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August 11, 2008
Roy Snell's Friends, Associates and Acquaintances

Hilton High
First page of the 1989 yearbook says "A Smile Adds That Classic Touch" with a big picture of me by myself smiling. I never use to like taking pictures until recently. The photographers that took that picture use to always chase me around trying to take my picture. Don't believe me, ask them!!! Hilton High is a pretty big school. Out of everyone that went there I was at least in the top ten as far as popularity goes. Ask the whole entire class of 1989,1990,1991and 1992. The first year I went there I tuned most people out by wearing my walkman all the time .and besides I was loyal to Greece Olympia Spirit and not Hilton High spirit. I played football for Greece Olympia a rival school that hated Hilton and Hilton hated them back. I wore a Greece Olympia football jacket the whole time I went to Hilton. How did I get most of the people to like me wearing that jacket down the senior hall when they hated Olympia? Most of my closest friends were from the Hilton football team. Like I said, ask anybody was I popular. If one person even says that I was that obliverates their main argument/point. Fact, no one has big parties unless their liked dah!!!! Keep in mind that lots more people could be on here, but I don't know their last names and am not all that good with faces either. Ask John Dettman and Matt Cookinham that have superduper memories how many people do I know and was friends with and didn't even know their names!!! I had lots of best friends in Hilton, but hung out more with Hasan Uyar that wrestled for Spencerport that was always in the paper, the Young Brothers and John Reynolds. Hasan Uyar once said that we were the most popular kids in school. If people hated my guts so much, why isn't it anywhere in my school records? I haven't seen him in years and was told he lives in San Francisco. Contact him and ask him to name you in his opinion, who was the top five most liked people in Hilton High. 98% of all the people listed here are white. I don't know how to even swim. One day I jumped off this tall bridge into the water, because I had lots of friends in the water and I knew my friends would save me and I was surrounded by my white friends as soon as I hit the water. I know for a fact that all white people aren't racist but the machine shops and the college are and they know it!!!!

List of people to ask from Hilton High

Tracy Bartholomew, Jennifer and Jason De Prez, Brian Inman, Bryan Burrows, Cory Prince, Kevin Roule good friend and knows a dirty secret about John Steward hurting someone really bad, Jenny Bernbeck, All the girls field hockey team, Amy Hibbard, Karen Gresens, Terri DeBonis, Jason Barona, Tammy Bell and I would say Tom Bell too but the police got to him already, Ron Bentley and Emilie Bentley (she was an All American in Soccer and I was also cool with her mother. She stopped being close friends with me after the paper, radio and newspaper started demonizing me everyday. Tracy Boeyink, Eric Caternolo, Makeba Clay, Brian Covert, Tanya Drexler, Cindy Hill, Andrea Evert, Steven Gallagher, Jason LaFountain, Scott Marcella, Mark Mattia, Charles Palumbo, Jennifer Pappas, Jeffrey Phillips, Victoria Randall, Traci Ryan, Tim Slater and his sister, Scott Werner, Shanna Hewes, Pat White, Mike George, Don Reno, Scott Puckett, Vinny Noonan, Lanny Boundy, Jay Allen, Amy Yoxthimer, The Principal Mr. Mascadri, The Vice Principal Mr. McEvoy,The Wrestling Coaches Mr. Krotz and Mr. Partridge, Football coach Mr. LaBarbera , Larry Merlo, Jenny Odell, Gin Robinson, Anydy Wegman of the Wegman's family that owns the Wegmans food chang, Steve Viccaro that guy who testified against me at trial who is now a cop I believe, Nikii Hinzman and Wendy Hinzman, Eric Schwartz, Daemon and Justin Majors and his whole family, Eric Conroy, Brooke Lederhouse, Joy Lazore, Jenny Profetta and her sister, Lisa Tufano, the whole football team, Queyn Tran,Ron lockwood, Cindy Garofano, Dan, Don and Russell Andrews, Cory Lesher who is now a doctor that lives out of state and his wife, Nancy Weldon, Marcy Wright that was a model for J.C. Penny's, Michelle Gioia ask her how well did I get along with people at work, Mike Roz, Eric Peters, Christopher Flagg, Michael Bankard, Windy Aubin, Jason O'Connell, Jim Sparles, Mike France, Penny Charette, Stephanie Bell, Paul Loomis, Joshua Angelo, Michelle Beyea, Charles Bielinshi, Karl Britt, Gary Cirillo, Njeri Clay, Dino D'Aloisio, Jeffrey Dill, Chris Charette whom is now a preacher, Dominick,Teddy, Lee and Andy Antonucci, Michael Dipasquale, Michael George, Craig Jones, Michael Lamere, Michael Morin, Cheri Oliver, Craig Privitera, Donald Reno, Christopher Ryan, Kathleen Seltenreich, Collen Serafino, Gary Shadders, Bryan Sills, Michael Sorrentino, Scott Storti, James Strassner, Gina Tarantino, Anh Quyen Tran, Lisa Urbanski, Sonya Young, Kevin Young, Jay Young, Jenny and Jolene Sturman, Shawn Zugehoer, Darren Sneddo, Jeff Matthews who works at the University of Rochester, Jason Lombardo, Brian Lockner, Clara Joy, Timothy Jarvis, Todd Hoefen, Jacquelyn Fridd, Chris Jones, Rick Sadwick (he got all American in wrestling, but now works for M.C.C. as the sports director or something) the last time I saw him I was at Chucky Cheese with my family and I didn't realize it was him until he left. I thought he was the police messing with me because he was standing and staring at me across the room so I gave him a bad look. You have to understand the town I was in to completely understand. Tell him I said I am sorry for giving him that look now look him in the eyes and ask him did he like me. He was staring at me, because someone told him what happened, or he would have just come up to me and said hi or something .period!!! John Bay is another all American I know and hung out with at the dance clubs. He went to Wilson High and the University of Rochester. And many, many more people from Hilton High. Ask the whole entire school did they remember the black guy that wore the Greece Olypmia football jacket was I a liked person and popular. Lisa Longinotti we were friends at school and work and one day at school one of them rednecks got her in a headlock and slammed her head into a locker because she was friends with me. I told my teacher about this and she had the nerve to write Roy Snell thinks people are racist here in my final school report. Hilton had tons of rednecks that people called "Head Bangers" that would use the n-word freely. I know the difference between good and evil and fairness and racism and the machine shops are , but not all , are Racist with the capital "R". Ask Kevin Young and Damon Majors have I ever beat anyone up for calling them the n-word? Matt Cookinham is my best friend that grew up in Spencerport all his life. He had 3 times more friends from Hilton then he had from Spencerport .and why? Because he hung out with me and I introduced him to everyone.

People liked me so much that sometimes they would leave me in charge of watching the money at there house parties. Ask me under a MRI lie detector test did I ever steal any of their money ..but my rich white friends did!!! If I was such a hated person, it would have been in my records somewhere in school. Mrs. Patterson would have written about it .trust me!!! It would have also been in my court papers somewhere when they tore my life apart in the Local Papers, T.V. and on the Radio. You mean to tell me that not one person who they interviewed, or should I say grilled, said that people hate me!!!! Mrs. Patterson gave me that terrible review out of retaliation, because I knocked out her favorite student (teachers pet) with one punch after school one day. Rather than gunning me down on the streets .she gunned me down with her pin. Check Hasan Uyar school report, because she hated him just as much. Ask all the guys that testified against me was I a popular person. Ask every black person that went to Hilton High when I went there have they ever been called the n-word!! I got along very well with the gym teachers, both Principles, nurses and cafeteria stuff ect,ect,ect!!!!

List of people to ask from Greece Olympia

I called Greece Olympia and told the lady on the phone that I use to play football there and ask her if I could come in after school hours and look at the yearbooks she said come in now that people did it all the time. She was very very nice to me on the phone. When I arrived there she was still super nice to me. She took a brake after she gave me the yearbooks and when she came back from break she said in a mean way "are you still here" and "why do you want the yearbooks again". Who do you think gave her that nasty attitude? I know it was the janitor!!! So I just rushed everything and got out of there!!! The next week I called Greece Athena and asked if I could come in and look at their yearbooks because I was organizing a class reunion with Greece Olympia and that I knew lots of people that went there. She was very nice to me and said that she would get back to me. She never did (check my phone records) and when I called her back she said in an angry tone "I told you no you can't come here". I said Greece Olympia let me "she said that was them" Did someone contact her maybe, maybe not, but explain her tone on the phone!!! I got accepted more by white people at Olympia then by the black people of Olympia. The biggest reason, I wasn't black enough for them.

Joseph Brock, Gregory Burgmaster, Andrew Butz, Frank Camardo, Mark Campbell, Wilfredo Carbonel, Lisa Carr, Jared Case ( I use to work him. Ask him how well did I get along with people at work and how many phone calls did I receive at work and how many people use to come up to work to just see me especially on a Friday/Saturday night, Richard Carrie, Ryan Dulle, Joel Cummings, Hurley Davis, Frank DeCarlo, Matthew Deutsher, Michele Enge, Ronald Fenner, Heather Finn (ask her how well did I get along with people at work and was I popular) Patrick Frazier, Michelle Fox, David Fuller, Troy Guarino, Greg Halter, Jason Hayes, Jeffrey Howell, David Huttermann, Jessica Howe, Greg Lane, Paul Lane, Rob Leone, Michelle Mackey, Kenneth Maracle, Charles Mays, Mary Kay Nalbone, Melissa Pavone, Gino Palozzi, Anthony Ricci, John Russo, Thomas Sabido, Sandra Samaan, Sheila Sabatowich, Mark Preston, David Schalafer, Andrew Schwendiman, Gary Shadders, Christine Speciale, Michelle Timmons, David Ventura, Marion VanLieshout, Shawn Tindal, Lori Bloomer, Michelle Blum, Kurt Day, Jeffery Egger (he went to Yale), Shannon Fenner, Jason Franklin, Mike Wilklow, Matthew Guarnere, Derrick Lucas, Tracie Mackey, Sean McCabe, Jonathan McClain, Stephen Mille (he is now a sheriff) I might have spelled his name wrong ask Steve Heh who is also a sheriff , Maurice Leone who is also a sheriff (ask him about my house party and ask him who was more popular at the time Me or John Steward in school. Also, look these 3 sheriffs in the eyes and ask them did they ever like me), Richard Muraco, Kathy Panella, Lori Roule, Donna Rowley, Charles Teeter, Bernard Vito, Lashawn Wilson, Matt Baxter, Dan Capierseho, Tom Kimas, Fred Carbonel, Paul Scarpullo, Bohdan Masiuk, Ernie Centilcore, Larry Koss, Bill Baird, Doug Phelps, Frank DeCarlo, Peter Verwalst, Jeff Clark, Jim Soeffina, Sherman Turner, Steve Wolfe, Paula Vogele, Carolyn Cerone, Jodi Baker, Jason McMurry, Rob Barrett, Johan Pollacks, Steve Olney, Scott Armstrong (good friend), Scoot Lupiani, Eric Lambrecht, Chris Wojtas, Mark Pagano, Greg Stark, Tom Sabido, Frank Camard, Willie Thomas, Angie Hitchcock, Deshawn Jones, Daniel DeVos, Chris Neilson, Mike Field, Keith Epps, Tim Darling, Rob Mackey, Rob Ballard, Nathan Bequette, Sam Cimino,Tory Weaver, Evelyn Delvecchio, Jack McMan, Carla Gioia, Aaron Kent, Lance Winter, Lisa Spiotti, Michelle Scalera, Jonah Pollocks, Peter Tuffo, and Eddie and Van Long, Billy O'keeth who is very popular and one of my good friends that I use to hang out with ask Billy who was more popular in high school me or John Steward he would know, Stacy, Jackie and Stephen Speckman, Dean Hovis, Gary Wolfe, David Frazier, Steve Wolfe, Jack McMan,

List of people to ask from Greece Athena

I could list a lot more names but I don't have the year books they won't let me see them!!!! Aren't the yearbooks public record .I am just wondering!!! Mike Giordono(I think he went to Athena and is now a doctor) Denise Arbore (Good friend use to write to me in prison) Rick Secor (I saved his life, ask him to explain how I saved his life) John Cavallero, Mark Hurley, Brian Strong, Lou and Justin Polizzi ( they own The Diplomat Party House), Steve Noochie, Paul Manning (very good friends and was one of the most populars kids in school, ask Paul how popular was I and can he think of anyone that I was friends with at Greece Athena he would know a lot of them, Alison Errigo (good friend), Peter Charalidis, Patrick Cicero, Franklin Davidson, Laura Goodwin, Jason Kuehn, April Luterek, Michael Lomaglio, Rosarie Oliveri, Bryant Scott, Joseph Tartaglia, George State ( he owned the Princess Restaurant, Jason Bovenzi (I think someone said he was a wrestling coach, Benji and Danny lagalt (He is also a sheriff, I spelled his name wrong I know), Nadium Aksay, Jim Kotte, Sherry Dier and her sister, Benji, Al and Steve Viera.

List of people to ask from Spencerport High

Mark and Dean DiRisio (good friend and very popular) Fabrizo Cappuccio, Paul Costa, Sean Fagan (very cool with), Sean Disalvo, Steven Olschewski (good friend), Stephen Rorie (very very good friend), George Selvek (very cool with), Dauro Toscano, William Taylor, Mike Licata, Chris LoPresti, Neil Newbauer (very cool with), Tony Noto, Brian Dillard, Lamont Dillard, David Sheppard, Pat Kalish, Peter Kalish, Dante' Simpson, Kimberly Alloco, Jose Alonci, Sean DiSalvo, Charles Prince,Matt,Danny,Susanne and Chrissy Cookinham, and Elvis

List of people to ask from Arcadia

I didn't hang out with a lot of people from Greece Arcadia, and the ones I did, I don't know their last names.
Joe, Charles and Tammy Elberti (I was extremely close with all of them), Daren Harmon, Fred Wenzler, Art Gamberdino (he use to let me call him twice a month from prison then he would call any number I wanted on the 3 way call),Joe Scadarrie, Bill Cerrammy, Chad (nick name is Boner, very popular he would know a lot of people from his school that known and liked me) ,Ernest Queen

List of people to ask from Cardinal Mooney

Scott Bevilacqua (very cool with), Brett Deuschle, Louis Goetzman, Brian Grasley, Kevin McGinnity ( that owns The McGinnity's in Greece. Ask Kevin who else was I friends with at Cardinal Mooney he would know) All these people are very popular and in the in crowd.

List of people to ask from Rush Henrietta High

I hung out with a lot of people from Henrietta, but don't remember their last names.
Sean Dukes ( he is dead now but we were best of friends and I know his family. When talking about popularity, Sean Dukes wasn't the icing on the cake he was the cake.)Anthony Ingrham, Jimmy Page, Chris Matthews, Scott and Chris Beaman Reggie Weldon, Rice Fitzgerald, Matt Coca, Don Woods, Howard Hill ( very very popular),John Ross, Scott Beaman is very popular look him in his eyes and ask him who knew more people and was more popular me or him, then ask him to name people I was friends with at hisschool because I don't remember last names too well.

List of people to ask from Gates High

Thomas Bertola (very good friends) Danny Dettman (my best friends bother who was one of the best hockey players ever at Gates, Joseph DiMarzo (good friend) Jill Robison (very very good friend) Perry Ball very good friend, Benjamin Ortiz, Monte Nowden (the best quarterback in Gates history), Jimmy and Sean Walker, Sean Bauer good friend, Johnny Uyar good friend, Chris Kaiser, Tom and John Krystan, Andrew Sawczuk ( ask Andy how well did I get along with people at work) Gerard Price (ask Jerry how well did I get along with people at work), Tyrone McRay, Matt Dinicola, Shawn Bentley, Desmond Jackson, Paul O'fray, Alan Webster, Ronald White, Enzo Sacchetti and Jeff Stark.

I HAVE letters from prison that my friends sent me. In some of the letters, one can tell they were crying or in great pain when they wrote it. I HAVE lots of pictures of me in N.Y.C. after 9-11 taking pictures of the site and shaking hands with the Fireman. I use to have one of those flags that blew in the wind on the side of my car after 9-11. I use to wear one of those Remembering 9-11 T-shirt too. Give me a MRI test and ask me how mad was I on 9-11. So I was patriotic even after this country set me up and put me in prison. Now you can call me an expatriate, because I want off this soil and when I see the flag .it reminds me of a vicious calculating killer that has its blackbelt in lying, brutel racism and being flatout devious !!! I can't believe how gullible I was. I have pictures of the Statue of liberty, The Empire State Building and view of NYC on top of the Empire State Building, Brooklyn bridge, Time Square, Ellis Island, United Nations, World Trade Center a month before 9-11,pictures of 9-11 shrine sites, and Central Park, If I hated this country then, then why all the pictures? Lots of them too!!!

Twice in my life I got asked to be a male model because of how I look and most importantly I always had a smile on my face. I got offered to be in a music video .and why people loved me and use to always want to be around me. They have planted the seed and watched it grow.By their standards that letter "Prejudice Stinks" is proof of me being retarded. That's how I really was when I wrote that "Prejudice Stink" letter. For me to love people the way I do and to have people hate my guts is sick and is unrational!!!! Why would I even write that letter knowing people hate me. That would be like me writing a letter to the kkk thanking them for a job well done. Reason alone would tell you that something don't add up!!! As you can see, their full of feces that tell it like it really ain't, because I have wiped out, pulverized and obliterated their clever but stupid argument about people not liking me .AND THE WINNER IS .."ROY S-N-E- DOUBLE .L .SNNNNNNNEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL"! !!!!!!!

Proof of retaliation


Carole Jarvie August 11, 2008
New York State Education Department
2nd Floor
109 S. Union Street
Rochester, New York 14607

Proof That Computer Confidence Is Full Off Fluffy Feces!!!

Computer Confidence isn't for beginners since ring around the roses. The course is more like a trick then a treat. It's almost like Marie has found away to get away with as little as possible legally. I didn't know that getting a decent education in Rochester would be so difficult. I thought all you had to bring to the party was your brain and the desire and willingness to learn. I wasn't qualified to take the course since I had no experience and the course outline said "you need 6 months or more experience to take the course". Get 10 people together who have been reading their whole lives and don't know the first thing about computers and have them sit at a desk reading a 950 page A+ computer book (without ever building a computer and loading an operating system once with help) and see if they could honestly pass both parts of the test without hands on practice. When I told people with computer experience that I passed the hardware part of the test without ever building a computer they said wow!!! Matt had 10 years hardcore experience building and fixing computers and he only passed by a few points. Taking a course there is the same as buying expensive bottled water that's from the kitchen sink.

It's a teacher's job to teach, and not say "Google it". I went through 4 teachers and all had that mind set. There is no other explanation but to point the finger at how the course is run and set up. I think I would have been better off buying a really cheap recycled computer and practicing on it and then take the test when I was ready. It just one problem with that .you paid Computer Confidence to teach me. Computer Confidence is a place where you sign in, read a 950-page book to yourself, "Google it", have coffee/cookies then sign out.

I know Marie is an experienced businesswoman, but she used her experience to get away with the bare minimum. If she could, she would warehouse students in a warehouse like boxes and crates with only a desk and a computer book. I don't care what the law says but that's fraud in my book, because she is raping the taxpayers. I think the Republicans are right when it comes to spending too much on education from my personal experience. School and institutions should be held accountable and/or the people who approved that law that allows schools and institutions to get away with slick scams that set people like Marie up in a no lose situation. She has got herself one hell of a deal.

I bet NO ONE in history has ever sued BOCES for not teaching them right. BOCES A+ course cost $5,000 with all the hands-on experience you could handle from I think 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday . repetition is the mother of learning .right? Computer Confidence is a whopping $6,000 with no hands-on experience from 8am to 12pm, but you could stay at your computer till 4pm if you don't bother the teacher because that is when the teacher has to get his work done. Check BOCES's student overall attendance compared to Computer Confidence overall attendance. Look at all the times students left at 12pm at the two schools. Trust me, if you're learning something that you want to learn .you don't think about time unless you really have to be somewhere. Most people at Computer Confidence can't wait till 12pm or sooner, because all they're doing is reading and rereading a 950-page book that they could read anywhere. When I argued with her about me not learning how to build computers she said that Computer Confidence was mainly here to help people pass the A+computer test .as in Computer Confidence is really a testing center. Make sure you ask me this question under a MRI lie detector test too!! I told her about BOCES charging $5000 with all the hands on skills, and her charging $6000 with no skills and she ran "Game" by saying "BOCES students have to wait until the classes are full or just about full before you can take their course can take my course at any time because we cater to our students needs". BOCES students use to laugh and say to me "I don't know how you do it man ..I wish I could learn like that ..I learn by doing things hands on, but if that's how you learn that's cool because not everyone learns the same way. I said, that's how I learn best, too. They laughed and said you got robbed. Ask the BOCES students who went there when I went there. I don't remember their names but one guy was an African american and taught kung fu somewhere.

Marie is a shark and the kind of person that will shoot herself in the arm, then call 9-1-1 and said that you did it .just to save face .reminds me of another institution that I know. I know I told you that I told Marie about M.C.C. and I did. But the real reason why I told her is because she would look at me really funny in are you going to wig out? She had an unsafe air about her .so I wanted to put things at ease. That's the real reason why I told her. I completely understand fear on someone face. What was behind that was someone telling her everything about me and my letters behind my back. I couldn't have Marie being scared of me the whole time I was there .so I told her about M.C.C. Tell her that you would make this thing go away, if she tells you the truth who told her about me and M.C.C!!! As a matter of fact, give her a MRI lie detector test because she is very good at manipulating. About a week later or even that same week "Matt" had called you and told you that the course was a joke. What difference does it make who called you me or Matt? Proof that it was an act of retaliation!!!! Since she knew about me and the college, she thought I was the one that called you to complain. That was the beginning of the end, because she targeted me for destruction. As in he is trying to cause trouble here like he did to the college and I will not allow that to happen. You came in to talk to me one day at Computer Confidence and asked me if I was using obscenity language around women. Remember? I said no and when I got back to the class the male teacher wanted to know really bad why you came there. I told him and he got really mad and said, "Marie is sneaky and that she stands outside the classroom door listening to me that he had caught her lots of times." He told me if she starts anything to let him know and gave me his email address. The day before or earlier that week in the lab after 12pm sometime myself, the black ex BOCES student and the teacher were talking about politics and I used a couple of swear words. We were the only ones in the room and trust me, the teacher and the student didn't get offended. So I was uncomfortable with the lady teacher fill-in/saleswoman and she knew that something was wrong and told me that I did not say anything whatsoever out of the way to her or around her .that was all Marie's doing. By the way, I have only emailed that teacher once.

Marie called herself throwing me a bone by letting me sit in on her overpriced top of the line corporate class for 4 days with two stipulations. One, I could not talk to the other corporate student with 10 years hardcore work experience about anything that happened there or my feelings towards Computer Confidence and two, I was just there to sit in. First day, Marie had got into a fight with the real teacher who was supposed to teach the course, so he left and squealed out of the parking lot with his truck. So Marie let her fill-in/saleswoman teacher teach the course. All she did was read from the book word for word. When I tried to stop her most of the time to explain what she just had read .she told me that I was there to only sit in and listen and that the course was for the corporate student. So that means that if he knew something or a certain section of the book we would skip that part or section. There was something wrong with the networking system so when it came to do the Operating System practices in the book, the sales lady would jerry-rig a way to do it. Not by the book but through her experience. The book would say do this first and that second and most the keys she pressed were not in the book but were shortcuts only a experienced person would know that had networking issues. I still, to this day, don't know what they did because it was always different. That was really the only hands on experience I received. She told me to take the book home and practice all these DOS commands on my computer because of the networking issues. I said what happens if I mess something up she said don't you know anyone that can fix it?

