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And God spake all these words, saying, 2 I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. 3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me. 4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. 5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; 6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments. 7 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. 8 Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. 9 Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: 10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: 11 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it. 12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. 13 Thou shalt not kill. 14 Thou shalt not commit adultery. 15 Thou shalt not steal. 16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. 17 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his %#&@$!, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.

Observational study: The interest of facts, what pertain to these facts in order to advance in the study of actual fact. A word, a term, subject, or discipline, from the point of view, a definition used from the root of etymology, the study of meaning, Can give us detail in what would entail to develop the sense of an option, a choice. These options, so to speak, are slurs, or references to speech, as a sign of the times, but, to enactment of the development of the process, to use as a progress with, in the act of an option. A choice, (from the 19th century); "The freedom or right to choose" (Wikipedia) The victor or the victim, what is used to consecrate from a suffrage in life .Problems, outside of life that need a change. As a child, in the past, laws of the past, up this point in the future are used to negoatiate changes to represent the present, in its past occurrences. As you think in you heart ? The many that you see us, this causes a change. Bitter or better, the choice to do better and to allow it to keep you from undecisiveness. In which two existing groups differ in outcomes identified and compared on the basis of some supposed causal attribute. What may have a condition is not always conditional but, leads up to a set theory of probability, the probability of uncertainty. What is certain, is the use of the relation between to factors the domain, range, and their roots. The indefinitive period of experience between groups of people with the usefulness of resources, with no limitation of a remedy to mediate risk factors of comparison, largely to the affect of what constitutes a sentence. The act of the process, to involve both parties, the X and Y variants, to locate plots of what axiomatic theorists directed, with the hope of a prospective, the observant. Randomness, with little to no exposure, with the use of the term, choice, A or B the set of A over B , to divide, as the inverse of a multiplication rule is similar in fact, the additives, to which we use to preserve, the remain, the sustenance, a constant. The why, in the algebraic expression the question, for the response, of our unknown solution. Our population seizes to the chance to make changes, in these days of our lives, to formulate a personal growth, exponentially. The signs of our times, the symbolism of the logistics, the logical sequence, of the consequential study of chance, and randomization. Our form, or the way to cope with the ideals, of the public, private, and impartiality of the world, is a segment. Due we entail, a denomination, or the nomination of a less risky candidate, with the hope of a listener-oriented society who prefer to be the introspection of the realm of psychology. Incidences, the incidential, with the rate of increase, in employment .Amplifies the job market, and creates new confounding factors, that inhale the risk of cancer/ diseases non-conforming factors that are found to be incurable but, a gift to the many. Quantifiable facts, that collectively, forgive us of our debts as we forgive our debtors. The mutually exclusive, the union of what forms the life cycles, of the living, the conditional, the in between, shades of belief, or of the unbelievable. In all fairness, the art of helping, loving one another, this is the thought in question but, not a risk .Equally likely, to let go of psychology: To the self,a Victor of all causes. What is used to consecrate from the causes of life? Problems, in your entire life-outside of life Changes, As you think in your heart.?(Proverbs) The many that you see us, this causes a change. Big hurt, bitter or better. Choose to do better and allow it to destroy what is keeping you from change. The confidence interval, CI, the in between the spread of dispersion, what may help in the long run, is not negoatiable in the future. We attract, opposites, the negative with the issue of a positive response, the responsive to with likelihood of fairness, so to say these things in not falter but, to filter the remains of our structure, how we dress, the conformity, of the necessity for a built environment. What we view in all fairness is what perceive, the receptive patterns of the peer pressures, the family, the Nuclei. A personification, the well-known within, the scripture of all matter, the mind over matter issue, what may move is not what you think moves you. The body in motion, the notion to denote, a saying, quotation, but, a quotient, to quote from a division, in undecivisiness, decision -making process of the analyticism. This nay, so to speak, a verb agreement, connected, as a person place, or thing, the prefix, to helix of our DNA. Deoxyribonucleic Acid. Our term of preference, a scheduled preference I must add, to these fact, of the actual to be the informative of study, in the view, of accuracy. The science of understanding, the logic. Co-dependence, to non-reforming factors, with the excuse of the reformation, in our lives is increasing. Pi. The formulation of the body, the human body, the building of the anatomy .How does this come about? The convenience of these acts, are too enticing but, have the base system to the systemically solve, with the conditional probability of the uncertainty, to know without knowing, with the use of the knowledge in the knowledge of a structure. Not one, can fail, only proceed when things fall apart. How well is this artform, the value of currency, the resiliency of the science of humanity. The inhumane, vs the human, or what is humane to the person, the perserverance. The perceived, are we not..Naked to the eye, the money fa ade, the phase of our clinical trials, from I-IV. Margin of error. Are we not correct in our responses, to facilitate these ideals, as the ethics of our solutions, right from wrong, the civility of civilization. Do we agree to the terms of the agreement, is the probable, improper to solidify the etiquette at the table of context. The text in mind, the mindful of the text, the King James Version of the Holy Bible, the 68 Books. Chapter to chapter, to shelter, from the same politics as usual. Utilization, of the goals in mind, the sample space, the population variance, the square root of the deviance. The essence of the foundation to which "We Build". The benefactor of the benefits to be of help to society, with the societal influence, of the incorrect, but, of the correction .The Daily News, the New York Times, to write a book on the best sellers list. The experiential learner on his way to a mathematics degree, in the Associates of Science. To this known affect, we can experience, the study of life, The Science of Life. The King James Version of The Holy Bible helps build the mind, to know the pattern of how you learn, in the process of problem, nor is it problematic, in the stress factors, of the relief of knowing you have a responsibility, to be responsible to have a suitable responses to the problems so that there is no endless effect of unresolved issues, in a world, of the known. The relevancy of the facts, the known, is a fact in deed, due to the fact, of the actual, benchmarks, the landmark of the history of our society, not a substance, but a sustenance, to appeal subjectively, with an objection Or an objective, the thought process, of the procedural strategies, that help cope with the involvement of .the known. The popular demand, the supply of the need, the relevant, to this day; our community. The American Public. Educational goals, at best, build the rest of us, in the cycles of life, the livelihood, of the U.S. neighborhood. We rest, as a residence, the facility of the building blocks to commune with the rational of female:male, student:teacher, coordinator:volunteer. Some of the best of men and women, do not have the needs of the rest, the societal influences, of the everyday struggle. A suffrage of knowing, to complement, from the complaint, and to comment afterwards, is not longer the prolongation of the detrimants to the Poisson distribution, based upon the co-dependence of our Edifice. Only to arrange, and rearrange, and the edifice, the Commander in Chief. To finish what we started and not end in disbelief but, to continue writing, as writer in the hope of necessary change, not a chain of command. The summation, of the population, over the division of the size, is a Great Victory in History. In the future, we will the best of the best, the time has not changed in the present but, the future will remain, repeatable, in victory.

