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Why Do So Many People Not Smile Then Ask Why They're Single?


A lot of people fail to realize the power of a smile. Not only does it make you look and feel better, smiling could actually open you up to meeting new people or even getting a job. Still, so many of us choose to frown and mean mug people for no good reason an dthen complain about being single. CLICK HERE to go to to watch the Modern Day Matchmaker's campaign to smile more and put an end to mean muggin'.

Did You Know That You Could Die From a Lack of Sleep?


Nowadays everyone is busy doing a million and one different things. With all the hustles to make ends meet, there's one thing that often gets tossed to the side—sleep. I recent ABC News article spoke on the effects of a lack of sleep on people. In one extreme condition, where victims can no longer sleep, this can be fatal. CLICK HERE to go to to confess your own bad sleeping habits and if you feel there are enough hours in the day.

Have You Ever Been Booty Called? (Rain Down Me)


We've all been there before. You know, you get that call from that special someone that just wants to see you on the late night tip and you have to decide whether to oblige or hang up. Well, this young lady decided to get her groove on. So she got showered, put on a trench and hopped in a cab. Sounds sexy, right? Well CLICK HERE to go to to see what an interesting turn this Wet Wednesdays takes.




Would You Stay in a Bad Relationship For Good Sex?


There are a lot of things that go into a good relationship and no matter how much folks want to deny it that also includes sex. But sometimes the physical pleasure can be so good that it blinds you to all the negative aspects of the relationship. At some point we all have that moment where we realize that good sex isn't enough to stay in a bad relationship. CLICK HERE to go to to see how one man came to that revelation.


Is It Wrong For a Man to Miss the Birth of His Child?


Having a baby is supposed to be a joyous time regardless of whether or not the couple is together. For this young lady, though, the father of her child to be would rather go to work than be at the delivery of their child. His excuse is he would rather make money to take care of the child than lose money to be there. CLICK HERE to go to to read the madness and voice your opinion if emotional support is more important than financial.



Who Should Pay For the First Date x The Love & Basketball Finale


Got a double blog post for y'all this weekend. First, writer/director Gina Prince-Bythewood writes in to thank yours truly for the weeklong tribute to her first film, Love & Basketball, which just had its 10-year anniversary. Secondly, the Modern Day Matchmaker Paul carrick Brunson drops off a video clips where he hits the street to poll folks on who should pay for the first date. CLICK HERE to go to to get some weekend love from NWSO.

Would You Stop the Love of Your Life From Marrying Someone Else?


Some say we only get one true love, but what happens of that person decides to marry someone else? Would you be willing to let them go or would you fight for their heart? That's the predicament Monica found herself in the final chapter of Love & Basketball. Using the film as a example, let's explore the true power of love. CLICK HERE to go to to let me know if you'd be willing to stop your true love at the altar or let them go.

Would You Be Upset if Your Lover Chose Their Dreams Over You?


One of the best things about being in a good relationship is having someone to have your back in times of need, but what happens when that person leaves you hanging during a personal tragedy? Looking at the break up scene in Love & Basketball, let's explore the impact of not being there for your lover when they need you emotionally. CLICK HERE to go to to see how other folks feel about dissapointments in a relationship and their worst break up.

Is There a Difference Between Having Sex & Making Love?


No matter how many times you have sex, you always remember your first time. It was new and exciting, and chances are you shared yourself with someone you truly cared about and gave them the ultimate gift—your virginity. Inspired by the love scene from Love & Basketball and the 10-year anniversary of the film, I explore the experience of making love for the very first time. CLICK HERE to go to to share your experiences and recount your favorite makeout song.

Should a Man Marry a Woman Because She's Pregnant? (Ode to Love & Basketball)


People get married for a lot of reasons, but should being pregnant be one of them? While the gesture is honarable, if there is no love between the parents the rocky relationship could wind up affecting the kids in a bad way. Usuing Love & Basketball as an example, we look at the ramifications of not marrying for love and women who purposely try to trap men with a baby. CLICK HERE to go to to share your thoughts and celebrate 10 years of Love & Basketball.

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