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5th Annual Oroville Go Skate Day 6/25/11





CARTER-MAG.com Drinking Ah Jahwaters. Give Thanks.


Carter G Woodson


 “ History was being made today... GREAT PHOTO SHOOT for CARTER Magazine! Thanks to Rayon Du Soleil Richards , Kali Abdullah , Brian Christion & Wendy Correa... And Thanks to all the Stylist, Designers & Creative Minds who participated in the shoot and continue to shape our culture... Datwon Thomas you were truly missed, but your spirit... was alive on set. Special Thanks Too: Jah Waters & Picture Perfect Cake Studio for drinks and dessert.” -CARTER

 Twiiter @cartermag

http://www.facebook.com/#!/car termagazine

Are they hating because of his good works? A trophy? Really?



 Wesley Snipes SIGN THE PETITION IF YOU BELIEVE THAT WESLEY SNIPES BEING INCARCERATED IS AN INJUSTICE... http://www.thepetitionsite.com /1/free-wesley-snipes/

 "There are some remedies worse than the disease. Publilius Syrus. InI S/O Bro. Wesley Snipes for doing his part to advance Us All. Learn Dat."--

@ Jahwaters


"A Great and Mighty Walk,". Excellent historical film narrated by actor Wesley Snipes. John Henrik Clarke.Watch Video via Link below.

http://aalbc.com/authors/john1 .htm


Be Sure to Watch: Larry King Live: CNN Official Interview: Wesley Snipes: Press hasn't reported facts




http://inithebabeandsuckling.c om/store/akesidvds.html

So we therefore have large numbers of practitioners who "know all they want to know" about blacks and the psycho-historical past.


" So we therefore have large numbers of practitioners who “know all they want to know” about blacks and the psycho-historical past." http://www.doccheek.com/home

Repost of article found on.......Blacknews.com


New Book "Assertive Black...Puzzled White" Addresses Black Vs. White Questions Facing America

Foreword by Kenneth B. Clark, Ph.d., Author of "Dark Ghetto"

Author - Dr. Donald Cheek

 Nationwide (BlackNews.com) -- Assertive Black...Puzzled White - A Black Perspective on Assertive Behavior by Dr. Donald Cheek is an honest, informative and timely book concerning black vs. white questions currently facing America. Cheek connects the traumatic African American Slave past, to the complex issues of the present by dealing with the psycho-historical effects of Jim Crow in America along with the "cultural residue" of segregation, prejudice and discrimination. He, like the Reverend Al Sharpton, "keeps it real" by speaking untold truths that still haunt America today. This is especially seen in the current media issues that focus on race and politics.

 As the media continues to address the cultural differences, Dr. Cheek offers up his years of research and experience compiled into a much needed book in Assertive Black...Puzzled White - A Black Perspective on Assertive Behavior. He examines the roots of differences between black and white styles, thoughts and attitude; and he compares the diversities seen in oral and written communication, as well as in child rearing, marriage, family, education, churches, peer groups, music, humor and various aspects of "surviving" or "making it".

 Dr. Cheek gives just the right insight for the race issue of today -especially prevalent with an African American President and First Lady - as an assertive and complex black community is facing a puzzled and perplexed white population. An example of this is when General Stanley McChrystal saw President Obama as being intimidated, mislabeling his persona as a result of his Euro-Centric orientation.

 The book will benefit every person that has ever pondered and wondered where we stand as one nation divided by the color of our skins. It is a must read for teachers, law enforcement, mental health workers, politicians, parents and those in the business of dealing with "demographic groups" and people of color.

 "Probably no one person has done more to make behavioral counseling and therapy multiculturally relevant than Donald Cheek whose pioneering book shows how to use assertivness training in a culturally relevant way with African Americans. Indeed it could be argued that Dr. Cheek is the first cognitive-behavioral theorist." -- Dr. Allen E. Ivey, EdD, ABPP, Stanford University, Harvard University, Professor (Emeritus), University of Massachusetts, Amherst; President of Micotraining Associates, an educational Publishing firm and Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology.


