours! All I need you to do is fully accept that I will do nothing to hurt you....but only to protect you, help you, Love you, esteem You, honor you, and everything else that is intentional coming from my Heart. So I only ask of you My Love, are your intentions matching mine? because if so......then we shall match like a rhyme!

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