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Got AIDS? (When Was Your Last STD Test)


 We've all heard about HIV/AIDS but how often do we have serious talks about it with the people that matter most—our sexual partners? Most people are so busy trying to get busy that they stop to ask the person about their sexual history and most importantly, when their last AIDS test was taken. Here's a PSA on why we need to get tested and stay protected. So do yourself and your partner a favor and CLICK HERE to read full post and to COMMENT on


Aborting America (The Great Debate)


 I had an interesting commute last night. It involved a baby, a mother and a book about abortion. Taking things in a different direction, let's take a look at the controversial subject from a surreal eye. CLICK HERE for full post & to COMMENT on

The Relationship Hierarchy (How Fellas Categorize Their Women)


Okay, for this one I'm gonna try something different. After one of my new readers left an interesting comment, I decided to share it with the rest of my readers. It's called the Relationship Hierarchy and categorizes women based off a varying scale. Check it out on and let me know what you think on the site.

CLICK HERE to read list & to COMMENT 

What's Too Old to Be Living at Home?


There comes a time in every man or woman's life where you pack up your stuff and move out of your mom's house. Unfortunately, not everyone got the memo. There seems to be a plethora of grown %#&@$! people still living at home. Here's my take on this wack phenomenon and why not having your own crib can ruin your love life, because...CLICK HERE to read full post & to COMMENT



Sex Tape Confessions: What Happens When It Lands In the Wrong Hands?


Have we not learned from R. Kelly, Ray J, Pamela Anderson and even Verne “Mini Me” Troyer? Don't make sex tapes, people! If you do, be sure to erase them, otherwise something embarrassing might happen kinda like what happened to to my homegirl. You won't believe who got their hands on her.... CLICK HERE FOR FULL POST & TO COMMENT 

The Wife vs. The Wh*re (Treat Her Like a Prostitute)


When you get married it's supposed to be until death do you part. Well, here's a story about a woman that cheats because her husband wants to make love when all she wants to do is have rough sex. When opposites attract, there's not much you...CLICK HERE to read full post & comment 


Did You Cum? (The Pleasure Principle)


 Sex is great but it's all about both of y'all getting that orgasm. But when it comes to women, sometimes guys don't know what takes y'all so long. So then comes that age old question, Uhm, baby, did you %#&@$!? See why it should be the...CLICK HERE FOR FULL POST & TO COMMENT

No Time For Late Ones (CP Time is Not Cool)


We've all got that friend that is always late. The person that would miss their own funeral if someone else wasn't driving. People that have no respect for other people's time are a major pet peeve of mine. Here's a warning for all the late asses. CLICK HERE FOR FULL POST & TO COMMENT 


Definition of a Jump-Off


By now everyone has heard of the term "jump-off" and has a general idea of what one looks/acts like, but I keep having conversations with women that use the term to describe the wrong situation. Just because two people have sex with no strings attached doesn't necessarily  mean you've reached jump-off status, sometimes... CLICK HERE TO READ POST & TO MAKE COMMENTS ON SITE


The Recession Killed Valentine's Day


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I don't know about y'all, but I don't have a girl or any money. So what the hell am I gonna do? Not a damn thing. I'm officially canceling this commercialized holiday in favor of paying some bills. Who's with me?...CLICK HERE FOR FULL POST & TO COMMENT

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