The application of the recovery process, to help heal from addiction (voluntarily so) would give you, the definitive approach to support and socialize with the misinformed, on the status of drug addiction, as a whole to its volunteers. What intrigues me about the recovery process is that, as a mental health client, implementing problem-solving solutions to infer for the practice of prevention and social intervention helps organize the issues of mental illness to the point of recovery. WRAP-Wellness Recovery Activity Plan ideally, is to write, memorize, and apply the moral, personal applications from the peer pressures, social ills of unhealthy idleness, the hiatuses of non-reforming factors that have not allowed us to recover from abusive behavior such as, illegal drug use, and its long-term symptoms, effects and addictive behavior. The recovery process expresses the chance to heal from these repressive acts of addiction. The mission, in the recovery process is to inform the public-sector of the psychological issues of today, the Mental Health Research. I am assured that mental illness will recover to progress mentally the serenity of fulfillment to the acknowledgement of the development of the mind, body, and soul only to adapt, adjust, and educate the stimulus we call, "The Brain". Hopefully, in the near future the recovery process will help us inform with the opportunity to cope, as the consumer. What would make me a good volunteer is the use of the method of communication the informative resource that helps cope with addiction and to provide only to prepare voluntarily, for a line of questioning. The research on the effects of Mental Illness and approaches of addiction, in the form of a question is to be explained in better detail. With help of my experience in helping the expertise of psychology-behavioral science and the neurological processes of the brain collectively helps with a practical approach-the comprehensive research-from a student's educational background and experience. What guided me, as a student is the use of informative techniques to speak to others about the history of Mental Illness and the after-effects of the treatment. Experientially, I, as a mental health student, client, and knowledgeable of the symptoms, effects, and after-effects of treatment relate to the process of recovery, relatively. Since 2006, my recovery process has been at best, with importance, to mental health providers very helpful. These Mental Health Providers teach, coach, and support the acts of addiction, as the process recovers from the suffrage of knowing how it feels to be affected by a mental illness. As a patient-the recovery process to the point of acceptance and to validate the need to be helped and to that necessity of treatment only to be part of the solution of recovery from addiction, has been very resourceful. Healthcare Providers, such as, Dr. Mehta of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and Dr. Rahman of VOAC; Volunteers of America Chesapeake, Inc. and others; their staff and members of the mental health society, of which I learned from have taken the importance of healing to the point of recovery with patience and guidance. I, myself attended to similar social intervention groups-sessions of counsel with counselors to heal the group with the practice of medications, good hygiene, and addiction prevention strategies helping with the suffering of loneliness, co-dependence and occurring factors of habitual behaviors that are repetitive, non-conforming and as a benefactor, of the benefits, of such community programs with the conditions of treatment, concomitants and the preference of these commitments to the agreement of the cycles of life has put me, to act accordingly and refer to the concordance of the standards of assessment. What I've learned from such factors, is that assessment is a role of importance but not limited to the role of support. Supporting others in the process of conforming to the ideals of assessment helps and as a person can keep you from taking the fall of use. Thankfully, I have been clean for the past 7 years. The best thing to do at this point of recovery is to continue with treatment and assure the counselors of your commitment to better assure your mental health and refer you of their assurance, and any insecurity you may have had without treatment, such as, a complex. What can be learnt, from assessment, is that behavior changes- when the act of requesting occurs, a response to a question. For instance, asking a question to respond to a solution from a problem is puzzling. With such a response to what is referred to you, as a receiver givesthe impression, that your behavior is the cause of the problem. You feel approach, timid, and prossibly threatened. Receive it, as a message, not a threat and deliver yourself from such a perception, and you should be perceived, as ok. As a client, the daily activities written in a format well-received for the respondent-the client writes, dictates and refers before a question arises about any defect, or so-called /(sense of insecurity complex). The benefit to this behavioral approach is to understand how to assess the subject matter with the ability to not stay in complacency. Thinking patterns of acceptability social responses to the effect of the a priori first come-first serve e issues of acceptability patterns of my conflict and not to be received but, the matter at hand/ or what is at stake might be an issue, resolved. Unresolving these matters at hand, on what is defined, the term, recovery is a day to day operation with a schedule. The schedule, is to pinpoint-to make a point on how to recover from addiction. The way to act or the behavior of choice-is chosen/you're not someone else's but, if not-then, a confusion between the two. The diagnosis is already given at this point so there is no need to press upon the issue of subjective acts of repression but, to stay in a continuum. In reference to, you the client to the indifference of the ordinance helps to inform what the issue is and to acknowledge it is not a problem. We resolve the issue if it occurs, as an issue. It is to think but not as an issuance act at any point, in time, do we know what the issue is until, you the client has been resolved. This way, is sad and defecating but, as the client are referred, and not reformed as the issue. The client trying to build a relationship with the people who personify the reasoning of my existence at the program relatively means, the intrinsic self, thinking patterns to develop-the present, past, future guidelines of ethical standards, of civility to know right from wrong, left to right, motives of discussion/ train of thought, as the client diversified by humanistic responses to learn how to listen and think with detail, to pertain to counsel, advice given to me, the client from counselors, "Etiquette from sloppy to neat or of the same but, with no relevance to the sloppy, with the intentions of expression for non-verbal communication in reform, in the path of meeting with a therapist." The effects of addiction, what are my addictions? Acts on addiction to take note of the act, and revert back to the course of where it had been designated. Read on this state of thinking-note taking, reading material, guidelines to help with behavior referring to the "The Self" on what, when, why, who, and how these forms of repression relate to the repressive of "The Self" to create a question, what is the question? Sampling the experience, events, to cope with loneliness, dependence from others, would to think indifferently. Personal beliefs, about atheism, agnosticism, or christianity...etc, or what theme, topic...? Is a formal request to have such an event push forward on the cause of any philosophical belief about God. Do you think you would sponsor, such an event to expose your analytical thoughts a barrier to strengthen the morality of such a cause, exposing yourself to a spectrum of, a forum of thoughts, where chosen you would debate, on topics of atheism, agnosticism, or the problems of today, whether it is racism, sexism, or stereotypes....? (to relieve the stress of having such a stereotype) A conversation began about a belief in Christianity, and so forth....I had beenan inspiration to speak, on such themes with a couple about attending to such an event. She is a student and says is a follower of, Christianity and had given me a # (number) to call another student to have a fellowship gathering, for a Biblical Review of the Holy Bible, or a text of choice. It is my fault, I do agree to have asked the student after, being outspoken by the student before her. So I figured, the chance of a response to such a question, would not be a question but, a response to the question and not a question, to respond to the question, what is paganism? Do not let this altercation feel that I have shown value to me, or worthiness to have such a situation but, usually the students either take a liking, or do not feel threaten to be approached from such a request. Not all students at TCC have spent the effort in supporting, students at TCC but, as your new Senator of SGA obviously I am obligated, not to be a burden and offer the service that students would not want on a day to day basis, from their student body, SGA. And so on not to say that I am worthy of debating with every student on the Virginia Beach Campus but, to raise the level of a belief and to have not denied their belief entirely I am not taking the role, of a professor but a student being politicized on the beliefs of paganism, and what is a paganist? The student failed to define paganism, a paganist, and paganistic beliefs. So, why exploit paganism? The student had been approached not because of paganism but, because their was an event on Health and Wellness. A forum, "On Beliefs" is a suggestion. Would you take me up on this idea? This use of the free do it yourself submission had been a guiding tool in recovery, or an an astute of the process of addiction. And so I continue on with this manuscript, what I consider a manual, or tool to help cope with addiction and its recovery process. As far as, the proofreading, how to create, or the need to know what to market if, available, would be a necessity. Writing is a set of speeches, created for a classroom environment. This is a book, only to seek the reader, if there is an interest to volunteer. When it is proofread, approved, and marketable for promotional use only, then I would like to print. The book is to show the Mental Health Society, that the experience of attending school, performing live (in front of an audience), and completing the act of writing a manuscript is helpful in recovery. I'm ready, as of now, to take on responsibilities, I am not trained to do so under such levels of pressure until training is given to properly organize the daily routine of being a service associate for PVSA and The Virginia Beach Organization. I'm