OpenCart: info on improved release of this open source solution


Open Cart review

The second version of OpenCart has been released on the market. It is an open source software that features great popularity. This version introduced many modifications to the interface. It also provided new dashboard view and changed some other tools.

This OpenCart review is dedicated to some most interesting characteristics of this software that makes it stand out from the rest of the programs. Numerous OpenCart reviews mention that the new release of this ecommerce shopping cart introduces many improved attributes. Code creation has been improved as well as a dashboard. Maintaining it will be simple. In our OpenCart review, we would like to name the most prominent characteristics of the new release (OpenCart, v. 2).

Almost every OpenCart review on the Internet indicates that the new release features full responsiveness of its designs. They are expected to have a fantastic look across a broad range of various devices.  Moreover, in our OpenCart review, we would like to ensure OpenCart fans that the new release integrates perfectly with Bootstrap making your e-shop a reliable, robust selling channel  featuring smooth operation across all devices.

Font Awesome is another advantageous feature of the new OpenCart versions that enriches the design providing fonts and icon set of over four hundred items according to many Open Cart reviews. By adding special CSS classes to the site code, you can display stylish icons on your website.

Some new features that are worth mentioning in this OpenCart review make new release a cool version of this software. OCmod is one of them. It lets you modify many things on the site. But what’s most important, it gets the modifications done while leaving main files virtually unchanged. It is straightforward to add this new feature. Most Open Cart reviews point out that it ensures prevention of data loss during upgrades.

In this OpenCart review, we would like to inform the fans of this software that the new release contains a so-called “intuitive” dashboard. Focusing on most relevant features and tools like analyzing transactions and client’s data, it provides easier ways to communicate within the software structure making it more user-friendly. Menus are placed vertically on this new dashboard, and not horizontally providing smarter navigating opportunities.

Extension installer, as stated in many Open Cart reviews, is a smart feature. It makes it easier and faster to install add-ons/themes. You do not have to perform overriding of files; it will be done while installing themes or extensions.

The first release of OpenCart provided many payment options (over twenty payment gateways). However, we need to pinpoint in our OpenCart review that much more was included with the second release (currently over thirty options) including BluePay Redirect, Amazon Payments, PayPal and many others.

Web store maintenance can be a difficult task because you need to worry about many things. Event Notification makes it easier to get notified about various processes.  In our OpenCart review, we would like to comment on some of them. The system informs about the number of new clients, number of products that need to be restocked, about the status of each order, etc.

Also, the new version features API. It integrates the website with third-party platforms. For instance, connecting the info on a mobile app to CMS site.

We need to say in this OpenCart review that the second release of the OpenCart software program is equipped with MaxMind. It is a system that detects fraud. It can identify and put on hold transactions that may pose some risk. Many methods and algorithms are used for fraud identification. The system may track suspicious IP addresses, risky emails or devices.

Web designers and developers as well as end-users of this software will benefit from our OpenCart review.  IT experts who commented on the new release, expressing their opinion on the modified front end. They say that it hasn’t changed much from the previous version and boasts excellent navigation and fresh themes. The new slider has been added. Also one can notice some other small but significant changes.

Some end-users were complaining about the large boxes in the catalog of products. They would like to have some resize options to modify them and change proportions. They also discuss the problem with the default theme. The image size for products is too big. Many end-users just cannot provide pictures large enough to fit there.

Other crucial interface parts namely for end-user accounts and shopping cart remained unchanged compared to the previous version. Some experts see this as a positive thing because the last release had nicely designed and developed interfaces.

Some experts pointed out that the last release had admin dashboard that looked a bit cumbersome and outdated. In OpenCart 2 it was changed a great deal, and the results are great. It has become more user-friendly and looks good on top of that. The new pop-up box is an excellent addition. It contains top navigation and significantly improves space utilization. Furthermore, it adds to user experience along with other cool features in the new release.

We can conclude in this OpenCart review that the new release is a fantastic Ecommerce platform for your e-store. It boasts a user-friendly interface. Beautiful default theme adds to look of any e-store. The main shortcoming of this new release is that it is not hundred percent compatible with the previous one. It means that upgrading process may be somewhat awkward. However, it is known that the developers have been working hard to resolve these issues.

OpenCart features simple installation process. It requires limited PHP knowledge. Configuration PHP files need to be renamed before performing an installation. After the system is installed, the user can perform full customization of the e-shop adding all the necessary info. This platform provides multilingual support. Also, if you want to design several online stores, you can manage them from one backend.

OpenCart has a “General Public License” and can be used openly by anyone. Once the software is installed, the user can start placing different products in various categories adding their attributes. Filters let users find and group the products.

This OpenCart version can be used by new customers or existing users who can upgrade and modify their e-shops using the great tools and features of this software program.

The Best Listing Hub Software for Amazon


Amazon is the most noticeable deals stage for web-based business retailers. Other than their high volume of customer activity, these two steps give a simple, instinctive interface. All things being equal, online retail has developed lately, and retailers must keep item points of interest crosswise over numerous business channels. The best Amazon listing software offers apparatuses and assets to enter, develop and contend in the extending internet business advertise.

Amazon listing software

Anyone who has invested the energy to post a similar listing hub on Amazon will concur: The procedure can take numerous dreary hours that you won't get back. If you are maintaining an online business, there are insufficient hours in the day for you to list, oversee, refresh and deliver items from numerous sites. The answer to this hindrance is in a multi channel listing software benefit.

Multi channel listing software gives online retailers the apparatuses to join multiple business channels into a solitary system. The best listing software for independent ventures even offers continuous help to every customer. Multi channel listing software is the main answer for retailers to streamline the Amazon listing software.

The Best Features of Amazon Listing Software

The multi channel Amazon listing software items that are accessible to online retailers are not all made an equivalent. Indeed, benefits contrast, even between two equivalent software suppliers. Most listing software offers the capacity to post items from an administrator board, rather than listing hub from Amazon. Just the best listing software includes the advancement to robotize the procedure of Amazon listing software.

Multi Channel Listing Automation

Computerization is the name of the amusement. Benefit and automation should be synonymous for online retailers. Robotizing the administration of your online business is of advantage to the retailer, and the software supplier, in a few ways: Automation gives you a chance to concentrate on maintaining your business.

A unified interface will show your listing hub on every deal channel. This empowers retailers to get an entire review of their deals, initially. Computerization is of extraordinary advantage to retailers and listing software suppliers, alike, as it allows software suppliers to offer individual help to customers. At the point when forms are not computerized, specialist organizations are left to do manual information section for each listing.

This may free up retailers to continue ahead, yet it confines the measure of individual concentration they can provide for any one retailer. Rather than concentrating on their customer, they should focus on the software. Mechanization is a vital factor in picking the best listing software for Amazon. The best suppliers of listing software, fuse a mechanized way to deal with each element of their administration.

