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Could You Marry Someone With Kids? (Struggling With Step-Parenting)


It's not every day that you meet the person that will be your spouse so consider yourself lucky when you find that special someone to spend your forever with. But when your soul mate has kids from a previous relationship there are many hurdles that most folks don't consider. Today, a man in love struggles with raising his fiancee's child before walking down the aisle. CLICK HERE to go to Naked With Socks On to read an honest perspective on love, marriage and kids.

Would You Be More Upset at Your Child Getting Into a Fight or Losing?


There are simple rules in the schoolyard: If you hit me, I'll hit you back. That was the situation I found myself in when a classmate decided to show out because I had the whole lunch room laughing at him. It was just kids having fun, but some people can't take a joke. But for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. CLICK HERE to go to Naked With Socks On to see what initiated my first fight and what my punishment ended up being.

How Do You Know If You'll Be a Good Parent?


Making a kid is easy, actually raising one the right way is the hard part. No matter how good of a person you are there's no guarantee that you'll be a good parent. There's just too many variables. For someone like myself, my greatest fear is that my workaholic nature will make me an unemotional father figure to my kid(s). I really won't know until I'm actually there but I still wonder if I'll make a good father. CLICK HERE to go to Naked With Socks On to see what happened when I babysat a 7-year-old.


Have You Ever Quit a Job? (Telling Your Boss Without Smiling)


Chances are there are more people that hate their job more than there are those that love it. Either way, walking away can be a bittersweet experience. Whether it's to explore a new job/career or you just can't take it anymore, quitting can be a scary decision. Most people don't like change and there's nothing more altering than leaving a job. CLICK HERE to go to Naked With Socks On to share your experiences on quitting and stories of how your boss took it.

10 Things Every Woman Shoudl Have At Home to Get Laid


Last week I broke down the 10 things every bachelor needed to have in his pad to score with women. Well, one bachelorette decided she had a counter post that broke down the items that women keep on deck to make a man comfortable and set the mood in her abode. CLICK HERE to go to Naked With Socks On to see if you agree or disagree with the list.


Can a Quickie Really Satisfy You? (Work Can Wait)


There's nothing like being wrapped up in the moment with someone you're really into but sometimes there isn't always time to give them your all. That's where a morning quickie comes in handy as something to tie you over until y'all can really go at it. Today's Wet Wednesdays post finds a woman stuck between endulging her early morning fantasies or heading to work. CLICK HERE to go to Naked With Socks On to see why she choice option A and how things turned out for the sexiest.



Does Beauty Run in the Family? (She Get it From Her Mama)


Let's be honest, men are visual creatures and the idea of their beautiful wife turning into a hot mess over time is a worst case scenario. While love is about more than physical appearances, they sure as hell don't hurt. Although genetics can be a tricky thing a good way to at least have an idea if your partner will age gracefully is to take a look at their parents. if a woman's mama got it going on then chances are she will too. CLICK HERE to go to Naked With Socks On to share your thoughts on this.

Does Marriage Still Matter? (Deconstructing the Nuclear Family)


America is a country that likes to put things in pretty little boxes. The ideal has long been the wife and kids with the dog and white picket fence. However, the reality is that over 70-percent of Black newborns are born to undwed mothers and the idea of a nuclear family is almost obsolete. With that said, should a longterm girlfriend be afforded the same perks as a wife? CLICK HERE to go to Naked With Socks On to see what happened when this wuestion arises in public office.


10 Things Every Bachelor Should Have in His Crib


Pretty much everything a man does is to attract a woman. Some things work, while most fail miserably. Trust, it's not about the leather couch or bear skin rug—that barely works in the movies. Here, I've compiled a few subtle things that can make a bachelor pad female friendly. CLICK HERE to go to Naked With Socks On to see what makes the list.

What Does Your Profile Pic Say About You? (Fix Your Face)


They say a picture's worth a thousand words, but what exactly is your online profile pic saying about you? From the half-naked chicks flashing body parts to the muscle bound dudes with their shirt off most people send out the wrong message—without even knowing it. Don't front like you don't know someone or are that person with a suspect picture on your page. Well, now there's a way to put your best face forward. CLICK HERE to go to Naked With Socks On to see what people are saying about you and your profile pic.

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