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The Side Chick Commandments - Why Valentine's Day is NOT For The Mistress


Valentine's Day is for lovers but unfortunately that doesn't include mistresses, who get relegated to the side on this sacred day. Honestly, they can't be mad because you can never expect the No. 1 position when you applied for the No. 2 spot. So here's a few rules of conduct for side chicks and side dudes on how to play fair in love and creepin'. CLICK HERE to go to Naked With Socks On to get the full list.

Men Only Sleep With Women That Pass the 2 Out of Three Test


Men are visual creatures by nature so it doesn't take much to get them riled up. But let's be real, there are some unattractive women that still get play. The reason? It's because of the two out of three rule that lets some women slide because they have a majority of the physical qualities a man wants. CLICK HERE to go to Naked With Socks On tofind out what those three qualities are and how they apply to you.