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    June 14, 2008

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    Fort Lauderdale, FL

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If you're like me and are into Shoes and Handbags and not a member of this group then you're not really into shoes, handbags or fashion for that matter.

Our site is currently under construction but when completed we are going to bridge the gap between you, fashion and the world so please stay tuned.

Remember the day you first heard the name woshebox because you will look back and know you were a part of us when we started out.

woshegirl shebox/


What kind of shoe are you?

~~~~~~~~@ @~~~~~~~


Toes painted in rhythm with her soul but seem to draw no comments as the shoes glide effortlessly as if to be self powered. She is cute but she is being blinded by the bright light of splendor coming from below her. Even her dress which started off at her knee seemed to be at her thigh trying to divert attention from the shoe but fail horribly "Nice pink panties but look at the shoes". They say a lot can be told by the shoe a lady picks but in this case the shoe seemed to have picked the girl as if to magically come to life when her toes glided from the top till her foot was embraced the caring hug of multiple straps.

Now during all of this drama the hat she had on wisely dropped behind the driver seat making the bold statement "I will come out when they are gone". When all seemed to be lost and another day seemed to go to elegant footwear a low chuckle could be heard but where is it coming from? She moved her arm and time stopped. What kind of handbag was it? Women crowed and inspected touched and opened, each leaving when their souls filled with envy, ecstasy and shear need. The kind of need that makes a guy turn-off the computer and sports center early in a relationship.

Not to be out done our friend below feeling as if someone asked her to step out of the picture grabbed her feet and started to constrict. This embrace is only felt when one wears something a few sizes smaller than they should. She will have to sit down soon or risk losing both feet. She spills into a deep chair, should she take them off and rub or just take weight off of them? Well taking them off is not an option; fashion hurts but never killed anyone she knew. All this time the bag was buried in the chair like pocket change and there wasn't anything it could do.

Advantage Shoe.


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