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Naked Time vs. Non-Naked Time (How Much Sex Matters in Your Relationship)


My boy recently put me on to some really good game. As a man matures, his dealings with women come down to weighing your naked time vs. your non-naked time. If every time you hang out she ends up naked, chances are you aren't working towards a real emotional relationship. CLICK HERE to go to to get the run down on this philosophy and to see if you've been approaching relationships totally all wrong.

Best Sex & Relationship Blogs, Vol. 10


It's that time once again. At the end of every month, compiles a list of some of the best sex, relationship and real-life posts from the site's archives. This month we go back to May 09 to cover everything from dating a divorcee and dealing with rape to the sexiest MILFs and how to survive the firsy 100 days of unemployment. CLICK HERE to go to to peep the rest of the juicy topics that have been covered.

Who Taught You How to Really Make Love?


You should know the deal by now. Every week drops an erotic piece as part of its award-winning series, Wet Wednesdays. Since it's the day before Thanksgiving I decided to hit y'all with something slightly different. It's my very first piece of erotic writing ever that gives you the male perspective on the art of making love. CLICK HERE yo go to and see if you can remember that one person that turned you out for the first time.

Could You Date Someone Your Friend Slept With Already?


One of the highlights of For the Love of Ray J last season was when Tom Green called out Danger for smashing one of the homies. Season 2 has more of the same drama when it turns out that yet another girl has slept with a homie. While Ray J has proven he has a forgiving heart, the question is how would the average Joe respond to a similar situation. CLICK HERE to go to to see if you're man or woman enough to date someone that your homie has smashed.

Can You Tell a Man's Sexuality By How He Crosses His Legs?


Maybe it's just me but men who cross their legs like women are a bit odd. One, I don't see how that can be comfortable and secondly, it just looks a little suspect. Now I understand women crossing their legs over one another tightly to prevent people from looking up their skirt, but a man doesn't have the same excuse. CLICK HERE to go to too see why this posture faux pas vexes me so and how a real man should sit.

Do You Delete Exes From Your Social Networking Sites After a Breakup?


Breaking up is hard enough already. You have to deal with not only severing physical ties but emotional ones too. With the popularity of social networking sites like FaceBook, do we now have to breakup digitally as well? Being cyber friends with an ex can be painful when you see that they've moved on while you're still dealing with the split. CLICK HERE to go to to see if deleting exes is the best answer.

Wow This Woman Is Actually Allergic to Semen?


Doctors discover a rare condition where women are actually allergic to certain men's sperm. The condition is a definite mood killer and can cause severe stomach pains. Currently there is no cure but aflicted women can either have protected sex the rest of her lie or adopt. CLICK HERE to go to to see what one couple decided and what you would do if the roles were reveresed.


Would You Have Sex With a Neighbor or Is That Whorish?

Posted award-winning weekly erotica series, Wet Wednesdays, continues to turn up the heat. This latest entry finds a woman half-naked with her attractive neighbor standing in the doorway. You can only imagine where this one goes. CLICK HERE TO go to to to see if this turns out to be a case of mind blowing sex or squatting too close to home.

Could You Live With Your Ex After a Breakup or Is That Asking For Trouble?


Living together is usually the ultimate goal of any serious couple, but what happens when the love is gone but you still need to share the same address? One of my readers found herself in this very predicament and sought out my advice. I had two very important things to tell her, but you'll have to CLICK HERE to go to to find out what they are and how it could save her relationship.

Do People That Fish For Compliments Turn You Off?


Men and women speak a completely different language but one thing that can definitely lead to a miscommunication is fishing for compliments. A man is only going to comment on something he actually likes, so if he doesn't say anything the worse thing you can do is actually ask for a compliment. It comes off like you need validation from someone else to make you feel good rather than having confidence in yourself. CLICK HERE to go to to see how you should handle this situation in real life.

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