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And God spake all these words, saying, 2 I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. 3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me. 4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. 5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; 6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments. 7 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. 8 Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. 9 Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: 10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: 11 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it. 12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. 13 Thou shalt not kill. 14 Thou shalt not commit adultery. 15 Thou shalt not steal. 16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. 17 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his %#&@$!, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.

What is Conflict? Usually we think low-level poverty stricken occupants with occupations that men will not take pride-in, mutual respect to attain (group advancement) These ideals ,"Raise the status of blacks in the egos of the dominant white culture." (Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism, p.52) When African American women rise, no African American man falls." (The Making of a Race Woman, Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism) Albertus Bethune, "Tried to prove to whites that African Americans are of the equal nuclear status, of white families."(Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism, p.52) "The development of talents a well-rounded education is the basis of the solution to interracial problems, education must identify the most gifted students and give their opportunity to a higher education."(Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism, p.52) Citizenship training must secure this right to teach our people to pride their opportunity to learn, of what is their desire to learn. Should we not be more supportive to the actions of our women, today? Bethune teaches us: Good African American women are friends, of churchgoers, teachers, and supportive of the historical attributes, of our Black Political Leaders, who are from the Black Women of Today. Mary McLeod Bethune taught us, in 1899 at a small missionary school in South Carolina the thought in my mind had been why not be a friend of a lady equal to our needs, as a male: The belief of social responsibility, sexual respectability, the modeling of decorum, and the studying of propriety alleviated the stress of negative sterotypes referred to about Black Women, and women in general. She believed that we deserved to develop abilities to improve the standards of living for us, as children, and for the women to be the acknowledgement of our respect, dignity, and pride publicly, privately, and politically. Black Women Activists, like Charlotte Hawkins Brown, Nannie Helen Burroughs, Mary Church Terrell, Eugenia Burns Hope, left their husbands to pursue political careers. Bethune, Brown, and Jane Edna Hunter were separatists. These women separated themselves from their husbands to do race work. Dean Lucy Shore of Howard University had chosen to, or chose not to marry but to spend their lives with other women preferably their colleagues at the University. These actions served to change the thoughts of women. Marital status, at the time had been, "a separation but, acceptable." If it not were for appearance , impeccable and rarely faltered, the status of women today would not be the same, respectable, with a degree of success known for dual responsibilities, variety of strategies and the ability to serve under Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois, and a few other Black Political Leaders of Yesterday. African Americans, today suffer daily indignities, railroad tracks, canals that divide us, into black and white stereotypes. Racial relations become strain, misguided and abusive to the times of relief for if it were not for our forefathers' building churches as, the center of the community creating baptisms revivals, to be a major part of religious social life we would not be the need of psychological, physical, and material oppression of other women, today. "Dr. Texas Adams, his wife Ladosia had been the physician at McCleod Hospital from 1911 to 1975 and on the board of trustees for more than 50 years. Lack of money was not, a major obstacle." "Meager educational facilities, racial prejudices of the most violent type-crime and violence, are the real issues of the past, and not of the present. In 1899, wealthy white women of the Palmetto Club agreed to support black schools, believing it was in the best interests of the city to help educate. White schools held nine-month terms and public education facilities were available through the twelfth grade.','The State of Florida, only had 3 or 4 state supported public high schools for black students, 4 or 5 month terms at the 6th and 7th grade level 1 public kindergarten, 1 public elementary school, and a few church-run schools." (Mary McCleod Bethune-Cookman & Black Political Activism, p.58)

