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He Had Sex With the Sexy Intern (Black Erotica)


After a month long hiatus, presents the return of Wet Wednesdays, the Best Blog Series winner in the 2009 Black Weblog Awards. This week's steamy piece of erotica explores what happens when a man hires the sexiest intern imaginable. He kept his distance for long as he could but finally she made her move and he was putty in her hand. CLICK HERE to go to to read this steamy piece of Black erotica.

OMG I Slept With 4 Million People (Sex Calculator)


Most people fudge the number of partners they've had but a British pharmacy has come up with a sex calculator that figures out how many people you REALLY slept with. It doesn't just count the peopel in your bed but ALL the people that person has slept with as well. On average, it says that most people have indirectly slept with over 2 million men and women. CLICK HERE to go to to check out the sex calculator and see if you can beat my score of 4 million. Eat your heart out Wilt Chamberlin!

Is Alicia Keys the New Super Head? (Mashonda Speaks to the Home Wrecker)


Karrine "Super Head" Steffanshas been vilified by the media for sleeping with married men, but somehow nobody says anything about Alicia Keys doing the exact same thing. Sure, it's just one man but the media is quick to jump down Kanye or Lil Mama's throat for just getting on a stage while Alicia ruined a marriage before God. CLICK HERE to go to to see why Alicia is a homewrecker and to read what Swizz's wife Mashonda has to say.

Why Do Big Girls Get a Bad Wrap? (Is Big Really Beautiful?)


When it comes to American standards of beauty, slim seems to be the prevailing benchmark for women. However, the reality is that most women are not built like the models on TV and on the runway. While Black men are traditionally more accepting of plus-sized women, there are still biases in communities of color mainly due to the fact that our ideals are based on European images of beauty. CLICK HERE to go to for an honest discussion on the way society views "big girls" and why they get a bad wrap.

Did Your Ex Dump You For Some One Lame or Are You a Hater?


Yeah, it's a few years late but after Beyonce advised women to "upgrade" their partners, one man kinda sorta fires back with an answer record. It's no dis, he actually agrees that you better upgrade your lover. This begs the question of whether or not you'd rather see your ex with someone that looks better than you or would you rather be a hater and want to see them with a lame. CLICK HERE to go to for this unofficial remix.

The Wife vs. Wifey: Why Do Poeple Hate on Amber Rose?


After compiling a list of the hottest hip-hop wifeys I found a few folks complaining that most of the women weren't married. WTF! In an effort to break things down for the slow people I defined the definition of what each term means and explored the issue that some people have with Amber Rose (who I crowned the #1 wifey), as well as exploring the idea that Swizz Beatz' wifey Alicia Keys gets more love than his wife Mashonda. CLICK HERE to go to to see if I was on point or off the mark.

You Can Be Flawed (Message to My Future Wife)


The idea that we will all find the perfect person to fall in love with, have kids and live happily ever after with is BS. By design humans can not be "perfect" and every person defines that word differently. In the end we will all find someone who is flawed but if the love is true they will be perfect enough to you at least. CLICK HERE to go to to read this beautiful piece about coming to terms with the fact my wife will not be Ms. Perfect.

How She Gonna Say She Independent When A Man Pays For Everything?


Women are some complex creatures. They constantly talk about their independence and doing for self, but when it comes to dating they always expect a man to pay for everything. In case y'all haven't noticed, there's a recession going on and ladies gotta change with the time. I conducted an exclusive poll to gauge both men and women's spending habits when dating. CLICK HERE to go to to see the results and why women are so darn cheap.

SMH! They Went From Child Stars to Porn Stars


It seems like the life of a child actor is destined for trouble. From arrests and drug use to emotional issues and sex tapes, Maia Campbell of In the House fame and Jamiee Foxworth of Family Matters fame know that story all too well. Both women wound up falling from grace and getting down and dirty in the porn industry. CLICK HERE to go to to hear how these women hit rock bottom and why children shouldn't be in the entertainmentbusiness.

Is Staring at Women Just Instinct or Learned Behavior? (Fighting Temptation)


Men are visual creatures so it makes sense that they check women out, but how much control do guys actually have over their head turning behavior? Some say it's instinct while others feel ogling women is learned behavior. Forced to not look at women for 30 days I discovered that's a really hard thing to do. CLICK HERE to go to to see how I kept my eyes in check and discuss whether or not it's wrong to scope out other women when you're on a date.

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