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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking, Serious Dating

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    January 04, 2008

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    Dayton, OH

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    Black/African American

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THE GOSPELL ACORDING TO XKLAN(or the 35 negative confessions)( 1).What goes around comes around( 2).Do unto others as you would have them........you know the rest (3).Without aggitation,our clothes wouldn't get clean (4).-generally-People are like watter and electricity...we follow the lines of least resistance( 5).A little drama is OK,,,I just don't want the TRAMA( 6).Keep your head to the sky (but don't let the rain drownd ya) (7).A real PLAYA is some one who knows the game,,and plays the game so, well, that the rules have to be changed (8).Babys, in dirty diapers,are" ruling the world"(9).BIG PIMPIN (paid my taxes...lost my job) (10).An angel to you may be a devil to me (and them, having no knowledge of it)( 11).WHAT YOU DON"T KNOW WONT HURT YOU (yeah,,,it might kill you) (12).Death is the penalty for living,so eat drink and be marry,,no one gets out alive (13).BALANCE (14).There is only one race,we are the family of UNION (man+woman) (15).Beauty is as beauty does,and beauty thinks that just because she's(he's)beautifull ,that she'll(he'll)get her (his)way SURPRISE awaits beauty today (16)."My only (other)weapon is my pen and the frame of mind i'm in"< Sly STONE (17)."WE are the hope and the dream of the slaves"< Maya Angelou (18).I did it 'cause it needed to be done (19).Tough love IS unconditional (20).Judge not lest ye be judged...BUT..survival is the first law of nature (21).when all else fails...READ! (22).You may be by yourself,but you are NEVER alone (23).Blessed are the meek...(but they DO get DOGGED) (24).I'm still waiteing for someone to come back(FROM THE DEAD)and tell me what heaven or hell is like (25).UFO?!? Hell,I don't know,but I do recognize that the entire universe IS alive (26).Lets fight about it (then have a draaank about it!!!) (27).Don't just talk about it be about it (28).CRIMINAL=the guy who robs me in the street for fifty cent,and the guy who destroys millions of lives with the stroke of a pen (29).Gun controll=means you got to man-up to the responsibility of your future, and of those you aim at. (30).Good black don't crack (31).NO-v-i,doe-pro-v-i,,,trus t but verify (32).Once upon a time ,,my nose was too wide,lips too big,skin too dark,,,now people pay money for it!( 33)."Think,it ain't illigal...yet"< George Clinton (34)."life is death without adventure"(35).Sex is over rated?Depends on who u wit!!.... thankyouforlettingmebemyself.. ...........one love XKLAN

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