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For in every man a fear is born, and that fear come in his hours of need. For here is truth. an man who look into the mirror see his own soul, and his own soul look back to judge him. How than can a man sleep at night with evil all around him? For he stands alone. And there in the open night that breathe so quietly and through the dreadful hours of sleep he wishes not to be awaken. For his heart love has died from that whispering life outside. In comfort Jesus was willing to think of you. But Satan has stolen your thoughts away and the dead weeps all around you desperately willing to know you. But when you die no thought else matter. Before the wings he will see the queen who will kiss him tragedy and be content to remain a secret. cause in life his triumph was his crown. and the hours of knowing and the hidden silence ask why you are you? So wait for the holy three to bring about an uproar in your life, and you're be wishing that you were dead too. thanks you all who have brought my newest book the seeker of souls on www.lulu.com/seekerofsouls now I leave you with this poem. the deivl came down 2 mill town, he was looking for a soul 2 steal, he was in a bind cause he was way behind he was looking 2 make a deal. When he saw me writing poetry and man I was writing it hot, then the devil jump up on the gangster block and said son I'll tell u what if you care 2 make this deal I'll make this bet with u,see you mighy not know this but I'm a perty good writer to, and I'll write this gold against your soul to say I'm better than you. Well I said 2 the devil that my name is Lousa and its sure would be a sin, but I'll take ur bet ur gonna regret cause I'm the best that ever been. Well the devil open up his case and said I'll start this here show, as fire flew from his finger tips and smoke up out his nose, and he wrote down some words that made a evil hiss, and a band of demons join in yeah well they cheated something like this. Lousa rouse up ur words and write them down hard, cause the devil loose in mill town and the devil fighting hard, and if u win u get the pen made of gold, but if u lose the devil get ur soul!! when the devil finish I said well ur pretty good old son, but sit down in that chair right there and let me show u how its done. Well I wrote fire in the house run ron run, the devil in the of the riasing sun, writing down poems that nobody knows, come on and run cause the devil wants ur soul. The devil bow his head cause he know that he been beat, so he lay that pen of gold right down beside my feet, and I said come on back devil if ever u want 2 try again, cause I told u once u son-of-a-%#&@$! that I was the best that ever been. cause I wrote, fire in the house run ron run, the devil in the house of the riasing sun, writing down poem that nobody knows, come on and run cause the devil want ur soul. thank you The Seeker Of Souls. you can now find my new book on http://stores.lulu.com/seekero fsouls

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You have bewitched me body and soul, To make me rise from my high thorne and put on my suit of war and take my sword from its place and to go make war with those enemies I thought have done this deed. but now you stand before me unshaken and unpuzzled which in turn bring new feeling in me I'm am not sure of.. just a little some thing from my new book the seeker of souls at www.lulu.comseekerofsouls so please enjoy yourself and good reading. (continue reading)

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