available to participate, in all activities that would allow me to experience the relief of helping others to do well, at The Virginia Beach Organization. I had been an Americorps Volunteer, whom has served 120 service hours at the Miami-Dade County Marine Institute near the Florida International University Campus, in Miami. (Am thankful to have had the opportunity to serve) and I would like to offer my services to organize in the near future, not only to better service consumers of PVSA but, to serve other cities and towns, if needed. Reason being for the personal interest, is that I have been inspired by your service to the community in Virginia Beach, VA and would like to train and work for The Virgina Beach Organization, as a service associate. As a college student, I have been part of many Community College Organizations that can help with orientating in the training process as a future employee exclusively. And here I go, Chapter 1. Chapter 1 Politics: The person's right to freedom of speech. Thoughts, respectives, responsive solutions to issues that resolve human initiatives of encouragement help us to develop partnerships of trust, respect, and honour for the privilege of becoming what we are today, men, women and children of the intent of, today. "Do we share ideas to develop gender and ethnicity roles?" Let us listen to the words of wisdom from our Sister Alice Walker: "The common way people give up their power by thinking they don't have any." Alice Walker. (The Halls of the Women Studies Center, D Building at the Virginia Beach Campus of Tidewater Community College) What is Conflict? Usually we think low-level poverty stricken occupants with occupations that men will not take pride-in, mutual respect to attain (group advancement) These ideals ,"Raise the status of blacks in the egos of the dominant white culture." (Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism, p.52) When African American women rise, no African American man falls." (The Making of a Race Woman, Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism) Albertus Bethune, "Tried to prove to whites that African Americans are of the equal nuclear status, of white families."(Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism, p.52) "The development of talents a well-rounded education is the basis of the solution to interracial problems, education must identify the most gifted students and give their opportunity to a higher education."(Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism, p.52) Citizenship training must secure this right to teach our people to pride their opportunity to learn, of what is their desire to learn. Should we not be more supportive to the actions of our women, today? Bethune teaches us: Good African American women are friends, of churchgoers, teachers, and supportive of the historical attributes, of our Black Political Leaders, who are from the Black Women of Today. Mary McLeod Bethune taught us, in 1899 at a small missionary school in South Carolina the thought in my mind had been why not be a friend of a lady equal to our needs, as a male: The belief of social responsibility, sexual respectability, the modeling of decorum, and the studying of propriety alleviated the stress of negative sterotypes referred to about Black Women, and women in general. She believed that we deserved to develop abilities to improve the standards of living for us, as children, and for the women to be the acknowledgement of our respect, dignity, and pride publicly, privately, and politically. Black Women Activists, like Charlotte Hawkins Brown, Nannie Helen Burroughs, Mary Church Terrell, Eugenia Burns Hope, left their husbands to pursue political careers. Bethune, Brown, and Jane Edna Hunter were separatists. These women separated themselves from their husbands to do race work. Dean Lucy Shore of Howard University had chosen to, or chose not to marry but to spend their lives with other women preferably their colleagues at the University. These actions served to change the thoughts of women. Marital status, at the time had been, "a separation but, acceptable." If it not were for appearance , impeccable and rarely faltered, the status of women today would not be the same, respectable, with a degree of success known for dual responsibilities, variety of strategies and the ability to serve under Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois, and a few other Black Political Leaders of Yesterday. African Americans, today suffer daily indignities, railroad tracks, canals that divide us, into black and white stereotypes. Racial relations become strain, misguided and abusive to the times of relief for if it were not for our forefathers' building churches as, the center of the community creating baptisms revivals, to be a major part of religious social life we would not be the need of psychological, physical, and material oppression of other women, today. "Dr. Texas Adams, his wife Ladosia had been the physician at McCleod Hospital from 1911 to 1975 and on the board of trustees for more than 50 years. Lack of money was not, a major obstacle." "Meager educational facilities, racial prejudices of the most violent type-crime and violence, are the real issues of the past, and not of the present. In 1899, wealthy white women of the Palmetto Club agreed to support black schools, believing it was in the best interests of the city to help educate. White schools held nine-month terms and public education facilities were available through the twelfth grade.','The State of Florida, only had 3 or 4 state supported public high schools for black students, 4 or 5 month terms at the 6th and 7th grade level 1 public kindergarten, 1 public elementary school, and a few church-run schools." (Mary McCleod Bethune-Cookman & Black Political Activism, p.58) What are abolitionist strongholds ? To be freed of slavery, the slavery mentality, and the mentality of enslavement to know that we are not slaves but, men, women, and children not of slaves by choice, but by force will not tamper with the provoked issue of conflict but resolve domestic violence among separatists, or the legal act of separation. This can only result for the movement of community solidarity for our women leaders to rise to political leadership, and the will to empower other women to serve, and help free us from not giving the respect to women, for of whom we came from and deserve, this is our, Revelation. Are we unworthy, or do we solidify the experience to model the interests of others? We take part in the standards of today. What we now title, "Student African American Brotherhood" has a set of rules and regulations acquired by the students to obtain the goals and achievements necessary to fulfill the needs of the affiliation, S.A.A.B. A person, of such worth, value, and patience, has to be able to commit to "the body of the brotherhood". In order, to enable, the trust of the student body at a level of high learning. The fulfillment of this search creates urge to renounce our past flaw, mistakes, and misfortunes, to learn a better role in life. Our past history, has taught us to develop a lifestyle, improving those of others, sharing the lessons learned from our forefathers' of history who have taught us to respect " The Self", to value men, and women with dignity, pride, having the privilege to know each of us with the upmost aptitude. Not expecting, but delivering what was lost and now found, a new birth, the beginning of a livable, justifiable, and honest academia (our lives as, students of S.A.A.B. 2012) What has been taught us can be shown to those of your choice, do we have a choice, to proportionally give people the gift of leadership, knowledge, honor, and the privilege of knowing our teachers, professors, and staff members of societal standards, today? Our future without a shadow of doubt made on all levels should help us grow, levitate, and enhance our minds to a degree worthy of the pride and joy of society, today. With the gratitude given, the presence of the past, in the eyes of the future would you pledge, to have a partner in the Student African American Brotherhood, or do you think we should embed into the body of S.A.A.B? As a public advocate of the forefathers of the black struggle in America to have enhanced the senses and advance the creativity of what is known to be, "The love of African Americans and their sisters, brothers, and leaders of this nation" (Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism, by Joyce A. Hanson) This in turns pertains to the indifference of marital status with the interest to validate the need of what is valuable to us, to this day our family. Chapter 2 Interests and Values Title: Chapter 4 "Interests and Values", Textbook: College Success Skills, 2nd Edition Author of Textbook: Marsha Fralick Purpose of Presentation: To Persuade Public speaker: Wilhelm Ramos TCC ID: 6211944 2nd Public Speaker: Milton of SDV 100 College Success Skills Taught by Instructor: Professor Michele Barnes Course: SDV 100 College Success Skills Attention-getter: Slide show (presentable to class) Relatable topic: Life's Value of Interests Speech Preview:'s (selected video, "Business Mathematics") Values, "The way of success, the success is the desire to value, or the belief of how you want to succeed, the value of your college success. The way you believe, is up to you. What gives you the value is how you succeed and succeeding in college, is having the value of college success. "(Written by: Wilhelm Ramos-SDV 100 College Success Skills) Procrastination: Exercise, mental stimulation and be positive, of the application to critically think for a goal achievable, to attain reachable goals to succeed, in what you do not want to do, procrastinate. What is important to me, the value of the lifestyle chosen for me to lead, is the style of living preferred by most but, not for everyone to have led and that is the life of freedom, happiness and the pursuit of actualization. Many people do not intend to actualize their potential, the potentiality of living without the actualization of activating your potential is not of a becoming person. My thought, to order, is to organize a plan where day