From administration of listing hub to the satisfaction of requests, and synchronizing a listings stock over numerous channels; mechanization is above all else. Listing Management Multi channel software's capacity to oversee item listings, over Amazon, is entirely reliant on the refinement of its software outline. The best listing administration highlights represent an extensive variety of fields. Listing Mirror is a case of listing software, which sends out every item field content and incorporates your Amazon listing software.

Request Fulfillment

Request satisfaction can be the progression that backs off retailers and causes mass wasteful aspects of multi channel online business software. Listing hub gives the mechanization and software configuration to dispatch a client's items straightforwardly through Fulfilled By Amazon, regardless of if the request is made through Amazon.

Furthermore, the best listing software is worked to oblige outsider transportation techniques, which can turn into a more noteworthy need as an online item stock develops in volume and assortment. Stock Syncing The best listing software naturally matches up Amazon item stock.

Bunches of listing software for Amazon give an interface to this capacity, in any case, despite everything somebody needs to make the keystrokes. With the best listing software, the stock is matched up between numerous business channels, quickly. No retailer connection required. This eliminates a standout amongst the most dreary assignments of overseeing item retail.

Amazon Listing Software

listing hub

For merchants, who are searching for Amazon Software, OmniChannelHub is a really decent alternative. It enables Amazon retailers to rundown and offers in mass. It gives a direct measure of computerized accommodation. For Amazon retailers hoping to offer in mass, it may be attractive. Sweep items and show them on Amazon with a work area application.

This item is a decent bit of software for sorting out your Amazon listing software. It is a fun and simple instrument to use for listing hub and outlining your store. It concentrates on the tasteful of your listings. It incorporates looking over exhibitions and inconclusive picture bolster. It's helpful, yet it doesn't bolster cross usefulness with listing s on Amazon. It offers an extensive variety of format to include their listings.

This software is about picture facilitating and page outline, yet it provides a few instruments for making listings. It gives excellent client bolster, in spite of the fact that its capacities are restricted. For instance; a client can't ask for help for sending out their listings to Amazon. All things being equal, it is a helpful bit of listing software for overseeing and planning a retailers store. Omni exceeds expectations where others listing software falls flat. It is the best software benefit answer for listing items on Amazon.

This software gives a robotized serves to retailers. Omni additionally offers client bolster. It gives robotized usefulness to the listing, and, it obliges extension. This takes into account a consistent change from private company to scale. This empowers you to import listings to Amazon individually. The best multi channel listing software for Amazon retailers gives solid robotization to your organization's item administration.

Other than their high volume of customer activity, these stages give a simple, instinctive interface. All things being equal, online retail has developed lately, and retailers must keep item points of interest crosswise over numerous business channels.

The best listing software for Amazon offers apparatuses and assets to enter, develop and contend in the growing web based business advertise.

Threats related to e-commerce are more real than you think


Internet business includes the purchasing and offering of merchandise and enterprises on the web. Any business exchange or company that incorporates the transfer of data over the network falls under web-based business.

security threats in e-commerce

Threats related to e-commerce allude to anything fit for trading off the security of gadgets associated with the Internet, data frameworks and the information on them and the administrations they give essentially by digital means. Security threats in e-commerce cover a wide range of malignant movement that happens on the Internet. It incorporates secret activities, robbery of protected innovation, site ruination, forswearing of administration assaults.

A great many people these days want to do their business exchanges on the web. Online business has achieved comfort. Notwithstanding, the accommodation accompanies the genuine threat of digital assaults. The online business industry has no option yet to execute procedures that can help battle threats related to e-commerce.

Secure Sockets Layer is a security innovation utilized for building up a scrambled connection between the server and a customer. It permits the protected transmission of touchy data, for example, standardized savings numbers, charge card numbers and login certifications. Information encryption is vital for any association that needs to safely secure information that they don't need outsiders to approach. Encoding causes relationships to achieve corporate privileged insights and also their customer's data in this manner guarding against things like fraud.

Encryption changes the data to wind up plainly garbled to everybody except just to the individuals who have a key that can alter the data back to its discernable shape. Web clients trust only those sites that have Certificate. The sites are adequately identifiable with the bolt symbol for secured sites and a green address bar for expanded approval secured web destinations.

Installment Card Industry principles were made by the significant Mastercard backers to ensure individual data and to guarantee security when installments are handled utilizing an installment card. Inability to consent to the norms won't just prompt fines from Mastercard organizations and banks yet also not have the capacity to process Visas altogether.

You can spare loads of cash when buying endorsements

Threats related to e-commerce

The Address Verification System checks that the charging location of the Visa coordinates the address given by the client. It is a propelled level of Mastercard security whereby if the addresses don't organize; the exchange does not experience. The framework battles against misrepresentation movement by cross-checking the cardholder's address information with the card backer's records. Robotized verification reveals deceitful conduct, ensures the client's data and confirms authentic exchanges.

Layered Security likewise alluded to as Layered Defense, is a security framework that uses various parts to ensure operations on multiple levels. It is the place different systems and assets are utilized to square, moderate or postpone a threat, in this way killing it.

The best protection against security threats in e-commerce is adopting another strategy. Layered security includes security conventions at the framework or system level. It is an astute method for tending to issues with various sorts of hacking, refusal of administration assaults and also worms, infections, and other detached framework assaults. Additional layers of security to your association's site, for example, login boxes, contact shapes and additionally seek inquiries will go far to ensure your web-based business stage against assaults.

Having Tracking Numbers for each request that a business conveys is helpful in fighting misrepresentation. Extortion incorporates a situation where a client influences an internet shopping to buy with their card and a short time later records a charge against the Visa organization. The business needs to pay the charge expense even where the claim is dismissed or is a subject of data fraud or extortion. Following is imperative for organizations particularly those that drop send.

Confirmation is a technique for PC get to control whereby the client is conceded control only in the wake of giving two separate bits of proof. Empowering confirmation is another method for battling threats related to e-commerce. Rather than entering a name and watchword just to login, the site requests that you enter a code that is sent to your telephone to confirm your character. Numerous online specialist organizations like Yahoo utilize two stages check as a measure to battle the insurrection of threats.

It is imperative for a business to ensure a client's touchy data. Clients cease working with organizations that don't have precise techniques for securing their private data. Keeping excessively of a client's data on a server can inspire programmers to attempt to take such data. You should just store least private data. The security principles are against keeping such data, especially when Visa data is concerned. The rupture of the standards can bring about punishments.

Threats are among the principal factors that influence organizations. Programmers are consistently taking charge card and other private data from web-based business sites. For TEA Software to efficiently battle wrongdoing, it needs to set down strategies and methods of handling digital security threats in e-commerce intentionally.