I am an innocent student. I hired no teacher, I didn't write any text book, I don't have any say so on what I am being taught am like a broken curl bar that doesn't hold any weight. The soul responsibility is the institution and in this case it's Computer Confidence. I can't learn if I am not taught. They get paid to teach, not highjack funds legally. Matt had a problem with the teacher not standing up and front of the room teaching from the book. I didn't, because I was used to teaching myself out of a book anyway. I had a problem with not getting any hands-on experience building a computer and hands-on experience working with the different operating systems and practicing the examples in the book where you get your experience. The test isn't about knowlege, it's all about the trial and errors you've seen and felt when you were practicing which equals experience. Education isn't just about knowledge .it's about action putting to use what you learn. Education is useless without action. Especially computers and cnc machining. Going to Computer Confidence is like studying or memorizing the names of the white pages of the telephone book useless. If you don't do anything with your knowledge it's useless. I didn't pass the Operating System part of the test, because of my lack of experience and not my lack of ability. I understand what I read, but without practicing what the book says .it is useless. The test was mostly about experience and not knowledge. As a beginner, just reading and rereading a 950-page computer book is useless without action. One of the books that was purchased we didn't even open once. It was the "A+ Complete Lab Manual 220-301 & 220-302 by Sybex" where you get your hands-on experience with the Operating System like Windows 98 and Windows 2000 to pass the test. The only Operating System software I ever used there was Windows XP and remember that the network system was screwed-up. How could I blow pass my expectations like that?

The computers Marie had for students to practice on to so-called build computers were stacked up in the corner and splattered a crossed a table missing pieces. This component didn't go with that and that didn't go with this etc., etc. All the teachers said the only thing Marie had was a pile of junk for computers and one teacher even said "if Marie thinks that I am going to bring in anything from my private stash at home .am not". Then when I would say I was upset that I took this course here .the teacher would say " why are you don't have to pay for it out of your pocket"!! One day, they had all the pieces to build a computer so Matt built the computer while I watched and one of the students complained about the noise Matt was making building the computer (not me and him talking) but the sound of parts going together. So Maria said, we couldn't do it anymore and besides Matt had short-circuited one of the only motherboards. She ran "Game" by saying, that she would talk to the owner and see if Matt and I could go in work on computers in the basement, but everytime I brought up the subject she stalled for time by saying she haven't talked with the owner yet or the owner haven't gotten back to me yet. That slick jive talking lady Marie is guilty of deception, swindling and defrauding.

I understand what I read and that test was about not remembering what you read, but about hands-on experience. Either you did it and remembered how you did it; or never seen it, never practiced it, and when its time to take the test .try to guess how it was done. It's like learning to swim without getting into the water. I passed the hardware part of the test with a practice test that I downloaded from the net. I made better use of my time studying at home. I would study for 50 minutes, then rest for 10 minutes for 2 weeks before I took that test. I shouldn't have had to rely so heavily on studying so hard on them practice test, because I should have relied on my hands-on experience that I got from practicing with computers. Studying with the A+ practice test without any hands-on experience is like flat out cheating and won't get you any closer to being competent. One could pass the A+ hardware test if they had an updated version of the practice test without ever seeing a computer because the practice test has a lot of the same questions and answers that the real test has...provided that the test is updated. Just reading the A+ 950-page book without ever building a computer and practicing what the book says and passing both tests is next to impossible. I called this one computer school and asked the person on the phone if it was possible to pass the test by just reading the book without any prior experience, he said he couldn't do it and that it wasn't realistic and that one needs to practice. When I studied for the Operating System part of the test, I studied the practice exam 50 minutes on and 10 minutes off for like most of the day. I had a timer and everything. I am at my best when I wake up and when I work out. I probably took like 50 naps and did hundreds of push ups and still fell short of passing the test. Not because of my ability, but because of my lack of experience. The Operating System part of the test is all about experience and it could be on any of the Operating Systems like windows 95,98,ME,2000,XP and so on. For the most part, all operating system place files and folders in different places all over the system. The test that I took ask me the driving directions (so to speak) on how would you get here, how would you get there, and what folder would you find if you where here? The only way to answer these questions is from your experience you received from practicing .and since I have only worked with Windows XP .a child could see I didn't get my practice on!!! There are a lot of places on the net where one can purchase the actually A+ exam, but it has to be the current version and up to date to get the exact test for that day. The test I purchased wasn't the same as when I took the test. When I have to rely on cheating (practice exam) to pass a test that I should have practiced with hands on experience that is paid for, something is wrong you think????

Since I didn't pass that test, people try to engage and trick me in conversation by asking me all kinds of questions and want to know this and that. Whats behind that is "NIGGA we don't think you can read now ..and I am going to find out one way or the other". I taught myself how to read and write and I didn't read my first book until I was 21 and a half years old. When I say I taught myself, I mean I taught myself. It was just me, the jail cell and a book. I read a lot of books when I was in prison and out of prison. The majority (95%) of the books I have read are nonfiction, because I wanted to get something out of books .rather than just being entertained. Reading is having a deep understanding of what you're reading. I have a deep understanding of what I read and I read for understanding. I haven't read a book that I couldn't understand. I don't know all the words in the dictionary, and one doesn't have to know all the words in the dictionary to read who really does? I am a speed reader that reads fast with a deep concentration of what I am reading .period!!! Ask my ex-girlfriend that lives in Fountain Inn, South Carolina named Deborah Warren how good of a writer I was when I was in prison. I probably wrote about a 1000 letters to her.

Tell any computer professional that I have never installed an Operating System twice and see what they say about me passing the Operating System part of the test. Did you know I have never installed an Operating System twice the whole time I was there?

That fill-in/saleswoman wanted to be the head teacher there so badly, she tried to use her body like one of the %#&@$!s trying to climb the corporate ladder. One day when I was leaving for the day, she bent down in a %#&@$!tish way out of the eye site of the other teacher that was in the room. I looked at her and the other teacher looked at me like he was looking for something .like a reaction from me I guess. So that she could say "did you see it too". I am good at describing things, but I would have to show you what she exactly did. Then when I was in the corporate class, she would cross and uncross her legs wearing a dress lots of times. One day she did it like 10 times in a row where one could almost see up her dress. Something like Sharon Stone. I guess she wanted me to say something to her out of the way so that she could get me in trouble I guess!!! What do you think???? Haven't I had a lot of time to think about this? If I was smart, I wouldn't even put this paragraph in here, but it's staying because I want people to know about ALL the pressure that was applied on me out of retaliation that has left me in my apartment not knowing what to do!!!! Explain to her exactly what a MRI lie detector test is, and tell her that your boss has all the cool high paying jobs that she could have one if she takes a MRI lie detector test and pass. The kid is undefeated when it comes to telling the truth I haven't got caught in one lie yet ..and why would I blow my perfect record on some leather face %#&@$!??? That's unacceptable!!!

That saleslady admitted to me that Marie's course wasn't set up to teach hands-on and especially from a beginner's stand point. At least M.C.C. tooling and machining course was set-up for beginners .they're just practicing racism! I played my position and it's not my fault that the coach was more interested in filling the stands rather than winning. If I would have passed the test, I would have eventually got booed, benched and fired at my computer job as an incompetent employee the first week after I have thrown interceptions and fumbled the ball enough times.

Marie and the teachers encouraged me to lie about the times that I was there. Rather than being there two hours, I put down 5 and 6 hours. When I stopped lying on the sign in/out sheet they got mad. I did this because Marie kept running "Game" on me by telling me that they were going to teach me how to build computers down the basement. I just wanted to learn at all cost.

Marie said Greg "ex-teacher" use to let students stay way pass their schedule dates and that she wasn't going to be doing that anymore. This is Reason talking and not me, why would anybody have to stay pass their schedule date if their getting taught right. Why do people not show up for class all the time? Unless they had a illness or something?

I tried to put my foot down by buying all the computer components to build a computer from scratch and forcing them to show me how to put it together .but she was nasty about it and wrote a letter to you. I ended up having one of my classmates "Matt" with lots of experience build the computer at his home. Marie would look at me really mean especially towards the end of the course. I said look lady I just want to learn how to build computers and my fight is not with you it's with the college. Marie made me write and sign two different letters saying that I will not sue her and in return she said I could bring in my computer to get fix that I already had before the course and the teacher fixed the problem in two seconds because I couldn't get to one of my hard drives and that's it. How could anyone have confidence in Computer Confidence????

Mrs. Jarvie, when I emailed you on 3/8/07 and told you that I promise to write you back within a week, I honestly was planning to. A week after I wrote you that letter I noticed a parking ticket on my windshield outside my apartment on Broezel Street. I read the ticket and it was from another address. It had my Aunt house address that lives across town off of Warning Road, because I was over there the previous night. I even called my Aunt to confirm was that her address and she said yeah and asked why? The next time I got in my car, their were cops everywhere I went. So after I went and got something to eat, I went downtown to pay the parking ticket. I came out to my car one day, and my car was hit. I don't believe in coincidence and especially 3 coincidences because my car has gotten hit 3 different times without me even driving it when it happened since I have been living here. It's very rare that something happens by chance .and especially in the heat of the moment. Ask me under a MRI lie detector test did I have anybody hit it and was the car hit before I moved here?

I don't know how you can help me out now because ALL I want now is to leave this country for good. I haven't received a paycheck in over 6 months, I can't pay September's rent and I have only a little food left. Anyway you can help me out will be greatly appreciated.


Roy Snell

Letter to U.S. Dept. of Education and another letter


25 Broezel Street
Apt. 203
Rochester, NY 14613

May, 15, 2006

Mr. Randolph E. Wills
U.S. Dept. of Education
Office for Civil Rights
32 Old Slip, 26th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10005

Re: Case No. 02-06-2051 ?The discredited little ant vs. the seasoned character assassins, licensed experienced professional liars?the call for justice?

Dear Mr. Wills:

If you give a man a fish, he?ll eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he?ll eat for a lifetime. I overpaid for my fishing license and still have to beg for fish. Plain and simple, the teachers didn?t do their job and because of that I can?t do mine?no law should protect them. They have watered down and manipulated the facts long enough and its time for them to own up and come clean etc., etc., etc. They?re using the system as a doormat making the system into a laughing stock and smashing a pie in the face of what everything America stands for by being bullies and abusing their power, unlimited resources, authority, and it should not be tolerated. What an insult to the education system. An injustice here is an injustice everywhere. What doesn?t kill you makes you stronger; by your ruling you?re making their super egos stronger. When will it end? This wild recklessness needs to be confronted, because they have lost focus on what this country stands for.

The factual information was incomplete: At first they said I was jealous of Brian. I said I don?t know of any black man who is jealous of another white man. We think the fight is fixed and that white man is supposed to have it all anyway. Then they said the teachers were worried about me and that they don?t know where this is all coming from and that I should talk it out with them. Once everything was proven wrong?they said, ?the teachers don?t like you.? Can you say flippity flop, floppy flop, flop. This is also on tape. When Mr. Ryther told me that they fired Darwin I said I bet you didn?t fire him for what he did. He said what difference does it make. At the time I didn?t have an answer, because I couldn?t believe how cold of a response I had gotten. If a child molester rapes a little boy, wouldn?t you want the courts to convict him for child molesting and not a speeding ticket so he could speed again. No remorse whatsoever! And order to solve a problem; you have to understand the problem. Fifty percent of the solution is finding out the problem. I detailed the problem and all that has happened is a cover-up. I have connected the dots and taken a snapshot of hell and they have thrown my life in the street like empty cans and vomit because of it. I am not big on letting racism, bigots and freeloaders throw my career in a dumpster and not saying anything about it.

The mystery teacher in my letter entitled, ?if you look at the obvious? was the tooling and machining coordinator. He is the first face that you see when entering the program?before you even meet a teacher or see a machine. He speaks for and represents the college and is the first line of defense. He lied just like I said he would in my look at the obvious letter. The college thought it was another teacher and when I found out that that teacher had got in trouble I told them who the real mystery teacher was. I think 3 to 4 months went by before I told them. The mystery teacher knew the whole time that I was talking about him. He was going to let his fellow colleague take the fall. On the day when he knew that I was going to be telling on him, the mystery teacher, Bob Lash, knew that I was in class and where I was sitting at. He looked through the door window and put up his hands and begged me not to tell, something like sign language. Mr. Ryther asks me who was the mystery teacher and why did I think he was prejudiced. I told him if little Johnny was being picked on by little Billy and someone of authority seen what was going on and laughed and turned their backs to ignore it, then the authority figure was just as guilty. He agreed with me. This is also on tape, word for word. Doesn?t that say a lot about their character and who they are as an institution by having the coordinator act this way? Its kind of like the child molesters on Dateline showing up to rape little boys and when they?re caught in the act they lie and end up saying this is the first time something like this has happened and that its really the 8 year old?s fault. You can?t be good and evil at the same time, it?s one or the other. As you can see they don?t have any table manners and they need a timeout.

Proof that I had chemistry and the teachers liked me.

I use to work in the computer lab at the Applied Tech for a full semester totally free. I never received one dime, but what I did receive was instructional videos that the school had purchased from Master Task worth about $5,000 I think. They let me copy them right in the computer lab, because they wouldn?t let me take them home. Since I had to be there all the time, I learned how to manually program on my own. Mr. Brandon even said openly that I was the best student in my programming class. They made a deal with me and that I had to be in the lab only two days a week. The teacher Pat had his daughter work there the other 3 days. She quit without notice and they couldn?t find anyone at the time, so I said I?d come in 5 days a week and that they still wouldn?t have to pay me. I just wanted to copy the videos so I could start putting some real food on the table. I didn?t know Brian then, but he would always look at me in the lab without emotion, something like a blank stare.

I know if I get caught in one lie all my letters will be disregarded and will face prosecution and another round of witch-hunts.

Brian is a computer hacker and hands down is better than all the teachers combined at machining and CNC programming. The only teacher that knew CNC was Mr. Brandon. Brian taught the rest of the teachers everything about CNC programming on just about all their machines. The teachers would lick, suck and feast on his brain at every opportunity they got. The teachers had the mind set of give me, give me, give me when it comes to bright students. They tried to hog as much new skills and info as possible and when I came along knowing nothing ?not now?, ?what do you want?, ?haven?t you got it yet?, and shortly afterwards, ?I have to help someone else? then they?re back feasting on the brighter students again. What a bunch of freeloading selfish greedy leaches. Mr. Brandon is very smart when it comes to CNC and Brian was even teaching him the machines. Brian was their meal ticket. For some reason Brian wasn?t great when it came to tests, because he would always have to leave before the test started. One teacher even took the same class Brian had to take ?English 101? so that he could coach Brian as ?payment back for all the things Brian taught him? so that Brian could pass. I believe this is why they thought he was the mystery teacher. One of the teachers gave Brian the original Mill Write software that?s worth, ?this is what Brian told me? $75,000 and Brian hacked it to pieces. Brian gave me a copy of it when things started hitting the fan so I would stay quiet. I have been looking for that Mill Write CD all this time and this is the real reason why this letter is so close to the deadline. When I find it I?ll send it Fed Ex style. I tried to tell Mr. Ryther about this and the videos once over the phone and once in his office and both times he let out a hard ?SSHHHHHHH?. Common sense told me that he already knew differently about the videos. I knew I touched a nerve so I left it alone. This is the only proof that I have of Brian hacking for the teachers. I opened up the CD and it has his name on all the folders and one with an EXE.file extention. You should show no mercy on them on that alone?the law is on your side. They think not getting caught in a lie, is the same thing as telling the truth. Let?s see if they could lie their way around this one. How could I make something like this up??? Brian had the green light to do what he wanted to do as a result. It was not my intelligence, lack of getting along with people, will, determination that caused this. It was racism, bigotry, selfishness and greed that caused me not to get the education I way over paid for and so hard to get. They even had Darwin trained this one black kid that was in the lab after my letters came out. That?s no different than having a 10% off sale on jewelry; it still costs too much.

If someone won the Lottery and was mad and acted mad, wouldn?t you say that was crazy? If really evil bad things happened to you and you acted like you were happy all the time, wouldn?t that be crazy? I can?t bring my A- game when it comes to being happy, because of all the evil events that happened. It?s like saying to a diabetic, pump some more insulin. They expect me to walk away and jump rope while the other students are living like Caesars being hand fed grapes.

I believe the determination was incorrect because: if you put enough pressure on anyone you can get what you want. If a Judge let a child molester go and that child molester sodomizes and kills little children, who fault is it? The Judge, right? The police department played Judge and Jury and forced me to put my tail between my legs and throw the towel in the ring. The college knows the law, loopholes and was stalling for time, because they know more tricks then the Globe Trotters. My only crime is not knowing how the law works. People now could say I should have done this and I should have did that. I was worried about my life period point blank. What was I supposed to do? What would you have done? Now they?re hiding behind their lawyer with their crimes.

The analysis of the facts was incorrect because: four police departments came after me. Need I say anymore? If they come after me again, I am just going to punt the ball away, because they don?t play. Thinking things through, I can?t really fault the police, because they were just following orders from their superiors.

The legal standard was not applied correctly because: the last time the police messed with me was on Christmas Eve and anytime that they thought I was going to be emailing my letters over the net. Since this was about school, it was well within the 180 days time frame. If I got a bunch of goons together to put pressure on a teacher to give me a better grade, and the courts found this fact out 5 years from now, do you think the prosecution will let me slide? Absolutely not! It would be a witch hunt. Equal justice for all.

I have always been in Special Ed since the first grade. I know after I got in trouble and sent up the river for something I didn?t do, I knew much of that had to do with me not being educated. I knew that education was the key to success and staying out of trouble, so I hung up my gloves and stopped hanging around people that would lead me down that road again. You have to be focus when trying to better yourself. I had a thirst, hungry craved passion for learning. It?s not how you start, its how you finish. I went to college, because I wanted to become a better person. I didn?t want a job anymore, because a job pays the bills. I wanted a career that had room for advancement and ended up owing $20,000 without a career and begging for fish. They have lowered my expectation and dreams to plan E rather than plan A.

I don?t have a bipolar disorder. The doctor?s medical interpretation was incorrect and they?re translating it to be what they want it to be. I went to the doctors a long time ago seeking help, because I was slurring all my words. I even had an operation on my nasal passage, because I wasn?t getting any air through really. I took Ripped Fuel which is a weight loss pill. The main ingredient is ephedra and it caused me not to sleep, lose a lot of weight, slur my words, and to have or increase my VCD ?Vocal Cord Dysfunction?. I couldn?t really breathe to save my life. ?I have always stuttered my whole life since I was born, but I couldn?t get my words out at times and when I did I would slur then and people drew back from me all around. The only thing that?s keeping me breathing right is breathing exercises I do everyday. They want you to think I am chemically unbalanced.

Evil people make good people look bad. I have been demonized to the point were my character has been made into an Ork like one of the things on Lord of the Rings. It?s not that kind of party. They?re running a ruthless smear campaign on people not liking me and it?s time that I address and confront this perception to these evil doing professional buffoons. It?s almost like giving someone the aids virus and getting away with it. They have a knack at it. Their strategy is to divide and conquer. They have to say something right? First of all, I got along and befriended all black men working in the machine shops that I worked for. There was only one black man that said something about me after I left Rocon. I don?t know what was said, because I wasn?t there. I even got along with my crack head supervisor the whole time I was employed there. I got really close with him and it turned out that he was pumping me for information so that he could go back and tell the owner and the owner would in turn tell MCC. He would even let me take long breaks. When I found out what he was up to, our relationship of being cool was over. Every company that I worked at I was always tight with the brothers, even though some called me white boy jokingly?.I got alone with all the brothers. I got along with most the people at Rocon too, but they have it set up there that the veteran workers could commit murder without prosecution on the newer workers and at the time I wasn?t going for that. Why don?t you ask all the brothers at ?AGI ? if they liked the kid? Ask the black men at Parlec if they liked the kid. Ask the black men at Lexington if they liked the kid? Ask Chris King who was my group leader at Lexington and his super smart best friend in QA if they liked the kid. Ask Beebe, Maloney and Mike, at Gillette Machine on the Horizontal Mills if they liked the kid? Ask Mike Mitchell ?the owner of Mitchell Machine? who at the time was my supervisor? at Rogers Tool and Die and ask %#&@$! Wagger who was my group leader at the time also at Rogers. Ask Roman in the die shop with all the other people in the die shop at Erdle Perforating. Also ask Storm the head supervisor at Erdle if they liked the kid. Ask all the teachers who taught me on the main campus at MCC before all the letters did they like me. One teacher that always went out of his way to say hi to me looked at me mean as all hell after I sent letters out. Since I went to prison for something I didn?t do and being uneducated made matters worse, I have turned into something like a rude intellectual and brought new concepts to the table and teachers like that?but only if your right. Not only did I get along with the teachers very well, I also got along with 99.99% of the students on the main campus, and especially the rude intellectual. Ask the Liberians at MCC do they like the kid. I used to practically live there and especially on Saturdays open to close rain or shine. Ask the Principal and Vice Principal of Hilton High School when I went to school there do they like me. I was friends with all the blacks, not a problem. If you were to look at the 1988, 1989, 1990 yearbooks I got along and befriended about 90% of them. Look at the JV and Varsity football pictures, I was friends with most of the guys. John Reynolds ?who owns Charlotte Tavern?, Craig Reynolds ?who worked on wall street? Andy Wegman of the Wegman?s family, Mike Romanski, Tim Slater and Kevin Rule and many more. If you saw John, you saw me. By the way, I had one of the biggest parties ever in Rochester back then at my parent?s house and people like especially that there were just about more girls there then guys. The only people I really didn?t get along with were the pigfarmers, toilet mouth trailertrash, meatheads and headbangers. One dirt bag smashed this girl Lisa head into the locker, because I was friends with her and he hated blacks?.I guess you know what I did to him. Ask the people from Gates High School and the same year do they know and like me. Sean Bowwer, Jerry Price, Andy Sawchuck, Inzo, Mike Giordano who is now a doctor and many more. Ask the people from Spencerport like Mark Dirisio, Steve Rahr, Mike Lacotta, Elvis, Joe Lipresti, Sean Fagon, Matt Cookinham and many more. Ask the people from Greece Athena like Paul Manning, Jim Kotay, George State once owner of the Prince?s Restaurants, Lou and Joe Polizzi ?owner of the Diplomat Party House, Jose, Jason Palvensi , Rick Secore, Bendgy and many more. Ask Pete Tufo, Pat Freaser,Eddie Long, Anthony Richi, Steve Hay, Steve Mills anyone on the football team at Greece Olympia in the same years do they like the kid. Ask Kevin McGinnitys ?that owns McGinnity?s on West Ridge Rd?, the last class of 89 at Cardinal Mooney High School does he like the kid, Bevoloko, Bird, Scott Hyless and many more. Ask the people of Greece Arcadia like Joe, Tammy and Mike Alberty, Art Gamberdino, Arron, Freddy Kotay, Boner and many more. Ask the Turkish people from East Ridge High like 2-by, Hagin and just about all the Turkish people. Ask the people at the Summit Federal Credit Union do they like me. My very best of friends back then was Matt Cookinham, John Dettman and John Reynolds. Ask then or anyone about how big my party was and all the friends I had. Also, ask John Reynolds if he thinks I committed that crime on the Pier. He saw me across the street at Abbotts just after it happened. Ask him what he saw and what I said. Ask John Dettman and Matt Cookinham if I am good at names. People have always come up to me saying that they know me and that we were friends and I honestly didn?t remember them. When I go to the Charlotte Tavern it happens all the time.