The morale of the changes to a more diversified analytical, belief of self-esteem, patriarchal times of defense, were not insensitive to friendly discussions with friends, acquaintances, and their friendly strangers to whom we did not know of but, to engage in conversational styles only to: resolves unsettling needs of sorrow, despair and loneliness. The advice of counsel to meet the standards of civility, with the experiential day to day learning tools, used in the daily operations of studious regimens, and review of many more subject matters of topics, disciplines to have infinite solutions paved the path to a valid code of ethics; "A Speaker's Resource", written by Liz O'Brien, our guidelines of the Virginia Beach Organization's manuscript. These ethical standards of the manuscript, or the code of ethic standards to help resolve the issues of the volunteers in the facilities, is used to what is right, and not what is known to be wrong. Examples of what our professors use to help us decide the mode of today's tasks are the guidelines of the choice of counsel, their mentors, of the campus to which the volunteers have chosen to serve: These guidelines can be found in the Princess Anne Building next to the registrar office; the volunteers' goals are the foundation of the educational planning process, requiring cooperation and collaboration among the Volunteer Services and Instruction to result in consistent information for all stakeholders. Accurate information is power, and the sharing of information in a timely manner is critical in the decision-making process. The learning volunteer should be a model for the lifelong learning construct of assisting the needy, or the need to achieve successfully our primary focus, (From the Counseling Office of the Student Counseling Center in the A Building-Prince Anne) "An expected requirement of the guidelines of the terms of the service to best serve the community involvement for the advancement, and enhancement of both party's but, in the selection of the process of volunteering, for workshops available to volunteers, on all levels of respectability are and are shown respectively, with this example: "Now, I eat a meal a day. Drink liquids and workout 20 minutes to an hour. Hopefully I can get back to a regular everyday routine." (Wilhelm Ramos TCC ID: 6211944 3/15/12) Let us review. The idea of quarrel, debates, and argumentative topics are not the ideals of the volunteer, there is no comment on the reflection of what our volunteers teach today. Retrospectively, "To successfully live with whites, blacks, and latinos in sharing resources and not animosity amongst each other, reaching the advanced stage of living together on the basis of absolute equality and to be competitive with the next social class", "the ecological balance of the accumulation of wealth without aggravating conditions of poverty stricken solutions useful to organize the unity of progression, the doctrine of training an identity of interests."(A Century of Negro Migration, Preface", p.x)

These ideologies delegate to the facts of definition and the meaning of the term, delegation. Delegation, "The effective utilization of authority-to assign to one or more people in an effort to accomplish a large goal", "you are in a position to distribute duties to others." ("Today", Wood Butler Jr. p. 26) What are my daily activities, as a volunteer of the environment, with the knowledgeable process of the procedural strategy to energize, elate, and effectuate the validity of the struggle of a volunteer's life, to the betterment of the psychological interaction, workforce initiatives, and analytical facts, of motivation, mood manipulation, and communication-oriented, disarray from the disturbance of performance, to mingle, blend with others of the organization and outside the group in a listener-oriented mechanism, the thought, listening to objectives, messages of the sender/encoder, receiver/decoder, and interpersonal-verbal, nonverbal, body movements, to the fact of comprehension, determining the meanings of the interpretation of what is being said, heard, and spoken with the point of ; "What is meant by what has been said? ", with the help of my honourable patrons, partners of society, and party members of the role of political activism should be, to ask the renouncement of the question, "What we can do to build ourselves up so that we can be an asset to ourselves and in the lives of others." (Today, Wood Butler Jr. p.26): With the thought of an audience, Presidential Volunteers, not to exclude our astute Mentor; Wilhelm Ramos my personal career path and/or educational goal to continue the readings of such books, where we would find in our local bookstore in the financial department of the D-Building at Tidewater Community College Virginia Beach Campus and to be obtainable in our local venues, surrounding the populous of Virginia and throughout the United States of America such as; A Century of Negro Migration, Carter G. Woodson, The 24-Hour Self Empowerment Handbook, written by Wood Butler Jr. of Norfolk State University, Today and the supportive facts of communication to me, as the representative of the organization to present the world of volunteering with a simple but, complex analyticism of the working environment, the men and women of yesterday, with the new labor of today, the elementary, high school, college, and university volunteer. Persons, with a struggle too unbearable but, if not forgiven suits the audience of whom a movement, as such, is unseen. Simple format of the psychological complex, inspired deep-rooted material, and has deepen the ideals of organization-to a best where the volunteer no longer fears but, is trusting the mood/or mode of behavior to act. Client transference examples of men to whom we might be influenced by from artists like, Jay-z, but limited to, Rakim, and only no effort to show references to the struggle of