to day budgeting, financing, and the use of payroll, to account for what may have a need. The need to find what is today's value, whether it is face, or maturity. It usually comes, as an expenditure, but not only an expense for a day to day need rarely seen in the facts of life. The need to eat, sleep, and exercise. The right to live a healthy life without feeling the necessity to expose yourself, to overwhelm yourself with other people's problems. This type of condition can ease the mind to help think, critically and analytically from time to time creating a stepping stone to a life of abundance. Interest can be defined to amount a simplicity of a formula, Interest equals Principal (Rate)Time. The use of the interest is to add onto a Principal, to total a Maturity Value of a loan to borrow. Borrowing a loan, so to speak is to payback the interests on a loan that may occur if, the loan inquires an interest of payment, made at the end of the month, on a monthly basis, at an annual rate of interest added onto the principal, equaling the total amount of the loan, for the purpose of, to pay back the loan, in a length of time. If, I were to borrow $5, and my interest is .05, 5% of the MV, the interest should be .25 cents and my Maturity Value is $5.25, five dollars and twenty five cents. This is the payment to have paid back on the loan of $5. An average wage of $60,000 over the span of 12 months with the minimum work hours of 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week 5 days a week, would be $250 a day. "If you are lucky, your parents will let you live with them for free. Of course, you will have to live by their rules." In Maslow's Theory of Self-Actualization : a man has a tendency to actualize himself, to become his potentialities. The motive is to realize one's full potential and intend to actualize itself as fully as possible with a basic drive...the drive of self-actualization. elf-actualization References referring to living expenses, daily expenses, and the expense of budgeting day to day costs can be thought of, as: "If you are lucky, your parents will let you live with them for free. Of course, you will have to live by their rules." There is a textbook titled, "College Career Success Skills"2nd Edition by Marsha Fralick "It can be used in conjunction with the Do What You Are personality type inventory to provide students with options for career decision making." /PowerPoint.htm Three reasons what to do and not to do amongst the issues of the problems of today. Principal "plus" Interests equals a Maturity Value "If, a student of interest, were to become a tutor, than an assistant to the professor, and then to have the title of professorial assistantship, to solidify mentorship, and to become a professor him/her "self" the interests adds on to the face value of the worth, of which is the principal, so to be of interest, the worth of the principal matures at a rate of interest, a maturity value (MV)." Summary: Principal Amount borrowed on the loan (a lesson learned is a life led, to have been taught to learn and not to be taught how not to, so that you would not have to is a lesson learned but, if the need of interest is a necessity than to have had is to have not had at all, so you do not owe at face value what you've learned. Value of the loan (Face) What you've learned, at maturity of life, the value of what has not been given to you but, what you do not want to owe. Interests Principal(Rate)(Time) These interests, with what is not been given to you, but what is asked of you to not want, in a length of time shown to you what you might owe, if chosen to do so, will be a benefit not to have owed, but to let owed, is the interest of a student with the value of life's maturity. Maturity Value of the loan (Face) Similar to a face value (see definition), maturity value that includes the compound interest annually; 1 year, semi-annually, every .5 annually, quarterly every 4 periods, or daily interest (360-365), compounding interest increases the value of the maturity, as the length of time, to pay the interest, having proven the worth of the interest, to its value, the lender. Three reasons what to do and not to do. If, a son or daughter given the chance at an opportune time, with no risk of change, influx, or rate of change would be of value, as a son/daughter, not to misuse time, this is life's maturity value of a student to have work without, no value of interest but, to have an interest added to the principal for its maturity. A value of maturity in my life, today. Representative of the Public Posted July 11 Chapter 3 The Value of College Education Spouses' what is the value of a college education to you? College helps you to develop your potential. College helps you to the door of many satisfying careers. College prepares you to prepare and fully participate in the democratic process. College increases your understanding and identifies your view of the world. College allures you to participate in a conversation with the great minds of all times and places For example, College helps to increases confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect. If you have a chosen a major, why is it the best major for you? If a major adapts to my personality type giving general ideas that will satisfy-to heavy styles that best work for me to identify (gifts, talents) of my interest to balance, work, leisure, and family. What concentration techniques can help you the more motivated and study more effectually? To not be distracted from studying minimize distractions, and study where these are no distractions. (External Environment) Internal Distractions Avoid talking about sorting, too melt. Learn to ignore distractions in order to pay attention to studying. Do not worry about so much that it interferes with concentrating Specify times. Time for worrying. Be here now. Have a cozy appointment. Take steps to residue the things that cause you to worry. Refocus your attention on the task at hand. (Checkmarks decrease overtime.) Increase your activity-take a breach. Stretch and More: Read and listen actively by asking questions. (Try to answer, as you read and listen.) Incentive is a reward: When you finish; there is something enjoyable, waiting for you. Change topics: study to help you to concentrate and avoid fatigue. These types of techniques help you concentrate in the long run, it is an instant motivation. What are your intrinsic motivations for going to college? Remember, intrinsic motivators are things you do because you then feel it is personally meaningful. The nature of the activity, itself, develops a consequence and the activity motivates you. Learning the activity, actively motivates yourself for the activity. Say, "be here now." Is an intrinsic motivator. Itself to me, if its said, "School activates me to be active, in college." Definitive Responsives to Styles of Intelligences Questions for answers responding to: Look at the items you have checked above and summarize your musical intelligence. My intelligence in music is the ability to learn the skills to listen to music properly, or to help create a song. Interpersonal Intelligence: The ability to, or the capability of helping family, friends, and persons(people outside the family) to participate, in group activities, cooperatives, and initiatives for the students, of Today. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: The intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence helps the use of notes, quantifiable facts, exponential growth of problem-solving skills, to best experience things in order, as a student. Spatial Intelligence: These objects, diagrams, charts, maps, and drawings are used to explain the spatial intelligence; the ability to manipulate these objects help/assist to become a pilot, painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, and surgeon. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: Sports- A player; the ability to play sports is very attractive to manipulate and use the athleticism of the sport to play to excel at a level below, normal, and above average levels of the sport. Linguistic Intelligence: Writing, Reading, and listening helps linguistic intelligence (the knowledge of linguistics) to memorize, group discussions, and journalizing day to day operations. Intrapersonal Intelligence: Making independently, self-directing feeling a sensitivity to others, appreciating their quiet time for concentration. Naturalist: The capability of understanding easily but, classifying and analyzing these things (plants, animals, and cultural artifacts) helpful, as a younger child. What did you discover as a result of taking a quiz? As a visual-kinesthetic/tactile learner the results, are the same. When the auditory learning style takes to affect the answers are less than the usual, visual and kinesthetic/tactile learning styles. You have just been assigned a 10-page term paper. Write (the notes for class) collaborate the notes with the assignment to turn in to a Professor, as preparation for the assignment. The 10-page term paper helps the student become a tactile learner, with a learning style useful. You have to study for a challenging math test. Find a tutor. (study, review and prepare the process of answering the questions; problems) Study: 8-9 hours, rest 2 hours to review for another 8-9 hours, study the next Ch.'s with the same interest. Study tools: Problem-solutions Read, to read the textbook. You have to write up a lab report for a biology class. What is included are drawings of a frog you have dissected. Use examples, of visual aids, supporting the parts of the frog (summarize; the parts of the frog and what is to be an auditory learner (to follow instructions for the lab tutor); a visual learning style. You are taking a required course for your major and it is taught by only one professor. You dislike this professor. Report a work ethic to the professor for credit: Do extra work, to show improvement in your assignment and select with the intent of finishing difficult tasks to operate with the ease of explanation, the confidentiality of the your subject. You are taking a business class and have been assigned a group project to