winniepooh43 ?'I merged so completely with Love and was so fused, that I became Love...and Love became me.' ~Rumi - March 10, 2012 add/view comments (4)

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Please, Please, Please

Read my profile before you send me a message!  Ok, I get it i have a nice frame!  I don't feel like I have to remove my pics to get some respect! I have no problem with my body and wearing a bathing suit is natural to me not a pose for a camera! The compliments are really sweet and they make me feel all *sparkly *inside!  So if you want to send me a note saying that...thats Awesome!  I send back the Thanx very much! with heart-felt sincerity!  But please don't waste my time or your time if all you think I am is a body! 

I happen to be a very nice person!  If you ask for another way to contact me, I assume that you want to get to Know Me and not just Get With Me, so therefore be prepared for a Real and Honest conversation only!  I do not do sexual conversations!  If you are in my bed then you know what goes on and the memory is always fresh in your heart.  If you are not ... then you don't need to know what I do in my bed and you don't need pictures of it!  There are many chat lines and chat rooms and porn sites to take care of those needs!

I was told very recently that those things are what "Grown and Sexy" people do and that I have a problem because I don't share in those activities, but screw that!   I happen to be beyond that level of "play toy to a man".  You are not about to get your rocks off here then on with your merry way until the next urge comes along.  Sexual energy is a Divine thing, but if it's tossed out there like Trick-or-Treat candy it loses its Divinity!   It is no longer for a Divine purpose of Connection to the Whole of Life but it is for selfish egotistical purposes and if that is what you are thanks I'm good! 

Things you have, people you know, places you have been don't impress me!  Your accomplishments mean something to you...I respect that.  I am only interested in the YOU that is present in that moment we speak!  Conquests and aquisitions are the stories of your past ... what is going on at that moment we speak! have reached that level, hang with this person or that,  cool have been this place or that!  I am so happy for you and thats sincere,  Those things are not really important to me, Who you have loved ginuinely, how much positivity you exude, who you have made smile or may have helped today is what impresses me!  Things and places and friends are great but they don't define who you are, they are the shallow existence of you. I don't deal in shallow waters, you get bogged down by bull pudding that way! I am real and my pool runs deep!

I am looking for friends who have something to say!  An opinion, a belief, a concept on anything!  Something besides "can I meet you" or "will you call me" or any of the perverted things you wanna do to me (Please no more of hurts my heart to think that men are so disrespectful and women are so broken and hurt that they would accept that!)  Someone else would probably appreciate that stuff more than I, so don't waste your time here!

 I love to go new places and see new things and meet new people! I'm very, very outgoing and I enjoy all of life's experiences to the utmost. I love doing all things outdoors! Parks, bike rides, hiking, nature trails, and most of all the beach!!!  Because I work in an office all day and most nights, when I get a chance to get out of the house and into fresh air I definitely take it!!!  Stopping and relaxing in the beauty of nature is blissful to me.  It brings on a stillness that gives me Awareness to all that is!  How small we are in comparison to All there is.  And how we are all connected to one another by that first breathe of Life!  Not seperate peices that have randomly arrived here in this space!

I do want a commitment, but because I am a people person I love having friends it is usually becomes a problem!! I do not look for will happen when our paths cross!  I embrace every moment of my life so anything I do is full of energy and fun, but that makes it easy for someone to mistake "Damn, this is so much fun!" with "Aaawwhhh I think I love her" so be careful!

If you don't understand or you want no part of the I am that I am, please keep it moving!  Don't ask for the invite or the phone number if you have other intentions!  Why you wanna entice a good sista into something vain and shallow!  Does your Ego need stroking that bad that you would wanna break something good down with negativity?

Peace and Jah Blessings to all!

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