Crimes they have committed:

1. Breach of contract, because they didn?t fulfill the agreement by teaching me.
2. Obstruction of justice, because they sent the police after me knowing that I was trying to find a lawyer so that I could sue them. They wanted to silence me. Now I am in poverty, because of it.
3. Conspiracy to commit violence, I almost got shot, ran over, jumped etc., etc.
4. Violating the Constitution, they?re guilty of violating the 4th Amendment, ?right to privacy? because they have told everyone about me. Every job I go to people want to litigate my letter out to me by referring to exact events in my letter. I get more auditions then American Idol. And whatever Amendment I missed.
5. Stalking. I have been followed more than a GPS system could handle. My sense of traveling in the rain is gone forever, because that is the best time to kill someone.
6. Confidentiality, because the teachers told ?Darwin? that I was in prison. It happened I think in 1996 and there wasn?t one student around then to read about it in the papers like they claim.
7. Forgery, because they changed my grades. I had a 3.064 GPA to 2.8 GPA. I then received an F then my GPA went up to 3.020. The media made them change it back.
8. Reckless endangerment because they had the police ?punk? me lots of times and I thought I was a moving target.
9. Impeding an investigation, because they have stood in the way of justice that cause me to have an untimely claim.
10. Perjury or predicted perjury, because I know they?re going to lie when we go to court.
11. Defamation of character, because they have turned my name into mud by demonizing me and telling everyone my most personal secrets. When I do have money I am a good tipper at the bars. Some bartenders used to be happy when I came around and now they look mean and don?t want to take my tips. They have burned the concept of people hating my guts in people?s minds.
12. Misconduct and unethical practices, because they allowed events to happen in school and turned their back to the facts.
13. Excessive force, because I almost got shot outside school, in school, Wal-Mart and any other place I didn?t know about.
14. Endangering the welfare of a child, because someone asked my 13-year-old niece at the time in school about me. My point, how do they even know that we were related, because we have different last names.
15. Falsifying records, because I got an A in all the machining courses I took.
16. Insubordinate to life, because they don?t want to see people bettering themselves.
17. Putting me in poverty and leaving my accounts, cash flow, gas tank and future jobs on ?E?.


Roy Snell, Jr

Roy Snell
Gary Rainford
English 101-184: College Writing
Revised May 16, 1999

A Shift Redneck?the Beast Within

I hope that I didn?t have to look at his face for too long. I hoped that he had called in. I stopped to look at my watch. The time was 6:45 a.m., and it was about time for the Beast to make his presence through the solid, steel doors of Parlec.

I started working for my employer three months ago. Parlec, Route 31F in Fairport, located in the middle of the country, is one of the world?s leading manufacturers in building toolholders. The company is known to train their employees to be great machinists fast and well like Navy Seals training for World War Three. That?s why I chose to work there. I have had bad luck in the past with companies downsizing and insufficient training. I was going to bite the bullet and enroll in an apprentice program for half the pay just to get the experience I needed to excel. Working for Parlec is like being in an apprentice program with about the same pay. The only thing that wasn?t appealing about my position is that I would have to work the C shift. Working the C shift isn?t all that bad. It?s adapting to the time change on the weekends that?s hard to get used to.

Upon my arrival at Parlec, I was warned by co-workers whom to stay away from, whom to trust, whom not to say too much around, and whom not to listen to, etc. I let negative advice go in one ear and out the other and give everyone a fair shake in life, like a high school football coach scouting his team to see who has made the final cut. I listen to co-workers bad mouth other co-workers and I tell myself that there are three sides to a story ? their side, the other person?s side, and the truth. What?s the truth, I ask myself. I would have to find out as time takes its toll.

In general, Parlec is a great place to work. All the negatives that I have heard turned out to be false. I believe that it is the negativity in a person?s life that makes them feel the way they do. There was really one truth to what I heard and saw with my own eyes to hold true. It was the legacy of the Beast that roamed Parlec.
The Beast has a reputation for being a A-hole, working people to the extreme, being one-sided and fabricating stories or just plain lying to upper management to get people out the door and fired. That?s what he?s trying to do to me. The Beast uses the company?s black and white logbook (located in all the workstations) to write down things about me. Most things he wrote about didn?t need to be in there. He complained how I didn?t clean up my area well, how my set-ups weren?t good enough, how I should have changed the tooling, how there wasn?t enough oil in the machine to his liking, how my product wasn?t good, and he tried hard to find something wrong so the product could be rejected by the quality control department. He would write things in the logbook so sincerely that if read slowly enough, one could tell that he was crying when he wrote it.

I remember the first time I saw the Beast. I was working at my workstation, just finishing up a great night when all of sudden, I got this cold tingling feeling down my spine that sent shock waves throughout my entire body like lightning hitting an electrical outlet. I turned around to see why I was so disturbed. I could never have prepared myself for what I was about to see. There was the Beast himself. There stood before my very eyes a big tall pile of human carcass. His face stuck out like a sore thumb. One could see that when he smiled, his face cracked and peeled, like that of a little baby chicken hatching from their eggshell. With his eyes, small and beady, you knew you weren?t looking at a man, but that of a coward. His forehead was wide and sloped out, like that of Robocop. His ears were long and pointy like that of Spock from Star Trek.
As the days passed, I deliberately ignored the Beast, but his presence was so strong it would ooze through the air, find its way to my workstation, and linger throughout the establishment. I soon watched him with the curiosity of a child at the circus. At first, I noticed the way he dragged hard on his Marlboro pack of cigarettes. Then he would roll up the pack in his T-shirt sleeve. I saw a long dog chain extending from his front pocket to his back pocket holding his wallet. I observed that he wore his Wrangler jeans so tight that one could see a gap of sunlight between his legs when he walked. Today, the Beast and I are still in conflict. He still lies in the logbook and craves authority like a dog in the basement waiting to be let out so he can eat. One could tell that he must have been a neglected, battered child growing up ? getting nothing for Christmas, having no friends, only cornfields and his pet frog.

More Proof that Rochester is Racist


I need your help. My career, cash flow, personal and social life has been burned down like the churches of Alabama due to these hate crimes. All students that have my degree and have been in the field for ten years could work just about anywhere in the world with the skills they have learned in school, like electricians and plumbers. Their skilled craftsman that get paid at least a base pay of $14 an hour and up. They go on to become supervisors, plant managers, and the owner of shops. I am not talking about your average degree. I am talking about a skilled trades craftsman degree. Here are letters I have written to the college summing everything up. You have all but one. All the college has done is given me the middle finger and sent the police after me. I don't know where to turn to. One time I sent out over 150 resumes and not one machine shop hired me. It?s like I am black listed or something. If a company closed down, it wouldn?t matter to most of my classmates, because their skilled trades men and I am not. They could get a job just about anywhere in the world, like electricians and plumbers. Because I have address the conditions at school and work by writing letters, tried to sue, I am in poverty and about to get evicted from my apartment as a result?can you help me?please!! I could explain anything in my pass, for I am a good person?.please help!!!! I don?t have anywhere to go. Why should I have to apply for welfare?????

The reason why I have took this to heart is, because I have been demoralized, humiliated and degraded that has deteriorated my soul in the work place and now on the streets. Not to mention, being paid the same as a dispensable employee. I wrote a letter while I was still in school; I could see if I was out of school five years then started writing letters. I would love to take a MRI lie detector test. Everything I worked so hard for has been wiped out. I had a legitimate complaint, when I tried to sue?. obstruction of justice to the rescue!!!!!

June 9, 2005

Mr. Richard Ryther
Associate Vice President
Monroe Community College
1000 E. Henrietta Road
Rochester, NY 14623

Dear Mr. Ryther:

The reason for writing this letter is to secure a job so that I can pay off my $20 thousand student loan, cleanse my mind, and rest all the speculation. You wanted me to write you a letter back in September. This is my story with perfume on it. As you will see, I don?t have things upside down. So why am I so mad? Because the obvious has happened. I got mugged of my education that has littered my future with low income and all sorts of problems at work. One can say that my degree is counterfeit, make believe and pretend. Practice no study equals experience, study no practice equals theory. In my opinion, if not fact, my field isn?t about intelligence... it?s all about experience... actually getting your hands dirty and actually doing a task. The only thing that is about intellect is programming and the math aspect of things.

Machinist skills are supposed to have been ingrained in me but wasn?t. All the other students that have my degree are seasoned with this skill. They?re like the Delta Force Elite. All students in the United States with my degree belong to this elite machinist group, or at the very least, have a good handle on things...ALL STUDENTS. Those guys are living in or soon to be living in paradise without any fuss. The teachers can?t even tell you that I am an okay machinist. Sad, but true. I?m not talking about a Liberal Arts degree. I?m talking about a degree whose main ingredient is machining skills. Like raisin bread, the main ingredient isn?t flour. I am that chef that has read over 1,000 cookbooks without baking. How do you think I will get along with the other chef in the kitchen when I am suppose to be a world class chef with his papers from France University? Can you at least admit that I will be talked about by other chefs?
It?s like learning to be a surgeon without operating on a patient. I am like a cigarette without a light. Other machinists look at me without substance. My skills are foolish and I look incompetent and stupid. That being said, how could I be gentle, calm, peaceful, and relaxed in general? Do you think other machinist would accept me as a member? Or do you think they would cut me from the team by throwing me back in the pile with all the other wannabes. My skills are discredited the first day most times... and definitely the first week when I start a new job.

People are always tugging on my shirt sleeve asking me ?what do you know,? ?what is it then,? I thought you were supposed to know certain things like the fundamental of machining and actually performing certain tasks without help, questions and in a timely fashion. One could make the argument that I forgot, but the first time I ever touched oxygen and acetylene and an Arc welder was in 1992. That?s a hard skill to learn. I haven?t touched a welder since 1994, but could pick back right up where I almost left off if I had to. Fundamentals included. Not really good at Tig and Mig. Even though I did it a couple of times, but that was just for a test. Sad thing about it is, I never once had a job welding. Let?s back up for a second. If the college hired a secretary for your office from the most prestigious university that specialized in typing, you would expect her to be an efficient typist. You wouldn?t expect her to type with just her index
fingers and forget most of the keyboard placement. You know there will be some kind of dispute and bickering among the other secretaries. Look at a cop for instance. A cop could read a million books on being a cop, but if that cop does what the book tells him to do without hands-on training from another cop, the likelihood is that the cop will be shot is high. After reading this letter, you will see that I?m the cop who has been shot due to the police academy and a lack of hands-on training by officers and sergeants. It?s a perfect receipt for disaster. Call me nuts, but I anticipated and expected to make a decent income like all my classmates with my degree and people who have just a certificate. I have accomplished really nothing. Why do I have to keep lying to people and explaining why I haven?t got this skill. With my skills being the way they are, if a person is nice they aren?t as nice as they appear, if they?re mean, they?re meaner to me, if
they?re racist, their racist belief has a way of seeping out at times... and sometime it turns into a flood. Like a little baby walking around nude in front of a child molester. Because the child molester has a big appetite and inner cravings, he will attract that little baby. Who?s at fault? Someone could make the argument that it?s the parents fault, but child molesters are predators. Some could make the argument that I look for and confront racism. That?s the farthest thing from the truth. I am only concerned with it when it?s directed towards me... and especially by predators. In short, I am missing the main ingredient and EVERYONE knows it. Including every job that I worked for...ask away!!! Better yet, look at my social security number because some jobs are not on my resume. There aren?t any of them that will tell you that I am a good machinist. What they will tell you is that I am a great operator who makes lots of parts...which
basically means that I press the green button more times than the average person. How can I be in harmony and agreement with the rest of the other workers? I used to be in those manuals like I was a mechanic... and where did it get me... can you say booby-trapped? And as a result, I?m perceived to be the village idiot when it comes to machining at work.

What about specific happenings?

1. My back was turned to people most of the time.
2. I only trammed the table on the mill once or twice within a semester the whole time I went there.
3. Never able to grind form tools on the grinder
4. I haven?t been on a manual lathe since 1997
5. I didn?t finish all my projects back in 1995 and 1997 but got credit for doing so
6. I got an A in all the machining labs that I?m talking about
7. All the projects I did and handed in to get credit from the Proto Trak Mill were just profiles, just simple outlines about .020 deep. Altogether I did around ten profiles and spent the rest of the time trying to get used to the controller?s math function
8. Never did one project in the spring of 2003 that I got credit for (TAM 255 Comp Aided Mfg Lab). It?s funny how I recieved a D rather than an A, huh? Back in spring 2002 Mr. Brandon asked me to square a little blue plastic block. It took me a half an hour to get started and I still didn?t know what to exactly do. One of the teachers ?Ray? came in the lab and squared it up in less than five minutes. All the while explaining to me what he was doing, but fast, because he was in a hurry and Mr. Brandon was waiting for the square block so he could use it on an engraving machine in his lab. My point, if they did not know that I was a good machinist... they knew at that point that I wasn?t a machinist who knew what to do with the most basic machining operations in the world. So what did they do, they told me that I could come in with the regular class in the summer time. That my name wouldn?t be on the list, just come in. Problem was it was too
late. All I could think about was all the evil things that happened to me that previous semester. So as a result, I didn?t go most of the time. One could make the argument that it?s all my fault. I needed to regroup... you know, shake it off. I endured enough torture, attacks and torment for one semester that I could handleand I had my fill.

9. There?s not one student that could tell you that I?m an okay machinist. If someone tracks down a student that says I am, ask them what I made, how did I do it. Better yet, give them a lie detector test.

10. In 1997 I re-took shop practice. I told one of the teachers that I was excited about taking the class again, and since everyone was new to him, if he would come over to my machine more. He said that he couldn?t and that I was going to have to be on my own, that he would come over on occasion... as in sprinkled throughout the semester. Most of the time I got frustrated and left. I already knew what my grade was going to be anyway... since I got an A the last time I took the course.

11. What machinist do you know who used to spend day and night searching for CNC instructional videos? Most machinists could care less about an instructional video. Why? Because they?re already making the big bucks doing what I was trying to learn. Only people who really care are instructors, companies and beginners. Why would a person who has been in the field for almost 10 years now, search religiously for CNC/machining videos. Don?t I have anything else to read e-mails, play games and chat online...but videos, something doesn?t add up. Think for a second, how could I have all these videos and still complain about my lack of skills in machining? I know, maybe I?m insane. I read somewhere that said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So I knew that it was going to be an uphill battle for me, so I did something different by tracking down instructional videos to get the
knowledge that I needed. So people can?t say I?m insane because I did something different...check!!!

There are events that I just wrote about are very specific. As in, do you have that in a size 10? Yes we do sir...good...send one to my address. To be completely fair about things, every time I took the lab classes (I?m talking about the main artery) the classes were full. The teachers liked me and all, but really catered to the bright students who were working on the cool projects, and most of the other students knew one another or teamed up together to become one as in a group. A group that I wasn?t welcome in. Trust me, I wanted to work with them, but it seemed like they were always too busy and working on the next project. Somehow I got lost in the fog.

Most of the times I have to flat out lie to companies to get my foot into the door. My rationale, once they see my work habits, good attendance, have been to school...they won?t fire me. But, when things get slow, owners have to cut cost somewhere. So what do you think will happen? They let go of their less skilled workers. And since everything in this field is based on supply and demand... you can see where I fit in. I interveiw with companies, they take me around their shops. I show and explain to them the CNC controllers (from my instructional videos) and for the most part they are impressed. But when they ask me simple things on machining, I usually get it wrong. There eyes get all wide, they turn their heads to the side and make believe that I was nervous and assume that I know it anyway. I get hired and laid off or a big cut in pay. And when I get a job that requires them to train me, it?s almost as though they give you enough to get you by. Like a fish swimming around in their fishbowl with a half an ounce of water in the bowl, which is really insufficient and really empty. And it just same like other people have sufficient and abundance of training which is really is full. Once they show me things I am efficient at doing the task. When I try to figure things out on the machining side of things, I fumble the ball too many times. Like trying to balance myself on a log that?s in the water. And as a result they end up disqualifying me and cutting me from the team. In other words, I am unfit to be a machinist. Chucked once again into that famous pile. When I was in school on the Proto Trak Mill, 99.9% of the time I had my back facing people, because I was involved with learning the controllers. I did what I thought was the right direction to take was learning the controllers. I ignored the machining aspect of things, because I just mirrored myself into the image of what I thought other high paying machinist did. If you go to just about any CNC machine shop that have manual mills and lathes, most of the time these machines are not used. So why would I want to be practicing on the manual equipment? So I practiced all my time on the Proto Trak Mill without any interference. No one told me that you need to be working on the manuals more. All the guys at work concentrate most of their time pressing buttons on the why wouldn?t I do that very same thing... especially if no one told you so. If a two-year old walked across the street in front of oncoming traffic...who?s at fault? I didn?t know and didn?t understand. I was just imitating and modeling myself after high paying machinist. I even, no lie, chewed chewing tobacco for three years. When in Rome do as they do right?

When referring to people, such as a group, I think the word ?all? needs to be omitted from the dictionary. That being said, I know for a fact that all companies aren?t racist. I know people like to label me with that. But, that?s not how my mind communicates. Since I have only talked a few times with the owners and 95% of the time you don?t even know they are in the building. So to actually call a company racist, you have to talk with the owner and see if he is racist. And since most of the time I never see them how can I think that all companies are racist? Now if you were to ask me about there employees, I would say most, not all the companies I worked for, has or had one of them. I worked for this one company called Chase Machine. I only worked there two weeks. I was doing very well running production, and getting along with other people. One morning, the owner?s son arrived the same time I did at my machine. We noticed that the night crew had left the machine out of order. The owner?s son was really mad and told me to ?get a broom and sweep this floor, boy?. I left and called his father and told him what had happened. A year and a half later the owner?s son was working at Lexington Machine where I was working. That told me right then and there that the owner took care of business by either firing or not allowing his son to work for him. Even if it was for a short period, the owner eventually took care of business. One day at the Applied Tech, the owner and his other son (which is not at all racist) came into the CNC lab, looking for people to recruit. The owner remembered me; he just looked at me and said he was sorry. So you never could say all. I don?t hold any animosity toward any company -even Rocon. Even though the owner led me to believe that he would be giving me unemployment but didn?t. I was planning on taking computer classes so I could leave the field. I waited for two months and then at the last minute, I was told that my case was being litigated. I lost. It?s water under the bridge. The fact remains that my credit score was 684 out of a possible 700 and now suffers big time and before things get back to normal, my score would be around 200. It?s a good thing that my car is paid off. Anyway, there is this one company I have a dislike for, XLI Machine. When I worked there the supervisor was straight up racist to me. He would show this other black guy things on purpose in front of me and trust me, he showed him things that he?ll probably never have any chance at using. Not to mention that most of the times I didn?t operate a machine, but instead cleaned brackets, and counted golf balls. When he laid off the whole second shift I was with him in his office [paper work stuff] and told him that I wish I never had applied here. I said that because of his supervisor?s attitude towards me. I didn?t know Peter [owner of XLI Machine] had a mean streak in him, because he told the teachers what happened under my nose and people took what he said serious. I saw it all over their faces at times. When I told one of the teachers what happened to me in the lab with Darwin and Brian?he said, "oh yeah, what happened at XLI then Roy?" I told him what happened, he looked at me and was embarrassed. He told me he understood. And Peter, talking about starting rumors, by Peter doing what he did, it?s like setting up a million dominoes that took you a long time to construct?.and before the competition starts the next day?.Peter sneaking in the middle of the night, knocking down the dominoes like some kind of cat burglar. How do you think teachers took this? Peter has influence with the teachers?.trust me.

Can I say one thing? The whole thing about the secret society was way over blown. Darwin must have used my own words against me in that if you look at the obvious letter. Now that was hitting below the belt. Even though at the time I was learning about them, but I wasn?t like some Jehovah Witness shoving pamphlets in his face and trying to get him to read them. The whole thing was about me reading them programming and operating manuals and remembering what they said better than him. Like for instance, on one occasion he and other teachers were around the Proto Trak Lathe and he couldn?t figure out using the off-set when programming and I told him in detail word for word almost on what the manual said from memory. He and other teachers looked at me so funny and said I was right. Its things like that that caused Darwin to react the way he did. So in my last letter when I said things like, I could say 5+5=9 and a person like you would say that?s incorrect try again, that?s what I meant. He probably felt that I had embarrassed him?.and I thought I was supposed to be in school. I never once met a math teacher that got upset with you when you gave the right answer. It?s unheard of!!! I said the whole thing about the secret society; because I knew Darwin would demonize me?.he didn?t need any help because I demonize myself by writing that part.

So how can a person like me end up in prison? Easy, because it?s not about what you know, it?s about what you can prove. Anyway, I was living with a friend of mine on Dewey Avenue. My parents had just kicked me out of the house at the time. My friend and I didn?t have transportation. We recently had met some guys who came by to pick us up on Dewey Avenue and me and my friend at the time was fascinated because those guys were the first guys we met that used weapons. We just thought that it was cool at the time. We said, those guys are the real deal. We went to the beach and when we got out of the car, we walked across the street and noticed a large group of boys standing around. We walked over to them and I noticed that a couple of them were from Greece Arcadia who was in this little gang that went around macing people and beating them up. It seems like most of them were five foot. At the time I was very popular, I had a big reputation for getting into fights. I didn?t want to let people see me with them, and since the beach had around 10,000 people there, it was easy to be seen with them. So I walked away, and every two steps I took I knew someone and I stopped and talked to just about all of them. My friend had left with that group of kids from Greece Arcadia and the guys who picked us up on Dewey Avenue. After I was through talking, I went looking for my friend so I headed for the pier. As I was walking on the pier by myself looking for my friend through the crowd of people ahead of me I noticed my friend kicking and punching one of my friend?s brothers. I ran up and stopped the fight and most of the group wanted to fight my friend?s brother whose name is John Romanski. Bottom line, the whole group would have torn him apart if it wasn?t for me. I saw my friend, Mike Romanski, and when his eyes met mine, they were all watery and he said, ?if it wasn?t for you, my brother would have gotten killed. My brother told me everything.? I think he even asked me if there was anything he could do. I just told him to tell his brother when he got to court to testify, to tell people exactly what happened. He said not to worry. Later on in trial, John Romanski down played everything and it made it look and sound like all I really did was pick up a cigarette butt that I placed there in the first place. John Romanski told me himself that, ?if it wasn?t for me, it would have been him lying there on the pier?. Anyway my friend Jim was very angry with me for breaking up the fight. He said I was going soft, I was always breaking up his fights so I got mad and walked over to some stranger and I just bumped him hard with my shoulder. Jim kicked him in the chest or chin and within a split second, there was a stampede. Bottom line, I didn?t punch, kick, slap, spit or bite anyone. After the fight, everyone ran down the pier?.and guess who was right next to me running down to my side smiling and laughing like woody- woody pecker? It was the prosecution?s head witness. The prosecution emphasized on how he was taking criminal justice at MCC. I don?t know how far he went with it. My friend Jim, who is no longer living, was always mad about how Steve got off so clean and was able to testify for the prosecution with the highest honor. Jim said [and I didn?t know this until everything was all over] that Steve hit that guy when the guy was on the ground lots of times. I told my lawyer only what I saw, and that Steve was running on the side of me off the pier laughing and smiling. That?s all my friend talked about. I know this is speculation, because I didn?t see it. I only saw him smiling and laughing as he ran off the pier. This is the guy who sealed my coffin on my second trial. My only crime, I told this one hot blonde that I was friends with that I did it, but I truly didn?t. She called me and asked if I did do it. I figured since she liked bad boys, I said yes. Why not tell her that I did it. Who knows, I might get lucky, right? You should see a picture of her?.you?ll understand. I would like to tell you that things shouldn?t have gotten that far. I turned myself into the police. The detective, who interviewed me, grilled me like no tomorrow shoving pictures in my face one by one, confusing me. I could only identify I think three pictures out of around 20. He had me almost in tears and then he looked at me and said you really didn?t do it, and that my only problem was that I knew too many people. He actually told me that he was sorry, but he guarantees that I hang for it?. I told my lawyer this on my second trial; she called him right in front of me. After she got off the phone, she said that she totally believed me. The detective met us outside the courtroom, she talked to him and came back and told me that it would be too hard to prove. See, see, it?s not about what you know; it?s about what you can prove.