helping others like, Kunta Kintay and the movie, "The Roots". These are sure fire examples of our worth as, Presidential Volunteers, in this organization, The Virginia Beach Organization from www.presidentialvolunteerservi We have learned, and are to develop partnerships to create a better path of the world today, to become stockholders of the conglomerate, outspoken moguls, artistic scientists, analytically known to blend with our U.S. Representatives, Congressmen, and local government officials, as outsiders looking in to believe in the need, to help politically, with the helpful task, to acknowledge our service and role models to the learning communities, online, and/or from the school experience to promote civility, and ethical issues, of today's morale, of whom we speak of, the United States of America as Presidential Volunteers of the Virginia Beach Organization from the www.presidentialvolunteerservi As volunteers, of many issues artists into their craft of trade, recognizable as artists, to the respect of their music, culture, and genre, the spirit of civility-"theme of choice" and/or the style to lead the way, as artists into the validity of the political world. The Oedipus complex, primarily where the figure stays with the thought of owning what is unknown to be known of what their parent had taught them not to need, but shy away from is undeveloped but, maturily to gravitate to the outside world, the present, and future U.S. Presidents. As volunteers, we have learned to discern from the behavior of the thought, not to enslave our thoughts into thinking but, to have thought of a well-groom character, presenting, preparing, and organizing what has been taught us to be shown of your choice, to have a choice, proportionally giving people the gift of knowledge, honor, and the privilege of knowing each individual with agreements of the institution to encourage service with the exchange of good moral support finding valuable perspectives of the service, and the values of the public. Our service to this point is priceless. What we speak of, is the human body and the value of its service to immediate, others, and the authorities of the powers that be. The fulfillment of this search creates urge to renounce our past flaws, mistakes, and misfortunes, to learn a better role in life. Our past history, has taught us to develop a lifestyle, improving those of others, sharing the lessons learned from our forefathers who have taught us to respect a self to value men, and women with dignity, pride, and the right to know the upmost aptitude. Not expecting, but delivering the beginning of a livable, justifiable, and honest academia. These are our duties, responsibilities, and requirements expected of us, as expectants, with the expectancy to serve with the reward of improving the morale of the need, the public good, the role of a volunteer to the astute apprenticeship of mentors, leaders, and what are known today, the goals of, volunteering, as Presidential Volunteers, are at unknown levels of probability to procreate new leaders of today, and not of tomorrow. So, let us be careful, cautious, and proceed with trust to innately forbade all manners of misrepresentation, and not to be miseducate any longer, on the need for future constituents. First question is about family background, what was it like when you were growing up? When I was growing up, it had been hard on my mother. We were the only two, in the family without a place to stay, independently from others in the family. Not to say, my mother had not been able to provide for us, both child and parent but, what helped in the long run, through the cycles of life, livelihood, as the recipients of the community, more than willing to help and receive what we could, at the time of need, for the sake of our health. An aunt of, her sister had a few traumatic experiences that led to return to the Dominican Republic. Her state of, thinking had been weary of the men she had chosen to be within New Jersey. Rough and lonesome, the times spent looking for her, trying to help her in the time of need, necessitating the fact of, gathering together, as a family. Heartbroken, despair, anguish, tiresome, weariness, all these emotions were how we related, and had stayed relatively, in reach of her state to be, as helpful as possible, not to be involved in her love for the man but, to let her know we are of her care. I thank my mother for bringing me up the way she did, to come from where she had once lived, to a place with a newborn, and not have the assistance that is provided today for people in need of shelter, food supplies, and cash flow. In my lifetime, I would not have praised anyone but, The God, she served, as a christian lady. Her manner, how she treated her sisters, and her giftedness had been with her brothers, my mother groomed me to be a person, with a personality, and not a person that does not personify his own well-being but, a man who came to be a son. Rather than to change his mother's plans and to carry out all that she had asked for, in Him, to love, honour, and obey the Teachings of Jesus Christ. I thank my mother, for how she had helped her sister, in the time of need, and no matter what had happened, she would have been the person to count on. If it not been for my mother, would I be in the predicament led to me, til this day? I don't think so, of course not, what would be the difference? The difference would have been, stringent, defecating ordeals, not allowing me to change my ways but, to settle for myself, and not another. Who am