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Is this the 21st century?


I commence each lecture series with a demonstration of how the society's dead or now liturgical language has become something modern scholars can employ to retrieve and interpret the original record of civilized activities. Earlier in this week a student in one class appeared at my office fuming. Caucasian students from Denham Springs, LA (regional Klu Klux Klan hub)infuriated some of my Afro-American scholars by saying they were being duped because "Black people can not read dead ancient languages - so "a White man has to be coaching me regarding what to say in classes"! Fortunately, only harsh words were exchanged instead of blows, but what caused these Neanderthals to survive?

Black Pride Does Not Include Arrogant Ignorance


We all make typographical errors. We need to proof everything that bears our name but we are sometimes writing in haste or when we are emotionally charged up and that causes problems. That does not mean we lack education, self pride, or respect for our native language. However, when our mistakes are glaring and plentiful and someone points out our flaws and we are neither willing to make a change nor to receive the notification with grace, that suggests we are indeed shown in our true and best light in poorly written material. Worse, assailing the person who points the flaws out as someone lacking in racial integrity is horrible. I have seen so many personal statements that are so error filled as to suggest that the physically attractive adult author is someone whose language skills are too poor for effective mature communication and/or whose self pride is non-existent that I have been swift to suggest gently that they correct the errors before they give the wrong impression of their true character. The replies I have gotten are so coarse that my time in the military service hearing vile obscene tripe seems like high church. I am now looking inward to be certain that I am not being an ignorant nuisance. Am I really offending these people by asking them to, "Please consider investing a few minutes in making these corrections so that no potential friend hesitates because they incorrectly conclude you do not care about your public image"?



Isn't it amazing how many individuals there are on the site who actually think they have some monopoly on victimization, annoyance, or worse? You look at their page and before you can learn anything about what is wonderful and unique about them you have to read a lengthy warning label about how you will be chastised, evicerated or crucified if you get on their bad side by being a trifling immature manipulator. Do they really think the vipers sliding on their bellies through the grass hunting for prey will be frightened away by the waving of a rod? Good people put their best foot forward to make as positive an honest impression as possible on a public website to make a potent and appealing impact. Perfect hair, gleeming smile, designer wear, proof-read profile copy, and a splendid description of their employment, academics, religion, etc. all showing the individual at an optimum but seldom the individual all day long 24/7. However the walking wounded seem to believe that their vitriol against exploiters will rip away the sheepskin from the wolves and shield them from any further menaces and misery. Sadly life is far more hazardous a complex challenge than that. If only saying I've had enough agony for one lifetime and I neither deserve nor want one iota more would ward off the players male and female who stalk good men and women with dripping fangs. The suffering servants have to come to grips with the fact that if they are worth having, they will draw the attention of as many angels as devils and that they have to patiently sort them out discreetly and prudently with a touch of class and finesse. Be strong. Be wise. Be careful. It is not necessary or effective to be broadcasting that you were wronged and are intolerant of being the focus of ill will.

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