So what happened in prison, I had almost 20/20 vision at the time. An inmate that wasn?t supposed to be around anywhere around knives like in the kitchen where we worked together at the time threw heavy duty liquid detergent bleach straight in my eyes causing me permanent eye damage where I must wear glasses. The prison knew, and every time I sent out mail to file a notice of intent, they would throw it away and before I knew what they were doing, it was too late for me to sue.

If Mike Tyson was at a Buffalo Bills football game and a huge fight broke out in the stand, how many people from Rochester would come back saying that they saw Tyson punch, kick, slap, and bite a person in the stands. That?s what happened to me because of my reputation back then.

1. I didn?t do it.
2. That detective [not the police department] knew I didn?t do it.
3. At my trial everyone in the courtroom knew that something was
funny because everyone told a different story and not the same
story. It was almost comical. What sealed my conviction were Steve
and the pretty blonde and a lot of negative perception. Thank God I
didn?t get the death penalty.

I just want a regular life. I can?t wait for prosperity to come in cans. So I wouldn?t have to worry about it any more, because I?d be shopping for it daily. I have bared the intolerable and still came up short. If stress takes years off your life, how many years do you think it has taken from me? I am related to stress now! My wish is to walk down the street smiling and really meaning it in Rochester. Why should I have to go through road blocks, underground tunnels, tight security, motion sensors, 1000 firewalls just to have a good education and a decent income?

Sorry for listening to loud rap music on campus. I wanted all of you guys to know that I was angry about what was going on. How can a person play the violin one day, and drums the next day. I felt what those guys felt when I listened to that music. Funny thing, I haven?t listened to much music in the last couple of years before all the events happened to me.

I could write a book on CNC, but lack the main ingredient which is machining?..and because of that I?m target practice for all. I?m like an omelet without the egg. I decided that this field was the only thing for me. So I bought all these expensive tools and an $800 dollar tool box that I can?t use. I had insight a future that came with a lot of hope. My hope, at least in this field has been dismantled by school and work. Lots of men in my field can?t read?..including the ones that make the big bucks?.even supervisors. The average machinist think just because they can close their eyes and throw a penny behind them and that penny lands on top of a needle [that?s 15 foot high] they have a right to ride around mentally in a limousine running over piles of wannabes. This field isn?t about intelligence?.it?s all about actually doing tasks on the machine. Practice no study equals experience, study, no practice equals theory.

In closing, the purpose of this letter is to give you an idea where I was coming from. I?m only asking for the school?s assistance in helping me secure a job so that I can pay my student loans and have a prosperous life in Rochester. I don?t want to live in poverty. Wherever you lead?.I?ll follow. This is as far as I want to go with this letter, but will take a lie detector test on all or parts of this letter. What happens in Rochester?.stays in Rochester.


Roy Snell

Enclosure: Resume

February 9, 2006

Discredit Vs the Truth?.What Do You Think????

Anytime someone talks about a heavy issue, there is always going to be someone taking offense and taking a swipe at you. I am at a point of no return by writing this letter. By me crossing the line of scrimmage, I know it?s a matter of time before I get tackled. This letter did not have to be written. I have been at the negotiation table all this time with the college and they have just made paper airplanes to throw them across the table at me, not to mention sucking my credit like a leech, killed my cash flow that has left me down on four flat tires, running me up the flag pole and destroying my social and personal life. The college could have pressed the remote to change the channel at anytime, but they are satisfied with the channel it?s on already. Why would you change the channel if everyone enjoying the show?

Does the truth really matter anymore, or are people going to let the college and police department throw my life away? Punching below the belt just isn?t okay; it?s rewarded in this community. No one suppose to know my personal business, and now this whole thing has spread like the aids virus. And why are the good people of this community silent? Because they?ll get laid down and bended back like I have. They should be screaming at the top of their lungs, but when your credibility has been hammered away and under attack and made into a demon like mine has been, they?ll look stupid doing so. And when your enemy speaks out against you after being demonized, he?s just perceived as crying wolf. Boo hoo, he?s crying again. These guys know how to play the game and navigate their way through lies and deception like pilots. They don?t want to see the truth even if they had a magnifying glass. The greatest trick the devil ever did was convincing the world that he didn?t exist. The Beast is alive and well.

Looking at the three stooge?s personality traits, there are tree different personalities in men according to Mean?s Health. Curly is the kind of guy who takes a pie in smashes it in his own face to make people laugh. Therefore, you can?t pick on him because he picks on himself. Larry is the kind of guy that will kick a bum off your lawn, out of the two he is the best worker and by far the best one to marry. He never wants to be the President, Vice President or the Supervisor at his job. He doesn?t want to deal with the hassle and tell people what to do?. that?s not how he gets his energy. Moe is the kind of guy who tries to slap Curly and Larry around?.that?s how he gets his energy. Moe is a born manipulator that has a big ego and tries to exploit the Curlys and Larrys of the world at every opportunity when he gets a chance to. That being said, I am 100% Larry from head to toe that get along with other Larrys and Curlys and sometimes Moes. In high school I got along with Moes because they saw me or heard about me beating down others Moes that tried to exploit me or my friends Larrys and Curlys.

How does my rights get violated and accepted by this community, by painting a picture of me being a demon and tricking the community into thinking that I am an unlikable person. They have shifted the blame game over to me. It?s a cheap distraction tactic that has power, deception, and a slipper bluff written all over it. The college and police have manufactured ways of breaking down my credibility piece by piece. At first they said are you mentally okay; as in are you seeing things. Now they are saying are you mentally okay and by the way, people don?t like you Mr. Snell. Since its war time everyone can relate to someone or something they hate or dislike. People are on high alert with their emotions and anger. That part about people not liking me is a very powerful tool that will slip back and forth through the backdoor of ones mind when a person meets or hears about me. That one line is enough to control the average person?s perception about me. Don?t let that cheap trick control your perception as well. Think about it for a minute?.who do you believe, me the average Joe [little ant] or a bunch of condescending professional liars. That one phrase ?people don?t like you Mr. Snell? resonates in people?s head big time. Like if I told you not to think about the color ?RED? and you better not be thinking about the color ?RED? I am warning you, you better not be thinking about that color ?..what do you think your going to be thinking about? Oh come on, all they are doing is recycling the truth and spitting out straight up lies!!!! They act like they don?t know what?s going on. This isn?t a game or a sport, this is my life. They are getting carried away!!!! This is the work of a Moe?it has his signature all over it.

Speaking of Moes, I know where and whom the police got their information from when the college said ?people don?t like you Mr. Snell?. I won?t say this Moe?s name, Moe doesn?t know that I know, but trust me on this; once this letter reaches you?the police will let Moe read my letter. TRUST ME!!! This Moe has the mentality of kill your parents, screw your friends and have a nice day just to fulfill Moe?s childhood fantasy of becoming a cop. Not to mention that Moe took the police test lots of times and failed. At least that?s what Moe told me. This Moe I am taking about is a bouncer at the dance clubs that knows most cops around town. Moe hangs in the street more than traffic lights do. Most of Moe?s friends that Moe hangs out with are bouncers too. Not to say that they are bad people, but most have King Kong personalities?just like Moe and Moes around the world. To tell you the truth, I get along with most of them because they know my history and that I am a good boxer. I don?t get along with all the Moes, because Moe is a born manipulator and always looking for an opening but always respects someone that can fight. Back to the Moe who told police that or the police made him say that. If the police have all their money on this Moe?.and thinks that he?s a franchise star quarterback?.let him start the game coach! I know something they don?t know. Let?s just say, if I should die today, I am in good standing with God. God will take no revenge on me whatsoever. As far as ?Moe? goes?by God?s law He has to take revenge. Use your imagination. By the way, I haven?t got caught in a lie yet, because I speak reality.

?At first they said are you mentally okay; as in are you seeing things? How is this for seeing things; not unless my eyes and ears are lying too!!! The college put out an All-Points Bulletin on me, I don?t know the exact date but it was between these dates ? August 20th \ September 1st 2004. What sparked these events is the previous semester I had emailed a lot of media news net works my letter ?If you look at the obvious, you would fail to see the evidence?. I wouldn?t have emailed a single person if the college would have done the right thing. I proved without a shadow of a doubt that two teachers and one student were straight up racist to me that affected my education big time at the college. They didn?t want to do anything about it, because it?s a sore subject, I have a record, I didn?t spell everything right and my grammar wasn?t on point. So what to all of that, because if I looked anything like Natalee Holloway it wouldn?t have been an issue?no one would have said squat. Anyways, the college didn?t want me attending there because of all my emailing that lasted only two days the previous semester. So when I registered for my final class [statistics 160] to complete my degree to satisfy my requirements?.they put out an A.P.B on me. At the time I was working at Rocon, which is only three miles away from my apartment. Between August 20th \ September 1st 2004 [I don?t remember the exact day, but the college does] I left for work one day and, no lie, there were 30 cops on my path from the time I left my apartment until I arrived at work which is only a three- mile radius. Outside my door where I live until I arrived at work. As I passed the cops I looked them in the eyes [which I never do] and all looked straight in my eyes. It seemed like sweat was pouring from some of the cops forehead. That?s not a good sign?wouldn?t you think??? Trouble with the police is something I don?t want like liver infection. I did a perception check, just to see if my perception was correct. So at 10 p.m. I took my lunch break and went back to my apartment for dinner and the same thing happened to me. From the time I left work until I got out of my car to go into my apartment, 30 cops again were in that three- mile radius. As I left my apartment this time, a cop was in the parking lot at first with his lights on and then he turned them off and followed me out onto the streets of Rochester. 30 cops were in that three- mile radius again, but this time when I turned onto my employer street to go back to work, a cop speeded up behind me to show me that he meant business. I don?t have to tell you how scared I was. The next day at 10 a.m. I called the college terrified as all hell and ask to speak to Mr. Ryther. My first words to him were to tell him that I wanted to send a message out to Rochester, and that message was ?what happens in Rochester stays in Rochester?!!! I also told him that I wouldn?t sue the college if he would only call the wolves off of me ?..Please, please, please!!?? He denied everything except his name. We talked things out over the phone and he said that I could come to his office when I was through writing another letter for him to sum everything up. I thought everything was all right for me to come on campus and that he would be expecting me. The next day I arrived on campus and told the college security that was parked in front of the building I was there to see Mr. Ryther. He told me to park in parking lot [I think] C. I did, and when I got out of my car to head towards the direction of the building, a undercover with dark shades on walked very very fast toward my direction and behind me with a long skinny box held tightly to his body. I could almost feel his breath on the back of my neck. I thought he was going to blow out my candles right there in broad daylight. I thought for sure he was going to pull out that thing and blow my ribs out and have me leaking like I was a cooked pop tart. At one point I stood dead still, because he ran up on me like a track star or something. There wasn?t any reason for him to react that way. I had on tight jeans and a t-shirt. I want to live to be 200 years old. There is no killer in my blood?I can?t even stand the sight of blood. If I ever take a lie detector test [which I will in a heart beat] ask me do I like the sight of blood! I am a Larry remember???You don?t know how many times my mind has pressed rewind to replay that episode over and over again and again. Problem is, I have tried to erase it but it finds its way back home. I thought and felt he was going to pop me like a pimple and blow off one of my limbs. These systematic abusive cops have a real tease for blood and can?t stop even if they wanted to?.like that of a cannibal. For anyone who doesn?t believe me?.you gotta be kidding me. So I walked in to see Mr. Ryther and I was so overwhelmed and shaken up by the whole experience?.wouldn?t you be, too? When I walked in his office I broke down and the sensitive side came out of me. I told him not to kill me that I was just telling the truth and that my rights have been violated enough to last a lifetime. At first he downplayed everything, shifting the blame game on me. Are you mentally okay Mr. Snell? I told him that he could have the plate and fork, just call off the wolves. I knew I was being recorded, because he kept shaking his head up and down?as to say?okay,okay,okay, but without saying the word okay!! By right, I should have sued the pants off the college without any interference whatsoever from the police department!! The police department messed everything up for me to sue. I sn?t that obstruction of justice?? Now the college has had time to sit around in some think tank and come up with road blocks and twists that they know everyone could dance to. Look how long it?s been! What?s better, to have three professional liars?..or a thousand professional liars that are handpicked, trained and manufactured for retail?!

?At first they said are you mentally okay; as in are you seeing things?? That wasn?t the only time I almost got popped on campus. I used to take out math statistics instructional videos from the math lab at the college. The videos have to be returned by 8 a.m. in the morning the next day that you took them out or you can?t take out videos anymore. I had called the previous day begging the person on the phone if I could bring my videos in the next day, because I only had to be on campus twice a week, he said yes that he would hook me up. Every time you enter the math lab you have to sign in with the computer that?s in the lab. When I arrived the next day in the math lab I saw the guy who hooked me up behind the counter, so I went up to him to thank him and forgot to sign in with the computer. Now my normal routine when I am on campus [and especially early like that day because I had to study for a test] is to get a cappuccino from the cafeteria. So I got situated at a desk in the math lab and headed for the cafeteria to get my cappuccino. I didn?t have on a jacket or anything that would cause suspicion. I didn?t notice anything strange when I headed to the cafeteria, but when I was coming back from the cafeteria I noticed this undercover with black shades on walking towards me really really fast [just like the running man out in the parking lot] with a small box on his shoulder. As we passed each other in the hallway I looked at him as to say what I did, he just kept going in the opposite direction, but I could feel the wind hit my face as we passed each other. By the way, the hall was empty or almost empty on that section of the hall. I barely got any studying accomplished, and when it was time for me to go to class I went to sign off the computer and I notice that I never signed in. I knew at that point my perception was right on point. I just wanted cappuccino to wake me up and you mean to tell me I almost got some lead in my face for doing so??? I am not pulling your leg on any of this. As you can see?..the big bad wolves don?t give a damn about my rights. They have rained on me like windshield wipers. And that same cop who wanted to pop me outside of the building that day I talked with Mr. Ryther. Shortly after the episode I went to Wal-Mart Super Center in Gates. I was walking towards the entrance of the store in the front by the stop sign the cop was sitting in this black pick up truck with this blond women [both wearing shades] and as I walked in front of his truck by the stop sign he revved up his engine and moved toward me a little. I looked at him as to say this is enough I had it. That cop and his blonde partner got out the black pick up fast and followed me into Wal-Mart. I knew I was safe being around a lot of people. I went down this one lane to get a gold outlet plate for my apartment and as I turned around I noticed one of them dashed out of my view. I wonder if they had their guns out??only Wal-Mart security and Wal-Mart security cameras know the answer to this question!!! Cops have been all over me like white on rice. Isn?t this a form of extortion?? I feel like I am a community inmate that lives in a concentration camp of fear.

When I first emailed my letters my phone was ringing off the hook like crazy. I didn?t answer it; because I knew it was the college?..I had my fill. About a half hour later I was down stairs watching T.V. sitting on the couch and I looked up out through the glass doors off the deck and noticed a caucasian man in his late 20?s or early 30?s walking fast looking through the house trying to see were I was at in back of the house. Problem was I lived out in the country like setting and the only thing back there are trees and grass. I know that look on a cop?s face when he?s busy at work looking for something. It definitely wasn?t the neighbors. Or maybe that was the boogie man. I even remember the first time I got approached by the police on the street. I?ll never forget, because it was the first time I wore my brand new white jacket. My white jacket is sort of bulky and I didn?t want to get it dirty with my seat belt, so I thought I could go undetected by not wearing a seatbelt in as soon as my tires touched the town line a cop came around the bend in the opposite direction and looked in my car at me like the incredible hulk. He spun his car around like the dukes of hazards with his lights on and sped up behind me traveling around 150mph. When he came to my car, still looking like the incredible hulk, he lowered his head looked all in my eyes and asked to see my driver?s license. The cop knew for sure who I was. He didn?t come out and tell me not to send letters, he just stared at me and said he knew and to calm down. I have had so much contact with the police over this whole ordeal it?s enough to make the average person throw up. Like Christmas Eve and the day before [I am talking about 6 weeks ago]. I went to the mall to do my shopping, first stop, J.C. Penney?s. As I was going in the store I noticed around two cop cars outside. Every single place I went in that store I would see a cop looking at me pretending that he was looking for something. Or if I didn?t see a uniform I would hear a radio or a walkie / talkies going off everywhere I went. Then when I entered the mall to do more shopping I would come in eye contact with the police walking in the opposite direction looking like the incredible hulk at me walking tall chest out in arms swing to the side. Mall security would come out of no where behind the shadows like some kind of a night stalker. EVERY SINGLE PLACE I WENT IN THE MALL. The next day I went back, because I wasn?t done shopping?and what do you know?same thing. After I finished shopping and left the mall. There was a cop two lanes from where I was parked looking in the direction of my car. I got in my car backed up and pulled beside him to ask him what I did. He denied the police pressure, I told him that he was one of the officers intimidating me just 15 minutes earlier; he denied it and then I said ?it?s not about what you know, it?s about what you can prove. [I knew that he was recording me, because he would shake his head when I told him that I knew too many people in Greece to be fighting with them] And then he said it. He said not to email my letters?.as in, take one for the team. [This will be so easy to prove me wrong on, because he recorded me the whole time?make me eat my words?not unless the tape is missing in action] Like I said before, he was one of the officers intimidating me. At the time I was talking with someone I had went to college with and was having the same problems I was having at work. I told him that the police was pressuring me right then and to look around?he saw it too. He even asks me what I did. I took his phone number. Give me a lie detector test, him and his girlfriend or sister and ask us all have we seen or heard from one another since that day. Then ask him and his girlfriend or sister what they saw that day with the police putting pressure on me and all. It just so happens to be that the cop I was talking to in his car, almost bumped into that guy I was talking to from school. That?s why I remembered the cop?s face. The guy from school had his back turned to the cop, then that cop stared at me walking slow with his chest out arms to the side pass me and the guy from school. That cop?s shoulder?s was only an inch or two away from me and the guy?s shoulder from school as he passed us. That?s when the guy from school said ?what did you do?. I will only give someone from out of town the guy from school name and number?..let the lie detectors test fly!!! I told ?Moe the bouncer? at the bar about all the police and mall security guard pressure and he said I was just seeing things. I asked him could he remember a time that I lied to him, he said no but that I was still seeing things. Then I told him about the part when the cop told me not to email my letters anymore. ?Moe the bouncer? got mad and said?what was the officer?s name?.as in I can?t believe the guy slipped like that?he knows better than that?..he?s messing everything up!!! It happened exactly like I just wrote it. By the way, did I mention, ?Moe the bouncer? has one police sticker on his car and another on his wife?s car?? Did I mention ?Moe the bouncer? also carries a gun on the side of him when he?s working at night outside the dance club? Only if you knew what I knew?laughs out loud. If ?Moe the bouncer? had those police stickers on his car before all the police started messing with me?I didn?t know about it. I know for a fact he didn?t have a gun?.at least not a legit one before police hired him to try to kill my character.

I understand how this thing works. The cops could easily tell every scumbag, hood and creep on the street that owes them a favor who I am and promise to hook them up if they take care of me. I hope you?re extra aware that the police are talking on the streets about me around the dance club area where I use to hang out. I use to love it there. Now I have to walk around and shame because I know that look in bouncers eyes when something is wrong. At first, all the bouncers were treating me really good and wanted me to become a bouncer. When they saw it wasn?t going to happened they were okay with it and still treated me fine. ?Larry?s don?t enjoy telling people what to do, so I wouldn?t have made a good bouncer anyway?. I remembered a couple of times I was parked on the street and traffic was heavy and they stopped traffic just so I didn?t have to wait. I don?t know what was said or what happened, but I know something is not right starting with their eyes. Not all of course, but the chosen ones. One thing that I did learn from prison was to spot trouble, and if you think that you can get a one on one with a bouncer? must believe in Santa Claus too. I shouldn?t even be thinking about a one on one. [I should be thinking about where I and my wife will go on our next vacation]. Of course I can?t prove this as well, but my perception is on point?and I am very, very mad about this. They probably told them even about the time when I was in Mr. Ryther?s office and the sensitive side came out of me?at the very least they told them that. This was definitely one of the last straws, because not only do I have to fear the police now, I have to fear the unknown when I go out on the weekends. If I can?t be happy, I want to at least be around people that are. I am not about to be some patient with tubes coming out of my neck and chest over this thing just because I am telling the truth about EVERYTHING. That being said, its time for me to leave this city, before I can?t leave without someone pushing my wheelchair from behind or placing me in a box like a pair of boots.

I didn?t know the police could do anything that they wanted to do with the Monroe County Library computer system too. I have been a member of the library system for awhile. Since I am in poverty in live 1 miles away from the library now, why wouldn?t I want to go to the library and take out free books and free videos? I pay taxes too right? Every week I would go there around the same time, so that they could see that I wasn?t up to anything. I would take out the maximum videos that were allowed and return them back on time. I guess they didn?t like me going there, because one day I got a call and it said that I had books overdue. I thought it was a mistake, so I called the Library and they said it wasn?t a mistake. They said that I took out this one Charlotte Web children video and that everyday its late I would have to pay two dollar a day late fee which was already a week late. They also said I had 3 or 4 books out which was also late. I forgot the names of the books, but one was about diabetes. First, I don?t have children and second, I don?t have diabetes. I know, it?s the computer?s fault!!! By the way, the police know that they have done me wrong, so they have sent me out this not for- profit organization honorary member card, that says if I give them a 25 dollars contribution they would send me a police window decal. First, they have terrified me, destroyed my lawsuit, kicked me out of the library, put me and poverty, and now they want me to pay them 25 dollars not to bother me anymore? that what their saying? I won?t tell you how I really feel?.it?s unprofessional!!!

I didn?t know the police could steal mail too. I got fired from Rocon. I wrote a letter explaining what happened and after awhile the person on the phone from N.Y. State Labor Dept. told me that the decision would be in the mail. I call her back almost a month later, and she knew that something was wrong right then and there. She said that she could get in trouble for telling me what she was going to tell me, that she had sent out my decision three weeks ago and that I only had thirty days from that date three weeks ago to appeal. Talk about being corrupt and abusing your power. I told you? the greatest trick the devil ever did was convincing the world that he didn?t exist!!! If that?s not evil?.what is? By the way, my letter hits home so much Rocon hired a lawyer to change the company policy. Their policy now is, if anyone passes letters around, you can be terminated, effective Oct. 1st 2004 Policy 3.09. I bumped into a guy that use to work for Rocon, and he told me that the supervisor told him that the company wanted me out of there because all the problems I was causing the college. I will only tell someone from out of town his name, because I don?t have his number. One of the biggest reasons I lost with the NYS Dept. Of Labor is the lady asked me on the phone why I was in a certain location by the guy I had a problem with. It?s really a trick question, because to fully understand you would need to take a picture of the place and see where I was working. A picture could have proven everything. I wonder if Rocon told them to ask me that question?