I, to judge facts, figures, and statements, to have not appreciated, or to be appreciative of the norms, the misuse of information, guiding paths of unforgiveness, and not leading but, misleading others into depths of no return. Do I, calculate and respond to answers, as a person of greath worth without morals, conviction, and prayer...? Or do I, tell the tale of two paths, with the guidance, and long-term success of my mother's help? I do, in fact do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So, let me not say, No, I do, and not have loved. But, let me continue to love my Christ, The Way, The Truth and The Light, to have shown and proven that I had a mother, and she taught what is best, and not that we are thrown into the worst outcomes. Thankfully, I love how Christ, was able to distinguish between the two, and not be torn apart, or have things fall apart on His path to heaven. Salvation, the way of believing that Jesus Christ is Our Personal Saviour, and that praying, believing in His forgiveness, will lead us to the act of being saved. Is fearful, yes, I do believe that why we have parents, parental counsel, to speak, and communicate with the other, to know that you are not alone, He Is with you. Love thy neighbor, as you would love thyself. These biblical texts, verse of the Bible, help to forgive, and she attributes to these facts of life. How I grew up, is by Honouring thy mother and thy father, so that thy days be prolongeth. What are some examples, ordinances, to have proven worthy of acceptance, to help guide you into the path of Christ, with the help of, submissive guidance of your mother in the past, a priori, to cope with life, afterwards. Matrimonial Confidentiality vs. The Insecurity Complexes of Individuality. At this time of attendance had been to this day to exceed the levels, of which, Standards of Academic Progress help meet the expectations of the present objec tive, inclusively at its beginning-The introduction of raising GPA to a 2.0. The registration of a class, is given a course's outline, explaining its intent to enhance and provide learning tools, in succession upon completion, of such an enrollment. Each attempt, to return to the level, of the Standards of Academic Progress, gives way to pertinence, with resources; guidelines upon request of the Professor, to help meet the requirements in order to be graded with a C or better. Due to the prevalence measured, the nature of the class, and the extenuating circumstances..a failure grade had occurred at a preceding term. The ethical principles of right or wrong, options of irrefutable, adversive and displays of affectuate roles, with outcomes that end, in argumentative effects of emotion were it not for, instrinsic views of and its totality to form, a way to a path of Truth, I have not exceeded, to the next course of enrollment. 2012: The realization of, changing such factors that led to the Appeal. The course of action-what led to believe that failing marks of F, and withdrawals W's, on the record has not been of failing marks of the past but, of the intension to advance in the program of study, Business Administration. Each course, took its course B, After A, tests-exams, instruction from the instructor quizzes, tests, and final exams, these course completives, complacencies with an ordinance, conjugate unattended effects of, the students of the class, complacents of the reticence, subjectives; having dealt with the extenuation of the circumstance. Rose to a growth, to this day, as the accordance of all, that entails to help with the facts of, The Plan of Success. Relevance, paves the way of the intent, factors of preference, what is preferred to help promote, the need to the immediate, a spouse, a newborn child,-and to end the doubt of Fatherhood. Here is a funny letter written in the need of assistance due to the fact of differences in the immediate family, between spouse and husband. We as students, report to the professor what is right, or what is the wrong action, so that in the realm of the world do we face the consequences of trial and error at all levels of the course. Appreciative listening is a lot difficult to listen to, but as an appreciative listener the person is perceived lighthearted. In this case, it is not the speaker it is his dialogue that helps us appreciate not only what he has said, the manifestation of speech but, listening to resolve problems of yesterday, today. Also, listening to the speaker helps differentiate between the listener and the speaker only to improve, as the listener insightfully to the point where the speaker is asked, "Questions, positive comments, and feedback relative to the dialogue of the speaker", so it is thought. Qualitatively, the speech helps identify the cause of the speech and the intention of the speaker. Relatively speaking, interpreting intends to be the real being, a pseudo (placebo) of the interpretation of the able body to ignore the difficulties or bad habits, of inadequacies of the indifference. My ideal listener is the person who aspires to clarify, point the clarification with the tendency to press feedback based on the keys of listenability of a discussion. An option for me is and still is a valedictorian presenting a speech organized to be spoken in front of the student body. He had graduated from high school and had given a speech to comment in a conference full of students, from high school. No, I was not present nor could I have heard such speech without the training of my professor, Professor Kurpiel. An admirable man worthy of any