 Dr. Cheek went from a Harlem ghetto childhood to the academic world of a university professor. In addition to his "street" credentials Dr. Cheek studied at Fordham School of Social Sciences, NY, where he received his M.S.W. and Temple University in Philadelphia where he received a Doctorate Degree in Social Psychology. Among his many positions, he served as Counselor and Professor of Social Psychology, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo; Vice-President of the Human Resources Institute and Lecturer in Social Psychology, Claremont Colleges and The Principal Trainer and Consultant for the United States Governors Conference on Race Relations in America. His many awards and grants include being a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Fellow and received a W. K. Kellogg Foundation Grant to provide academic exposure and vocational guidance to under-represented students. Dr. Cheek recently retired as Professor of Education, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, after 22 years of service. He is currently National Board Director Emeritus for Prison Fellowship USA founded by Chuck Colson and performs duties as an Elder at Saints Community Church.


 Assertive Black...Puzzled White - A Black Perspective on Assertive Behavior by Donald Cheek, Ph.D. ISBN # 9780915166329 $19.00 132 Pages / Trade Paperback


 Dr. Cheek is available for television and radio interviews and can provide a first hand, open and honest expert discussion on the past and future of Black and White America. For further information, speaking engagements, interviews or to receive a review copy, contact Dr. Donald Cheek at dkchesed@aol.com or by calling (559) 294-7675. www.doccheek.com

Television and Radio Bookings

Contact: Tony Rose Amber Communications Group, Inc. 602-743-7211 or 520-568-6692 amberbk@aol.com

Jahwaters must pay it's Raspect...


Jahwaters is truly sad to see 1 of Our First Supporters Uncle Peter aka The Mayor depart from Us on this Earth. Our Heartfelt Support to InI Family. InI Give Thanks.

How much is your tee time worth?


I get it, to be somebody in corporate america you have to rub elbows on the green. Some people strive all their life to get into golf clubs even when they don't want you their. Still to be a corporate hero that's the way to go, how much is your tee time worth?

Honor All Those Past Family members this Junteenth.


Only because of Our Ancestors do InI Live & Stand where they slaved & Died. Jahwaters.com takes this moment to Honor All Those Past Family members this Junteenth. InI History Fact: Our Official Business Address is Located on Land in Southern Virginia bequeathed to our family by Our Slave Ancestors. So we literally do this for Our Culture & Future. InI Do Give Thanks.

 Be sure to visit http://www.juneteenth.com/

Jahwaters is campaigning to be Reggae & Hip+Hop Official International Bottled Water.


Starting this Black Music Month, Jahwaters is campaigning to be Reggae & Hip+Hop Official International Bottled Water. As We are A "MOM & POP" Business, who has built itself without Corporate Support, We want to be the favorite water Brand of this generation and the idea of independence for generations to come. Stay tuned for more details. In support of our campaign we ask everyone to suggest InI to your friends. Give Thanks!

Jahwaters first campaign initiative to be Reggae & Hip+Hop Official International Bottled Water.… Show love to the DJs. As We are mixtape fanatics & have done our share to promote mixtapes in the streets, we start with the DJ. The first 30 DJs with an official website/ Facebook fanpage/ Myspace page to purchase 1 bottle of Jahwaters from our website Jahwaters.com, and then take a photo or 30 sec. video either in front your equipment or in action with the Jahwaters bottle in view, Will be listed on jahwaters.com as a Jahwaters Official DJ. On this page we will list your upcoming events and/or projects for the 2010 summer for free. Invaluable promotion. This opportunity closes after the first 30 DJs or at the end of the month. When you place your non-refundable order for 1 bottle of jahwaters, enter your DJ name & Official Page URL Info in the “Ordering Instructions” Box.