The strategies we've discussed will expand your rate from guests to buyers. On the off chance that just one of those destinations I took a gander at for that damn sink plug had the correct estimation. And possibly some announcement about how the producer's specs are really off base, we quantified, and so on, I'd have ceased in that spot and purchased from that site.

In any case, there's an advantage here as well. You've recently included a bundle of extra, one of a kind content to your site, and possibly a couple of new remarkable photographs also. In addition to the fact that you will change better, however, you'll likely rank better as well.

Aside from the techniques said above, organizations should remain educated about digital risks and the potential effect they may have on the association. A business should likewise set up nonstop observing techniques to help anticipate, and counteract threats related to e-commerce. In conclusion, an organization should utilize a wise way to deal with security threats in e-commerce and perceive that it is critical to give adequate assets to the association's digital threat chance administration.

3 Steps to Go One Up on Shopify Competitors


Shopify competitors

As a way for being different from Shopify competitors favorably, every entrepreneur should conduct web optimization for his or her store.

As soon as you improve internet search rankings in engines like Yahoo or Bing, you would be able to get a much larger number of visitors and customers in the future.

Vital basics for any promotional campaign or digital advertising, whether paid and/or organic, are key phrases and words.

The failure of major Shopify competitors as well as your prosperity would depend from an appropriately selected semantic core. It does not matter how often the search mechanisms are updated, no matter if it’s Google, or Yandex, or Yahoo, or Bing, etc.

Everyone need to conduct an in-depth study and find the appropriate, relevant phrases if you want to go up on other Shopify competitors.

What does a phrase «deep keyword analysis" mean?

It stands for the procedure when digital analysts and marketers discover keywords and phrases which men and women apply to look up the Internet. When you correctly identify the crucial words poll for SEO or targeting, you would definitely get certain advantages in information retrieval among Shopify competitors.

Let's look through several aspects of keyword framework analysis.

Keyword research: Three essential stages for everyone

  1. Compose Poll of Seed Keywords

The prime and main stage of the research that usually done is using a vast fundamental poll of words and phrases in listings' descriptions at your shop. Explore them deeply. Answer questions: "What does my store sell?", "What distinguishes my items from Shopify competitors?".

Ensure to catch under consideration a portrait of target market and audience when you will run SEO optimization. Who is the ideal client and where he or she lives? What is he or she searching for? What kind of client's pain does your product solve? What advantages have your items but Shopify competitors are missing?

Ascertaining out Google Search Console information and data of your e-commerce shop you will gain understanding: the way prospective purchasers find your shop. Which keywords may lead to increased purchases. Make a spreadsheet for discovered phrases. Reduce its size to 10. The result would become your semantic core. Everyone could be able to locate your shop among Shopify competitors using indicated key words.

  1. Find LSI plus expand keywords poll

The SEO task is to get maximum traffic by using certain tools.

To do this, expand your keywords core.

There are an enormous amount of applications.

You are able to receive hundreds of phrases and keywords that would boost your store’s vital semantic core.

Each search engine has its tool for completing poll of key words. So, Google suggests using the AdWords Keyword Planner.

You may use Webmaster Tools to compile a keywords’ poll from the Bing's search engine. Yahoo! Has its Yahoo Keyword Tool.

Which app should I choose?

Do not discount any of the tools. Despite that Google is still the leading and trendy search engine, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing have their audience and users too. Meanwhile, algorithms of mentioned systems are significantly different.

Keyword selection applications are created primarily for web-developers and digital marketing experts. With their help, you may plan each marketing campaign. Furthermore! You may even conduct SEO optimization by yourself.

Without free AdWords account, no individual would be able to use the Keyword Planner. You may obtain information about the requests frequency, as well as make an approximate budget for paid promotion in Google.

Bing's Webmaster Tools offers application named Keyword Research. Everyone may access it by registering with the system. The difference between the Yahoo Keyword app and others is its price. If previous keyword selection instruments are free, then for unlimited use of Yahoo Keyword Keg, you have to pay from USD 8 per month.

Google Suggest is another brilliant application to find possible phrases and keywords that would enable you to stand out among Shopify competitors.

Applying apps like Google Suggest, Keyword Keg, Keyword Planner will allow automation keywords analysis for your company.

In addition to applications named above, you may consider to use Ubersuggest. This software would expand the index of relevant search phrases used by Google.

You able to download the result of the investigation in a .csv file and put to work later. The software requires no fees.

Another tool for picking keywords is Mergewords. Unlike the rest, it does not use Google search data (like Ubersuggest).

You might be interested: how does it work?

The principle of Mergewords is to create all workable combinations of keywords. Like other gliders of keywords, Mergewords has its shortcomings. But not always selected phrases are relevant to your shop and niche. However, the ability to send to an Excel allows you to file out unwanted data.

 Shopify competitor

  1. Decrease the obtained poll of keywords

Well, you have already spent time and energy on making an expanded poll of keywords and phrases that you want to implement for promotion.

Now it's time to reduce it several times.

To accomplish this, you will require determining estimated number of visitors, evaluating what do customers expect when they use certain words during their search.

Of course, this is not a complete list of instruments for SEO work out. In order to really stand out among Shopify competitors you must to run a broad investigation.

You can discover a lot of tips, advice for developing indicators to getting your shop to the top. Perhaps you will even find a statement that Shopify sucks and even some alternative to Shopify.

But whatever software you choose, you should do an outstanding job. Set your goals and KPIs. Set up your automated sales funnel. Segment indicators for the criteria:

  • Traffic and its sources;
  • Estimated expenses;
  • Conversion prognosis (per month, per quarter and year).

Develop an outstanding strategy for your own business.

In fact, developing the business strategy is a pretty complicated process that requires maximum attention and analytical work. But this is a critical aspect, from which depends on your company success and the triumph over your opponents.

By the way, have you checked this article: Step-by-step to Shopify Competitors Website Success?

In this article we are going to give you a brisk outline with regards to the distinctions of listing hub


amazon listing software

In the previous year, worldwide listing hub deals developed. As a merchant, you are intensely mindful of both the development openings and difficulties that go with maintaining a business. For those of you offering on more than one channel, those open doors and problems are strengthened.

To stay aware of requests and develop your organization, you have to enroll combination software to computerize errands crosswise over deals channels, streamline work process and conceivably supplant an arrangement of discrete, obsolete instruments. Stock and request administration software can build net revenues and lessen operational expenses, and more current renditions are at long last reasonable for independent ventures.

Computerization Reduces Business Expenses

Less manual errands. Mechanizing the development of offers and request data crosswise over deals channels wipes out the requirement for occasional help procured to control and process information physically.