design a small business. It is worth 50 percent of your grade. Create a business report, with graphs, presentable to the professor and his/her students to best tell the needs of the project designable for the students, in the group and in the classroom. Tactile Learning Styles; where taking notes is the comparable/comparing to the students in the classrooms and the students for other classes. You have signed up for an economics course and find it difficult to stay awake during the lecture. Study- in places where waking up is a must. (After studying, use rest stops to sleep and take a rest from the classes) You signed up for a philosophy course to meet a humanities requirement. The vocabulary in this course is unfamiliar. Use references from the library enabling to ease and read better to memorize the vocabulary of the philosophy course. As part of the final exam, you have to prepare a five minute presentation for your art history class. History, is not an easy subject to respond, answer, and find the solution to the problems (questions asked by the professor) What we could use is a reference book and/ or in the bookstores-AP History (Myer-Briggs; Prep course exams-History) Study, use the day to memorize some parts of the history topic, the topic of history (specifically-Art History) to find answers according to the professor's request. Crystallizers: Logical-Mathematical Intelligences; the use of the crystallizers-extraversion helps learn to best in action, to value physical activity. Encourage discussion to study and increase the score completely. Parazlyzers: Introversion-Do I have the value of reading? Is reading valuable to you? Would I, prefer to study individually or with a group? Should I, put other people to help increase a score? Are there some scores that you need to improve to accomplish your career and educational goals? Business- is a discipline to help observe others in their workplace-ethical methods, and find use of intelligences, as an employee. Cont. of Chapter 3 Business Mathematics, learning to borrow money for books from people or personnel with the use of interests for the purchase of a product/item or something of value. (Used to ignore on the goal of, exceeding Business Mathematics, with Applied Business Mathematics I) Based on the above analysis, write a discovery statement about what you have learned. "I discovered that ?" An expansion of most learning styles that exceed the levels of understanding can help find the sources of the reference to where the information is helpful, relevant and procedural to develop the student's struggle of learning, for the betterment of his/her improvement. Applicable approaches to business in form of mathematics; the need for improvement with vision for the use of completing an exam did not help at all. Next term, would be a lot better, if studying and reviewing of the material improves create your success. Have you been displeased about anything that has happened to you recently? Think about the last several weeks and briefly describe some problem you have faced. If you cannot think of a problem, describe something that was a success in your life. No, just lack of necessities (on the use of daily living) Vision: the blindness of faith the progression of my studies in the future. Hunger-Eating without being able to account for meals; has not helped at all. Today, the only day that helped to renew from the lack of attention to the needs of the household. This question is more difficult. It requires courage and honesty as well as looking at things a little differently. Whether you described a problem situation or a success above, ask yourself." How did I create this situation?" If you did not create it, how did you choose to react to it? The observation of the household- the result and its probability has not helped but, the measures of stress not being able to fend for the stress has left me in a helpless state of financial insecurity. What has helped is that school is a place to relieve the stress of living in this situation where the need for my immediate family is comforted, and taken care of so that, life does not feel helpless without the family while keeping me focused and in order. For example, money, in the next couple of days is to be sent to the spouse, and clothes; cleanlinessly for the child, will sufficiently help to comfort the needs of the family. Sugar-salt intake. Watch intake of ingredients. Read labels such as, regular grams of sugar. Are you obese? Eat a lb./a week How many calories in a lb.? Calories=lb. Vitamins, broccoli, green vegetables. What is my solution to the day to day episodic psycho-psychotic moments, of Today. What about a relapse prevention plan. Symptoms: Confusion lack of focus toward the goals at hand, the achievable constraints of life, that allow you to skillfully advance in the ways of achievement and reap the benefits of success. The confusing meditation of not understanding, to the point of comprehension, the comprehensive daily intake of the nutrients valuable to the body, the mind, and the spirit to the use of its energy to adrenalize, the act of circulating systems of blood in order to rejuvenate the cause, to stay free from any pollutants detrimental to the body can help defeat the purpose of depression. Depression is the state of mind, where the sorrow of un livable occurrences, repress the thought patterns of memory, only to remind you of the reminiscent times of struggle, to elate the past of sorrow with the present, and presenting a false happiness to think of your present moment, as a positive state of being. Presence, she being of another, not having the chance to think of a more comfortable, feeling of thought and struggling with the emotions of the present, in the presence of somebody else. Remedies to the effects of these three burdensome moods of despair, to repair, or heal the mind, body, and spirit of confusion, depression, and uncomforting presence are in need of remedies to help with the moods of despair such remedies are to record exercise activities, such as, calisthenics, aerobic, or weightlifting. Howabout,walking 30 minute a day, increase the level of activity in the stride, and do not differ in the reasoning while you walk. Keep from harm, and dangerous motivational factors that change your life span attention to a minimum and does not pay to the attentiveness of the presence. Presently the trials of walkabouts, and the state of being can change dramatically if not, useful to the potentiality of the fullness of the body. Think of a topic, voluptuous vs. fragile, this type of questioning states a presence intimate but, not of uncertainty between friendships, but, as a partner to help build the romanticism of knowing each other in intimacy. Rather than, to stress with the fact of intimacy, let it be known the differences of the exercise and increase the validity of the exercise by working together, in working out real moments into memory. Remind the selves to let go of the past, remit the future, and present at all cost the emotions, of the past that led you to love one another in the present. Loving one another, as thy neighbor, friend, and not a foe helps deal with social image difference, that differ in the difference when it comes to image, in front, behind, or around people. The difference of the relationship, between both partners helps to deal with the pitch, "opposites attract" but, indifferences are reconcilable. Why is that? A walk with each other, to know what is the difference is compatibility, or non-compliance with the motives of the present, and/or the difference of the past, compare to the presence of the future. What is a walk going to do within the relationship, to build the present as the past, and hope for a better spirit to build in the moment of oneness, with the partner, in Christ. Draw movements that don't allow you to fall. Practice drawing techniques, to figure from each other, the practice serves well, with scientific principles, the principalities of the difference that differentiate in the present but, not of the past, only in the moment to differ in the presence of others, more worthy of the presence that you give in front of the other, in the present.Why is this so? The difference of the past has no bearing in the present, but, the past speaks for itself when there is a difference between partners in the present. If it is working, of the past why not stay in the past, if not of sorrow, and work on the present as, the past is in its present state of mind. The being does not change but, the technique to know the difference, does not differ when the figure, shape, or design of the project you and your partner are working with does not change, it stays the same, though the frame of mind that does not. The thought patterns of the memorization techniques of what is being learnt, can tell the difference between how you learn, why you were able to learn, and the difference between the two, in the learning process of the procedure to organize your thoughts, in strategizing on how to design the project, its projectile, and the projections of the thought in the present moment. The object of concern is how do we finish what we started, and why does it end this way, if what we thought did not differ from the completion of the project. What is the finishing outcome, of the project in design? It is up to you as, the partner, in the partnership, building the essence of the foundation of the project, in its design to know as, the designee, to be the designer and to know the difference from each other to put your two cents in, in the partnership, and develop the science of knowing the difference between you partner and what you and your partner want to do, and are able to accomplish if not, for the product, itself. You know that an angered presence does not relieve the mood; and/or the motive to reconcile any difference you would have with someone? An angered presence does not relieve the mood of the project at all. If you and I, are angered, and it is not a frustration of the working together, or being around others, there is no doubt, but a doubtful thought of knowing that you and I, had a difference of opinion, and would