If that wasn?t evil?this is. They want to see me homeless; because I had a headlock on my credit score ?684? and these guys have cleaned my clock and left my credit down for the count. Now I am the king of the peanut butter/ jelly sandwiches and late fees. The first thing that went was my cell phone. I don?t even have a debit card let alone a credit card anymore. I use to take my car and have it washed just about every week. I haven?t washed my car and over a year. I am always paying my car insurance late. My electric and phone has been shut off and by the time you receive this letter my phone will probably be off again. I haven?t had internet service for about a year, and if you know me?I am always talking about the computer. Talk about a pipe dream. I have been late on my rent at least 6 times. I claim 7 and 8 on my W2?s to try to make up. I am going to be in trouble with the I.R.S. If you gross 15 thousand and are used to living good?what would you do? Last year before they started their Shock and Awe champion on my cash flow, I made over 35 thousand. Look at all the years I have been working and tell me that everything is okay. I can?t remotely remember the last time I made 15 thousand?.problem is?I am a college graduate. Their still dashing through my credit by slicing and dicing away at it. I feel trapped like a little mouse.

They have killed my credit and took my wallet out of my pockets. I am hungry as ever, and they have the nerve to walk around popping their collars and flossing in front of me. They won?t be satisfied until they hear me saying ?would you like regular or unleaded?.would you like fries with your order?for 99 cent more you can get!!! Basically they said open your mouth and swallow this hate?and by the way?deal with it!!! I had big dreams on what I was going to be doing in life with my credit. I am 35, no children; I was saving myself until after graduation so that I could start a family and provide for them by buying a home and making a good income. I had everything planned out years ago?.I am talking about my long term goal here. My career is finished even before it took flight. All the wrong doers?excuse me?evil doers can say is ?it wasn?t me?. Hey Tom, was it you? No! Let?s ask Billy, It wasn?t me. Hey John, did you have anything to do with this? I most certainly didn?t! Let?s ask?.get my point? The truth is all I have left now. I have sacrificed everything to get to the point where I am at. And these butchers have slaughtered and suffocated everything I worked so hard for by dismantling my credit through my cash flow. They have cleverly thrown the book at me to put me in poverty, I can?t defend myself. I am only one person?.help!! The only thing I could say is, uncle?as they get an erection and hooowwwwwwlllll to victory. It?s like they don?t have a conscious. My rights have been completely thrown out the window. No child left behind?.yea right!!! In Rochester, they don?t only tie your ankles to the fence while they run around the track?.they also bury you from the neck down?.on your mark?get set?Go?then ?They? run around the track and have the nerve to call you slow so they can feel like a beast.

Once again, the only thing in my field that?s about intelligence is the programming and the math aspect of things, its all about experience, If you?ve never seen a basketball before, and person ?A? not only been around basketballs but had and has the opportunity of throwing that basketball a trillion times, not to mention that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant trained him?of course he?s going to be better at throwing the basketball in the hoop better then person ?B??.its simple mathematics. Not only is the ball going to go in more frequently then person ?B??.its going to go in with finesse. If you take 100 white men behind curtain #1 and 100 black men behind curtain #2 and 100 spanish men behind curtain #3 and 100 asian men behind curtain # 4 and gave them a trillion tries at machining?.and especially if they get trained by the Michael Jordan?s and Kobe Bryant?s of the world?.of course they?re going to be better at performing the job better than person ?B?. Please tell me what basketball has to do with intelligence? By the way, I think basketball is a boring sport and never ever watch it!! I would rather be playing with computers! I don?t have all the answers and I know there are different forms of intelligence too, but given enough tries, that part of your brain will have time to strengthen the muscles that it needs to?.and after awhile your subconscious mind will take the driver seat. I am saying everyone can do the job, but there will be people learning the job faster than others?.but everyone can do the job that?s physically capable, and make the big bucks like most people in my field. Look at an auto mechanic. We all know mechanics or heard about mechanics that could take apart an engine and put it back together again quickly, but can?t read a coloring book. This is cut and dry?. Class dismissed!!!

If there was a white man [ ?The Great White Hope? Heavyweight Championship of the World] that came on the seen in the boxing world with a undefeated record of 100-0 knocking out every single black heavyweight man that moved and round one, black people would want to see another black man step up to the plate and win. That being said, people in my field don?t want to see a black Bade Ruth. The only thing the average person has on me in my field is 1- machining that I didn?t learn from school and, 2- experience which I didn?t learn at work?.and 3- machining that I didn?t learn in school. Just look what happened to me at ?AGI? to prove my point. My supervisor which I thought was the nicest supervisor I ever had being in this field. Everything was just fine at first. Even though he was 5 or 6 years older than me, he knew people that he really respected that told him I was something like a Mike Tyson in school that they couldn?t do nothing with me either. That alone was powerful male bonding. He even bought me a cup of coffee and introduced me to his brother when he came by the shop.

When I started there he said tons and tons of people don?t know anything about machining glass and that most have failed. He said not to worry, because he wants me there and that I basically have a job just as long as he works there. He said me and the owner goes out for drinks and not to worry about anything, because they listen to everything I say?welcome aboard my man. The supervisor and the other guy who was training me said most people fail at waxing the parts to the fixtures because if not done right, they will fall off the machine during machining. To this day, I have waxed everything right and not one has ever fallen off the machine. I waited about a month before I attempted to hit a home-run for the team. Why wouldn?t I want to hit a home-run?isn?t that how you get paid more? They had this one cnc machine that they didn?t know how to program whatsoever. They tried and tried. I was on the machine for just 5 minutes moving around the X,Y, Z axes. My supervisor and the other guy came over to me laughing saying?I told you couldn?t program it. I ask him if I could work on the machine later. He said only on my brake time. He and the other guy would work on it when they wanted to. I said okay. Break time came and I had 2 programs completed within a half an hour and 6 more programs for a total of 8 the next night. My supervisor and the other guy walked around for two days sad looking and quiet, and told me not to touch the machine. Other people around the shop were pleased at what I did. A different department of course. The company hired a guy from the outside to show them how to run the machine [without asking me anything whatsoever]. The guy from the outside company said that the machine wasn?t all that complicated and that a monkey could program it if he could. My supervisor and the other guy said that repeatedly to me?.?a monkey can do it?, at least 10 times to me. That was the start of the end, because I got offended and showed them at least 10 different sequences on the cnc machines [that been there for awhile that they trained me on] that makes the set-up time A LOT faster. My supervisor had a nervous break down. He worked me to death. So I got offend again, and I told him about my philosophy on how all the cycle times could be reduced big time. He said not to say anything?. not one word. He kept working me to deaf?so I did say something to someone he?s intimidated by. Bottom line, the cycle time was 13 minutes, and because of my philosophy, the cycle time is 9 minutes now. This is just one job, most cycle times he programs can be reduced like no tomorrow. He hates me for this and preys on me by working me like a slave. By saving the company thousands upon thousands of dollars?.this is what I get back in return. Since I worked there the only time that I messed up was I dropped one part that weighed less than an ounce on one occasion and another part that weighed about the same on another occasion. Those guys messed up all the time. They messed up 2,5,10 and 20 thousand dollar jobs within the blink of the eye. I am not about to have my supervisor have a mental orgasm on my account. Let that pervert go and climax on someone else. It?s things like this that has plagued my future in this field. My supervisor wouldn?t have responded that way?. ?maybe? if I would have learned machining in college like all my classmates. By the way, my supervisor was a soft core ?Moe?. What?s the difference, being raped by Pee Wee Herman?or being raped by Mike Tyson? So, I put my two weeks in and they had the nerve to tell me to leave now?.bye, bye?. nice knowing ya!!!

The college wanted me to fill out this one survey that I didn?t fill out like the rest of the other students that graduated. They must have known that I was having trouble at work. And they probably figured that if I was having trouble at work, there was no way Mr. Snell was going to fill out that survey for us. So this one company called me and asked me to come in for an interview. I did and I called the college and told them that I would fill out this one survey if I got that job. I was also under the impression that they were going to be paying for me to take all these computer courses that I want like no tomorrow and paying for me to attain another college so I could get my degree in computers. He said he?ll talk to me later about it, and I thought I was going to be making around 11 to 12 bucks an hour and working 70 plus hours a week. I was looking at the job only short term, just so I could pay off my bills fast?because the Shook and Awe campaign has left my cash flow in ruins. I filled out that paper work for my college giving them A+ on everything, I even lied when it asked me where I had worked in the last year, and I said ?AJL?. Problem was, I hadn?t even started working there. Everything I wrote on that survey was a lie and the college knew. I just wanted to be done with it all. The company ?AJL? called me in to tell me what I was going to be making and what shift. At the time, I wanted to get away from my present supervisor at the time. I went to ?AJL? and they told me that I would be making 10 an hour nonnegotiable. I end up caving in and said yes. I called my college the next day and told them everything that happened to me at ?AGI?. I asked him about me learning computers, about paying for me to attend another college and also asked him why I can?t have a better job, because after all the things happened to me in school and work, I should be able to work for the Post Office, Xerox, Kodak or even City Hall. He knew that the survey was in the mail and told me that?s all they were going to do for me. I asked him if I could take my letter up with City Hall?.he said go right ahead. I went to City Hall dropped off my letter and left. The first day I worked at ?AJL? everything was fine and the next day I think?I only think, that they knew that I went to City Hall. I started working there on a Monday, and the next Monday after lunch the foreman came up to me and said he needed to see me in his office. He said things weren?t working out and that my supervisor would escort me out of the building. I am sure the police will get their cheap laughs in on that one. This was definitely the last straw; because I didn?t do anything wrong and everyone know that I am the poorest man alive. It?s not hard to trick me; I just wanted to get on with my life. M y college tricked me by filling out that survey. This isn?t the same thing as getting tricked when you click on a pop-up add. I have been ready to work with them from the beginning and this is how they repay me back by giving me a $10 an hour job. Is this what I invested my life and money in? I GUARANTEE that Darwin ?the teacher I got fired? is making really good money?.because the college had the nerve to put his picture on front of their catalog with Darwin smiling from ear to ear. I gave them that ?If you look at the obvious, you would fail to see the evidence? letter back in 2002. His picture is on front of the catalog for the 2004-2005 school year. By them putting his picture on front of their catalog, just confirms their racism position on this matter??? and at the very least??also confirms ?The General? who is really running things behind the scene on this matter. Doesn?t the ?General? have to approve and make the final decision? I know, it was the clumsy secretary!!! If a professor from Florida sends hundred thousand dollars to a terrorist group?.what is he saying??? It?s a battle between rational and irrational thought??. it?s insane!!! Don?t you at least find this wishy- washy? Darwin could have all the chips in the world, and he?s still garbage. I saw the cover by accident myself. Like I said, I gave them my first letter back in 2002, so there is no way that it?s an honest mistake. For those who do think it?s a simple mistake, it?s because you have a counterfeit sense of self. You?re being dishonest with yourself, which really means you?re hollow. Who wants to believe in something evil, I know I don?t, because I want to have happy thoughts like everyone?or almost everyone else. I use to believe in Santa Claus when I was younger, I don?t anymore because I am all grown up now and able to tell the difference between make believe and the truth?.

Bottom line, the only reason why I brought up the prison thing, was because of all the police pressure?.I honestly thought they were going to kill me and find some way of blaming it all on me by discrediting and undermining my life. I respect the law, even though it doesn?t respect me. I let the prison thing go a long time ago, because I know there is no way of winning when it comes to a bunch of hungry wolves, but it was essential that I told them the truth because I thought they were treating me on the same line as a terrorist suspect. And to prove I was a happy go lucky person?. just look at all my NYS driver license pictures and look at how happy I have always been, including the time I got released from prison. I don?t want a head-on collision with the police department, which really runs this city, so I am asking for an out of town escort?one could call me a coward?but cowards live longer!!! There are snakes in the water and wolves in the woods and I don?t want to be a moving target. For anybody that thinks I did do it?shut your mouth, because you weren?t there.

I am so disgusted that I didn?t go to my graduation; I haven?t hung up my diploma. The only thing I have done with my degree is make copies so I could fax companies it along with my resume. If I was smart, I would try to sell my degree on Ebay. There has to be someone out there I could sell it to. I am so furious?because that isn?t what I ask for, that isn?t what I wanted, that isn?t what I needed and it obviously didn?t work.

At this stage of my life, as you can see, I am an angry person. That being said, how can I be generative, silly, carefree, joyful and relaxed in general?? Instead I feel, choked up, quiet, awkward and pissed off. This whole episode in my life has made me act out of character. I still haven?t lost touch with reality and my feelings, because I love people too much, animals too much, and living too much?.it?s imbedded in me. I haven?t really gone around my family; for fear that they will start messing with them to get to me. So I basically go over there on the holidays for the most part. Problem is my family only live a mile away from me. You mean to tell me that I have to move away from my family to get peace? Well, that?s no difference than me getting separated from my family like the people of Katrina.

To prove I am not a ?Moe?. In my last letter when I said I got lost in the fog, I was downplaying the teacher?s role in all of this. How can I possibly get lost in the fog when I am the only black student in the class? I said that part because I don?t want them to get in anymore trouble than they have to. I am no monster. Like I said before, they catered to the bright students, because they were getting knowledge from them as well. I guess you can say I have officially flipped flopped. Can?t you feel me? A ?Moe? would have said that in his first letter, but with a lot more force. I am a Larry remember? And another thing, the one teacher Mr. Brandon said that he would teach me anything that I wanted, except machining. He knew the whole time that I didn?t know squat about machining, but was in a power struggle with the other teachers. He taught the cnc part of the school. Ask the other teachers how much he taught me, because I learned 95% of the stuff through manuals and instructional videos?.let the lie detectors fly? Looking back on it all, Mr. Brandon knew, but wanted to see some of the other teachers fall on their face. He didn?t really hang out with the other teachers too though. I mean they weren?t at his deck all the time and he wasn?t at theirs either. The other teachers were always together. I could have easily not given any of my letters to the college, I could have wrote the letters and sent them out of state a long time ago. This should prove I wanted to work with them from the start and that I am no ?Moe?.

To live in fear, poverty and be demonized?is not my idea of the American dream. How can I raise the glass and toast to be an American? How can people sit there and let these cannibals throw me out the window like that?? This is a hate crime and rational people know. Think for a second, why would I write the words, ?What happens in Rochester stays in Rochester??

What part of the constitution allows these people to get away with this?? How can people protect evil, hooligans and a bunch of rough riding wolves? It doesn?t matter what side of the coin you?re on, democrat, republican?this is a hate crime against humanity?and you know it!!! What happened to me is no honest mistake. The only head that has rolled over this whole ordeal is mine. The college has even suggested to me on more than one occasion to leave town. Who would have thought, going to college would put you in poverty and almost killed!!! My cash flow and credit have taken a pounding. My money situation is so bad, Tuesday, January 24th 2006 I had to go to welfare so my lights wouldn?t be shut off, talk about degrading. My brakes on my car are rubbing together; you can hear me coming around the corner. I haven?t paid my rent and my land lord is looking at me funny, because my car hasn?t moved in awhile. You see, that?s what they want?to break my will, break my spirit, break my backbone?.I?ll huff and I?ll puff?and I?ll ?blow your house down!!! This is all I have?it?s just me and they know it. Who are you going to believe, the little guy whom just wanted a sandwich? That couldn?t get a crumb or a bunch of manufactured professional liars??? This deserves a firm response. Do you think their making the world a richer place to live for people? This whole thing is broke and I can?t fix it by myself?.I need help and fast. No one going to bang bang on me and come up with a lie saying , you should have been here?.Mr. Snell went crazy on us?so we had to take him down?sorry!! They already know my recipe, so if anything happens to me, you know it?s murder. I am not apologizing for anything that I have written, not unless my life is threatened again. This is how they are running business in the rotten apple.

People have killed and jumped off the buildings for a lot less. Who would have thought, going to college would make you want to escape reality, have you in the poor house and almost killed? Racism is one thing, but having an all out blitz is another.

Can you help me rebuild my life, because this ?Shock and Awe? campaign has cleaned my clock and left me on four flat tires? I have to leave town if not this state with a hundred bucks to my name. I am used to living well, just look at my apartment and all the clothes I wear. I don?t have to work in this industry. They could have my toolbox, but if one of them Fortune 500 companies wants me to work for them I would. I just want a good paying job no matter what I am doing. I want my credit score back. I think I deserve it and God knows I have put in all the work. I LOVE computers. I don?t know a lot about them, but since everything in the world is on them and 95% of people don?t know anything about them I know this is the way for me. Beat me up with them.

November, 2002

If you look at the obvious ?.you would fail to see the evidence!!!!

How can one day everything can be yankey doodle dandy, and the next, black Friday? Why would a person wake up at 3am to study cnc programming for the past year, and all of a sudden, don't want anything to do with the trade the next day? How could a person be a loyal servant one day, and have dark thoughts the next day? Rather than looking for the answer, people look at me reacting. I wonder if it's true when one says actions speak louder than words?I guess that depends on who is talking and who is reacting. If you look at the obvious, you would fail to see the evidence. Lets get to the nuts and bolts of things!!!!

So what happened? It's a long story, so I'll start from the beginning. Brian is a racist. When I use to work in the computer lab last September, he used to always look at me straight in the eyes with no emotion. Why was that, especially since we hadn't been formally introduced?! Pretty much the whole semester was like this back in September. Why didn't I say anything then? It didn't affect me and I have dealt with lots of people like him in my lifetime. I just ignored him. What can you possibly say to a person like that? Nothing, that's what. So the semester last September went without problem?and why, he wasn't in any of my classes and the only time I would see him was in the computer lab where I focused all my attention on my programming homework. So where did all the problems come from?or should I say start? As soon as I started working on the Proto Trak M2 controller in Pat's lab, Brian would give me the same old funny looks and sometimes would lean on my machine when he saw that I was having all the problems in the world with the controller. Stop and think for a second?..if you knew that a person was having difficulty learning calculus?..why would you lean on that person's table?staring them in the eyes and half smiling at them especially when you and that person haven't even been formally introduced ?let alone had not even had one conversation? Why would you do this? So what did I do? I told you guys what happened and for the most part at first, you thought it was funny. Then as time went on, when I told you guys that what he was doing, you guys became irritated?in fact, I was even bothering some of you. All my life, I was a person who reacted rather than responding. So for the first time in my life, I was responding rather than reacting. Where did it get me?NOWHERE!!! I wonder if I would have done something like that to one of the students, what would have happened to me. Can you imagine me doing something like this to a young white woman; all hell would have broken loose. So I saw you guys getting annoyed by telling you what he did next, so I didn't say too many more things about this. At least I tried not to.

So where does Darwin come into play? Easy, when he saw that I gave you guys something, he wanted that something too. So he would hang around my machine and answer my questions and even showed me some things on the Proto Trak. Mind you, he was very anxious to show me things for like two days. As soon as I gave him something?he was gone in the wind. Okay, sometimes he would come over to my machine to show me some things, but I had to go and haunt him down, and when he came over, he didn't stay for long. Before I gave him something, he was at my machine before I was. He was like a little kid in the playground having fun. So I thought that would continue, but as you guys know?it quickly faded away. Like I said before, he was missing in action after he got what he wanted. So what happened next? I told person "A" [I'll just call him person A]. I told person "A" that I wasn't getting the help that I thought I was supposed to be getting and the very next day, Darwin had the meanest face I had ever seen on a teacher's face when we came into eye contact. He even, [no lie] yelled half words at me across the room?. looking mean as all hell. I know that I told one of the teachers that he swore at me, but if you saw his body language, you would've said the same thing. I could tell my girlfriend that I love her, but if my body language and facial expression are mean as I'm yelling mean things and a low tone?do you actually think my girlfriend would believe me if I told her that I love her? I think not. So what did I do next, I went over to Darwin and asked for his help, and no lie, he waved his hand at me and told me to get away from him. I was devastated. Never in my life had a teacher done this to me. I would've told you guys this way before now, but I didn't because of two reasons. First and foremost, I wanted to learn the Proto Trak at all cost. I felt that if I had said something that I would be looked at the one who was causing problems and you guys wouldn't allow me to enter the lab off my regular schedule. Two, all you guys get along very well. I didn't want to break the bond you guys had. So, all the yelling and mean faces carried on for about 2-3 days. I couldn't take it any longer, so I walked up to Darwin when he was working on the manual lathe one day and asked him what I had did wrong. He tried to down play the whole thing by saying he was having a bad day and that I didn't do anything wrong and that he was too focused on other things and not to pay him any attention. So I said, to defuse the whole thing, that sometimes I say things that I don't really mean and that I'm just frustrated with the Proto Trak. I thought that would be the end, but I thought wrong. Every single time I went up to Darwin when Pat was there, [and trust me, I made sure Pat was there] I would ask Darwin a programming question, and as soon as Pat left?and I mean as soon as Pat left, Darwin would wave his hand toward my face and told me to get away. How do you think I felt when he was doing this? How can anyone have a can do attitude when teachers are blowing you off like you're a no body, piece of scum, and the dirt under their feet? What effect do you think that had on my overall well-being? Make of that what you will, but everything I just wrote is 1000% true. And what does Darwin do to cover things up? He spins, mingles,tangles,twist and turns the truth until nothing is there?.and in the end , what do you know, its all my fault. Why don't you have Darwin read this and ask him if it is true. Why you're at it, ask him how many times did he put his hands in my face to tell me to get away from him? Pat, don't you think it's condescending for Darwin to be nice to me in your face, but as soon as you turn to leave, Darwin looking mean as hell waving his hand in my face? If he was condescending to you with me, what's the probability of him being condescending to you again?

Wait, it gets better. Brian, like I said before, is a racist. Darwin was having a tough time learning the Proto Trak lathe. So Brian would show Darwin things on the lathe [increasing Darwin's career] and out of loyalty for Brian, Darwin teamed up with Brian. I know that they would deny that last statement, but it's true. In fact, one time on a Monday, when I was supposed to be in class [from 1:00-3:50] I was at my machine, struggling once again and Brian was over at the lathe helping Darwin, then all of a sudden, Brian looked around Darwin's shoulder and gave me one of those big smiles. Darwin pretended that nothing was happening. Then Brian walked over to where I was and another teacher was right there and Brian gave me another big smile. Both teachers to this day haven't said one thing to me around Brian. If he is there, these teachers go out of their way not to say or even look my way. Later on that day Brian said, out loud [indirectly to me] to the other two teachers that he erases all his programs that he creates so that other people wouldn't copy his programs. The other teacher, not Darwin, laughed out loud and agreed with Brian. I'll just call this teacher the mystery teacher. Trust me, he knows who he is, because the next day he came into the lab to talk to me about something that wasn't important. Either he felt guilty for what he did, or he came in there to throw me off?as in, big guy, I am on your side. Whatever!! To the mystery teacher, I never told anyone your name, just do what Darwin does and distract attention off yourself. I never would've brought this whole thing up, but everyone thinks I am delusional and a class-A liar. I don't want you to get in trouble, trust me, I don't. I am just setting the record straight once and for all. In one sense you really didn't do anything wrong, but you made me feel really bad for a long time. If things were reversed, how would you have felt? Talking about a stab in the back. I just want to ask you 2 things. One, what type of message do you think that you sent to Brian when you showed agreement by laughing and have never said a word around me when he was around, let alone making any type of eye contact with me when Brian was around. Do you know you influenced his racist beliefs and perceptions? Two, do I really look and sound that stupid for you to think that everything you were doing went over my head. I know Brian is increasing your career as well, but to increase your career at the expense of another is like climbing the latter and stepping on others people's backs to get there. Well done.

