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    September 13, 2000

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    Angel King

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    Newark, DE

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    Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American

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First off I wanna show love to my label "Life Line Production", we are doing big things for an underground business. Also look out for a CD, "Neva Dead; Da Final Chapter of the Black Prophet Story," and a new single call from "City 2 City 410 to 509" that you will hear on here, and different songs on other pages,all from Life Line Production/ Neva Dead Entertainment from the artist named as Unike.

A little about Life Line Production, it was formally known as Immortal Recordz, was founded on 14 of June in 2000 from the label called Mystic Vision. That label was founded by Brian "Foolish-One" King and Scott "Black Prophet" Mitchell, in Atlanta, Ga. Unfortunately, they lost contact and a new Empire came out to start a new era. When this era began, it started to become recognized in Chicago, IL. and when there was open mic shows hosted by the Chicago's Own Rapper, Twista. That's when Unike became known (a.k.a Mecca) from Legit Ballaz. Unike had started on his own road to music. In the 2002, Immortal Recordz branched out to Baltimore, Md. where he linked up with C.E.O. Dirty Dutch Schultz from Smoke Out Ent. Immortal Recordz had battled the label in the harbor of Baltimore, and Unike from Immortal Recordz had bought out Smoke out Ent. Later, it started to spread more with artists getting known from the Mid-West to the Dirty South(Atlanta, Ga) It finally started to get help from So So Def and Tazz Production. Immortal Recordz started to become one of the best known underground labels on the east coast to come up in the past. Now, with all the help from different sites, the label has spread over 35 states across America. We are still expanding every year. Recently, Immortal Recordz had been renamed to Life Line Production/Neva Dead Entertainment due to legal disputes and personal situations.

For the recent changes for 2007, the label is starting on a new path to achieving new goals to better the artists. Like people say, sometimes you have to make a change to move forward in life. Now with the new change Life Line is starting to get a new staff. This new change has already made a big move. In Spokane, Wa the C.E.O. is spreading the word about the new label as well as doing new performances with the new single, "City to City". The west coast isn't the only place the label is going to be. The label is planning to hit coast to coast and eventually move to be worldwide. Please continue to check us out for we are moving on up and trying not only to produce good music, but make a statement.

We also are making a move to not only do music; we are looking forward to starting up a clothing line. Check out the official website at,

Now a Lil bit about Unike.. I'm a proud father of a little girl and love to spend time with her whenever I can. I'm the drama free type person so don't bring it to me because I won't bring it to you. If you want to know more about me just ask and I will tell you. I enjoy running my own business and don't really have to answer to no one, plus enjoy traveling to meet people just enjoying life as much as possible because you never know when life is going to end. Been running Immortal Recordz for about six years now and have put out dozen of cd's not including what my groups put out. We are based in Chicago. IL, Baltimore. Md, Atlanta. Ga, South Hill. Va, Newark. De, and now we just launch on the west coast in Portland. Or, Boise. Id, and Spokane. WA.. So for an underground label we are doing big things and trying to spread all over the States and some of the other Countries. We do tour but sometimes its not with the big time artist but we do our thing when we can. We also have a mix tape coming out over the Fall called "Immortality 2" and "City 2 City" this will have some of the old and the new artist that is coming and been with Immortal Recordz. So If you wanna hear some of the tracks it will be on some of the artists names all you have to do is look at the friends list for Immortal recordz and the artist name and you will hear tracks from their cd and some tracks from the mix cd.......For People who come on my page rate the songs so we can know if you like them or not......Also remember this saying from Immortal Recordz...."Immortality is Reality" and much love from immortal Recordz.

With the new era happening for the year of 2007 we are starting to hire new staff to help form the new label. So if you would like to join in with Life Line Production than email me and let me know.(but you have to have love for the music) Also the clothing line will be coming out soon.

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you have the new page that is up from immortal recordz that is now change to life line production and its startin a new era on blackplanet so keep posted

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