Jahwaters Official DJ. The Bad Slave Minister Khan aka Black Noah The Dubbox Sound System http://www.thedubbox.com/ http://www.myspace.com/thedubb ox

Repost of The rise of Christian fascism in America


Original link for this Article: http://www.greenchange.org/art icle.php?id=5902 The rise of Christian fascism in America The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger Chris Hedges | Truthdig | 06.07.2010 Tens of millions of Americans, lumped into a diffuse and fractious movement known as the Christian right, have begun to dismantle the intellectual and scientific rigor of the Enlightenment. They are creating a theocratic state based on "biblical law," and shutting out all those they define as the enemy. This movement, veering closer and closer to traditional fascism, seeks to force a recalcitrant world to submit before an imperial America. It champions the eradication of social deviants, beginning with homosexuals, and moving on to immigrants, secular humanists, feminists, Jews, Muslims and those they dismiss as "nominal Christians"-meaning Christians who do not embrace their perverted and heretical interpretation of the Bible. Those who defy the mass movement are condemned as posing a threat to the health and hygiene of the country and the family. All will be purged. The followers of deviant faiths, from Judaism to Islam, must be converted or repressed. The deviant media, the deviant public schools, the deviant entertainment industry, the deviant secular humanist government and judiciary and the deviant churches will be reformed or closed. There will be a relentless promotion of Christian "values," already under way on Christian radio and television and in Christian schools, as information and facts are replaced with overt forms of indoctrination. The march toward this terrifying dystopia has begun. It is taking place on the streets of Arizona, on cable news channels, at tea party rallies, in the Texas public schools, among militia members and within a Republican Party that is being hijacked by this lunatic fringe. Elizabeth Dilling, who wrote "The Red Network" and was a Nazi sympathizer, is touted as required reading by trash-talk television hosts like Glenn Beck. Thomas Jefferson, who favored separation of church and state, is ignored in Christian schools and soon will be ignored in Texas public school textbooks. The Christian right hails the "significant contributions" of the Confederacy. Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who led the anti-communist witch hunts of the 1950s, has been rehabilitated, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is defined as part of the worldwide battle against Islamic terror. Legislation like the new Jim Crow laws of Arizona is being considered by 17 other states. The rise of this Christian fascism, a rise we ignore at our peril, is being fueled by an ineffectual and bankrupt liberal class that has proved to be unable to roll back surging unemployment, protect us from speculators on Wall Street, or save our dispossessed working class from foreclosures, bankruptcies and misery. The liberal class has proved useless in combating the largest environmental disaster in our history, ending costly and futile imperial wars or stopping the corporate plundering of the nation. And the gutlessness of the liberal class has left it, and the values it represents, reviled and hated. The Democrats have refused to repeal the gross violations of international and domestic law codified by the Bush administration. This means that Christian fascists who achieve power will have the "legal" tools to spy on, arrest, deny habeas corpus to, and torture or assassinate American citizens-as does the Obama administration. Those who remain in a reality-based world often dismiss these malcontents as buffoons and simpletons. They do not take seriously those, like Beck, who pander to the primitive yearnings for vengeance, new glory and moral renewal. Critics of the movement continue to employ the tools of reason, research and fact to challenge the absurdities propagated by creationists who think they will float naked into the heavens when Jesus returns to Earth. The magical thinking, the flagrant distortion in interpreting the Bible, the contradictions that abound within the movement's belief system and the laughable pseudoscience, however, are impervious to reason. We cannot convince those in the movement to wake up. It is we who are asleep. Those who embrace this movement see life as an epic battle against forces of evil and Satanism. The world is black and white. They need to feel, even if they are not, that they are victims surrounded by dark and sinister groups bent on their destruction. They need to believe they know the will of God and can fulfill it, especially through violence. They need to sanctify their rage, a rage that lies at the core of the ideology. They seek total cultural and political domination. They are using the space within the open society to destroy it. These movements work within the confining rules of the secular state because they have no choice. The intolerance they promote is muted in the public assurances of their slickest operators. Given enough power, and they are working hard to get it, any such cooperation will vanish. The demand for total control and for a Christian nation and the refusal to permit any dissent are on display within their inner sanctums. These pastors have established within their churches tiny, despotic