So why I'm I so mad? Because those guys have gotten away with murder, and when I finally came to you teachers to tell you exactly what happened, you didn't believe me. And why is that, because I'm off balance when I'm at the Applied Tech that I can't think straight. How can a person think straight when that person has gotten mentally abused? Can you actually think right if your mad 24-7? Lets get it straight once and for all?.I am not the perpetrator, I am the victim. And what did those guys do to turn the tables? They destroyed my credibility so that no one would listen to me. It's like what I like to call a diversion tactic. Those guys have assassinated my character by distorting the truth until nothing was there. I thought one day that someone would say.."ah ha",but that ah ha never came. Darwin has deluded people into thinking everything was okay when it wasn't. How could you teachers be so blind to the facts? All Darwin and whom ever else was on the bandwagon did was demonize me. It's not hard to do around there, especially since the way I pronounce my words, I'm opinionated, and I told you guys at the wrong time. It's bad timing because I told you guys that I wanted to tell you the whole truth by setting up a meeting. Like I said, bad timing, because you guys think that I'm mad just because of Brian?.WRONG!!! Brian was the last straw. After I gave him what I gave him he told me that I would be kissing his %#&@$!. To me that was the most racist thing that was ever said to me under the current circumstances. That was just the last straw. Everyone has a breaking point, and that was mine. I even waited two days afterwards, trying to make eye contact with Brian in my classes that we both take?he didn't even look at me. He actually wanted me to kiss his %#&@$!. The only time he would say anything to me or even look at me was in the lab around you Pat. Brian would smile as if to say, everything is a-okay, but it wasn't. Condescending just like his buddy Darwin and the mystery teacher. Those guys should run for office one day?at least they would be in good company.

Dear Darwin, I love how you twisted, melted down and evaporated the truth by demonizing me to the teachers and students. Very clever. I know what you told them. You told them what I said about the dollar bill and the Masons. It's irrelevant that you don't believe, because some teachers go as far as to say everyone should know. Anyway, I love how you can have limited skills and still get a job at the college and live off of other teachers and students knowledge. I don't know how you did it, but hey?stranger things have happened. I wonder how you really felt watching all the material I presented, and demonizing me in return. Keep up the good job, because history has shown that one can go to the top with that value system you have imbedded in self. I know where I went wrong with you. I told you that I knew this and that, this about the computer and that about this?.and you hated that. Like most. I could say 5+5=9, and a person like you would say..that's incorrect, try again. If I told you that a2 +b2=c2, you would have a fit. By the way, why did you walk up to Brian when both of us was at the Proto Trak Lathe and shook his hand, and asked what was going on? I wonder why you did that? Don't you see Brian everyday? Were you trying to send me indirect messages? Or maybe you were just in a good mood that day. That and what Brian did was the last straw!!!!

Whatever happened to the student teacher-confidentiality? Brian knows just about everything I have ever said to you teachers in general. Why is that? If I can't confide in an authority figure like a teacher, then who can I? I know some of the things I have said have been hard to take in. I didn't attend to play with one's value system?because God knows that it's the hardest thing to change on a person. I am truly sorry for this. I was just in amazement and wanted to know what a bright mind thought?that's all.

So how is my semester going? Not good. I can't think clear when I am mad 24-7. Can you imagine taking a test when you found out that your wife has been cheating on you with your brother all the while when you were at work? That's how I feel 24-7. Then to not have you guys believe me, just adds to the stressed out dark thoughts. Let me say once in for all, I wouldn't say anything about you know what. It's not about that?it's never been about that. IT'S ABOUT RESPECT!!!! This is suppose to be an institution, not a vigilante against me. I am being ostracized for what other people have done. I know you teachers think that I have bitten the hand that have feed them by giving me that scholarship, but in return I can say the same thing. One day I hope to pay you guys back for the scholarship to prove to you guys that it wasn't about that. If it's the last thing that I do, I will pay you back.

So what is my point to all of this? Those guys got away with murder?period. Brian is a racist and some of the teachers influenced his behavior. Can you imagine me as a teacher doing something like this and getting away with it? If I were a teacher and gave just one mean look to a student my %#&@$! would have gotten tossed out the door before someone could say ready set?bye, bye. What say you? There is no statute on murder in this country, and it shouldn't be a statute on teachers behaving in the way they did towards me!!! Just like murders, if they kill once, they kill again?and why? They feel a serge of power once they kill. It's like a high!!!

Roy Snell
Gary Rainford
English 101-184: College Writing
Revised May 17, 1999

Prejudice Stinks

My perception of prejudice falls into three categories: physical, ethnic/cultural, and social. Prejudice to me is unfair and wrong. When a person is prejudiced he or she is making preconceived notions about people based on outward signs such as looks. When you are prejudiced, you are missing out on possible opportunities and what life has to offer. When you meet or see someone you first notice his or her skin color and skin tone. I am an African/American with a medium complexion. Within my race we have dark-skinned and lighter-skinned complexions. My observations and experience have led me to believe that if I were dark-skinned, I would get treated a little more unfairly than if I were light-skinned not only by those in my race but also outside of my race. Spanish people have the same problem. When a Spanish person is white in skin color, they are treated better than other Spanish that are dark. Look at Spain for instance, the Spaniards don?t like the Spanish people from Puerto Rico. And why? Because Spaniards are mostly all white-skinned versus the Spanish people in Puerto Rico where they are light, medium-dark, and dark in color. After a person is evaluated on their skin color, the focus of attention is to the person?s physical attributes. People immediately judge a person on whether they are fat or skinny. Men always look at a woman?s curves, breasts and buttocks when he gets a chance when she isn?t looking. The same holds true for women except they are slyer about it. In society, a person is judged by their shape. If a person is too skinny, they are not totally accepted yet they are not shunned as with the obese person. The media, such as advertisements and television, reinforce that thinking and mindset of a person. After focusing their attention on a person?s shape, people start judging the person?s other physical characteristics such as height and facial attributes. In society, there is a double standard for men and women. For men, if you are short, you don?t fit in. With a woman, if you?re short, it?s not looked upon too closely. For women, if you?re too tall, you?d better be model material or you?re looked upon as unattractive and lanky. For men, if you?re tall, it?s good because people look at you as a good basketball player and/or powerful man. People look at every tiny little detail about a person?s appearance. Even how big or small a person?s nose is up for scrutiny. People even look at a person?s nostrils. They look to see if any hair is coming out of them. They look at how wide, high or pointy the nose is. They even see if you have any boogers. They look to see if they can see how high the slope is of your nose when you turn to the side. They repeat the same process when it comes to the ears, but instead of looking for nasal mucus, they look for dried/caked-up wax in the ear. And if you have big ears with hair growing out of them?forget about it because you have been labeled as the person with the big dumbo ears and that you don?t take care of yourself. You?re judged repeatedly. People won?t tell you their real opinion on how they perceive you, instead, they come on as your friend. They even judge you by the facial hairs on your face. Whether or not your beard is well-trimmed or bushy or if you have a Go-T. People look at people with Go-Ts as a bad boy versus the man with no hair on his face as a nice clean-cut guy.
After you get past the physical attributes comes the ethnicity/cultural of a person?s deep prejudice within. You?re judged by the clothes you wear. No matter what you wear, someone will criticize you whether it is to themselves or to others. If you are a man and wear your pants too tight, you?re perceived to be ?gay.? If you?re a woman, you?re perceived to be ?easy.? If you wear your pants too loose, you?re perceived to be a gangster or ?wannabe? gangster. When women wear their pants too loose, the perception is that she doesn?t care about herself and she?s grungy. When women wear short, tight skirts she?s perceived to be a %#&@$!. When women wear long dresses, she?s perceived to be a lady. A %#&@$! can be a nurse, doctor, dentist, astrologist, astronaut, psychologist, biologist, chemist, policewoman, lifeguard, babysitter, and definitely the girl next door. I wish people would get it through their heads that %#&@$!s come in all shapes and sizes. Just because she wears a short skirt doesn?t make her a %#&@$!. Just because she is a professional doesn?t disqualify her from being a %#&@$!.

Education is another area where people are judged. Those with no high school or just a high school diploma will be looked upon more negatively from job market to social situations. Some women will only date professional or ?white collar? men. Some ?blue collar? jobs may pay wages similar to the ?white collar? ones yet the perception is that you are valued less as a person because you don?t have that ?white collar? position. Even where you live and what kind of house you live in is taken into consideration. In our city, the east side of the city is perceived to have more affluent people than the west side. The bigger, better home you live in, the more important you are considered. With wealth and possessions comes more acceptance and influence with people. The more ?toys? (e.g., fancy cars, computer systems, stereo systems, jewels, furniture, etc.) you have you are perceived successful and, therefore, more worthy of being accepted. It is as though unless you have these things, you?re a nobody.

All of these things add to prejudices people have against one another. All the outward things that aren?t important in the long run. What matters is what?s inside a person. Their values, morals, personality, ethics are far more important that any of these outward signs that people seem to value as being all important. Looks will fade with age, money comes and goes; it?s what inside the person that stays and grows.

Proof that Rochester is Racist


August 11, 2008

Is Rochester the new Guantanamo Bay? Uh .yeah!!!
Racism in Rochester is not just warm its sizzling. A city is judged on how they treat people who can't defend for themselves .welcome to Rochester were life is blackballed and justice is denied!!! Guilty until proven innocent!!! Sometime, it's not the pet that's bad it's the owner that has trained that pet through systematic abuse!!! You can't bargain and negotiate with terrorist who just want to gorilla pimp your life into the ground, just because you blew the whistle on evil. Theodore Roosevelt once said "If I must choose between righteousness and peace, I choose righteousness". I have no other option, but to choose "Peace" So I want off this soil. I am not a american, I am one of God's children living amongst world citizens, because I was born into this world through God and just so happen to live in america living the american nightmare. If I were american .I would be treated like an american and not like the Taliban. I am the casualty, target, victim, prey, and sucker of america. I can't make this any clearer I don't want to even have children on this soil. Help me pull the rug from under evil because I am held hostage by Satan, because I blew the whistle on him and his bag of tricks and I am being retaliated for it!!!! The police, college, and the machine shops have organized a massive retaliation /defamation campanion against me like organized crime, and have given my environment the equivalent to AIDS like Dr. Hilary Koprowski. That now I just want out it's the right thing to do!!! They have "Engineered" my destruction. Truth, rational thought vs people that have their PhD, Masters, MBA and black belt in the art of professional lying and experienced deception. Warning, these confederate flag flying, funky flip flopping, faceless false prophets, filthy faithless fake plastic Christians, are faker then your favorite actor and if you plan on dealing with these people you better bring a condom. They have put their cigars out all over my body, my life, my career, my banking account, my student loan, my relationships, my wellbeing and have denied me of life . They expect me to light their cigar and kiss their ring after the fact. I see through these professional liars like Cinderella's glass slippers . the hard part is letting other people see what I see!!!!
Crimes they have committed:

1. Breach of contract, because the college didn't fulfill the agreement by teaching me.
2. Obstruction of justice, because the college sent the police after me knowing that I was trying to find a lawyer so that I could sue them. They wanted to silence me. Now I am in poverty, because of it.
3. Conspiracy to commit violence, I almost got shot, ran over, jumped etc., etc.
4. Violating the Constitution, the college is guilty of violating the 4th Amendment, "right to privacy" because they have told everyone about me. Every job I go to people want to litigate my letter out to me by referring to exact events in my letter. I get more auditions then American Idol. And whatever Amendment I missed.
5. Stalking, I have been followed more than a GPS system could handle by the police. My sense of traveling in the rain is gone forever, because that is the best time to kill someone.
6. Confidentiality, because the teachers told "Darwin" that I was in prison. It happened I think in 1996 and there wasn't one student around then to read about it in the papers like they claim.
7. Forgery, because the college changed my grades. I had a 3.064 GPA to 2.8 GPA. I then received an F then my GPA went up to 3.020. The media made them change it back.
8. Reckless endangerment, because they had the police "punk" me lots of times and I thought I was a moving target.
9. Impeding an investigation, because the college had the police stand in the way of justice that cause me to have an untimely claim.
10. Perjury or predicted perjury, because I know the college is going to lie when we go to court.
11. Defamation of character, because the college, police and machine shops have turned my name into mud by demonizing me and telling everyone my most personal secrets. When I do have money I am a good tipper at the bars. Some bartenders used to be happy when I came around and now they look mean and don't want to take my tips. They have burned the concept of people hating my guts in people's minds.
12. Misconduct and unethical practices, because the college allowed events to happen in school and turned their back to the facts.
13. Excessive force, because I almost got shot outside school, in school, Wal-Mart and any other place I didn't know about.
14. Endangering the welfare of a child, because someone asked my 13-year-old niece at the time in school about me. My point, how do they even know that we were related, because we have different last names.
15. Falsifying records, because I got an A in all the machining courses I took.
16. Insubordinate to life, because they don't want to see people bettering themselves.
17. Putting me in poverty and leaving my accounts, cash flow, gas tank and future jobs on "E".
18. Evil, because the head detective was an experienced skilled trouble shooter that knew I didn't commit the crime he charged me with that sent me to prison. He said "you really didn't do it, and that my only problem was that I knew too many people and told me that he was sorry, but he guarantees that I hang for it". I bet this cop won't take an MRI lie detector for a million dollars .he remembers this event trust me!!!
19. Braking and Entering. My landlord broke into my apartment
20. Vandalism/Intimidation, my car has gotten hit 3 different times without me even driving it when it happened. I don't believe in coincidence especially 3 coincidences!!!
21. Outright Threat, my superintendent threatened me with a gun about two weeks after I moved in.
22. Empty Threat, my neighbor across the street that's very cool with the cops told me in a confidence way ."I have a 45 you know" about a month after I moved in. And knows everything about my letters and have told me to watch very careful where I send my letters, and have said to me "the cops haven't said anything about you in awhile to me .when he saw that I wasn't a threat.
23. Blackmajic, In prison, I had almost 20/20 vision at the time. An inmate that wasn't supposed to be around anywhere around knives like in the kitchen where we worked together at the time threw heavy duty liquid detergent bleach straight in my eyes causing me permanent eye damage where I must wear glasses. The prison knew, and every time I sent out mail to file a notice of intent, they would throw it away and before I knew what they were doing, it was too late for me to sue. To this day, they didn't even offer to fix my eyes and if they do, they'll make sure something goes wrong during the surgery.
24. Malicious Prosecution,Concealing Evidence, Falsifying Evidence and Obstruction of Justice, because the D.A. coached one of the witnesses to her liking that sent me to prison. I would definitely need a MRI lie detect test to prove this one if not, its like it never happened.
25. Stealing my mail out of the box or at the Post Office so I couldn't appeal to the NYS Dept. Of Labor.
26. Falsifying Records on the Monroe County Library computer system so that I would owe money they knew I couldn't pay
27. Rewarding People For Racism, I got a teacher fired for being racist and swatting his hand about a inch from my face about 100 times everytime I asked him a programming question and the college put up their middle finger to me and put his picture on front of their catalog smiling from ear to ear .1000% proof the college is racist!!!!!
28. Patient Client Privilege/Confidentiality, They bad mouth me to my doctor that now he hates my guts. This doctor once performed an operation on me before and we have always gotten along. Now he don't want anything to do with me.
29. Cruelty, I looked at an apartment in the price range welfare was giving me and I told the case worker on the phone that the apartment I had visited had lots of holes in the wall, that it looked like rats lived there and he shouted over the phone "buy a cat then". He knew about me before we even met.
30. Controlled Racism, Black people get to learn a few skills in a year white people get to learn unlimited number of things in a year only way to "Master" the trade is by learning hundreds of skills and practicing those skills.
31. Justified Racism, because the main people that get laid off when things are slow are the people that aren't skilled enough with few skills. 500 skills vs 5 skills, who would you lay off? Justified Racism, because they make sure you don't get these valuable life changing skills.
32. Economic Racism, They only allow a certain number of black people to work in the machine shops.
33. Flat out Racist, I knew this one professional that worked in the office at mcc that went home at night crying sometimes because she would always hear staff saying racist things about black students and staff all day long in front of her. She had blonde hair and blue eyes but was really black. I seen something like this on Ophra before. She ended up leaving the college because of the racism within the college.
34. Slavery, because of all the events combined and forcing me to pay for these sick events.
35. Accomplice/Accessory, Anybody they got to directly or indirectly retaliate on me. Just like it takes more then one person to build a house .it took more then one person to retaliate on me.
36. Terrorism, they have systematically terrorize me with intense fear, intimidation, pressure and putting the squeeze on me that I have been in my apartment basically for over 2 years out of fear. Not to mention hitting my parked car 3 times.
37. Putting extreme fear into me by spying and ease dropping on me everywhere I go that has left me in my apartment for over two years!!!!

They can't deny these charges, because I am the living proof of these facts. If I don't capitalize something, its on purpose.

Throughout history, whistleblowers have been liked by their abusers before the whistle was blown. I never seen an "Insider" whistleblower that was hated all the time, until they revealed insiders secrets by telling the truth. Everyone that tells the truth will be hated .have you seen someone that wasn't? Bingo!!!! Think about it for a minute, what whistleblower do you know that was liked by the people whom he blew the whistle at after the fact? And what company, organization or person that the whistle was blown on didn't try to demonize the person that blew the whistle? Think about it!!!! I have never seen a whistleblower liked by the people he blew the whistle at after the whistle was blown . I have never seen the people he blew the whistle at not try to demonize, use ruthless tactics, dirty tricks, manipulate, and cause enough reasonable doubt that their evil doings are minimized .to hide their dark side. As a whistle blower I am being retaliated against and my human rights are not protected because I am a whistle blower to unseen evil. I could see if I snitched on someone that was really important, but I blew the whistle because my human rights were violated and I did not get what I worked so hard for. They have tried to stick it to me ever since my first letter.

I should be able to say anything I want, especially since they say anything they want on the radio without people pulling out guns and trying to run them over with their cars like they have did me. How would you feel if you paid a contractor your life savings of 100 thousand dollars to build you a nice house for you and your family and they did such a bad job where the house isn't even close to being up to code and the city says the house must be demolished and completely rebuild? Your out your life savings and when you go to sue .the builders have strong ties to the police dept. and sent them after you wherever you went . to apply pressure on you to make you drop your lawsuit. It was either surrender or get obiliviated what part don't people understand about that and the college "Engineering" everything? You drop your lawsuit out of fear of being shot or set up to go to prison for a lifetime. You try to sue again when the pressure dies down ..then they look at their watch and say .sorry "NIGGA" .your too late to sue only if you had more time .congratulations on your big loss! YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!! The police gave the college time to think and made me have an untimely claim against them .there fingerprints are on everything. Their just going to run "Game" on you, change the subject and give you the run around. If someone held up a gun to your head and demanded your wallet, you would give them your wallet right? Well what about if a1000 men pointed their guns at your head and demanded your wallet? I gave up my wallet because these were officials and WHATEVER they do is official. If there was an all black college, all black police dept. and an all black business that did this to anyone with blonde hair and blue eyes . they would have been charged with terrorism and the military would have flatten their address. They need to be held accountable for their actions like everyone else. .I am out numbered period, and a trillion % conquered!!! I would be a force to reckon with too if I had all the police departments in my pockets. Of course their going to win when their in a no lose situation. Or how would you feel if you built a home with your bare hands then someone burned it down then ran "Game" to make people think that you were the one that burned your own house down how would you feel? That's exactly what happened. I didn't realize lying was such an art, and telling the truth was going to bring about much hate.


I called E.T.S. one day and ask the guy on the phone did he have something for me. He said yes and to come in so he could talk to me about it. I did, and he looked at me with a cocky smile/laugh and said he wanted me to dig a deep hole with a shovel and that the job paid $8/hrs. This guy was too excited to tell me about this. This had retaliation written all over it handed down from the college and the machine shops. I said no, and every time I called his office for a job, he said he didn't have anything was that the retaliation thing again? If the coach doesn't want to put me in the game I'll take my ball, and then go to the next team!!! So I went to work under the table doing demolition, because they would not let me get a job nowhere. The police were waiting for me outside in the parking lot on the site and the next thing you know when I left the job they got rid of most their workers and made everyone else sign up with a Temporally Agency. The last day I worked there the office people made sure that I got my check from the main guy. He gave me that look "Because of you this is happening".

They tried to set me up at work by recording my voice. I was told to come into the office because E.T.S. wanted to talk to me privately. As I was walking towards the office I just so happened to turn around and the main boss was waving his hand franticly pointing towards the office as in get him in the office!!! I knew for a fact that I was recorded the whole time by their actions. Then he asked me questions like "Do you think all machine shops in Rochester are racist"? That's when I said "you can never say all when it comes to people". As I left the office I looked straight in the eyes of the main boss and he didn't even look my way. I wonder who's idea it was to record me maybe it was the garbage man. They were in constant communication with the college the whole time I worked there. E.T.S. could never pass an MRI lie detector test on the facts I have laid down.

Pierce Industries

The first day I was there the supervisor was on me like no tomorrow, he asked me to change an insert in the lathe and I was looking for the right size wrench to change it and two seconds later he said never mind I'll do it. He then went around and told everyone that I didn't know what I was doing. People would walk around and look at me mean because of this. They put me on something that really wasn't part of machining but made me work really hard at it because of what the supervisor said. They put me back on a cnc lathe after a long wait and I operated that machine like no tomorrow. I would hear them arguing over the decision to pull me off the machines. I was talking to one of the main guys from Quality Control about a certain machine, because they couldn't get the close tolerance they wanted without scrapping every other workpiece that the machine produced. These parts were big and it had already gone through other machining stages, and this was the final machining sequence. For one part the machine got right, it scrapped 2 or 3 parts. They were losing thousands and thousands of dollars. I took one look at the print and the program and said I know what the problem is. He said explain. I said the print is in Metric and the program is in English and needs to be written in Metric. I said on a 10" linear axis you can only move the off-set 100,000 times in the inch mode, the tool has100,000 possible positions. And in the Metric mode, you can move it 254,000 times based on a 10" linear axis, the tool has 254,000 possible positions. He said I was right, but those guys have all the power. He went and told the owner and I completely broke down the Metric System for him and he said from now on he wants all programs to be in Metric. The supervisor flipped and said he couldn't do it and that if the owner wants him to leave he will in front of the owner. They made my life very very hard for me after that. They worked me to the bone. The other supervisor that weighed 400lbs would come over to my machine and would press buttons on the controller and would block what he was doing on purpose so I couldn't see what he was doing, so that I couldn't learn anything from him. He saw that I didn't like that and on break time would come outside with another guy to fight me if I had a problem with it. I told ETS Staffing everything and to find me another job and they told me to put in my 2 weeks. I did, and Pierce Industries said this is your last day bye!!! I got along with everyone that worked there, beside the ones that had inside information about me before I even worked there .retaliation from start to finish. The owner knows first hand that I was really good at what I did and so did the whole entire place. I never said anything about this before, because the owner really felt bad about what happened. E.T.S had front row seat to everything that took place and agreed with me on EVERYTHING eventhough they were in bed with the college the whole entire time. Some of the staff has moved out of town that use to work for E.T.S .call out of town and ask them and see if I am lying.

