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    October 25, 1999

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    Master's Degree

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    Healthcare - Other

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    New Orleans, LA

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    Black/African American

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I am 6ft.tall, 170 lbs., 30 inch waist, everything else falls into place. I was born in New Orleans, La.into a family that was heavily involved in the civil rights/liberation movement. My grandmother, Jessie Gallagher Ramsey was the National Secretary of the NAACP- her involvement in the NAACP dates back to the 1920's; she was also National President of the Daughters of the Eastern Star along with many other local church and civic organizations, which she usually headed all at the same time. My grandfather, Zack Ramsey Sr. was heavily involved with the A. Phillip Randolph and Marcus Garvey movements. He also owned his own commercial landscaping company and provided his children and grandchildren with a wonderful environment for growing-up. There were more chapters of the Marcus Garvey Movement in New Orleans than anywhere else in the Country. My Father Zack Ramsey Jr. after graduating from Xavier University in 1937 in Chemistry/Pre-Med. became politically active with my Godfather, Ernest Wright, to establish the People's Defense League. Ernest Wright had actually finished from Xavier University around 1934 and went on to Michigan State to get his Masters. The People Defense League was the Political Action Organization that got African-Americans the right to vote in 1941. African Americans were not allow to vote in the Democratic Primaries since the days of reconstruction, until the PDL march over 5000 people into the registrar office, from the foot of the Parish Prison, where My Father and Godfather had been held for six months and demanded that they too be counted on the voter records.. That was the beginning of African American involvement in the modern day political process since Reconstruction.they were actually released early from prison for organizing too effectively among the prisoners. My Godfather, Ernest Wright, actually ran for Lieutenant Governor around 1949. They both were put on the FBI and The House of Un-American Activities List until their names were removed in the 1960's. They weren't Communist but they did accept whatever small financial help the Communist Party offer at that time. They also establish during this period the first ever white collar labor union (white or black) in the south that dealt with the plight of small insurance agents. My Grandmother and father were both insurance agents in the 1930's and 40's respectively. My father went on to established his own real estate company in 1959 after a long stint at teaching school and working in the post office at night. He also attended graduate school in the late 1940's. Med School was at that point unattainable after serving a stint in the army during WWII. I (Zachary Ramsey III) grew up in an atmosphere of intense intellectual and racial pride. Not only was my immediate family highly motivated but it seem like all my father's friends and contemporaries were as equally motivated and with genuine intelligence. I feel my mother was a creative genius when it came to building an immaculate home environment. we weren't rich, but I didn't know it, because my mother and father had such immaculate taste. My brief journey has included, seven years in a catholic seminary studying to become a Roman Catholic priest; three years in the Black Militant movement (the first to wear dread-locks in the south) and nine years as a Black Muslim. The rest of my years, have been spent purging the memories of those experiences and returning to the Sanctuary of my own darkness, as a run-away slave; I am embarrassed over the fact that it took me so long to gain a functional degree of clarity; this sanctuary of darkness-a continual negating vacuum- has become a much safer environment for me than living inside of the cauldron of lies that have been told to us about almost EVERYTHING. I am not against religions but I feel that religions over the past 5000 years or more have had nothing to do with God.The fossilized remnants of biblical diaries appearing today seem to be intended for the spiritual Neanderthals. These books belong in a museum, not our heart-spiritually, people, especially black folks, are so much bigger than that. As black men, we seem to have fallen into one of the deepest black holes of history and it is only we who can hear ourselves scream- the rapture is unforgiving -But Ancient Spirits Gather No Moss. I feel that as Black Men we should take full responsibility for falling into grips of one could have done this unless we allow them to...even though it took them over 5000 years gain a foothold over us...SHAME, SHAME OF US! I have never really worked for any one my entire life. My father refused to let me hold a job unless I was working for the family or people his father approved of. Over a span of time I have actually lived outdoors (in a homeless kind of way) for about 8 years-which was the most rewarding and enchanting period of my entire life-deprogramming the programs, at least, until now - with the only exception being my early childhood. I have been a vegetarian since 1969 and a raw food vegan since 1980. I fasts more than I eat.I feel that we, for the most part, have never grown out of, what Sigmund Freud called the Oral Stage that takes place during early infant development. Obsessive and Inappropriate Eating is responsible for the massive amounts of human carnage we see today-- to the extent that We have lost our wills to live. It also prevents people from experiencing the true bliss of life, which is why the have to turn to drugs. I teach African Kemetic Yoga daily (the mother of all yogas) and also practices the Healing Tao Yoga system which I incorporate into the Kemetic Yoga System. I have been practicing this form of yoga for about Twenty years. Herbal fasting puts me into direct contact with the Universal Life Forces that sustain my existence and African Kemetic Yoga seals the deal by opening up all the channels of communication in the body on a cellular level. Heaven is being fully integrated into this universal life force. Scientist and architects are just beginning to understand how the Pharaohs of Kemet through their practice of Yoga, were able to build and electrified the Pyramids with the type of three dimensional energy through curved based waves. Our bodies are the type of Geo-metric model that can fully integrate into this force field.I also became particularly interested in The Healing Tao practices of cultivating male and female sexual energies. Mastering the flow of sexual energies through the body is important for mental and spiritual development. My reasons for practicing celibacy for the last 13 years was to get an handle on possibly the most powerful force in nature. According to Taoist Yoga philosophy, "we are born through sex and it is only through cultivating this sexual energy that will allows us to expand our mental and spiritual horizons. Sex,for me, should be practiced appropriately or it becomes a pitfall. In the late 1980's, early 1990's I started Detox International (, which manufactures herbal formulas and organically grown whole food nutritional supplements. My product line has extended to well over two hundred items including some environmental items that are designed to neutralize the harmful effects of electro-magnetic pollution -Bio-Geometry and Bio-Syntonie figures heavily into this agenda ( see website for My company is devoted primarily to the Restoration and Autonomy of the Human Will. I have been giving lectures around the country on Herbal fasting,the raw/living foods -vegan diet and philosophy (a kind of Existential Phenomenology of African-American Consciousness - trying to bring the scattered roots of all philosophies back to their point of origin-AFRICA). My mother and I went on a 30 day fast when she was 75 years old. She has religiously taken my herbal supplements over the last 18 years with some periodic fasting; at 92 she suffers from no major diseases and takes virtually no medications. I have done over 42, forty day fasts in my lifetime and I now eats two to three times per week. In fact One year, I ate 4 months and fasted 8 months accumulative. One thing I am absolutely sure of: When there is no body else or source you can trust- The Natural Intelligence Governing The Human Body Never Lies!

