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"My Boyfriend" vs "My Man"


Women who get hit on are often forced to answer the question:

“Are you single?”

To which you answer, whether its true or not:

“No, I have a boyfriend.”

Well, recently I gave that answer to a clearly older man whose comeback kinda left me stumped.

“That’s a problem. You got a boyfriend. What you need is a man. No real man wants to be called a boyfriend. You should be calling him your man. Ask him what he wants to be called. He’ll tell you.”

Since there was no “boyfriend” to ask I was left thinking about it for a while.

I’ve always called the guy I’m in a relationship with my “boyfriend”. For some reason I consider saying “my man” somewhat ghetto. Its cool as a rotating label. Something you throw out in common conversation.

“SG, what you do last weekend?”

“Me and my man went to the movies.”

That’s cool but to refer to him only as “my man” is a bit much...READ THE REST HERE



Baby, It's Time To Get New Furniture


Don’t ask me why but I always find myself in situations where most people would flip out. I’m at a friend’s house on the couch, enjoying their cable when it became clear to me that their roommate was getting it “IN” in the other room. Being the person that I am, I simply turned up the volume and kept it moving. Hey, I was watching “Say Yes to the Dress”. There could have been a fire in the apartment and I wouldn’t have moved until the bride to be decided between the Vera Wang and Romona Keveza.


As they got louder and louder, I turned the volume up but there was no escaping — not the sounds of lovemaking — but the squeaky %#&@$! bed! With every thrust the bed inched across the floor and landed with a bucking noise. Forget the saying “if these walls could talk”, child if that bed I heard being tortured could talk it’d be begging for mercy.


Which got me to thinking…


When you are with someone, you fail to consider the number of people who have laid in the same spot you have. How many bodily fluids have collected in the fiber quilting of their Sealy. Nor do you think about the number of times someone knocked their head on the headboard or bit the pillow you have rolled under your head as they spoon you.


It’s one thing to be at the mercy of a partner’s bed history when you two are just dating but come marriage, trust and believe, my and my future husband are going furniture shopping....READ THE REST HERE!

I'm Not a Lesbian, But My Next Lover May Be



I never gave dating a woman much thought. I have imagined what sex with a woman would be like as opposed to my pounding, sweat drops hitting me in my eye, grunting, bed breaking sexcapades with men. For some reason I assume sex with a woman would be softer, longer, more intense cause unlike men, we’d be using our brains during intercourse. But would it really be INTER-course. Maybe it should be called BUMPER-course.


What do I know? I’m not a lesbian, but judging by the weakened state of affairs in the dating game more and more women are considering taking a lesbian lover.


As of now, I do not have any outright lesbian friends. I do have girlfriends who have had girl-on-girl jump offs. What I noticed the most about my girlfriends who lust for women is that they don’t consider themselves to be bi-sexual or gay. They blurt it out in conversation like I knew all along then brush it off when they notice my eyebrow raised. The best excuse they give is “I was in college.” Not all of these relationships are in the past. From time to time, my girls will take a strap on to a chick Pinky style but swear they aren’t gay.


I don’t judge.


In fact, I wonder if I could do what they do. I’ve never been hit on by a woman, wouldn’t know where to find one and definitely don’t want to be immersed in the gay culture. Thanks, but no rainbow flag key chains for me.


If (and this is a big IF) I were to take a lesbian lover there would be some ground rules...READ THE REST HERE!

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