Temp Service

I sent my resume to this employment agency and she sent my resume out to this company in Webster that wasn't a machine shop, but hired people from the machine shops with experience because they did an overall better job learning whatever that company did. He took one look at my resume and called the employment agency back several times. She called me back several times (because I wasn't home) and said to call her at home even over the weekend since it was a Friday. I called her and said I was interested and she said I was basically hired, and that all the guy had to do was check out my references and that the job paid around $15 and $16 an hour with lots of overtime. She was so excited he was so excited and when he called someone about me, he told her he wasn't interested. She asked me what I did, who did I piss off because someone is giving me a really bad reference. She said that she had lots more high paying jobs, but didn't want to waist her time finding me work because the same thing would just keep happening and she wished me the best of luck.


My superintendent told me very firmly two weeks after I moved in "I have a gun that I keep loaded I haven't used it before .but I will." Whats behind that is nigga, I know all about whats going on and if you get out of line .I'll blow your head clean off and the law will back me up. Two weeks later, a guy that lives across the street that had killed someone in front of the police "and the police backed him up in court so that he would get off" told me "I keep a 45 you know I don't play. Now in some states, if you turn the door knob and crack open the door that is Braking and Entering. Now my lease says "The landlord or his agents shall have the right to inspect said property / apartment at any time with 24 hours notice provided". I came home around 6:15 a.m. from working on 8 machines at work that night. When I got home I took a shower, dried off and laid on my bed naked and fell asleep like that. At 8 or 9a.m. my landlord knocked on my door VERY, VERY hard (twice is what I heard) then turned the door knob and opened up the door and said "Roy, what are you doing in there VERY loud". I even saw half his body in my apartment. He had to have seen me naked. I said out loud to him that I was naked and that I didn't have any clothes on. He slammed the door and said again "what are you doing in there open up" I said wait until I get my pants on, then I came to the door to let him in with just some pants on, no t-shirt. When he got in my apartment he changed his tone and I asked him "whats so important .he changed the subject and said nothing. I just wanted to tell you that you were going to be getting some new windows or something to that affect. Someone told me that he knew the police really well and sat on some sort of community board before or something to that affect. I asked him was that true and he said no and left shortly. The next time I saw him I was outside my building talking with one of my neighbors and gave him a mean look for violating me in my own apartment. The next day he was back at my front door with his partner looking mean into my eyes talking about something off topic. My eyes hit the ground and I submitted so he would not kick me out and he looked at me very firm as in "I own this building". By the way, I live in a large studio and when you open up the door my bed is 21 feet straight across from the door. That is Breaking and Entering plain and simple!!! My other landlord did the same thing to me before in my last apartment. She came all the way in and yelled out something, I can't exactly remember so I won't write it. But it was early in the morning too. I will take a MRI lie detector test on this or anything that I write!!!! I went to pay my rent one day and said that I was leaving this country, the person responded with confidence ."why haven't you applied for a passport yet". How would they know that? My point!!!!


They put me in poverty and when I finally went to welfare the councilor they assigned me looked at me angry and said "why can't you keep a job"? I started explaining to him and within a couple of minutes he assigned me to go and see a shrink. Trust me, it was already planned that way before I got there. Of course everything was fine with the shrink session and all. I was getting evicted from my apartment which I had a timeline to get out. He told me the wrong figure welfare will pay for an apartment for me and when I finally got an apartment that I wanted the owner told me welfare wouldn't pay for it. I called him and told him about the figure and he told me welfare use to add what they were going to give you for food stamps onto the rent and that I would have to come up with my own food, or something like that. I called his supervisor to confirm, because I could not reach him on the phone after calling his office lots of times. He was very angry with me for calling his supervisor and when I talked with him about the real figure welfare will pay and a particular apartment (in that price range that I visited) had holes in the walls, which looked like rats lived there .he shouted over the phone ."buy a cat then"!! Retaliation has its petty torments. I called his supervisor and left a message and told her about the "buy a cat" statement and when I went to his office people were quiet, because they wanted to hear what was said .and I said firmly you said "by a cat" he admitted to it, but downplayed it a little. Retaliation once again. He knew what was going on before we even met period!!! MRI lie detector test please. They paid for my rent for like two months and gave me foodstamps for a year after ALL I been through in this city thats the same thing as walking over to a bum on the street and offering him a baloney sandwich and when that bum reaches out for it you drop it on the ground. Giving me welfare was like giving me a Scooby snack. Why should I have to eat that poison?

The Experienced Racist Machine Shops

Welcome to Rochester machine shops .were experience is the new "Master". The machine shops are really the american dream, because you could have worked minimum wage all your life, killed someone, and not know how to read, and if you get a job in the machine shop for 2-3 years with hardcore training by the "Master Machinist" you could earn 20+ dollars an hr with lots of overtime, work just about anywhere in the world and skills you could pass on to your family. I have even seen tons of white crackheads walk around with both hands in their pockets looking down on you because their skilled and your not. If you have figured out a way that you can travel under the radar and steal large sums of money from the bank confidently without being detected, why would you stop stealing? And if you knew that someone finally figured out what you were doing .why wouldn't you try to stop that person from telling your secrets? They suppose not to like me. I am preventing them from scoring touchdowns. I am a black whiteboy from the suburbs with 99% of my friends being white. I am just being real.

If me and other blackmen got together and started talking about white people this, white people that were being prejudice. Now, if me and other blackmen got together and formed a police department and arrested nothing but white people we would be racist right? The machine shops are racist .here is the proof!!!!

Controlled racism? Being a CNC Machinist requires lots of skills, that can only be achieved through experience and lots of practice .they know that. Ask any older white man that worked or works in the machine shops how many black men have they seen in their life that could set up and program both CNC mills and CNC lathes and check their workpices on the C.M.M in Quality Control by themselves? I asked this question to two older white men that been in the field for 30 /40 years and both said about 10. How could that be when everyone that's physically capable can learn to "Master" the trade by being taught by Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana and Wayne Gretzky's of the world and having a million chances at practicing that skill. I never heard of anyone doing something a million times and not knowing what their doing!!! Have you!!! Look at the T.V. Show Celebrity Circus. Those celebrities didn't know how to perform any of those acts until they were taught by the elite of the field. Blacks get to learn a few things in a year while Joe-Bob and Bud get to learn unlimited skills in a year. Of course their going to pitch a shut out. Only way to "Master" and learn the trade is by learning hundreds of skills .can you say controlled racism? Their in shape without working out. I put in all the mental work, all the time, the sacrifices, pain and struggle to make it through college and the average person in the machine shop without a degree/GED would say "I owe 120 thousand on my only owe 20 thousand I am worse off than you buddy.

Justified racism? I don't care if they paid a blackperson $50,000 a year to work in their shops the question is, what is that black person doing on a daily bases? Answer, he's cleaning up the place, or just finger button pressing a machine to deaf. Since everything in the field is about supply in demand, he will get laid off when things are slow, due to lack of skills. Oh, you don't have enough skills/experience so we're letting you go because things are slow. Justified racism at its finist!!! Or, I am sorry, we hired Bud today, because Bud had more experience than you nothing personal. As a result, were the last one hired and the first one fired .justified racism at its finest, trying to come in the machine shops, and leaving the machine shops!!!

Economic Racism? Explain the fact that if there are 50 people working in a machine shop there is only 2 blacks; it has to be the system right? There is 300 machine shops in Rochester, on average if there is 50 people working there, there are only 2 black people working there on average. Whatever the formula is, they go by that formula and only allow that number of blacks to enter their shops . on average. I know since I started writing letters, this topic has had to come up. I don't put nothing pass them. So, ask any older whiteman that's retired or soon to be retiring how many blacks on average did the machine shops have when he worked there. If it wasn't for Affirmative Action, black men would not exist in the machine shops.

They have exploited the average person's intelligence, with this deceptive racist practice. If you do something for 4/5 years .your dedicated .if you do it for 25+ years .its a life style!!! The machine shops have always been racist, that's just the way things are. I didn't know this until I was booby trapped. The only blacks that really know how to machine are the ones that learned it in high school or another black person taught them on the job while they were on brake or something. There is no substitute for experience, because you need experience to experience period.

I knew this one guy from Africa that graduated from RIT that caught so much hell from his supervisors in the machine shops, that the last time I seen him he was selling clothes for a living at the public market. I know this other guy that's a professional that works for the city of Rochester now, that caught so much hell in the machine shops that he quit too. I told him what happened to me, and he said me too.

I am saying, if you get a black person and a white person to start a job at the sametime, year one the white person will learn on average 50 skills and that year, the black person will learn 2 to 3 skills and that year learning to become a machinist that way, is like running in quicksand. Can you imagine doing the same 3 skills over and over again at all the companies you worked for then the supervisor shouting faster, faster you can do it. After 3 years the white guy could work anywhere in the world. The black guy is still a disposable employee if he is even lucky to be employed at the same company, because companies always lay off their least skilled workers. They never want to see us in the ball game .they want to see us on the sideline admiring and asking for autographs .I know it must tickle!!! This is more than just shady business practices ..this is Racism with the capital R. I always hung out with the in crowd in school, and the in crowd always use to pick on and look down on headbangers, rednecks, dirtfarmers, pigfarmers, dirtbags, bikers and hillbillies. Now, the in crowd stick up for them, you can't be serious! When it comes to racism the machine shops are at the top of the food chain.

The Evil Detective

It's the job of a detective to pick the minds of the accused. That detective knew from picking my mind that the lies and perception would overpower the truth. They didn't want to find the truth because there is no benefit and finding the truth but all the benefits with slick talk. When you turn a person into a piece of property that is slavery they put me in prison by choice. If that's not the definition of sick .then I don't know what is!! I would love to have someone checkout this Creep's record, because he was too relaxed and got away too easy with evil. Give my ex lawyer a MRI lie detector test and ask her when she called that detective and asked him did he say that .what did he say how did he act .what do she think!!! Now say I am lying about that!!!

The Malicious D.A.

I forcefully plied my friend Jim off of John Romanski and someone from the group had immediately start hitting Romanski and I forcefully plied him from Romanski as well, while Jim was still going after Romanski. So, that's two people I forcefully removed from hitting Romanski all the while shouting at the group "that's my friends brother you better not touch him". If you know something and don't say something .that's obstruction of justice. John Romanski wanted to tell the court what I really had done to break up the fight on the Charlotte Pier on my second trial, but told me the D.A. threaten him if he changed his testimony, that he would get charged or something like that. So, she coached him. I know all of this because of John Romanski himself. Isn't that like with holding information, falsifying evidence, lying under oath and concealing evidence, by the prosecution threatening John Romanski to tone down what actually happened .or should I say obstruction of justice??? To sum everything up .this is in fact Malicious Prosecution, because I went to prison behind these demon devilish lies. Do you call that a fair trial when the prosecutor and detective set me up? Give John Romanski a MRI lie detector test and ask him is it true. Now say I am lying!!! Also, give Steve Viccaro the guy who testified against me that was the prosecution golden boy a MRI lie detector test and asked him did he hit that guy lots of times on the ground. He is now a cop I believe. Sure a MRI lie detector test won't hold up in court .but it will get to the bottom of things. I bet Steve Viccaro won't take one for a million bucks.
One of the biggest reasons, this harsh treatment happened to me was because they plastered my name all over the local media. I remember when I got back to my cell from getting Sentenced, I seen the words "SNELL SENTENCE" on the TV screen .it wasn't even time for the News. When all that racism happened in school the school was like 'screw you', you been to prison, the Job was like give me a reason and the police was like I'll push your scalp back like a tuna can with this thing man!!! All because the Malicious D.A. and Evil detective trying to make their quota, how could they sleep at night tricking people with their black magic and dark psychology . they should write fiction.

My Record

It's time that I come clean. I just look guilty on paper and I know I will discredit myself and some people's eyes by what I am going to write. I had one of the biggest house parties (in the top 3 of all time, ask the whole class of Hilton High) back in 1990 in my parents home when they were on vacation. To make a long story short, when I was outside talking to the police, someone stole all the money I had made from the party, and then went in my parents room and stole their mortgage and wedding rings. My mother kicked me out of the house then eventually let me back in. I have always worked since I was 9 by shoveling, raking and mowing lawns. I always had money and I lived in a $120,000/$140,000 house. All my mother talked about was her wedding rings being stolen. She put so much pressure on me by making me feel guilty. That's all she talked about!!! She even cried. One of my best friends father had died and he was upset because he thought he could never go to college, because he had to take care of his family since he was the oldest. He was doing roofing in the city one day in one of the dangerous neighbor hood and noticed that people would buy drugs from this old man in his house. My friend told me that he thought up away for me to replace my mother's wedding ring and away for him to go to college. So we pretended like we were the police with walkie talkies and BB guns and I knocked on his front door and asked him for drugs and when he opened up the door, we told him that we were the police and entered his house with are BB guns drawn. While in the house, my friend found a real gun and dispatched what he found to our friends on the walkie talkie outside the house so everything looked real. We also took $62 from the house. Then the next thing you know we were arrested. No one got hurt or even hit. So I spent 22 days in jail and have a robbery second on my record because of this. When me and my friend went to court, the whole Courtroom, Police, Bailiff and Judge busted into tears laughing when they found out what happened. Basically, you had two white guys from the suburb went in the heart of the ghetto and robbed a drug house with BB guns and took their real gun from them. I was only 20. All this proves is that I was stupid, because I could have gotten killed and that my balls was bigger then the ones that Serena and Venus Williams sisters be playing with. Like I said, I always had a job and didn't need to have a bunch of money. I did it because of all the constant pressure my mother put on me about her wedding rings. You know what's sickening about all of this? My mother wedding rings never got stolen. It was all a lie. Why would you go on vacation with your husband and family and not wear your wedding rings? Thats why me and my mother don't get along today, because I told a lot of people inside/outside the family about this and about her stealing my social security # when I was in prison and not my father.

The Internal Affairs

I was told to contact the Internal Affairs by my councilor at the time at Rochester works after I already told her that I contacted the FBI about my letters. So I called them up and the guy was waiting for my call and told me to come to his office in the next couple of days around 1 o'clock. After I thought about it for awhile, I called the FBI back again, because I wanted them to see what was going on and I wanted the police to know I meant business. The guy from internal affairs most certainly knew that I called the FBI back, because when we greeted I seen it all over his face and he was mad about that. We sat down across from one another for not even five minutes and he said "why don't you just leave town on a bus and that they would pay for it". As he was talking I noticed how much he looked like my best friend John Dettman gawking at me from across the table so I wanted to smile and before I even got it out .he and his partner had stood up looking at me mean and told me that the meeting was over. Nice subject change!! I don't remember all the words that he said in the office while we were sitting down, but I remember when he exploded on me by saying "HIS OWN MOTHER HATES HIS GUTS" ..VERY VERY LOUD that shook the building. They lead me to the front of their office so I could talk to another guy, and when I was walking through the office with the new Internal Affair guy where all the Internal Affair people worked so that I could show him my letters online because he wanted to see it, and that guy that looked like John Dettman showed up from behind a closed door and yelled at the top of his lungs "NOBODY LIKES THIS GUY .HIS OWN MOTHER HATES HIS GUTS HIS OWN MOTHER HATES HIS GUTS". This whole episode caused my life to be what it is today, because when the new guy interviewed me he ask me to name people I was friends with and knew and I only gave them two names that they already knew about. What would you do? It's like handing over my combination to my safe ."were not going to take anything we just want to have a look inside trust us" and in the meantime being surrounded by a trillion guns .well ,here is my combination to my safe you just want to take a peek right??? Why would you give a person the key to your safe if you know that person hated you? So, because I only gave them two names, the police, the college and the machine shops told everyone that people hate my guts and that their treatment of me was basically justified, Now I got more issues than Sports Illustrated. So when I spoke with the second guy from Internal Affair, I just wanted to let them know that I wasn't a dangerous threat and didn't take the meeting too serious. That one Internal Affair guy that looked like John Dettman just complicated a situation that wasn't all that complicated. As you can see, their incapable of running an impartial investigation and put me into a no win situation. And once they have my list of friends, their just going to hurry up with the cover up. Police are experts at running "Game" by talking people into things .they just made me tell on my own mother. Lets say that your high school football coach hates you and tells everyone to hate you. What do you think will happen? What will happen to the team mate that stands up for you? Will the coach start him? In my opinion, John Dettman look alike is guilty of coercion and unethical practices, which is a serious breach to moral decency. Especially since he suppose to defend for people who can't defend for themselves. He planted the seed and watched it grow. They have installed hate in people's heart, by polluting my life and stretching the law by saying "people hate you". If that's the case the law is evil too!!!


I never read a book my whole entire life until I went to prison. I read tons of books in prison and knew that was the reason why I was there. Once I got my GED, I knew that I would get my degree one day because it felt too good passing the GED test. When I got out of prison I got side tracked and started hanging out with some of the most popular people in town and knew that if I kept hanging out with them that I would find my way back in prison, because they always like to fight and had the money to get out of it. So I stayed to myself and stopped hanging out with my friends and slept with a lot of women. I had a very active sex life. One day I slept with 5 or 6 different girls at different times of the day. I could have slept with lots of my friends girlfriends and sisters, but never did. I never had so called "Game" to get woman to sleep with me. In other words, I wasn't manipulating then and I am not manipulating now. Some people could sell people the moon; I am not one of those people, because people would see right through me. I had lots of energy, very trustworthy, character, extremely outgoing, looks and always made woman laugh. I wanted my degree so badly that I just dated women that I knew it wouldn't go anywhere, because I had the philosophy "paper before pleasure". So I thought I was doing the right thing, by not settling down and having kids I couldn't afford by turning my life over to my career through college and work. Thank god I don't have children. Can you imagine your baby crying and your wife telling you that you're a failure ..I guess I would have to commit a crime right? Now that they have put my life in a supplex, I barely go outside and my sex life have taken a nose dive .and their using that against me now by saying ."People hate him so much, he can't even get a girl". I started a little late in life with woman, because I was very shy when it came to them even though I was very close friends with them. When I was serious about dating women, they were model material that fell in love with me. Nine and tens I have pictures. MRI lie detector please!!!!

When judging a person personality it's best to choose what type of personality you're zeroing in on. If you really want to know how excited a person is, the best time to evaluate him is when he is at his best. When you want to see how mad a person could get before they snap the best time to do this is when their mad not happy. Judging a person personality for happiness when that person is mad and at their worst is like judging a person the second after they've just been ripped off or been in a car accident. All these evil things that has happen to me is like spiking my drink with a mickey then judging my performance. Have you ever been around a person that was going through a terrible divorce? Well am going through the divorce of my human rights, my safety, my career and my right to exist as a human being. People get away from people that's negative, because they end up bringing you down .how can I be positive with all this negativity around me. It's like I have to have an election to be a person. Then they want to convince everyone that everyone hates me by the look on my face. My Human Rights isn't even on the radar.

John Steward Killing Spree

John Steward came over to my house one day all excited about moving back to Rochester from another state where he had killed lots of people by being in a violent street gang. I don't know how many people he killed before and I don't think John knows either, or maybe he does. He told me that he shot and killed people all the time in another state. Imagine someone winning the lottery, that was the excitement on his face when he told me all of this. He even tried to explain the gang signs to me and everything. Like some excited professor on speed. I can't believe his deep love for guns and weapons its sick!!! First of all, I haven't got caught in one lie, because I write reality that's why I am so convincing. Secondly, if I was going to lie why would I pick this lie? Does that make any since? MRI lie detector please!!! Ask Kevin Roule, what was the name of Danny that had red hair, limped, and looked like Malachai from the movie "The Children Of The Corn"? That guy would most certainly know. A guy named Oscar that tried to give his girlfriend an abortion with a coat hanger that was in the paper along time ago. That was John Steward's best friend. One day I worked in the mall and Mark DiRisio and Rick from Spencerport came and picked me up with my other friends from Spencerport. John Steward was in back of his pick up truck with all of us and I said out loud to the rest of the people in the back truck "John was in a gang and use to shoot and kill people .ask Mark DiRisio and Rick if they remember that and how did John react? Ask John Dettman and Matt Cookinham how long ago did I tell them that John Steward was in a gang killing people. Ask Tory Weaver, John's best man at his wedding did John use to be in a gang killing people. I have listened to tons of rap music, and don't know how to do one gang sign. John knows how to do them like a pro and hardly listen to rap music. All the police have to do is shove official papers in his face welcoming him into the police dept, but he must past a MRL lie detector test saying he never killed more than two people. That the test is not 100% accurate and might show a false positive on one, but not the other and that they allow their men one screw up and the test process, because they know the machine sucks .and that this is a one time offer. Or something like that. I bet he'll run "Game" and weasel his way out of it. Isn't this something, this guy went to another state and went on a killing spree then slid back home like he was in the Major Leagues looking at the police like an Umpire as he slid pass home base "am I safe of course we love you"!!!! John Steward was even hired by some of the police to spy on their cheating wives, while the police were at work. And he also hang out with them too. He is a security guard outside the bars that wears a gun openly that the police gave him. He also works security at Rochester only amusement park where lots of families take their kids. I know the name of the gang and state where he went on his killing spree. I will not talk to the local police about this either. Would you??? A message to the police from me Don't be afraid of people who attack you afraid of friends who flatter you!!!!!


I paid John Steward to come and pick me up from my apartment, because I wanted to go out but knew that the police would pull me over for drinking .because of all my letters. This was when I first moved into Colonial Manor. So as we arrived at the dance club where he worked at one of the biggest club spots in Rochester, he told me that he wanted me to talk to someone and not be scared. When we got out the car their was a cop with stripes on the side of his uniform. He told me that no one would ever pull me over and they knew that I wanted to go out to the clubs .that no one would ever pull me over and shook my hand. A couple of weeks later someone broke into my car outside the dance club and I used one of the bouncers phone to call 9-11 and reported it. I arrived at the dance club late and was only there for around 1 1/2 hrs. They didn't have much of a beer selection, and the selection they did have was pricey. All that to say, I was not drunk. When I got the police report back, it said I was drunk, because every check box that the 9-1-1 officer wrote on the report spelled everything wrong like I slurred every single word. They record all the calls from 9-11 right? The police knew that I had called them, and since they hate me so much for spilling my beans wouldn't you think they would have kept a copy of that recorded 9-1-1 conversation? I thought they were trying to repair the damage that their guilty of, but they had war on the mind, and I was gullible and had peace on the mind. So, I knew that they were trying to set me up from the beginning. I was just happy to be working and getting the red carpet treatment, but it was like giving children Halloween candy with poison in it. I told my counselor at Rochester Works about this when it happened.