fiefdoms, and they seek to replicate these little tyrannies on a larger scale. Many of the tens of millions within the Christian right live on the edge of poverty. The Bible, interpreted for them by pastors whose connection with God means they cannot be questioned, is their handbook for daily life. The rigidity and simplicity of their belief are potent weapons in the fight against their own demons and the struggle to keep their lives on track. The reality-based world, one where Satan, miracles, destiny, angels and magic did not exist, battered them like driftwood. It took their jobs and destroyed their future. It rotted their communities. It flooded their lives with alcohol, drugs, physical violence, deprivation and despair. And then they discovered that God has a plan for them. God will save them. God intervenes in their lives to promote and protect them. The emotional distance they have traveled from the real world to the world of Christian fantasy is immense. And the rational, secular forces, those that speak in the language of fact and evidence, are hated and ultimately feared, for they seek to pull believers back into "the culture of death" that nearly destroyed them. There are wild contradictions within this belief system. Personal independence is celebrated alongside an abject subservience to leaders who claim to speak for God. The movement says it defends the sanctity of life and advocates the death penalty, militarism, war and righteous genocide. It speaks of love and promotes fear of damnation and hate. There is a terrifying cognitive dissonance in every word they utter. The movement is, for many, an emotional life raft. It is all that holds them together. But the ideology, while it regiments and orders lives, is merciless. Those who deviate from the ideology, including "backsliders" who leave these church organizations, are branded as heretics and subjected to little inquisitions, which are the natural outgrowth of messianic movements. If the Christian right seizes the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, these little inquisitions will become big inquisitions. The cult of masculinity pervades the movement. Feminism and homosexuality, believers are told, have rendered the American male physically and spiritually impotent. Jesus, for the Christian right, is a muscular man of action, casting out demons, battling the Antichrist, attacking hypocrites and castigating the corrupt. This cult of masculinity, with its glorification of violence, is deeply appealing to those who feel disempowered and humiliated. It vents the rage that drove many people into the arms of the movement. It encourages them to lash back at those who, they are told, seek to destroy them. The paranoia about the outside world is stoked through bizarre conspiracy theories, many championed in books such as Pat Robertson's "The New World Order," a xenophobic rant that includes attacks on liberals and democratic institutions. The obsession with violence pervades the popular novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. In their apocalyptic novel, "Glorious Appearing," based on LaHaye's interpretation of biblical prophecies about the Second Coming, Christ returns and eviscerates the flesh of millions of nonbelievers with the sound of his voice. There are long descriptions of horror and blood, of how "the very words of the Lord had superheated their blood, causing it to burst through their veins and skin." Eyes disintegrate. Tongues melt. Flesh dissolves. The Left Behind series, of which this novel is a part, contains the best-selling adult novels in the country. Violence must be used to cleanse the world. These Christian fascists are called to a perpetual state of war. "Any teaching of peace prior to [Christ's] return is heresy " says televangelist James Robinson. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, instability in Israel and even the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are seen as glorious signposts. The war in Iraq is predicted, believers insist, in the ninth chapter of the Book of Revelations, where four angels "which are bound in the great river Euphrates will be released to slay the third part of men." The march is inevitable and irreversible and requires everyone to be ready to fight, kill and perhaps die. Global war, even nuclear war, is not to be feared, but welcomed as the harbinger of the Second Coming. And leading the avenging armies is an angry, violent Messiah who dooms hundreds of millions of apostates to a horrible and gruesome death. The Christian right, while embracing a form of primitivism, seeks the imprint of law and science to legitimate its absurd mythologies. Its members seek this imprint because, despite their protestations to the contrary, they are a distinctly modern, totalitarian movement. They seek to co-opt the pillars of the Enlightenment in order to abolish the Enlightenment. Creationism, or "intelligent design," like eugenics for the Nazis or "Soviet" science for Stalin, must be introduced into the mainstream as a valid scientific discipline-hence the rewriting of textbooks. The Christian right defends itself in the legal and scientific jargon of modernity. Facts and opinions, once they are used "scientifically" to support the irrational, become interchangeable. Reality is no longer based on the gathering of facts and evidence. It is based on ideology. Facts are altered. Lies become true. Hannah Arendt called it "nihilistic relativism," although