The software speaks with deals channels, distribution centers, and drop shippers as a deal is made, and makes stock amount modifications likewise. One client spared seven days on offer assistance. Omni Channel Hub software is quicker and more exact than manual undertaking administration and replaces it entirely for this situation.

Wipes out old instruments. The robust stock administration software can supplant other costly apparatuses and offer an inventory network administration arrangement. A client of our own burned through thousands a month on different amazon listing software devices, all appointed to enable him to deal with his business.

As a best 100 Amazon listing software vendor, he now spends only a hundred a month on software that roboticized and incorporates his multichannel listing hub forms progressively and has better control over every moving part.

Better Amazon listing software. What computerization gave a stock administration software is quicker, more exact and more productive than manual information stopping or following. This diminishes costs spent on additional apparatuses or help and enhances net revenues. For two clients with built up organizations, the rate of profitability numbers was astonishing separately within a few months of beginning to utilize the software.

Streamlined Work Increases Profits

Include more deals channels. Without robotization software, you need to sign in to every deal channel exclusively to gather and process new deals requests, and afterward refresh stock over each channel where you may have that item recorded available to be purchased. A stock and item listing software framework streamlines your Amazon listing software by handling and refreshing stock naturally.

With additional time staring you in the face, you can securely include new deals channels and product offerings. Listing hub clients have possessed the capacity to add extra deals channels to their listing hub business collection.

A considerable lot of them exploited the item listing apparatus and index administration computerization alternatives inside listing hub to make listing items available to be purchased on another channel significantly speedier and more straightforward. Is there another business channel you'd get a kick out of the chance to offer single new site? The stock software can enable you to extend your market to reach with more noteworthy control.

Develop income. Speedier, more skillful work and deliberately oversaw operations prompts more deals. The more vigorous and better incorporated the software is, the better it can enable your business to develop and scale.
listing hub

Here are two noteworthy reasons why we figure you should exchange your names:

  1.  The time it takes to name each one of your items could be better spent on creating new things or notwithstanding breaking down your business to drive more efficiently. We instead you invest the energy searching for discounts or evacuating awful criticism than spend another problematic moment on marking.
  1. When it comes to cost, Amazon just charges a couple of pennies a thing to mark your item, and they have it down to a science at the distribution center. We have done experiments, and we haven't discovered any occasions where the naming has caused delays in getting your item into the stockroom and prepared to offer.

Quicker, more precise handling and enhanced consumer loyalty enabled one client to build this month to month deals, in under two months. Clients could expand income by a normal each quarter. What might an expansion be worth to your business?

Contend on the web. With speedier execution and better exactness of every single moving part, mechanization software reinforces your business against rivals. It likewise lessens the probability of adverse circumstances that can prompt poor vendor audits. One client of our own saw his Amazon listing software rating enhance, which straightforwardly affected deals.

He credits this to the computerization, speed, and exactness of our stock control software. He likewise exploits additional items, similar to our email promoting mechanization that is fixing straightforwardly to deals request and item data. Better merchant scores enable you to emerge against contenders and win more contracts.

Software Eliminates Costly Problems

Avoids overselling. A vigorous stock administration framework goes about as an arrangement of eyes for your business. It effectively mitigates the danger of overselling by refreshing stock amounts in close ongoing. This keeps the leftover negative merchant appraisals that outcome from stock outs, and eventually shields against the poor deals that an inadmissible dealer rating can prompt.

Stops interior robbery. The reports worker robbery costs retailers billions every year. Stock software averts robbery by keeping a precise, consistent record of moving stock. Contrasted with organizations that utilization pen and paper, Excel, or bookkeeping software to screen work process, organizations that stock software report inherently less robbery than those utilizing different frameworks.

A stock administration software can help you securely develop and scale your business, while sparing you time and cash. Search for software that can produce with you, which means one that has a decent rundown of incorporated commercial centers and further improvements to make work less severe and more efficient.

We're eager to declare that listing hub is the main stock, deals request and item listing software wholly coordinated to settle your multichannel challenges. We're incredibly amped up for our organization and our association with you.

Key Points To Know About Click Fraud



The Internet is excellent ways for people that perform online businesses.  The user may now do the business usually from own house and comfort. Soon, you should begin with the computer and internet.  The money will be rolling even when you are sleeping.

However, it may not be the case if you have an online store. With the increase in online businesses, there has also been an increase in online fraud such as click fraud.  It mostly affects people who deal with e-commerce. If you are an advertiser using pay per click, so you must even understand the fact business is at high risk.

Click fraud has gained substantial ground over the decades. Tackling clickfraud is never walk in the park. There are certain things you have to do to get rid of it. Having an awareness of the online fraud is significant to help stop it.  Having the proper understanding will assist to take extraordinary precautions to protect your business. Nowadays, there is software that will help you to deal with clickfraud.

Till you continue with the virtual business, a user should keep business perfectly protected. You do not want to lose money and get to start all over again.  It will be a waste of both time and money.  

A user confirms their virtual company is well safeguarded and the user getting genuine visitors. While you look for different ways about ways, protect the business against the click fraud, and then one should continue reading.

When you are a victim of clickfraud, you will be getting a lot of clicks but no sales or rate of conversion. When you undertake a PPC campaign, you expect to see the results regarding deals and increased rates of conversion. The user will acquire fake clicks in their thousands and thus no sales. The robots can attack when you least expect it.  

However, it is not only bots that cause this problem. People are also culprits of the scam. One of your competitors may be the cause of your downfall.  They can click on your ads repeatedly to just to get you out of the way in business.   

It is a shrewd way of getting rid of your competition.  However, they do not care if you will remain bankrupt or not. The critical point they care about is that they stay on top of the competition by any means possible.

Clickfraud leaves you bankrupt since you will be paying for ads that are not helping you. You will no longer lose money when you use the right software on your account. When you invest in the company, the user also assumes to get returns.

However, when you get false visitors, there is a possibility that no is coming again but only losing. For every visitor, you need pay for it. There are thousands of clicks, where the person will end up being bankrupt before you even know it.

If there is money going out and none is coming in your business can be in trouble. It is, therefore, essential to detect the click fraud before you become bankrupt. Using the software for will keep the site completely safe from any risks.

You may be happy that you have got a lot of traffic, but the happiness will only last for a short time while you could discover there is indeed nothing for rejoicing.  The user soon will identify that sales are reducing even though the traffic is increasing. If you start the PPC campaign and notice there are several visitors to the website, then a person would investigate and find out in case it is clickfraud.

It never gets ignore and think that traffic mainly is as a result of having a high content.  There are different means to avoid virtual scam prior that it affects your account balance.   You can do it manually by monitoring the activity on your account.

However, the main disadvantage of the manual method is time-consuming. Moreover, at times you may forget to check on the visitor due to having a demanding agenda. For this reason, one should get help from those who are qualified in this area. A company that deals with click protection will give high attention which ensures nothing left.  