to opiniate the difference in order to be heard with the point across you should hear the mood of difference if, you and the partner do not know, the reason for the difference. What is your thought on that, if we are working on a project, and the designer is you, do you not think that you and I have the same feelings for the project, we are together as one? What do you feel about that? What is your mathematical equation, or technique in knowing how to reconcile the difference between what differs and what is not good to use in its difference? Do you and I differ at all? Or do we find a difference and do not share the difference between the two? This would make a lot of sense if we knew what the difference is, some couples try to find the originiality in the project, and not what made the product work, or its value to work in the first place. This value to work with the product,. The work experience, the learning process of working on the project, the design itself, and the designer, had no bearing in the project, but only if you felt the project can work for us. How did the project work, if their had been no oproject in the first place? Were angered, frustrated, mad and the stress caused by the pressure of working for the project? Do we know or are we learning how to control the issue of the project, to finish what we started? Personalize a difference; spouse-spouse relationship, irresponsibility vs. responsibility, in a business environment. What are we responsible for, what roles do we play, or are we playing at all? The suggestion is don't play, finish what you started but, make sure you are within the reach of the goal, to achieve the benefits of what you sow. The King James Version of the Holy Bible help build the mind, to know the pattern of how you learn, in the process of learning, what is to be learned in the educating children, men and women. There is no problem, nor is it problematic, in the stress factors, of the relief of knowing you have responsibility, to be responsible and to have suitable responses to the problems so that there is no endless effect of unresolved issues, in a make believe world, of your own. "Honour thy father and thy mother so that your days prolongeth."Memorizing bibles text, verse of the Bible help to deal with the daily occurrences of the present, so that the moods of misbehavior, in the world of spouse-spouse relationships, irresponsible responses, and impartial differences, of incomfortability do not help or get in the way of the day-day living of life. Ask these questions: Tell me what you think? Build a chemical imbalance by excercising, the mind with new words, math problems, and solving techniques. Mediate help -where does it mediate? Does it cause fatigue? Natural vs. Artificial remedies Bipolar Disorder-schizophrenia Note things-make appointment What is mental health/not physical? What is this? Psychosomatic medications? Symptomatic response to the solutions . Helplessness Defenseless/or defensive Selfish behavior, (Selfishness) Family Members-can but, refuse to be positive/emotional help -supportive to the cause of not relapsing into drug use Discussion Stigma-Illness;insanity-(sanit y) Is it physical/emotional? Spiritual/non-emotional? What are the warning signs? Signs-neurological impairments Question-time-transmitters-cha nge or "the same" Chapter 4 Perspectives, Initiatives, and Responses A novice, at organizing and gathering of people for the comfort of socializing amongst the best communities, neighbhorhoods, and sectors, whether public, private, or for the use of land, property in the pursuit of the strongholds of the community. I would like to offer the services, on the practicality, applicable to the needs of the service, to the SDA Church only to ask the question, of who would like to volunteer? With objectives, achievable goals, and community service opportunities that best utilize the need to serve, on the basis of public affairs to administrate communicatively, the skills to educate society on the needs of the public sector, in a way to preach the gospel, excercise activity, unpaid volunteership with Americorps, and promotable strengths to enhance the student resume for students who are in need to expose "The Self" to further prolong the lives of others on the basis of, research, experience, and advancement in attaining social skills w/ the public sector. Volunteer hours, can be logged on online, on paper sent to PVSA-Presidential Volunteer Service Award or Presidential Fitness Challenge Award "n" hopeful recipients can take themselves to a level of understanding to the point of returning to their physical, spiritual, and mental social groups, with the confidence, to increase the morale of the public through their own personal growth, experiential learning, and the process of progression, with the probability of succeeding amongst the elite of the political realm of Political Activism, to support any cause. The use of the www.presidentialvolunteerservi and not for profitable gains, currency. Terminology defined for political use to persuade the interest of the use of the event, in order to attract and not detach from the event. The validity of the interest, plus the interests' worth: The value of the interest and the value to determine the interest, of a Presidential Fitness Challenge. Conventional Ideas, to the conservative mind, theoretical perspectives, style; imaginative Usual, established social behaviors in the use of a method to value a common interest. "An idea rang to mind, about an event, a local community sporting, and/or fitness depending on the reaction of the Challenge Committee....Do you think as, a coordinator with the right mindset, would be able in my experience, to volunteer/setup an event of this sort....? Example: An Intramural/Recreational Event, of any sport with the free sponsorship, and the support of a volunteer group (here, in Washington, nearby a church, where community followers, of all religions, spend their worshipping, neighbhorhood supportive groups, groups w/ support from the local establishments, and student volunteers, as the group to support the event) would be the best case scenario to build a local basketball event, in the honour and presence of the Presidential Fitness Challenge logo, with a banner in front of the park, and relevant distribution of food to the neighbhorhood, in support of the event since it is said to say, "Presidential Fitness Challenge Basketball Tournament/Recreational League-Event...? Would I, myself, need a petition with a letter of intent to sponsor, financially, physically, and politically in support of the Presidential Logo, and all the legalities that determine the events initiative, and/or result of the events success...? These are the questions of mind, requested, in support of the event such as, 1. Why is the event taking place? 2. Is it cost effective to the coordinator? Will we need more volunteer support groups? 3. Can we make it part of the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, based on the motto of PVSA and The Virginia Beach Organization? 4. Can their be a survey, during and/or afterwards by church party's, neighbhorhood watchmen, and local leaders? 5. Would we have this event, again-in the near future? What was your favorite moment of the event? 6. Would you like to see this artist, again-anytime soon, or in the near future? 7. Did you enjoy the food? My organization, The Virginia Beach Organization has a foundation that creates and promotes volunteership, for kids and adults, from the ages 5 and up. The youth of Today, have the opportunity to improve on their social values, the validity of the value, and the worth of what is of value...? With the improvement, our Presidents, of Today have made in the past, present, and to come the future: Would you have the space, and time to meet with me on a discussion for the betterment of all children to represent my organization online, with community service hours; to log-on, and a brief description of the day's activities to support, and be supportive of the cause to fight the effects of growing up, as a kid. The organization was based from Virginia Beach, VA, after submitting an application, with essay to find preference in the selection process, and the procedural strategies to reinforce the positive outcome of the organization's implementation above the surface on the internet. From the Virginia Beach based location, at Tidewater Community College as a student, experimenting with political advocacy members of the constituents of the Student Government Association, Student African American Brotherhood, and experiential references from associates, of all kinds, affiliated with non-profit rallys, meetings, and demonstrations the learning process, to educate the organization's foundation, as the essential presence to the authentication of the value, validity, and vigilance of the community of Virginia Beach, in Virginia; the process to be selected as part of the PVSA online, had been quite a easy step towards the development of creating creatively, the opportunity to serve the community, as a representative of the U.S. President of the United States of America. As the becoming party, we now know today, to be of a political party advocating, the distribution, to attribute to: The Effect of Leadership, as a reward, gift, or prize, presenting our future leaders of Today, and now in the near future. As Americorps Member I, Wilhelm Ramos, have the opportunity to spread the issues, of community involvement, the strategies to organize our youth to be more involve, and to help in any which way, as the presence of the organization, as a role partner to instill the progress of the volunteer, selectively only to increase the spirit, the positive outcome of all progress, and to enhance the productive nature of the process, to proceed with the gift of serving the community, publicly, privately, and politically. Whether, if we are out in the open, or in private our discussion of the tactics to best serve the community can be the admiration of choice, and the inspiration to take forth, and push forward on the effort to support, the efficacy of the implementation, and daily supplements, of