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Why Can't Women Get Along Not Even Mothers & Daughters?


Some women have a penchant for being catty. That's why females generally have more male friends than females. How does that dynamic work between family members? Are mothers and daughters destined to be best friends or worst enemies? CLICK HERE to go to to see how tense things can get betweentwo opinionated women living under the same roof.

Should the Government Be ABle to Control How Often You Have Sex?


WOW! This crazy law just passed in Afghanistan where it's perfectly legal for a husband to starve his wife until she has sex with him. This is actually the better version of a previous law with mandated that wives had to have sex with their husbands a minimum of four times a week with or without her consent. Basically that meant he could rape her and it'd be his legal right. CLICK HERE to go to to read the rest of this crazy story.


Michael Jackson Never Spoke to Me (Until Now)


In the wake of Michael Jackson's passing countless fans broke out in tears and took his death pretty hard. However, there are casual fans such as myself that didn't take the news of his demise as hard. That doesn't mean we don't acknowledge the death of a pop icon and what his music meant to the world, it's just hard crying over someone you never met. CLICK HERE to go to to see how I wound up finding a better appreciation for MJ's music. Better late than never, right?


My Best Sex & Relationship Blogs + I Need Votes for the 2009 Black Weblog Awards


Here's a double feature from NakedWithSocksOncom. In addition to the monthly recap of some of the site's best sex and relationship blogs—including the definition of a jump-off, female ejaculations, a plea for regular STD testing and a heavy discussion on abortion—there's also a final campaign push for votes in the 2009 Black Weblog Awards. is up for seven nominations, including Blog of the Year, Best Series (Wet Wednesdays) and Best Sex & Relationship Blog. CLICK HERE to go to now to cast your vote and reminisce on some of the site's best work. Thanx in advance.

Even an Angry Black Woman Can Get a Man if She Just Smiled More


Seriously, why would a man want to go out with someone that always looks pissed off? If that's you and you fall into the "angry Black woman" category that might be the reason you're single and angry. Perhaps if you smiled and said hi to guys you were interested in you might have better luck on the dating front. CLICK HERE to go to to see how that worked for this one sisterthat not only got the number but an entire blog dedicated to her approach to men. Hey, you might learn something.

Is It Okay To Sleep With Someone in a Bad Relationship?


What exactly is rejection? Is it considered rejection if the person really wants you but can't because they're in a relationship? That's the question this girl posed to me. It might seem like a simple yes or no answer, but CLICK HERE to go to to see the twisted web of lust, lies and love involved in this one.

Do Men & Women Cheat For Different Reasons?


If you have women tell it, they'll say all men are dogs but the ladies be creepin', too. In fact, would you believe a woman who slept with anothe rman behind her husband's back said that, "It's not the cheating. It's the hunger—the hunger for an alternative and the refusal to accept a life of unhappiness." CLICK HERE to go to to find out which celebrity said that and research from an expert who says men do NOT cheat just for sex.


What Do You Do With a Bad Gift? (The Worst I Ever Had)


Everyone loves gifts, but what happens when someone gives you a bad present? The polite thing would be to smile and accept it. Well, that's what I did but I secretly loathed the gift my then-girlfriend gave me. In fact, I never even looked at it until years later. That's when I finally realized something important. CLICK HERE to go to to find out what I learned and how bad the gift was.

How Do You Deal With the Rape of a Close Friend? (Live With Regrets)


The 60 Blogs in 30 Days marathin is in full swing. Entry #06 gets real deep and personal, discussing the sexual assault of a close friend. There's always been a certain level of guilt on my part because I stayed home to work instead of going to a party with her that night. CLICK HERE to go to to read the full story.

Can I Really do 60 Blogs in 30 Days? (Find out Here)


It's that time again, time for's annual blog marathon, 30 in 30 Part 3. This year we're doing 60 blogs in 30 days. So what? Did I mention that I'm giving up sex, liquor and a host of other vices until the series is over? CLICK HERE to go to to see why.

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