I am also involved in organic permaculture connected with my adolescent school project that teaches African American children academics through travel and cartography, the arts and film making: Teaching art thru science and science thru art- eliminating the vicarious and intrusive. It has been put on hold briefly since Hurricane Katrina.

Since reconstruction, the noxious stuff that has been rammed down ours throats: Judaism, Christianity, Masonry, Islam, Rationalism, Dogmatism, Atheism,insincere forms Intergration, Materialism, Hedonism, Greekism, Racism, Reverse Racism, Mind Numbing Pedagogy, Psychologism, Sterile surges of Cultural Nationalism, Hooliganism, hoodooism, Eroticism, Chauvinism, Feminism, Professionalism, Lies,Lies,and more Lies, not to mention all the perverted variations thereof, have done nothing but demoralize the our community and communities around the globe to such an extent that we are now more enslaved than ever, totally alienated from each OTHER, at WAR within our own nature, committing crimes against NATURE, eating like Buzzards,aging like Dogs, driven like ROBOTS, used like PUPPETS, showcased like CLOWNS - the conquerors` personal mascot, pretentious as PEACOCKS, fighting like MAD, stupid as HELL and dying like FLIES - all in the shameless name of progress, while proclaiming loudly to be sophisticated and saved.

Again I repeat,I feel that as Black Men we should take full responsibility for falling into one could have done this to us unless the state we were in, allowed them to...even though it took them over 5000 years to gain a foothold over us...SHAME, SHAME ON US!

This Sh*t is embarrassing!

The last thing we need is another leader!!! But I do love Black folk in pursuit of their religious convictions - it warms my heart, while tantalizing my spirit. I love jazz, especially modern, and now the fusion between modern jazz and traditional African music, FUNK(much funk), rap (most of it), classical R&B, modern R&B, Brazilian jazz, Cuban jazz,Big band, Broadway show tunes and more than just a little reggae, soca and salsa. I dance a lot. And since I`m in and out of sustained periods of celibacy- unless I am deeply in love-the dancing, fasting and yoga seem to work for now. The spirit of truth is my ultimate aphrodisiac - it makes me horny as hell! (literally)Dancing seems to be in my family's blood. My brother danced and acted on broadway for about nine years

JUST! beginning to understand the spirit of post reconstruction, neo-slavery Black women: scary, erie, facinating. But I do have my issues with you all. Baby, I tell ya, the moon-lit walks, candles, sports, travel, food, fame, sentimental poetry, token cultural exhibitionism and religions, even money, power, technology, puppy love slobbering and unconscious sex, real cute and all dat, but have the life span of a termite when it comes to sustaining the journey of a serious "love jones"; even my own grandiose expectations aren`t large enough to match the yearnings of my spirit which is usually wild and unpredictable; and you wonder why brothers cheat!). Are there any sisters out there large enough?...or have we become so cloned, trans-mutated, and denatured that we can no longer even feel each other.

"Got to find me a lover that wont run for cover"


- while others may scamper and squabble over the ruins of our past...its time for us to move on... "

God gave Noah the rainbow sign, no more water, the fire next time

." Remember, "real wealth is measured by the number of things you can afford not to have."

BOOKS I RECOMMEND: The ones between your ears

THE MUSIC I`M FEELING NOW: You`re reading it

MY ABSOLUTE MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Being suddenly captured, savagely dehumanized, heinously reprogrammed and enslaved for 500 YEARS, and then get caught again pretending that I`m O.K.????!!!

FUNNY MOVIES: Black folks referring to themselves as minorities-why not just keep saying also means something less than.

ANOTHER HOOT TO BOOT:Little black girls and I do mean little that actually think that being naturally sexy is putting on a vulgar show.

A TRAGIC COMEDY: The majority of Black folk majoring in studies that creates the appearance that they are desperately trying to repeal the abolition of Slavery.

A NOT SO FUNNY MOVIE: What ever happened to black folks voices..we can`t sing any more..just noise.South Africa..please help!

...and ALSO.. black folks with bodies that seem to be mutating into something strange ...WHOA!
Is our discipline no longer fit for human life
SOME NAMES I`VE BEEN CALLED: Crazy azz motha f@#h.

MY HERO: My dangling participle, that gets up every morning before I do!.

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