the value of the energy placed forward to initiate, the initiative, of the support to service the community, the best way we know how, expose the effort of the cause to fight, such non-determinants, as procrastination, boredom, and unsociable experiences. We will elaborate, comment and talk on the things that pertain to the standards of civility on a new educational goal of the family.Completing the days' event, and delegating the duties of the activities in the day to form the completedness of the responsibility placed upon the volunteer to deliver to well-respected patrons of the group there are as many students to faculty, in the organization than there are in other organizations. What we hear in this organization, "is indifferent" or "has no difference" on what is taught in the other organizations. My topic of choice is: the administrative standards of the organization for us, the volunteers to delegate the tasks to orientate the hours accordingly to the vocational, learning and technical skills attributing to the use of a fast pace environment such as, corporations, law firms, and small businesses, to the study of delegation for the review of the community service world, in the diminutive sense of the discipline: Community Service. Supporting materials are but, not limited to: the discipline of the study, Community Service, our discipline of this time allotment has a colloquiem of guidelines with the intent to increase, and relinquish the volunteer from the worrisome realm of unachievable goals, and emotional distress as a child living in impoverish, poverty stricken environments w/ minute chance of survival. This new found obligation, with the motivation, and selfless upliftment to assist the low-income, strife life, of the competitors of the world to obtain the technical skills, informative techniques, and educational goals to position ourselves in a better environment to live, procreate, and volunteer our volunteers for a repudiable reputation. Research of recent views on institutional advancements, corporate integration, exponential growth of valuable employees to increase the level of excellence among the new talent of office staffing and the analytical progressions to insure the benefits of volunteers to their guidance counselors, community leaders, and mentors for a better standard of ethics to work efficiently, effectively, and exponentially. These topics pertain to the realm of the PVSA (Presidential Volunteer Service Award) world but, not limited to the status of the college student life of local colleges and universities but, the use of the school's guidelines, rules and regulations from the sample of, TCC's website, is useful and will be used to refer to the frame of reference for this standard of the organization. The writer of the guidelines of the school chosen to counsel volunteers on how to interact with others in our environment.(Mainly, Tidewater Community College and the institutions' standard of civility) Issues on cases where volunteers had differed from the views of their volunteers and questionable counsel of volunteers for the advisement of a volunteers' progress not given by the institution but, from the students of the college on questionable actions of, the volunteers outside of campus life for a clear outcome, today and what had not been accomplished, yesterday are not a source of reference but, the preference of reference are the standards of civility in the Princess Anne A Building. Introduction to the dutiful responsibility of being a volunteer of the United States of America will be shown with this example, "This is no joke! Someone has sent me a death threat. A fragile scale clip into an ivy with thin skin popped veins, a bony roman nose, you would think my cartilage lifted weights. Wait a second My chest did not feel right. Although, this had been the case for me, the thought of my mother suffering from mistaken blood transfusions caused me to feel nervousness, worrisome, and restlessness. A few years ago, I had been 127 lbs. Before my mother died, I was 183lbs. Unhealthy habits, rehabilitation, and therapeutic clinics of psychiatric group sessions helped to motivate different ways of thinking to change the status of my actions into more resolvable resolutions of completion. Supportive groups, gatherings of other mental health patients help deal with the stress of not being relieved/ from the habitual attitudes of my habits. Not of good, but badly influential to street drugs, remedial aptitudes, and self-disrespect. The morale of the changes to a more diversified analytical, belief of self-esteem, patriarchal times of defense, were not insensitive to friendly discussions with friends, acquaintances, and their friendly strangers to whom we did not know of but, to engage in conversational styles only to: resolves unsettling needs of sorrow, despair and loneliness. The advice of counsel to meet the standards of civility, with the experiential day to day learning tools, used in the daily operations of studious regimens, and review of many more subject matters of topics, disciplines to have infinite solutions paved the path to a valid code of ethics; "A Speaker's Resource", written by Liz O'Brien, our guidelines of the Virginia Beach Organization's manuscript. These ethical standards of the manuscript, or the code of ethic standards to help resolve the issues of the volunteers in the facilities, is used to what is right, and not what is known to be wrong. Examples of what our professors use to help us decide the mode of today's tasks are the guidelines of the choice of counsel, their mentors, of the campus to which the volunteers have chosen to serve: These guidelines can be found in the Princess Anne Building next to the registrar office; the volunteers' goals are the foundation of the educational planning process, requiring cooperation and collaboration among the Volunteer Services and Instruction to result in consistent information for all stakeholders. Accurate information is power, and the sharing of information in a timely manner is critical in the decision-making process. The learning volunteer should be a model for the lifelong learning construct of assisting the needy, or the need to achieve successfully our primary focus, (From the Counseling Office of the Student Counseling Center in the A Building-Prince Anne) "An expected requirement of the guidelines of the terms of the service to best serve the community involvement for the advancement, and enhancement of both party's but, in the selection of the process of volunteering, for workshops available to volunteers, on all levels of respectability are and are shown respectively, with this example: "Now, I eat a meal a day. Drink liquids and workout 20 minutes to an hour. Hopefully I can get back to a regular everyday routine." (Wilhelm Ramos TCC ID: 6211944 3/15/12) Let us review. The idea of quarrel, debates, and argumentative topics are not the ideals of the volunteer, there is no comment on the reflection of what our volunteers teach today. Retrospectively, "To successfully live with whites, blacks, and latinos in sharing resources and not animosity amongst each other, reaching the advanced stage of living together on the basis of absolute equality and to be competitive with the next social class", "the ecological balance of the accumulation of wealth without aggravating conditions of poverty stricken solutions useful to organize the unity of progression, the doctrine of training an identity of interests."(A Century of Negro Migration, Preface", p.x) These ideologies delegate to the facts of definition and the meaning of the term, delegation. Delegation, "The effective utilization of authority-to assign to one or more people in an effort to accomplish a large goal", "you are in a position to distribute duties to others." ("Today", Wood Butler Jr. p. 26) What are my daily activities, as a volunteer of the environment, with the knowledgeable process of the procedural strategy to energize, elate, and effectuate the validity of the struggle of a volunteer's life, to the betterment of the psychological interaction, workforce initiatives, and analytical facts, of motivation, mood manipulation, and communication-oriented, disarray from the disturbance of performance, to mingle, blend with others of the organization and outside the group in a listener-oriented mechanism, the thought, listening to objectives, messages of the sender/encoder, receiver/decoder, and interpersonal-verbal, nonverbal, body movements, to the fact of comprehension, determining the meanings of the interpretation of what is being said, heard, and spoken with the point of ; "What is meant by what has been said? ", with the help of my honourable patrons, partners of society, and party members of the role of political activism should be, to ask the renouncement of the question, "What we can do to build ourselves up so that we can be an asset to ourselves and in the lives of others." (Today, Wood Butler Jr. p.26): With the thought of an audience, Presidential Volunteers, not to exclude our astute Mentor; Wilhelm Ramos my personal career path and/or educational goal to continue the readings of such books, where we would find in our local bookstore in the financial department of the D-Building at Tidewater Community College Virginia Beach Campus and to be obtainable in our local venues, surrounding the populous of Virginia and throughout the United States of America such as; A Century of Negro Migration, Carter G. Woodson, The 24-Hour Self Empowerment Handbook, written by Wood Butler Jr. of Norfolk State University, Today and the supportive facts of communication to me, as the representative of the organization to present the world of volunteering with a simple but, complex analyticism of the working environment, the men and women of yesterday, with the new labor of today, the elementary, high school, college, and university volunteer. Persons, with a struggle too unbearable but, if not forgiven suits the audience of whom a movement, as such, is seen. Simple format of the psychological complex, inspired deep-rooted material, and has deepen the ideals of organization-to a best where the volunteer no