You can use fraud protection methods provided by Google, and you may go for one that will check your account at quite a frequent interval of time to ensure there is something fishy going on.


How can you avoid online fraud?

Prevention is always better than cure.  You can safeguard your virtual business from click fraud. The first thing that one should do is detect whether there is fraud or not. There are many clickfraud protection methods which you can use on your website.   

You can make use of the Google analytics and master tools to detect clickfraud. The devices use automated filtering techniques to identify the clickfraud. You can also determine the malicious activity manually. However, it can be time-consuming.  

However, if you are patient enough, you will reap the benefits in the long run. You can check if your website has abnormal traffic.  When you identify irregular activities like a high number of repeat visitors, excess pageviews or irregular average duration period, it can be a sign of click fraud.  

Once you have identified clickfraud, one should take the next step and block the IP address which is suspicious. You can use Bing and Google to prevent the suspicious IP address.   

However, Google may not be able to get all the bots or people that are mysteriously clicking on your advertisements. It is advisable that you take action before the issue becomes worse. The longer you wait, the more money you will lose from the fraud.



Use TEA Software to prevent clickfraud


In case you do not achieve success using the other methods, then one should try something else. There is software in the market which will make your work simpler. One such software is TEA software which detects the click fraud. It does this by monitoring your traffic in real time.

The clickfraud detection software will make it easy for you to recognize any malicious activity on your site. When you are planning to enhance the virtual business, then you must also think with a line of getting TEA software will safeguard your virtual store.

Click fraud is a dangerous activity, and you will suffer a lot in the long run.  If you don’t want to lose virtual business, then one should act fast and get the appropriate software to help you identify the fraud on time. With the help of clickfraud software, you can generate a report that you will send to Google to investigate to detect the click fraud.

The software will make it easy to find out where the clickfraud is coming from. It can identify the IP address where the malicious activity is coming from. The software can block the IP address to prevent further damage. The suspect can even be caught by tracking the IP address.

You can also send an analytic report to report the fraud when it happens. It is such a delight to let people understand about this system which helps the user to keep a complete track your paid account to determine when you can see any click scam.

Using the clickfraud reports, you can get reimbursed for the activity that took place on your account. TEA software makes easy to identify instances of clickfraud and solve the problem before you begin losing vast sums of money.

Clickfraud can cause you sleepless nights because you are losing money. However, you may also avert the clickfraud that could leave you bankrupt. You will not find anything which will go wrong while you get the software watching over PPC account of the ad.

You must act fast which is essential to stay ahead in this world. Using TEA Software can help to make the task more comfortable as well as quicker.  Here you should be aware, that user never worries about bots invading your ads and making you lose money.  

The software has a lot of benefits that will significantly boost your business. It will monitor the traffic and detect fraud and finally will maintain the account to be much safe.

Virtual scams can ruin the online business if you do not do anything. You need to confirm that user takes the bold step towards putting an end to it. Given that it can get you off guard, you have to prepare prior it happens.  


When your hard work is valued, you should get the TEA software which protects your account from click fraud, but at the same time, it will also give complete peace of mind understanding virtual business is running smoothly.  When a user is starting off, the person should be informed on what the face going about protecting your investment.

Ecommerce Solutions and OpenCart Review



In today’s digital era, everything is going online. Our world has become so small. Everything and everyone are now connected via internet. We cannot even think anything without internet whatever it may be, from chatting with our friends, sharing something with someone who is now on the other side of the Earth, making transactions with the bank and also online shopping.


There are different applications to help us do these. Open cart ecommerce is the most common term now. You must know what ecommerce means. It is an electronically controlled process to improve the businesspersons and the consumers for selling and buying products and services.


Electronic commerce or ecommerce is precisely known as the transaction of online buying and selling. Since the application of ecommerce is booming, there have been developed various ecommerce solutions to help the businesses.


Among them, eCommerce Spot is one of the most popular names.It draws on internet marketing, electronic fund transfer, online transaction processing, supply chain management, electronic data interchange, automated data collection system and inventory management system.


Apparently, in our daily life, we are getting all the advantages of ecommerce. You sold your old mobile phone last month, and you’ve taken help from your laptop! Similarly, in the previous clearance sale, you have bought a pair of shoes online! These are typical activities in modern days, and it states that you are an active part of ecommerce.


In general, World Wide Web is used by ecommerce for the transaction cycle and also uses e-mail. We use opencart review for some online purchase, downloading something, banking transactions, etc. The following are the most common fields where we use ecommerce frequently:


·       Online payments: very secure and convenient. Customers don’t have to visit banks physically.


·          Online shopping: you can purchase anything from anywhere with just a mouse click.


·        Internet banking: using the bank’s portal you can perform any of the activities related to your bank.


·       Online flights & train ticket booking, advance hotel booking: now you can avoid the long queue and book your tickets from home.


An idea about ecommerce solutions:


               Now, let’s discuss on ecommerce solutions. Do you know what the term open cart ecommerce solutions mean?It commonly refers to the services or products to help a company which wants to carry out business digitally and electronically.


There are various ecommerce solutions are available. ECommerce Spot is one of the most sophisticated ecommerce solutions today. It will help you to operate your traditional business through www sites.


Are you getting confused how does ecommerce solutions execute electronically? In these days, ecommerce has become something more than online transactions. Maximum companies are developing their online business portals. Now, it has become easy to interact with the customers directly and trading partners.


An excellent supply-chain management has been established here. Naturally, business is demanding more than just providing online support. Every company now requires a full-fledged upgraded website to help them with build-up customer relationships. It can follow any of the marketplace models like business-to-business, customer-to-business or business-to-customer.


There are a few solutions which strictly focus on a particular issue. Let’s consider an example to make it clear. A company wants to sell its wares through a www portal. To perform this, they have to buy a bandwidth solution and that too from a specific firm. Why they have to do this?


They have to allocate extra resources to certain commerce transactions than to others. Now consider another example of an electronic merchant. He wants to develop the online checkout procedure for the clients. He may be turned to an expert vendor for the shopping cart solution.


               As the scope of ecommerce is growing day by day, however, the requirement for more accurate and inclusive solutions has intensified. This growing demand leads to some ecommerce solution providers are focusing on a suite of solutions to meet multiple criteria and solve several problems.


If you want to achieve a precise concept regarding opencart review, the different essential terms should be known to you.The shopping cart is one of the important conditions you should get an idea about.

What is a shopping cart?


A shopping cart is mainly attached to the online retailer’s websites. It is the software to control the ordering process of an online store. The opencart review is the interface between the company’s website and its secured infrastructure of the database. With the help of this interface, customers can select any merchandise, review the product, can add or modify whatever necessary and finally purchase the product.