person to have had help in supporting the right and liberty of the civility, and safety of the rights of public, private, and independent sectors of governance. Social welfare reforms, the informative speeches, writings, and outspokenness of black politicism, the leadership of black movements, and struggles of blackmen have had my support for many years. Homelessness, "The state of being without a place, person, or thing to have the want or the need to provide for "The Self"." The person, man or woman, of a human sex, systematically in the process of alcohol, drug, and rehabilitation; recovery of addictive behaviour to the production of the environment with the allotment or allocation of drug use, legally. Causation, causes the distributive properties, of the paradoxical aptitudes of the men and women in service, non-service, paid or unpaid volunteership, voluntarily to evaluate, dissassociate, and non-attentively pay mind to the facts of the necessities that do not burden society, but a burdensome to those of need, who do not have, or had not had from the beginning of the validity, and what is of value, as a productive part of the environment. These individuals, have set forth an individuality, basing the steps of progress, producing to the fact of ordinance, in the order of precedence, to proceed with the process of the production, forwarding society, to the point of production. The attitudes, aptitudes, and allotment of addiction in its recovery from addiction, toward the treatment to recover from addiction in its addictive behavior, mood-transference; the changing of the behaviour to the point of recovery, and sobrietal acts of recovery have transferred from addiction to recovery, a recover connaisance, conscious of the acts of recovery to keep from addictive behaviour towards the recovery of addiction. Philosophical statements turn into terms of employment or acceptance. Is this mindful? What is your place, in negotiation? The root of multiplicity, a double root; acts of the experience to promote activism: Such a study, our discipline of this time to the allotment has a colloquiem of with the intent to graduate as a collegiate student to obtain the technical skills, informative techniques, and educational goals to position ourselves in a better environment to live, procreate, and employ our classmates for a livable life. "Self-Scientific motives, only to motivate, the motivational factors of the experience: The empowering development of the validity of the struggle no longer is a difficulty but, a proven relief that our society is led by the forefathers of the men who have taught us to live amongst ourselves within the means of justice, not to proclaim social injustice but, to have found the justification in knowing we are free from the mentality of enslavement. We are now, shown to have no thoughts of being enslaved but, are bound to legalize the healthy needs of humanity. Fruits, vegetables, oils, plantains, farm products, organic foods, and cultural diversities of nutrition help feed our minds to advance society into a realm of cultural aptitudes." (2012 Wilhelm Ramos-Tidewater Community College Student; Mathematics Major) Educational thinking, as a guest among peer pressures of social aptitudes of society allures us to the provocative. Let us induce the experience to this point, well-taken, due to the facts of life. In 2012, I arrived at 425 2nd St. Washington, D.C. , The Father McKenna Center 19 Eye St. Washington, D.C. 20003 The need for mailing address, residences, with non-permanence, but the prime example of the need to develop the resource, tools, and development of the funds to engage and increase the value of the opportunistic, and not the opportune, to schedule, resubmit, and submit preferences, preferably, to prefer, and not disregard, reject, or be found in objection, the objectives, of the council in the selection process, to strategize, organize, and develop the request to heal, a need of soon to help the community involvement process, procedures, and orders. My approach had been, taken as a sample. First, and foremost, let me thank the consituents in having to have represented me, Wilhelm Ramos, in the selection process to review, and handle the matters of selection, selectively, with the upmost regard, respect, and honour of the privilege to be involve, support, and train with the experience, given of the few and the proud, to have been in the process, amongst those of the process, to be the selected, if chosen in the selection." (2012 Wilhelm Ramos 7/2/2012 1:49 p.m.) In the form of life in Washington, D.C.-Downtown, from S.E. to N.W. the four qaudrants surrounding the parameters of the White House, Department of Treasury, nad the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, why did I go forth on the effort, some thoughts to the mind, Alternative examples of the leadership roles, as a prime sample, of the primarily to first explain the errors of misuse of funds, no experience in the realm of accounting but, capable to persuade very well-trained employees on fundraising so that these constituents can represent, and/or prepare more affiliates on the informative educational purposes, of the respectives, to the matters of company of which whom are involved in order to best fit the needs of the roles, to reward merit, and promote the increasing number, value, and the validity of the service, and to be presentable with the proper skills, talents, and resources to devote all causes of support, as a charity.

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