ugarcia07 There's a difference between black people and niggas. I'm sick of dealing with the niggas. Nigga are the type that embodies the stereotype and makes it harder for us as a people to progress. It's because of them decent brothers and sisters have a hard time. - Yesterday add/view comments (0)

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I am just a simple southern man who lives by a certain code of honor and respect. Many people do not stand for much these days, but my top priorities are education, good health, family, and self-purpose. I am usually seen as a supposed "loner". All I ever wanted was love. Real and True love. I am tired of going through life's journey alone. I wish I had a lady that was willing to take that journey with me. Looks isn't half as important as being on the same page mentally and spiritually. That's what I pray for most. I crave a woman with a conscious mind. I am turned on by a woman who isn't a dullard like 99% of the sheep in society.
I am a strong protagonist of common sense, realism, and equality. With that being said, I am not a simp. I'm not one of those guys that can be controlled by sex, regardless of how fine you are (unlike most men). If a woman wants to be wined, and dined, she has to earn that. One is not welcome to my wallet, yet the American culture of dating would have a woman believe that she is. I work very hard for every dime I get. For me to spend some of that money on you, is a very nice gesture in my opinion, and should not be considered as an entitlement. I believe if a woman wants to be treated as an equal, she should act like it. I'm also not one of those conceited pretty boys, predisposed with himself. I'm an old school type of fella. I don't wear skinny jeans, speak ebonics, or have a diva complex, like the modern man does. I don't have any baggage at all. No kids yet (thank God), No baby mamas, got my own place, and vehicle. I am a firm believer in taking things slow, and being cool first. You won't find me the type to be overhyped trying to get some, like the rest of these dudes. I prefer developing a rapport with an individual, before any of that. Other than that, I am all about forward progress. I am not a baller, and I don't pretend to be; but I am a hard worker. I am not a player, but I am also not a sucker. Most of all, I believe that a great friendship is key to any great relationship of any kind. Everyday I live is dedicated to making myself mentally, physically, or spiritually improved.I aint a gangster, thug, pimp, or anything of that nature. Then again, I aint a punk either, and I will fight for what I believe in.I am misunderstood because I am the preverbial "big black man, who doesn't smile much", but I assure you that there is much more to me than expected.

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