               Most of the companies buy shopping cart individually. After purchasing the website, developers integrate this interface into their system with some additional required security-related modifications. The open cart ecommerce is the most critical interface of an online retailer website because here the customers have to insert their very private payment related information.


That portal must keep their customer’s information safe and secure. There exist different types of shopping carts depending on the security they can offer. Open cart ecommerce, CS-cart, x-cart, Zen cart are some of the kinds of available shopping carts.

What is the importance of a shopping cart?


If you have the best shopping cart on your hand, your website will rock. Perfect cart software has the following three aspects.


1.       It acts as a database for your online retailing shop. It can store the information related to your product.

2.     When customers need to order, something shopping carts act as the gateway for that order. Also, it manages customers.

3.       Shopping cart renders product categories and data. It provides the site related information to the users.

What is OpenCart review?


It is an exclusive opencart review  for the shopping cart. It is one of the most protected ecommerce solutions. It helps the online retailers to set up a new online business and to proceed cost-effectively. If you have PHP and MySQL installed, you can use this secure shopping cart system. It is a free software. So, anyone can avail this.


It is a natural shopping cart system to apply for the beginners. You just need to install this software on your system. Now, select a template according to your choice. Come to the last phase. Add your products you want to sell online. Voila! Your online shopping site is ready to use. You can start your new business now.

Advantages of the open cart ecommerce

It includes built-in numerous payment gateways. The developers of OpenCart review provide a lifelong free support system, and you also can update the software for free of cost. This software supports SEO.You can optimize the search, and thus your website can be indexed by all of the original search engines.Now, let’s focus on the other useful advantages of this shopping cart software.



It has open source, unlimited categories, attached documentation.


You can select from multiple templates, various languages. You can download the product, resize the product image, lots of pages with information, build in a facility of discount coupons. You can calculate the product’s shipping weight, the module system, backup and restore tools, its ratings, tax rates, manufacturers of the product, product reviews, related products. You can take the printout of the invoice, sales report.



                  You can quickly switch between various templates or can transport the current look of your website into opencart review. The multi-store abilities allow you to control multiple stores with the help of just one admin interface. Each of the shops can be localized with various default language, currency and tax class.



You can select how many products will be appeared at a specific store. You can set different price range at a particular store. This software will provide you various tax zones. So, you can quickly decide what you have to pay depending on the country from where the product is going to be shipped and where it is getting arrived.



You can control your online store via B2B:


·          You can set different groups of customers like wholesale or retail and default customer. If you want to sell the product at different prices to various groups, it is easy to set here.


·          You can set your online store in such a way that only logged in customers can view the prices.


·          You can set a discount depending on the quantity of the product have been ordered.


Moreover, it is easy to use software with an exciting interface. The customer’s registration is not a necessity. They just have to fill up some of the required information in entering here, and their order will be processed.


Therefore, open cart ecommerce and its various interfaces are mainly designed for the users to make their transactions simpler and secure. Security is the fundamental thing of an online operation whether it is related to online shopping or internet banking.

All of the portals have to be conscious more of the secret information of their users. To make sure that the users’ data is safe with them they are using different types of shopping carts. Now, it is effortless for us to go transactions online. You can flow with this electronic commerce and make your life more excited.


What Everybody Is Saying About Netsuite Competitors and What You Must Do


The Little-Known Secrets to Netsuite Competitors

Contacts from clients and prospects are at present offered. You have to be able to differentiate your offerings to continue to keep your customers coming back. It could take somewhat more time to ship, but for these national clients, its worth it to obtain what they're searching for.

Another 1 of NetSuite competitors, the software named Adjutant, has been developed to supply services to a distinct industrial sector handling metals, however other kinds of businesses like constructors, distributors, manufacturers can utilize this system also. Now companies can find a broad selection of strong solutions like Shopping Cart Elite which are cloud and SaaS-based at a portion of this price. Most companies attempt to first solve the issue by raising headcount.

Therefore, it provides a smooth and effective support. Technology, in a nutshell, forms the backbone of the majority of corporate supply chains. It was originally called NetLedger.

The Battle Over Netsuite Competitors and How to Win It

This procedure can help you realize which competitor is contributing more in the industry. BPR is utilized to analyze the company procedure and thereby take the required steps to realize the possible development of the organization. An advertising competitor analysis is a crucial portion of your own marketing and advertising strategy.

If you are interested in an integration solution that scales with your organization, then a multichannel integration is your very best bet. NetSuite training is normally supplied in a blended learning format, which has all of the advantages of the digital classroom. Salesforce and Netsuite products often arrive with some notable issues like hidden cost, complexity, and absence of control.

Quite a few of our potential clients are seeking their first packaged ERP, CRM or e-commerce application and, being such, evaluate a wide array of alternatives during their purchase practice. ERP software can connect a lot of departments even if they can be found in various locations. NetSuite ecommerce supplies a cloud-based CRM solution that's simple to use and includes a detailed collection of features you will need to handle the sales lifecycle, customer and tech support together with accounting and product inventory.

Now if you're just beginning your research, you will shortly see there's no lack of options when seeking to replace your present ERP or FMS. The theory behind enterprise resource planning (ERP) is to supply the business with a single product that supplies software to support the major business functions in a business. Picking a software right for your type of business can be an intimidating undertaking.

It might be hard for many users or businesses to earn this transition. There are lots of other cloud based accounting options on the marketplace. Anybody in an organization is equipped to utilize Alteryx to discover data and analyze this, and they're able to do it in a repeatable workflow.

The Netsuite Competitors Game

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a type of software that makes it possible for organizations to more effectively manage their company processes. Module-based ERP software is the crux of ERP systems. With SAP Business One, you can decide to have your ERP deployed via the cloud, on-premise or a mixture of both, based on what you require.

ERP projects usually modify the business's business processes which create additional workload for employees using them initially. NetSuite developers have been able to accomplish this without making you truly feel claustrophobic, as is how it is with some screens in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Even the standard ERP vendors are building Cloud solutions.

On the contrary, it builds one unified solution in addition to the Salesforce platform. With NetSuite's SuiteCommerce you can get that unification, and with Alloy you're able to supply the customer experience your brand aspires to deliver. These kinds of NetSuite logins each have various features and advantages.

To discover right NetSuite implementation solutions, it's mandatory you don't wind up partnering with an incapable service provider. Celigo provides an entire set of solutions for every one of your integration needs around NetSuite. There are plenty of services supplied by Netsuite.

Depending on what you require, NetSuite can be whatever you require it to be. Evidently, this conclusion of the market churns considerably more quickly than this conclusion of the marketplace. The vendor provides a handy 30-day free trial it is possible to utilize to take a look at the features before you shell out your money.