I can't go to none of the area Malls without being followed and being looked at mean. I can't go to the Public Market without being followed and getting mean looks by security. If I stop and talk to someone, you best believe plain clothe police/ plain clothe security is right there. I went to visit someone in the hospital and they were waiting for me outside. Imagine trying to see something far away really hard, but close up and that's the look I get. One time I went to the Public Market and I seen John Reynolds with his family. They must have lost track of me because it was a lot of people there and me and John got off the main walkway with his family to buy flowers. We were off the main walkway I guess for too long, then all of a sudden security came from all directions looking at me. Their was this one guy on one of them gulf carts with shades on that didn't take his eyes off me. John Reynolds seen and admitted that he knew it was for me. The police know where I am at 24-7, and use security guards to do their spying and ease dropping. Where ever there is a security guard, which is everywhere where I live and in all the stores period, they know me and spy on me. There are times that I went into a new store that I haven't been to before, then a plain clothes police or security would follow me into that store and wait in line with me and everything. The police went from speeding up behind me from out of nowhere (on every block at one point) surrounding my car everywhere I went, to having security follow and spy on me. Now the police don't mess with me, but they make sure that I know their around and use the security everywhere and anyone else they could get their hands on to spy on me. There are times when I was eating at a buffet in the mall, and noticed this one guy sitting in the booth looking at me mean, without even having a plate of food on his table. I went out with a couple of friends for Christmas at Daisy Dukes and noticed this one clean cut guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, looking at me very mean. He had his eyes on me all the time I was there. I can't even go jogging. I basically been in my apartment since I last emailed letters. I was getting out of shape so I decided to take me and my ipod jogging only a mile away in the park. I would get followed there and always felt like someone was watching. When I got back to my car from jogging, there was always someone in a car just sitting there looking at me. So I stopped jogging. It seem like if I go somewhere twice, it seems like their on point when I go there again the next time. I use to go to Barnes and Noble and read books for free, the whole time I was there mall security was very close by looking over my shoulder and waiting in the parking lot for me. So I stopped going. People are scheming on me like a bunch of bounty hunters I shouldn't have to have butterflies to just go to my car. I see the N-Word imbedded in their faces. I can't go here, there and around the corner. They have cornered the market with their hate and their face is saying "I'll pay you back someday I promise you wait and see"!!!! What makes me think that if I move to another city, the same thing won't happen to me again? Either way you weigh it this is a silent professional hate job targeted at me by police and their undercover snakes. I came home one night from work around 2 or 3 a.m. and seen two guys in t-shirts standing by their car doors looking mean and when they seen me they both hopped in the car really really fast then watched where I was going and followed me. Besides almost getting shot on campus twice and ran over, this was the scariest thing that happened. At advance glass industries I was mad that my supervisor was working me to death, so they seen it on my face then when I left work to go home undercover police was in the parking lot waiting for me bented down hiding behind a car and standing across the street in plain sight looking at me. I stood outside and talked with one of my coworkers for almost an hour and they still were there. Altogether I saw about 4 undercover cops. I could go into a store or get something to eat and the police would have their headlights on across the street letting me know that they were there. No matter what time of the day it was. Police are experts at spotting trouble so are people that been to prison. My point, they know that I am not a threat, but still kept the stalking, mean faces, trying to get me to fight and slandering up. If that not an example of terror, I don't know what is. Let it be known, the police aren't messing with me at this second, but thats no difference than me and a violent vicious street gang robbing a corner store for EVERYTHING they have in the store and my father gives back a candybar to the owner and says...."my son isn't robbing you now and I don't want to hear anymore about this again".


Who should you believe someone who have lied and changed their story lots of times, or someone that has never changed their story? A college that won't teach you right won't treat you right. I have proven liability when I provided proof that Darwin put his funky hand all in my face and the teachers was more concerned with increasing their skills rather than getting paid to teach ..BREACH OF CONTRACT .point blank!!! MCC is liable and responsible for people retaliating on me. There is no way to put a small army on me without top people in the college knowing impossible!!! The college is negligence for not teaching me . Mr. Brandon knew that I didn't know anything about machining and didn't say a word that's negligence right there .. Now say am lying!!! Brian the student was a billion % hacker and hacked very expensive software for the teachers, and out of loyalty, the teachers would turn their backs to racism. The name of one of the software he hacked is called Millright. If I am lying about that software, you can send me back to Elmira prison, because that place has the most rats out of all the prisons I been to .Now say am lying Mr. Brandon, Pat, Dave and the rest of you teachers You know what I am talking about!!!!

I knew this one professional that worked in the office at the college that went home at night crying sometimes because she would always hear staff saying racist things about black students and staff all day long in front of her. She had blonde hair and blue eyes but was really black. No one could ever tell that she was really black. I saw something like this on Ophra before. She ended up leaving the college because of the racism within the college Now say am lying!!!

These guys are certified liars, because Mr. Ryther said to me when I was being recorded "You should have picked a better course to enroll in and that the college had no obligation and responsibility whatsoever what students enrolled in. That basically I was the dumb %#&@$! for taking the course and it wasn't the college fault. Watch them try to edit their lies now. Now these guys are trying to style on me by airing commercials on T.V. saying "I got the best job you never heard of".

I wanted to record one of the teachers conversation so that I could have it on tape what we talked about. So I went to Wal- Mart by the college and bought a little recording device and I was followed there and by the time I went to talk to the teacher .he was all nervous and really didn't say too much. The same teacher said to me about a week before that ."Roy, Roy leave Rochester now you don't know these people leave quick trust me"!!! This teacher liked me too!!!! Wouldn't you say I am outnumbered just a little? MRI lie detector please!!!

Give the secretary at the applied tech a lie detector test and ask her did I ever get along with the teachers before I started spilling my beans. One of the teachers liked me so much he invited me to a picnic that was held on the college grounds that was on a Saturday I think .and even if it wasn't held on a Saturday it was on a day where there was no school just staff and families. This same teacher gave me a nick name. He called me Art Shell former NFL coach because of my last name. Ask Pats daughter did her father ever like me!!!

Ask any machinist in the world is it possible for someone to have their degree in machining when that person has only trammed the manual mill and manual lathe a few times. Ask any mechanic is it possible for a person to only use a wrench a few times but yet has their degree in mechanic technology. Ask any computer technician is it possible for someone to pass the A+ certification without ever building a computer and only installing an Operating System once and not by themselves??? This fact isn't just important its the smoking gun . If this isn't an act of breach of contract and corrupted education I don't know what is!!! I have anxiety, because I don't have a skill that I paid for. If I had that skill, I would eventually get bored and that means that I would have to get more skills from being bored. Anxiety = lack of skills .Bored = new skills.

I know what some of the main people look like, that are behind the seen and lurk in the shadows. It was the weekend of my birthday and about 3 days before a cop almost blew my brains out just outside the college doors. I told Mr. Ryther that I just wanted to have a good time on the phone that weekend for my birthday. They knew where I would be and knew that John Steward would be picking me up, because I would not drive my car to the clubs, for fear of getting pulled over. It was a Friday night and when the dance clubs opens 18 and over, no one is there until at least an hour later. Since I was the first one there that didn't work there, because John Steward drove me there and worked outside, I had a seat at the bar. A couple minutes later, this older couple around 65 to 75 and a 18 and over club came in and sat at the opposite side of the bar and looked at me mean all night long even when I went to dance on the dance floor. I don't know who it was, but someone behind me gave them a mean look too, because the older guy put up his hands as to say "okay, okay I'll stop", but continued after a short period. They were there until at least 1am, doing nothing but watching me and occasionally drinking. After the dance club ended at 2am, I was waiting by John's car when one of M.C.C. staff came up to me and ask me was anyone bothering me. I won't say his name, but ask me under a lie detector test isn't it true.

Debt equals slavery, paying my student loan is the same as being force to pay for a Hummer that you haven't even driven, forced to pay child support to a women that has 4 kids that you didn't even sleep with, force to pay for a house that I never even stepped foot in, and force to pay for a education I never got!!! They must be eating yellow snow if they think I am going to pay my student loan. They better put me in jail or shoot me in my head, because I am not paying nothing!!!! NIGGA!!!

Computer Confidence

I tried to give them away out by letting everything go in my letters over 2 years ago. I told them that I just wanted to learn everything about the computer and they tried to set me up for the kill with that too. When I said I just wanted to learn computers .what I really was doing was submitting by saying that I just wanted to be done with the whole thing and live the rest of my life, but these sea of Demons couldn't let me be. Me and this one guy started at Computer Confidence at the same time. I had zero experience and he had tons. The first week in the course he called my counselor complaining that the course was a fraud and the teacher just sat at a desk not teaching. He told me that he called the next day. The owner of the course thought I had called, and tried to set me up the whole entire time I attended there. I was talking about politics one day when no one was in the room but men. I was mad about a certain topic and swore once or twice at the most. It was me and two other man in the room. The next day I think, my counselor came in and told me that she had a complaint by one of the woman about me saying inappropriate things around woman. That wasn't true. Lie detector please. So I went back in the class and said nothing. The one teacher wanted to know really bad what was going on and I told him and he said "I catch Marie (the owner) all the time spying by the door when your in here. He gave me his email at that point and said "if Marie tries anything by setting you up, let me know because I know how she is". I have only emailed this teacher once to tell him that I passed the A+ hardware part of the test. Give him and me a MRI lie detector test. Then this one lady told me the next day, I had nothing to do with that, it was all Marie's doing. That was just the beginning, because that same lady would try to flirt with me so that I would say something out of the way to her. She wanted to be the head teacher there so badly, she tried to use her body like one of the %#&@$!s trying to climb the corporate ladder. One day when I was leaving for the day, she bent down in a %#&@$!tish way out of the eye site of the other teacher that was in the room. I looked at her and the other teacher looked at me like he was looking for something .like a reaction from me I guess. So that she could say "did you see it too". I am good at describing things, but I would have to show you what she exactly did. Then when I was in the corporate class, she would cross and uncross her legs wearing a dress lots of times. One day she did it like 10 times in a row where one could almost see up her dress. Something like Sharon Stone. I knew the whole time what she was doing, but don't think the other guy knew let alone remembering. You could always ask the other guy. I guess she wanted me to say something to her out of the way so that she could get me in trouble I guess!!! What do you think???? Haven't I had a lot of time to think about this? If I was smart, I wouldn't even put this paragraph in here, but it's staying because I want people to know about ALL the pressure that was applied on me out of retaliation that has left me in my apartment not knowing what to do!!!! Explain to her exactly what a MRI lie detector test is, and tell her that your boss has all the cool high paying jobs that she could have one if she takes a MRI lie detector test and pass. The kid is undefeated when it comes to telling the truth I haven't got caught in one lie yet ..and why would I blow my perfect record on some leather face %#&@$!??? That's unacceptable!!!


The meanest machine shop by far that I worked for. I bet if you were to ask 10,000 people that worked there before if they're mean, at least 95% would agree. It gets to be around 120 degree in there in the summertime alone. They had me operating 8 machines with short cycle times and if I didn't get enough parts, my supervisor would look at me really mean all night long. One time he yelled out to me "we pay you all this money .I want you to do a better job I want more from you" Firstly, my base pay was only 12/hrs with 15% more = 13.85 hr, because I worked the C- shift and the word was out that people hated my guts and I couldn't get along with people so that was the only way I could enter their shop. That was the true reason, because my first week there I started work on a Thursday and worked Friday on the A- Shift training, then started on the C- Shift that Sunday night. People even said they never seen that before. My supervisor was 5 foot talk and it same like someone told him "Try to get Roy to hit you", because he would always throw things across the room and yelled really loud so the whole place could hear. One day I called the head supervisor about this and he said ."I don't think this is working out and that basically I had to get along with my supervisor. My supervisor told this one guy that I called the head supervisor on him, and then that guy would look at me mean like he wanted to fight. I would look him straight in the eyes and gave him the same look he gave me. People would walk around by my machine and would say, I wouldn't take that. The last 3 weeks that I worked there, my supervisor threw all these expensive casting parts across the shop because he was mad at his right hand man. These parts was all around the door that people walked through and sat there all night long and when the programmer/supervisor came in at 4am, he stepped over the parts like nothing happened. He knew when he seen the parts who was responsible. Everyone knows how this guy is and how Jasco treat people, but had a special thing for me. I could go on and on but that was the last straw with me and the machine shops. Other people that have my degree are making 15, 20, 25 and 30+ an hour .working 10 to 40+ hrs overtime a week. The college out right tells you that you will be making 25+ an hr. I had to operate 8 machines with a base pay of 12/hr and got treated less than a human being by someone that belongs in a high chair. If this isn't an act of out right aggression, revenge, pay back, and a hostile environment by retaliating on me then there is no such word as retaliation. I am sick of these people eating my food and licking the plate. Period!!! I called in to Jasco at precisely 1:05:16 pm and stayed on the phone for precisely 01:18 on Superbowl Sunday, I have Voice Over IP as a phone service, and if a million people call my house, I could see a readout of it on my computer through the Voice Over IP website at anytime. The next day manpower called and left a message on my voice mail saying that I was fired because I didn't call in and show up for work and not to report to work anymore and to call him back. He called me back and he yelled into my voicemail "I know your there Roy pick up the phone .I know your there". Either this guy is psychic, or the police told him I was home. You make the call. I just had my ringer off so I could sleep. The last night before I went into work at Jasco, their was a cop outside my house with his headlights on and when I was in his eye sight, he got out the car really fast and slammed the door very hard. Cops are experts at non-verbal communication, and so are people that been to prison. I haven't worked since then and I didn't sign up for unemployment, because all their going to do is run "Game" and make me the scapegoat once again. I am the king of the Ramen Noodle Soup, Baked Beans and don't have money to pay my rent, car insurance, internet, electric and food let alone gas money.

One guy at Jasco tried to make me feel good by saying "Your not the only one people don't like, when I was in high school people picked on me all the time, so I hang out with my hacky sack friends that people didn't like either". It turns out that the main people who picked on him was very popular and looked up to me!!! Al and Steve Viera from Greece Athena.
Divide and Conquer

John Dettman was my best friend. I used to go to this popular bar that the police went to and they didn't want me going there. I was at the bar with John Dettman and Sean Bauer having a good time when this guy came up to me play boxing then said, I am just kidding around. Then John Dettman walked by and I said, go play with that guy. This guy went over to John Dettman and pushed him so hard, it was like a football tackle and then he went over to his group of friends. I rushed over to him and asked the guy why he had did that and John Dettman, Sean Bauer and about 5 other men backed me up all the while the police smiling from ear to ear. He said, because you told me to. I knew the police was watching, so I told John Dettman that I was sorry and that it was my fault. We went outside and John Dettman wanted me to back him up if anyone jumped in the fight when the guy came out. I told John Dettman I was sorry a 100 times and that the police was inside and had a thing for me. After about ten minutes, we said our goodbyes and every time I call John Dettman he won't accept my calls. I know his whole family and slept over his house lots of times. He even came to pick me up from prison. We were like bothers, and I have letters from prisons to prove this. This was an act of retaliation and a plot to get me to commit violence. John Dettman don't know anything that has went on really. I was trying to tell him, but he wanted to just fight and I broke the bond by not wanting to back him up. He is going to really hate me now, because his wife is the secretary of my ex-doctor that hates my guts because the college bad mouth me to him and by me writing about him, my ex doctor might take it out on his secretary, because he know that me and his secretary was really cool. I called my doctors office to see if I could get some Nasonex, because it was helping me breathe better. He shouted in the phone "no more Nasonex, no more sprays no more nothing. And not to basically come to his office anymore, got cute with me, then hung up the phone on me. He shouted the whole time on the phone. The college made my doctor flip on me like Jack Nicholson in the Shining.

I have been friends with John Reynolds that owns a bar that the police now go to all the time now. We used to be best friends in school and hung out all day, then would go home and talk all night on the phone. He was suppose to testify for me at court, because he seen me seconds after the fight on the pier, and knew for a fact that I didn't have nothing to do with it by how I reacted, what I had told him and how the guys that I was with reacted. He never testified because he was scared. He saw me everyday just about. Just like the cops could get family members to turn on one another, the cops have gotten John Reynolds to turn on me. John is not a manipulating person either; he's just out for number one. John said to me one night, "hey Roy...I want you to start coming here more...please" so I said okay. I knew something was funny, because John isn't a manipulating person and I seen right through that, but didn't want to believe it. The next time I went to his bar, a half hour later a guy came in and started talking about CNC machining to me. I told him that I was in that field and didn't want anything to do with it anymore. He told me that he was the new plant manager or something and offered me a job. I declined, and he offered me a job about 100 times and when he saw that I wouldn't accept he wanted to fight me. If Donald Trump offered you a job once, and you declined he would tell you to take a hike. This guy offered me a job a 100 times then wanted to fight me. He even said to this one black guy at the bar, see I told you as in I told you he wouldn't fight. I am outraged .not a killer. The police don't want to pull me over after I had a drink in the bar, they just want everyone to see that so they could say .were not bothering him anymore. But, they do want violence. If I would have gotten into a fight with this guy, the police would have been there to arrest me (knowing that I don't have money for bail) and put me in the jail cell with someone that weigh 400lbs. Then they would try to prove that I had snapped with violence. That is what they truly want from me .violence, so they could show that I haven't changed because I have been in about 150 (one on one) fist fights without ever using a weapons!!! This was 1000% a set up. About 2 months before that, a guy out of the blue call me the n-word in the bar. I didn't fight and nothing came of it. This guy was about 100lbs smaller than me too. I felt this was a set-up and the police was lurking in the dark to arrest me especially since they always know where I am at. I went from being a lion to a mouse; all because I am scared of their lies and they have way too much momentum in the courts. I should have sent both those men to the hospital. Darwin Snow relative came into the bar one night and ask me in a whining tone "how did I write my letters how do you do it"? He looked just like Darwin Snow and said he worked for the city somewhere. Coincidence? Another time John called me and told me to come down to this Festival that was a mile away where he was selling food as a vendor. As soon as I got there I was approached by these two men asking me all kinds of questions looking into my eyes hard. It turned out that one of them was the head security at the public market, and the other was security somewhere else. The head security from the public market would always watch me from a far. Then about a half hour later the Mayor of Rochester was talking to John Reynolds and told him to call his office if he had any problems. They have even got someone to wipe out my hard drive on my computer in my own apartment. That was completely my fault because I am a very trusting person and they know it. If I was a manipulating and condescending person, I wouldn't trust anyone .right??? They have tried to get anyone and everyone to help their cause, now they have gotten my one time BEST friend. That hurts!!!! He is now cooking for them at private parties .all the time. I knew something was wrong because the police would shake John Reynolds hand then would give him their card in front of me. Well, this is my retaliation. John Reynolds is guilty of Statutory Rape, because he use to have sex with a 13 and 16 year old when he was 21 or 20. To make things worse, he was really good friends with the girls brother. And also does tons of cocaine, use to sell a boatload of marijuana in college that almost got him kicked out , he told me that he use to copy other student's homework and test all the time in college and that was how he made it through college and he also have sex with call girls frequently. MRI lie detector please. Before you ask John Reynolds these things, ask him am I a liar and if he say yes .look him in the eyes and tell him to give you examples. Everyone that knows me can tell you that I am sincere and honest .and not condescending and manipulating. Close case!!!

Vocal Cord Dysfunction

I wanted to lose weight and have lots of energy, because I was working long hours and attending school. So I went to GNC and told them what I wanted and that money wasn't an object. They told me Ripped Fuel was the best for what I wanted. So I started losing tons of weight and worked one day at my job 18 hours straight without even being tired then went home and worked out. Ripped Fuel put my system into overdrive and caused me not to sleep and slur my words .I could only exhale for like 10 seconds before I ran out of breathe. This is the most embarrassing thing to discuss in this whole letter. When you see someone not talking right, people automatically assume its mental .well so did I. So I went and got an MRI to check and see if everything was alright. They said everything was fine. I wasn't satisfied because I was still slurring my words so I went and talked with this one doctor that knew I was in prison, and he wrote down that I was bipolar. I didn't know what that was, but told me medication could help. So I did what they told me to do all the while, still taking the Ripped Fuel. I talked with this other doctor, and he told me flat out that I didn't need the pills, but if I wanted, he would still give them to me. MRI lie detector please. I told them about the Ripped Fuel, and they said everything was okay that I could still take them. If one was to look up Ripped Fuel side effects online, and look at everything that I told the doctor a child could see it was the Ripped Fuel. The main ingredient is Ephedrine and my system can't handle it. I took Ripped Fuel for along time, and when I stopped taking it, I could talk a lot better. I started taking it again to lose weight and what do you know the sluring thing was back in my life. As you can see the doctor medical interpretation was way off, and their translating it to be what they want it to be. I didn't know rational thought and paranoid delusions go hand and hand .and even in the same sentence.

Last thing

If you caught a person and one lie, that should raise a red flag and if you caught a person and lots of lies that shows a plot. How many red flags does one have to hold up? One should have said red flag,red flag,red flag. I live off truth; they live off lies lying for a living. They go off of opinion and perceptions I go off of facts. Why should liars who have experience at lying be perceived as smart and clever when their just better liars by manipulating? What about the truth? I have proven motive why they have lied, cheated, manipulated, violated half the constitution, broke about a hundred laws to justify their racism, breach of contract, harsh treatment, violence, slandering, obstruction of justice, police brutality, malicious prosecution, conspiracy to commit murder, defamation of character, slavery, stalking, confidentiality, forgery, reckless endangerment, excessive force, vandalism, intimidation, endangering the welfare of a child, cruelty, falsifying records, controlled racism, justified racism, economic racism, ect ect ect then they turned the table by running "Game" to create reasonable doubt as in, you can see how this could happen to a person like Mr. Snell. Their committed to these lies now. They would rather sell their soul and shoot me in the head then to admit any wrong doings, mass racism and mass discrimination. I completely understand .I want OUT and off this soil for good. The only thing that makes me feel like I am an american is paying my taxes anyway. Maybe a lawsuit would make up for some of the things, but I could never get that time back .I just want off this soil. This %#&@$!ty city can have this %#&@$!ty %#&@$!izenship. I wouldn't trust any of my ex-employers to give me a good job reference since my first letter, and especially after this letter. I need the red tape cut and my record cleared, so that I can have a fresh start in another country like Canada or the Netherlands. And I don't care about paying all them high taxes in another country I just care about their human rights and not being targeted. Let me go .its the right thing to do!!!! I deserve a better life. I only got one life to live and the american dream is not obtainable .but the american nightmare is. It's almost as though these guys practice witchcraft with their blackmagic. If I was an ex-american living in Afghanistan with full citizenship and this happened to me over there people in america would say that's what he gets for moving over there. One question, who's the real enemy? If america found out that another country had did this to one of their citizens, they would impose sanction on that country. I feel like I am in Nazis Germany, Red China and the old Sovet Union altogether. This is corruption beyond belief, don't you get that!!!! They have done everything to provoke me into retaliating with violence, I haven't, and for this alone I deserve the Nobel PEACE prize, a medal, trophy, and some kind of world PEACE award for keeping the peace and not retaliating!! Why should I love and stand for america after I have been treated like this that wouldn't be intelligent. Now when I see the american flag, I see a cold calculating killer that spits all kind of "Game" to put you in the ground or in prison just for kicks. I need to flea to another country to begin the healing process no way to do this on american soil. Why would I want to leave my family and go to another country not knowing anyone there? I think that speaks volumes!!!! I am a man who has nothing left but the truth. Put yourself in my shoes. Now they got me living in the ghetto where people have gotten killed at the end of my street and guns have went off just outside my window and girls have even got shot and killed by my building. Swat has even raided my next door neighbor's house. I have never lived like this before until I started writing letters. My country has betrayed me, and for me to love this country, would be like me loving my pitbull after it has eaten my children alive. Your heartless, soulless and mix with monster and no better then hunks chunks clumps and lumps floating around in the disgust me!!!

You can also read all my letters on Myspace under "diddy". Any contribution to help me get off this soil for good will be greatly appreciated and I will be selling the american flag, my degree, lots of pictures of N.Y.C. before 9-1-1 and after, the american flag, and polo t-shirts/cap with the american flag on them on Ebay so look for it ..Thank you.

Roy Snell,


They have a better chance at finding Jimmy Hoffa body then they do at catching me in a lie and once I get off this soil, I have something to say that I can't say while living in this %#&@$!ty city!!!!

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