a better phrase might be collective insanity. The Christian right has, for this reason, its own creationist "scientists" who use the language of science to promote anti-science. It has fought successfully to have creationist books sold in national park bookstores at the Grand Canyon and taught in public schools in states such as Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Creationism shapes the worldview of hundreds of thousands of students in Christian schools and colleges. This pseudoscience claims to have proved that all animal species, or at least their progenitors, fit on Noah's ark. It challenges research in AIDS and pregnancy prevention. It corrupts and discredits the disciplines of biology, astronomy, geology, paleontology and physics. Once creationists can argue on the same platform as geologists, asserting that the Grand Canyon was not created 6 billion years ago but 6,000 years ago by the great flood that lifted up Noah's ark, we have lost. The acceptance of mythology as a legitimate alternative to reality is a body blow to the rational, secular state. The destruction of rational and empirically based belief systems is fundamental to the creation of all totalitarian ideologies. Certitude, for those who could not cope with the uncertainty of life, is one of the most powerful appeals of the movement. Dispassionate intellectual inquiry, with its constant readjustments and demand for evidence, threatens certitude. For this reason incertitude must be abolished. "What convinces masses are not facts," Arendt wrote in "Origins of Totalitarianism," "and not even invented facts, but only the consistency of the system which they are presumably part. Repetition, somewhat overrated in importance because of the common belief in the masses' inferior capacity to grasp and remember, is important because it convinces them of consistency in time." Augustine defined the grace of love as Volo ut sis-I want you to be. There is, he wrote, an affirmation of the mystery of the other in relationships based on love, an affirmation of unexplained and unfathomable differences. Relationships based on love recognize that others have a right to be. These relationships accept the sacredness of difference. This acceptance means that no one individual or belief system captures or espouses an absolute truth. All struggle, in their own way, some outside of religious systems and some within them, to interpret mystery and transcendence. The sacredness of the other is anathema for the Christian right, which cannot acknowledge the legitimacy of other ways of being and believing. If other belief systems, including atheism, have moral validity, the infallibility of the movement's doctrine, which constitutes its chief appeal, is shattered. There can be no alternative ways to think or to be. All alternatives must be crushed. Ideological, theological and political debates are useless with the Christian right. It does not respond to a dialogue. It is impervious to rational thought and discussion. The naive attempts to placate a movement bent on our destruction, to prove to it that we too have "values," only strengthens its legitimacy and weakness our own. If we do not have a right to be, if our very existence is not legitimate in the eyes of God, there can be no dialogue. At this point it is a fight for survival. Those gathered into the arms of this Christian fascist movement are desperately struggling to survive in an increasingly hostile environment. We failed them; we owe them more: This is their response. The financial dislocations, the struggles with domestic and sexual abuse, the battle against addictions, the poverty and the despair that many in the movement endure are tragic, painful and real. They have a right to their rage and alienation. But they are also being used and manipulated by forces that seek to dismantle what is left of our democracy and abolish the pluralism that was once the hallmark of our society. The spark that could set this conflagration ablaze could be lying in the hands of a small Islamic terrorist cell. It could be in the hands of greedy Wall Street speculators who gamble with taxpayer money in the elaborate global system of casino capitalism. The next catastrophic attack, or the next economic meltdown, could be our Reichstag fire. It could be the excuse used by these totalitarian forces, this Christian fascism, to extinguish what remains of our open society. Let us not stand meekly at the open gates of the city waiting passively for the barbarians. They are coming. They are slouching toward Bethlehem. Let us shake off our complacency and cynicism. Let us openly defy the liberal establishment, which will not save us, to demand and fight for economic reparations for our working class. Let us reincorporate these dispossessed into our economy. Let us give them a reality-based hope for the future. Time is running out. If we do not act, American fascists, clutching Christian crosses, waving American flags and orchestrating mass recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance, will use this rage to snuff us out. Chris Hedges, who writes a column every Monday for Truthdig and who graduated from Harvard Divinity School, is the author of "American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America." He was a reporter for many years with The New York Times. His latest book is "Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle."

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