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    December 01, 2008

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    Denver, CO

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    Black/African American

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    Cuban, Puerto Rican, Trinidadian

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<p>ok let me try this from a woman prospective. alot of ladys trip of the name urgspot. let me break it down for u, it dont mean all sex, it mean to stimulate u, 25% is sex, 25%of it is spirit, 25%of it is mentaly, and at last 25%of it is phycaily ,you see i figure if you cant cover all the ground of a woman, then your not ready for a woman.the woman, is are better half, she is the completion of a man, there no 360 degree, with out her 180. with her there be no me, it was a woman who gave me life . i learn to respect that. it was a woman who made sure i had cloths and shelter,it was a woman when no one else seem to care about me she did, so threw all this. i learn to stimulate a woman in all her need. becuzz she was there for my needs. so to a real woman , i am ur gspot. now i would like to respond to all those woman, who say they looking for a real man, how do you find a real man when you being to picky, he to short, he to fat, he to skinny, he to dark, he to light and so on, shouldnt his action the way he carry himself determine if he a man or not. i hear so many time woman say they wan a real man with a little thug in him. believe me when i tell you this you cant have both he either going to be a man or he a thug,it like the bible say you cant be good and evil at the same time ,you either good or you evil.a lot of woman think if he has a little thug in him he can protect her better not true a thug is a coward he dont take the responability to deal with life,it to much for him so he cheat, steals, deal and lie to get by.a real man is stronger he take life and it challenges head on fight is way threw the struggles take the responility for every action he protect his family,his wife and can kids with his life.some might ask how i know this ,i have live the life of a thugg and i live the life of being a man, i know the differnt.so with that ,i leave this last note. be careful what you ask for becuzz that what you going to get. be careful what you pick becuzz it might not be gold,woman love dimond but before it became dimonds it was dirt oil.threw time is turn into dimond i learn this in my life time at first i was dirt, but as life take me threw my trail, i be came a dimond

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