You've got to rewrite these applications from the bottom up, and oh by the way, you need to do it correctly. It's a locally based option, not a cloud-based option, but it's specifically intended to help operate every facet of the more compact business who still require help in this region. The reason being is because this kind of system is thought to be more economical because it uses less conductor material to transmit electric power when compared with the single-phase or two-phase systems of the exact same voltage.

Really, ecommerce businesses wind up with a few key things that send us all the copies of all of the documents of what's happening in the company and it's still true that you need to pay your own bills. Generally, in a standard organization, you can see only a small portion of what your customers have. More on, the firm won't be offered any expert assistance so that it will be made to learn from its mistakes.

As data keeps growing, organizations are asking tougher questions that they have to be in a position to answer in a timely way. Since these needs differ from person to person, an organization must have the ability to utilize different motivational tools to encourage their employees to put in the necessary effort and boost productivity for the firm. The truth is that even smaller businesses are seeing the benefits of a very good vendor compliance program.

With outsourced accounting solutions, you will spend more time working on your company and not as much time working in your company. Paid search should be reviewed to guarantee clicks land on valid landing pages. The service doesn't provide many qualities you might anticipate, and requires custom development to craft a fantastic customer experience.

More information you can read here. 


Three Key Elements in Buying Performance Parts



You’ll always benefit from the real trifecta in this industry: RPM outlet, outstanding customer service, and efficient shipping.


One key to success with performance increase is to make sure you’re taking the steps that will work best for you and your car. You should also take into account your location and your driving style. It’s not unusual to want more power and fuel efficiency at the same time. If you’re one of the thousands of individuals who think a stock vehicle off the assembly line isn’t “enough” you’d be wise to establish a solid working relationship with a leading supplier of performance parts.


You can get a bit more of that great car sound with exhaust mods as mentioned earlier. You have also read about improved performance from a new cold-air intake. You may be considering better injectors or spark plugs to get the action you want when you press the accelerator. With these as a good foundation, you might want to take the extra step in the all-important area of combustion.


In basic terms, a supercharger increases air pressure so more can get into the engine. The air forced into the combustion chamber, being compressed, allows more room for fuel. The right unit for your vehicle could boost horsepower by 50%. You might also look into the diameter of the pulley on your blower compressor. Decreasing pulley size can increase power, but you might experience a bit more belt slip.


If this sounds like it might work for you, talk to a representative about the idler kit from Metco for great cars like the Shelby GT500. With this special design, you can get the HP increase you want from a smaller diameter, yet eliminate belt slip across the rpm outlet. This can be a ½ hour, direct bolt-on with the kit containing all the performance parts you need.

Best for You and Your Car

The gasoline engine is different from the diesel engine in significant ways, of course. But there are a few modifications you can make to either that should boost horsepower and torque without a major rebuild. If you focus first on the exhaust system and the air-intake process, with quality performance parts from a trusted supplier, you’ll not only make HP and torque improvements, you will probably experience better fuel economy.


Simply replacing the restrictive stock pipes on your vehicle should make a real difference. Combine that with a well-designed cold-air intake and you’ll see major gains. Let’s assume you’re looking for performance parts for these two specific changes. You’ll be well served by visiting RPM Outlet to look at the extensive inventory. To mention just a few of the cold-air intake products, you might want to use a K&N to increase horsepower. The kit comes with red filter and polyethylene tube, or with aluminium tube depending on the specific car.


Owners of the Camaro SS from 2010 to 2016, for example, could select the Generation II FIPK Intake from K&N. You’ll find it easy to install and still delivering great performance. Tests show an increase of more than 18 HP at 5161 RPM outlet (rear-wheel, dyno tested) compare to stock intake. The path of cold air into the engine can be the weakest link. But you can change that with a less-restrictive system. Other manufacturers include BBK, AIRAID, and SLP.


For the Dodge enthusiasts, you’ll find quality intake products from the same suppliers, plus aFe, AEM, and S&B. Many of the top manufacturers also offer cold-air intake kits for Ford as well. As you shop for these items, you should make sure your choice is approved for use in all states. For example, some intake products are not legal in California, but can be used in any other location.

More Ideas

Exhaust efficiency is essential for best performance and fuel-efficiency. A visit to RPM outlet will show you an array of products to modify your exhaust systems. The list includes exhaust headers, exhaust cat back, exhaust axle back, and exhaust mid-pipes. In addition, you can browse through the list of exhaust accessories, such high-flow cat converters and 02 sensor extensions.


If you’re the owner of a 2011-2012 Shelby GT500 you might want the sound and performance of the Magnaflow axle-back exhaust. The system features 4” stainless-steel with polished tips and 100% polished stainless mufflers, mandrel-bent tail pipes, and all the hangers and installation hardware you need. Of course, that’s just one example of the great products you can purchase to enhance the performance of your car.


You might also give some thought to upgrading spark plugs or making a change in your fuel injectors. Fuel injectors designed to produce high flow can be a great way to increase horsepower and torque. When you browse the site look closely at the different injector types. There is a major difference in plug design on injectors.


You can also seriously enhance performance with the right spark plugs, a relatively inexpensive modification. If you have questions or concerns about this or any other performance parts from your performance outlet, don’t hesitate to call or send an email for prompt attention.

Generally Speaking

When you are going to enhance the performance of your car or truck, you may focus on specific items such as those already mentioned. You might even get down to the details of a mil eliminator or a particular type of filter medium that promises to improve air intake. But you can also work in a more general way, getting RPM outlet that do the job and reduce weight as well. After all, anything that’s lightweight will move a bit faster than the same thing carrying even a little more weight.


You can change RPM outlet to make your vehicle lighter and also make some changes that improve aerodynamics. Some enthusiasts even go so far as removing extra seats in their performance car because they generally don’t have passengers. You could use acrylic or plastic window material instead of glass. Keep in mind that those things moving fast must also slow down and stop. Talk with a member of the team at your performance outlet about the benefits of using disc brakes. They not only perform better during a stop but are usually a bit lighter than traditional brake designs.


You’ve already read about the advantages of a new cold-air intake but you might also want to give some thought to the filter material used in these systems. A combination of mesh and cotton is often used in air filters, with the goal of blocking impurities while allowing consistent air flow. Standard filters from the factory have paper-based media, which means you can’t clean them as you can a fabric-based filter. This is a reusable modification that will cut your costs while delivering good performance.

Final Tips and Ideas

As you’re considering effective mods, you should also look into quality gauges, which will allow you to monitor activity in various areas. Some car owners have a small array including a tachometer, air/fuel ratio gauge, boost/vacuum gauge, fuel and nitrous pressure gauges, and pressure gauges for oil and water.