longer fears but, is trusting the mood/or mode of behavior to act. Client transference examples of men to whom we might be influenced by from artists like, Jay-z, but limited to, Rakim, and only no effort to show references to the struggle of helping others like, Kunta Kintay and the movie, "The Roots". These are sure fire examples of our worth as, Presidential Volunteers, in this organization, The Virginia Beach Organization from www.presidentialvolunteerservi We have learned, and are to develop partnerships to create a better path of the world today, to become stockholders of the conglomerate, outspoken moguls, artistic scientists, analytically known to blend with our U.S. Representatives, Congressmen, and local government officials, as outsiders looking in to believe in the need, to help politically, with the helpful task, to acknowledge our service and role models to the learning communities, online, and/or from the school experience to promote civility, and ethical issues, of today's morale, of whom we speak of, the United States of America as Presidential Volunteers of the Virginia Beach Organization from the www.presidentialvolunteerservi As volunteers, of many issues artists into their craft of trade, recognizable as artists, to the respect of their music, culture, and genre, the spirit of civility-"theme of choice" and/or the style to lead the way, as artists into the validity of the political world. The Oedipus complex, primarily where the figure stays with the thought of owning what is unknown to be known of what their parent had taught them not to need, but shy away from is undeveloped but, maturily to gravitate to the outside world, the present, and future U.S. Presidents. As volunteers, we have learned to discern from the behavior of the thought, not to enslave our thoughts into thinking but, to have thought of a well-groom character, presenting, preparing, and organizing what has been taught us to be shown of your choice, to have a choice, proportionally giving people the gift of knowledge, honor, and the privilege of knowing each individual with agreements of the institution to encourage service with the exchange of good moral support finding valuable perspectives of the service, and the values of the public. Our service to this point is priceless. What we speak of, is the human body and the value of its service to immediate, others, and the authorities of the powers that be. The fulfillment of this search creates urge to renounce our past flaws, mistakes, and misfortunes, to learn a better role in life. Our past history, has taught us to develop a lifestyle, improving those of others, sharing the lessons learned from our forefathers who have taught us to respect a self to value men, and women with dignity, pride, and the right to know the upmost aptitude. Not expecting, but delivering the beginning of a livable, justifiable, and honest academia. These are our duties, responsibilities, and requirements expected of us, as expectants, with the expectancy to serve with the reward of improving the morale of the need, the public good, the role of a volunteer to the astute apprenticeship of mentors, leaders, and what are known today, the goals of, volunteering, as Presidential Volunteers, are at unknown levels of probability to procreate new leaders of today, and not of tomorrow. So, let us be careful, cautious, and proceed with trust to innately forbade all manners of misrepresentation, and not to be miseducate any longer, on the need for future constituents. Chapter 5 Personal Growth First question is about family background, what was it like when you were growing up? When I was growing up, it had been hard on my mother. We were the only two, in the family without a place to stay, independently from others in the family. Not to say, my mother had not been able to provide for us, both child and parent but, what helped in the long run, through the cycles of life, livelihood, as the recipients of the community, more than willing to help and receive what we could, at the time of need, for the sake of our health. An aunt of, her sister had a few traumatic experiences that led to return to the Dominican Republic. Her state of, thinking had been weary of the men she had chosen to be within New Jersey. Rough and lonesome, the times spent looking for her, trying to help her in the time of need, necessitating the fact of, gathering together, as a family. Heartbroken, despair, anguish, tiresome, weariness, all these emotions were how we related, and had stayed relatively, in reach of her state to be, as helpful as possible, not to be involved in her love for the man but, to let her know we are of her care. I thank my mother for bringing me up the way she did, to come from where she had once lived, to a place with a newborn, and not have the assistance that is provided today for people in need of shelter, food supplies, and cash flow. In my lifetime, I would not have praised anyone but, The God, she served, as a christian lady. Her manner, how she treated her sisters, and her giftedness had been with her brothers, my mother groomed me to be a person, with a personality, and not a person that does not personify his own well-being but, a man who came to be a son. Rather than to change his mother's plans and to carry out all that she had asked for, in Him, to love, honour, and obey the Teachings of Jesus Christ. I thank my mother, for how she had helped her sister, in the time of need, and no matter what had happened, she would have been the person to count on. If it not been for my mother, would I be in the predicament led to me, til this day? I don't think so, of course not, what would be the difference? The difference would have been, stringent, defecating ordeals, not allowing me to change my ways but, to settle for myself, and not another. Who am I, to judge facts, figures, and statements, to have not appreciated, or to be appreciative of the norms, the misuse of information, guiding paths of unforgiveness, and not leading but, misleading others into depths of no return. Do I, calculate and respond to answers, as a person of greath worth without morals, conviction, and prayer...? Or do I, tell the tale of two paths, with the guidance, and long-term success of my mother's help? I do, in fact do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So, let me not say, No, I do, and not have loved. But, let me continue to love my Christ, The Way, The Truth and The Light, to have shown and proven that I had a mother, and she taught what is best, and not that we are thrown into the worst outcomes. Thankfully, I love how Christ, was able to distinguish between the two, and not be torn apart, or have things fall apart on His path to heaven. Salvation, the way of believing that Jesus Christ is Our Personal Saviour, and that praying, believing in His forgiveness, will lead us to the act of being saved. Is fearful, yes, I do believe that why we have parents, parental counsel, to speak, and communicate with the other, to know that you are not alone, He Is with you. Love thy neighbor, as you would love thyself. These biblical texts, verse of the Bible, help to forgive, and she attributes to these facts of life. How I grew up, is by Honouring thy mother and thy father, so that thy days be prolongeth. What are some examples, ordinances, to have proven worthy of acceptance, to help guide you into the path of Christ, with the help of, submissive guidance of your mother in the past, a priori, to cope with life, afterwards. Above is the example, of the process to enhance the needs of the organization, for the organization's respective, to direct, promptly the matters of volunteering and the rewards of the service. The achievement of the experience: "A reminiscence of our advocacy goals, and future achievements to the future members of the Environmental Colloquiem; we as a, group of representatives, organize to gather each individuals hoping for the cause of enhancement, sufficiently, effectively, and eventually, for the result of the betterment of mankind to those of whom let us not be of opposition but, of a grace to honour the citizens of the country to serve voluntarily without the issue of, race, color, or creed exclusively to the men, women, and children of our nation." (Student Fellow, of the Program 2012 Wilhelm Ramos) Motto for, as a Participant, Notation of the Errors, of the Experience: "The presentation of the student body in order, to enable, the trust of the student body at a level of higher learning, the fulfillment of this creates an urge to renounce our past flaw, mistakes, and misfortunes, to learn a better role in life." The ability to, or the capability of helping family, friends, and person (people outside the family) to participate, in group activities, cooperatives, and initiatives for the family, of Today. Helps the use of notes, quantifiable facts, exponential growth of problem-solving skills, to best experience things inorder, as a patron. Writing, reading, and listening to memorize, group discussions, and journalizing day to day operations. Design of the Project: Group project to design, build, and create a business proposal, with graphs, presentable to the constituents of the organization, increasing the validity, the value, and the worth of the needs of the project, designable for students, of any class, or group in our institutional goals. Responsive solutions to the process of completion results in the day to day experience of exercise science and the moral principles that go along with taking care of the physique,"The observation of the household as the result of its probability helping but, the measures of stress to be able to fend for the stress in a helpless state of financial insecurity with school in a place to relieve the stress of living in this situation where the need to provide for the immediate family is to be comforted, and taken care of, so that life does not feel helpless without, the family as a unit, kept us focused and in order Our attitudes of the day are self- sufficient to help comfort the needs of the family and our significant others."( Wilhelm Ramos 7/2/2012 3:33 p.m.)

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