By way of wrapping up the idea of finding and buying the best performance parts, the first step you should take is to your computer. You can buy almost anything online in the 21st century, with auto parts being one of the fastest-growing sectors. You should use caution when buying any product or service, whether you’re walking into a local store or shopping on a seller’s website. Most of this need for caution can be addressed by becoming an informed consumer.


There are resellers who push the limits of “cheap,” and when you receive the parts you find you got just what you paid for. It helps a lot to know a general price range of the RPM outlet you’re interested in, so you can tell almost immediately if the seller is asking for too much money. You will always get the best price possible from the well-known, trusted sources, along with the most-solid warranty from reliable manufacturers. Look for any indication of the warranty type and length. Use this guideline for every purchase, even some of the most inexpensive items.

Customer Service

You should also keep this key element in mind. There are a lot of places to buy parts, but the number of suppliers who offer only the finest products is a bit smaller. Combine reasonable price with great customer service and you’ll find the number of online companies you should work with is very small. Look for invitations to contact a representative with questions and concerns. In addition, it’s important for your provider to offer professional support from experienced car/truck enthusiasts.

In addition, remember you socialize with and work with others who are equally excited about improving vehicle performance. When you talk with them, ask them which seller they trust for reliable performance parts.

Chances are good you’ll have a lot of your friends and colleagues pointing you toward sources such as RPM Outlet. When you have a car or truck project in the planning stage, choose the source so any others depend on.



Concrete Countertops Width: Sometimes Size Really Matters



Concrete countertops are important functional part of all kitchen equipment.


The overall level of comfort, ergonomics, and, of course, harmonious appearance of the entire room depends on the correct choice of the countertop. Particular attention is drawn to the possible and impossible dimensions of kitchen countertops, for instance, concrete countertops.

Choose the size of the kitchen countertop

In particular, kitchen countertops should have a comfortable, optimal height for you, as well as dimensions. In order to choose right concrete countertops for kitchen, which will please not only with the appearance, but also with high functionality, it is not enough to be guided only with design.


In choosing the optimal surface of concrete countertops, there are several aspects that can help you stay at the best of many options from different manufacturers, based on which one is the most suitable for your specific purposes.


In addition, having determined in advance the size of kitchen concrete countertops, you will be able to limit the range of search in the store, and also you will be able to calculate the volume of material, and consequently the cost, in case you have a kitchen set in order.

After all, the countertop of a meter length requires less material than a two- or three-meter.

What should I consider when choosing the size of the kitchen countertop?

To understand what size of concrete countertops will really be the best for you, it is worth taking into account the following factors:

·          Properties of kitchen countertop material

·          Features of fastening

·          Capacity of kitchen space: length, width (depth), height (thickness)

·          Ease of use

·          Aesthetic component: design and correspondence of the countertop to the general appearance of the interior in the kitchen



To facilitate the choice, let's answer a few questions, from the answers to which you will have an idea of what kind of countertop you need to find in the store.

Kitchen countertop material affects its size

This question is also important for determining the size of the kitchen countertop, in the first place, because, as a rule, they are made by order, which means that you will need some framework within which you will choose.

When answering a question, consider the color scheme and style of your kitchen as a whole. For example, if the kitchen interior is in the style of hi-tech – it is not necessary to be the color matching countertops overall color scheme. It can be both metal and glass - a simple and concise design. But the concrete countertops, for instance, or those made of wood or imitating wood will fit into almost any interior.

Features and sizes of materials

Dimensions of kitchen countertops have such indicators as length, width (depth), height (thickness). The standard thickness, which is considered optimal in terms of strength of the countertop, is 38 mm. Of course, it is better to do it with a margin, at least 4 cm. The width depends on the material and can vary around 70-80 cm, depending on the functional requirements and, again, the material of manufacture.


Countertops made of plastic on the basis of chipboard cannot exceed 4 meters in length. This restriction is connected with production technology. Moreover, imported countertops have an overall size from 3.6 m to 4.2 m in length. DIY countertops, as a rule are three meter long. Typically, the width of postforming countertops is 60 cm with a standard thickness of 28 mm or 38 mm.

Its advantages are in the relatively low cost, as well as the great opportunities that this type of countertops provides in terms of design. Table tops 80, 90 cm or 1.2 m wide are considered non-standard.


When choosing an acrylic countertop your possibilities in terms of dimensions are almost unlimited. If we talk about the standard acrylic sheet of which any furniture is made, for the kitchen its dimensions are approximately the following: length - up to 3 m, depth - 70-80 cm. The standard thickness for them will be around 38 mm.

When installing kitchen furniture, countertops are made so that the junction space remains almost invisible.


Countertops of artificial stone

Acrylic countertops are often called stone, but this is not true. The composition of these countertops is very different.

Advantages of countertops made of artificial stone are in their strength: the stone is scarcely scratched and does not deform from moisture and temperatures, while increasing joints on it are practically no noticeable, which makes it possible, for example, to make a solid surface countertop with a sink.

The standard size for the countertops of artificial stone in depth is up to 80 cm. The thickness depends mainly on the main headset and attachment, as well as individual needs of the kitchen set. Deviations from the standard (38 mm) in this case are almost the norm.

Remember! Peculiarity of this material is that it is difficult to adjust in terms of size, so if you want the depth or width of the countertop to be different, it is possible, but it will cost more than you see in the price for standard dimensions.

However, due to the fact that the surfaces of artificial stone are well joined, while the seams on them are practically invisible, you can order a countertop with length of even 4 meters.

Accounting for the convenience factor when choosing countertops

·          The size of kitchen countertop is better to choose individually

·          Physiologica l characteristics of those who will use the kitchen

·          In particular, the height of a countertop is chosen based on their household growth parameter. So, for short people the width of the table top should not be too big: it will be uncomfortable to reach for objects standing on it, it will not be too convenient to wipe it either

·          Location of the entire kitchen. So, the countertop needs to be done bigger, if above it, for example, the locker hangs. But the height of the countertop does not depend on the nearby interior items

·          Consider the functionality. If you have a large family, a lot of kitchen utensils and a large number of household appliances, then try to choose a longer and more spacious option so as not to encumber the space

Finally, we would like to note that when thinking about the choice between a countertop with standard dimensions of the surface and the size of "to order", note that standard dimensions, such as height, or thickness of 38 mm are chosen not by chance. These parameters were formed over the years and show the most optimal ratio of length, width and depth of the kitchen countertop.

To sum up

Kitchen countertops, for instance, concrete countertops, are an important design element. That is why the cost of such concrete countertops for all sellers and manufacturers is cheaper, because it's easier to find a buyer for standard furniture.

Also, the cost of the countertop will be lower, if everything necessary is available. But if you have to do an individual order, the manufacturer can request an additional payment.

And for dessert – here is a ConcreteCountertopSolution video about making a concrete countertop mix with further instructions up to the finished product.


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